What to do if your heart hurts, causes and symptoms of pain

Pain in the heart is a typical sign of a a great deal of conditions.

This issue frets lots of people. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are amongst the most hazardous, as they have unanticipated repercussions. Unpleasant experiences of a various nature can appear unexpectedly.

During the see to the healthcare facility and throughout the preliminary evaluation, it is extremely essential to properly address the concerns about how the heart hurts and where the heart hurts. Thus, a skilled physician will recommend a course of more treatment or send out for a more extensive evaluation.

Heart discomforts can be of a various nature. They can be stabbing, pushing, squeezing, burning, hurting and extending. Unpleasant experiences appear pointwise, and likewise spread out to the whole chest location.

Men and females are extremely cautious about issues with this essential organ. With the assistance of this post, you will discover the most typical symptoms of heart pain. You will likewise be able to determine how to recognize pain in the heart.

Symptoms of pain

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Heart pain is thought about the primary sign of illness in cardiology. In lots of cases, such undesirable experiences might suggest issues of entirely various organs (musculoskeletal, muscular, and likewise the nerve system).

The client ought to concentrate on other parts of the body throughout treatment. Thus, professionals divide this state of the body into cardiology, along with into authentic pain in the heart.

The most typical heart illness are angina pectoris, aneurysms and heart attacks. Usually, an individual’s pain, although not extremely severe, can trouble him for several years. It is finest to start treatment as early as possible.

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Coronary heart illness

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Heart pain is the most typical sign of coronary artery illness. This term is thought about cumulative. Specialists consist of about thirty various issues in the list of such conditions.

The primary causes of pain are issues with regular blood flow in the myocardial area. After a while, heart cells start to feel a strong decline in the level of oxygen and nutrients. Such modifications sometimes are permanent, the state of the body can quickly degrade.

Angina pectoris

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Emotional and physical issues are the primary causes of restricting or burning pain throughout angina. An individual typically starts to injured the left side of the chest, the dumbness spreads to the shoulder blade and the whole arm.

The mental state of the body is disrupted, there is a sensation of upcoming death. Most typically, physicians recommend nitroglycerin, which assists the client battle undesirable symptoms. During an attack, individuals can entirely lose control over their own body language, the body remains in this state for an extremely brief time.

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Usually whatever will return to regular within a couple of minutes. Special medications are extremely handy, which will assist to broaden capillary and develop regular blood circulation. In clients, you can typically discover nitroglycerin and validol in the medication cabinet.

Myocardial infarction

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The very first symptoms of a heart attack typically start slowly. This illness is formed as an outcome of an extended seizure, which was triggered by angina pectoris. The illness is thought about rather hazardous, because modifications in the heart throughout a heart attack are typically permanent.

You requirement to comprehend that myocardial cells pass away off in the body. Many have an interest in the concern of how to differentiate heart pain throughout angina pectoris and heart attack. It is extremely tough to provide a precise response, because the undesirable experiences are practically similar.

It is possible to acknowledge these unpleasant conditions of the body just by the strength of the attacks. And throughout a heart attack, the pain radiates to the arm and shoulder left wing. In some cases, patients may even complain of a sharp pain in the abdomen.

With intense heart pain, the symptoms of seizures can vary greatly. Men and women may experience vomiting and headaches, and the person loses consciousness. There is often a feeling of imminent death.

Many people have trouble diagnosing this ailment. People have no idea how to correctly identify heart pain throughout a heart attack. Some carry the disease on their feet, while others cannot be saved even in the hospital.

The individual characteristics of the body, as well as the quality of medical care, play an important role.

Qualified specialists can make the correct diagnosis without any problems, since with intense pain in the heart, you do not even need to ask the patient’s symptoms. It is enough to make a special blood test, as a result of which it is possible to determine a heart attack with absolute accuracy.

Also, doctors use an electrocardiogram, which can confirm the diagnosis.

During the analysis, the level of myoglobin and troponin is checked. Specialists pay special attention to muscle protein, which manifests itself in the circulatory system during the acute phase of a heart attack.

You need to start treatment as early as possible, consult a doctor when your heart hurts. Even minutes can play a pivotal role!

Mitral valve prolapse

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Just a few decades ago, doctors could not accurately judge how to distinguish heart pain during prolapse. Experienced researchers have only recently learned to make this diagnosis correctly, since the diagnostic process is carried out using echocardiography.

A painful condition of the body occurs due to the bending of the valve cusps, which are formed during excessive blood pressure. The strength of the connective tissue suffers. In a healthy person, the valves practically do not move.

Very often, this disease is diagnosed in men and women who have increased joint flexibility.

Also, people with an asthenic body type suffer from mitral valve prolapse.

During prolapse, the problem arises in how to recognize and how to recognize exactly the prolapse. Indeed, during this disease, there are no heart problems in some cases, the structure of the connecting valve simply suffers.

A special treatment process is not required, the person just has to reduce the level of physical activity.

Very often, a similar cardiac problem is diagnosed in adolescents. After a while, older schoolchildren need to repeat the examination.

In some people, the symptoms of the disease can be very serious. A small percentage of the blood will return in the opposite direction. Thus, the process of geodynamics is disrupted.

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If your heart hurts, you should seek help from a doctor. The first symptoms appear almost immediately. A sick person has a feeling of dull, bursting and radiating pain.

Sometimes men and women even notice a sinking heart.

The question arises, can the heart freeze for a while in pain? The answer is unequivocal – no.

Additional signs of mitral valve prolapse are head pain, problems with blood pressure, and rapid loss of normal performance.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is possible to determine what hurts your heart precisely because of prolapse only with the help of echocardiography. The patient’s usual complaints will not be enough.

Extra-heart pain

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How to determine what exactly the heart hurts?

It is this question that worries many people who complain of certain pain in the left side of the chest.

Patients often come to mind that only heart disease should be treated. Thus, anything can cause discomfort.


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Osteochondrosis is a popular ailment that causes the rarefaction of nerve endings in the spinal cord region. Thus, if a person has a heartache, this does not mean that the problem should be looked for in this particular organ.

With osteochondrosis, pain in the region of the heart occurs if a person has problems with the cervicothoracic region. If you are interested in the question of how the heart hurts precisely during osteochondrosis, then there is no exact answer.

The nature of the sensations is different. Most often, people complain of dull and aching pain, which can even radiate to the extremities. Men and women often note precisely night pains, since it is during this period of time that the spine gets tired in a day.

How to understand that your heart (and not the spinal cord) hurts?

To do this, doctors recommend an MRI scan or X-ray.

It is best to consult your doctor.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia (VVD)

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This is another common cause of chest discomfort. The work of many organs is disrupted in clients.

This is aching chest pain. Sleep problems, lethargy throughout the day, and trouble breathing are also noted.

Signs of VSD can appear and disappear quite suddenly. For prevention, experts recommend using sedatives, as well as eating right and resting well. A person’s heart hurts for various reasons, the longer you try to come to terms with illness, the worse.

Conclusions on the topic

Many people (who complain of pain in the chest area) ask the question of how to correctly understand that it is the heart that hurts. It is best to see a doctor. It is an experienced specialist who will be able to make the correct diagnosis. The earlier you start the treatment process, the calmer it is.

You also need to understand that pain in the region of the heart (sometimes radiating to the extremities) in some cases is caused by ailments that are not associated with the functioning of this important organ. So during the examination, you need to do not only a cardiogram, but also an MRI or a blood test.

It is important to know on which side the pain is felt more vividly. If you are worried about the right side of the chest, it means that the problem might not be tried to find in the heart.

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