Why do we need a hypocholesterol diet for patients with hypertension

Cholesterol is one of the most important components of the cell membranes of the body, is involved in bile formation and digestion, and provides muscle and nerve tissue. But its excessive content in the blood can negatively affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The reason for the increase in blood pressure and the development of circulatory failure is often formed atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Atherosclerotic plaques are formed due to an imbalance of cholesterol fractions in the blood with a predominance of low density lipoproteins. Such atherosclerotic overlays reduce blood vessels in diameter, which causes difficulty in blood flow.

The walls of the artery lose their elasticity, the heart muscle contracts with greater force, the blood pressure in the arterial bed rises. Quite often, atherosclerotic plaques are localized in the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, as a result of which circulatory failure and myocardial hypoxia (heart attack) may develop.

The composition of the hypocholesterol diet

  1. It is strictly forb />All types of baking, pastries and pasta, puff pastries should be excluded from your diet. It is allowed to eat wholemeal bread and oatmeal cookies.
  2. It is allowed to use in moderate amounts buckwheat, oat, pearl barley, and wheat porridge.
  3. Doctors recommend abandoning the use of sweets on glucose, candied fruits, candy, honey, marmalade, jam, confectionery. Allowed fruit ice cream and glucose-free confectionery.
  4. It is not allowed to consume sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee or tea with cream. Allowed coffee and tea without sugar, freshly squeezed fruit juices and mineral water.
  5. Enrichment of the diet with plant foods rich in fiber is welcome. This, in turn, will improve the elimination of cholesterol from the body.
  6. Such products are strictly prohibited: fried potatoes, potato chips, spinach, radish, radish and some mushrooms.
  7. Peanuts, pistachios and hazelnuts are prohibited.
  8. Exclude mayonnaise!
  9. Limitation in fluid intake.
  10. Limit salt intake to 3 g per day.
  11. Exclude fatty dairy products from the diet: cream, milk, butter, sour cream.
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In parallel with the diet, the doctor prescribes medications that affect blood cholesterol – statins. Natural products can also be a source of statins: fresh mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

There are various recipes for cooking diet foods. If you are not lazy and try to diversify your diet, the body is not threatened by stress.

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The energy composition of the diet for 1 day:

  • Fat intake per day should be no more than 75 g;
  • Proteins – up to 95 g per day;
  • Carbohydrates – consume up to 350 g per day;
  • Amount of table salt – no more than 3 g.
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Menu options for 1 day respectively hypocholesterol diet

First option:

  1. Breakfast: cottage cheese 150 g, 150 g oatmeal on the water, a cup of not sweet tea with a slice of bread.
  2. Snack: berries or fruits with a glass of low-fat yogurt;
  3. Lunch: vegetable salad seasoned with vegetable oil, 150-200 g. Poultry meat is not fatty.
  4. Snack: fruit or low fat yogurt;
  5. Boiled fish with vegetables, a slice of bread.
  6. At night: 1 cup of non-fat kefir or milk.
  1. For breakfast, cook 150 g of buckwheat porr >There are certain contraindications to the appointment of a hypocholesterol diet. These include pregnancy and lactation. Children under the age of 18 and people suffering from cancer are not recommended to prescribe this diet.

    Diet can significantly affect financial costs, as the calorie content of food is reduced, and some foods may not be absorbed. It is difficult to get used to such a diet, as the taste and smell of food are not so acutely felt.

    With the proper combination of moderate physical activity, prescribed drug therapy and the recommended hypocholesterol diet, the prognosis of the life and development of the disease can be significantly improved.

    Elena: diets of such a plan are very useful not only for the heart and blood vessels, but also for the whole organism, including the stomach, gall bladder and intestines. It’s nice to realize that adhering to the hypocholesterol diet, not only helps the heart and strengthens blood vessels, but also removes toxins from the body, bring your weight back to normal!

    Alexei: for about 10 years he could not cope with being overweight. The level of blood pressure every year became higher and higher, despite the medications. I didn’t feel very well. Two months ago, he nevertheless forced himself to adhere to the diet recommended by the doctor, excluded fatty meat, fast foods, cakes and buns, did not drink alcohol, perform gymnastic exercises and do massage. The result is on the face! Significantly decreased body weight and blood pressure figures, I feel much better!

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