What is the psychosomatics of hypertension

Hypertension can be complicated by the onset of a hypertensive crisis, which entails a number of consequences:

  • Cerebral edema;
  • Pulmonary edema;
  • Stroke;
  • A heart attack.

An attack of circulatory disorders can seriously affect the health of blood vessels, brain, eyes, kidneys, liver, heart. With a complicated hypertensive crisis, hospitalization is mandatory, in which a full examination of the patient is carried out, a drug course and a strict diet are prescribed.

Symptoms of hypertension may not cause concern at the initial stage, as they resemble other diseases and ordinary overwork.

  • Headaches and dizziness;
  • Deterioration of vision;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Anxiety;
  • Sweating
  • Irritability;
  • Weakness, including sexual weakness;
  • Decreased sensitivity in the limbs;
  • Impaired memory and intellectual abilities;
  • Flies before the eyes;
  • Trouble sleeping;
  • Chills.

Causes of Hypertension

At risk are not only people in their age, but also young people. Genetic predisposition and bad habits also affect the development of the disease.

The causes of hypertension are:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle. A static position of the body causes blood stasis, circulatory disorders, impaired vascular elasticity.
  2. Low stress resistance. If a person is regularly exposed to stress, this affects his health.
  3. Diabetes;
  4. High cholesterol;
  5. Excessive salt intake
  6. Alcoholism;
  7. Smoking.

Psychosomatics of hypertension

In addition to physiologically understandable disorders that cause the development of hypertension, there is the concept of psychosomatics. By this is meant the influence of psychological causes on body diseases.

The development of hypertension proceeds unnoticed, often the diagnosis is made after the onset of a hypertensive crisis. Until a critical moment, the symptoms are limited to dizziness, weakness, and periodic headache.

It is possible to avoid complications, but you should catch the disease as soon as possible. The psychosomatic causes of hypertension are solved by complex therapy, which may include consultations with a psychologist.

Understanding the causes of the disease, various measures are used to establish the patient’s calmness: meditation, walks in the woods, sports. With the psychosomatic causes of hypertension, the opinion of the patient himself is significant. If he believes in his own recovery, then the disease can recede.

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The psychosomatics of hypertension is one of these reasons:

  • Fear of criticism from others. Fear of disappointing loved ones keeps a person in constant tension, while the nervous state extends to the brain. Increased adrenaline, active blood circulation – these factors affect pressure.
  • Fear of criticism from others and a reciprocal search for imperfections in their behavior. Similarly to the first case, blood circulates through the body at high speed due to increased stress.
  • Experiences about what has already happened. Often a person lives with old problems that have remained in the past. Not everyone can forgive and let go, so a likely scenario may look like this: a person will scroll through the same situation again and again, looking for flaws and development options. Emotional tension develops into physical stress, hence pressure problems arise.
  • Excessive Responsibility. In other words, perfectionism leads to overstrain and excessive brain activity. Workaholism, active social work are risk factors for the development of hypertension in connection with psychosomatics.

The victory over the psychosomatic factors in the development of hypertension lies in the understanding of the patient that all people make mistakes and it is foolish to demand ideality because of its impossibility.


Preventive and therapeutic measures for hypertensive patients include the following items:

  1. Mandatory dieting. Food 5-6 times a day in moderate portions. The main emphasis should be on fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat, dairy products, grain bread, freshly squeezed juices. It is necessary to exclude: strong teas and coffee, confectionery, pastries and white flour products, sausages, preservation. It is preferable to steam, cook, bake in the oven, simmer without oil.
  2. Stop smoking and alcohol. Bad habits are detrimental to the health of blood vessels, they cause cramping and narrow the lumen, affecting the quality of blood circulation.
  3. Physical exercise. Drawing up an individual exercise program is the ideal solution for any person who monitors their health. Morning exercises, regular walking in the fresh air, warm-up during the working day are simple exercises that will strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  4. Overweight. Weight correction should be done through healthy eating and exercise. Even minimal overweight can give large loads on blood vessels.
  5. Minimum stress. A full rest will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the patient. It is not always possible to eliminate stress 100%, but you can try to avoid watching movies and TV shows that are saturated with scenes of violence.
  6. Full sleep. Airing the room, lack of overeating, comfortable bed is the key to a healthy sleep. In the presence of stress, it is advisable to resort to the use of sedatives of plant origin.
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Useful Tips

Correcting the lifestyle of preventive measures, you should also know the following means that can normalize blood pressure.

Flaxseed oil is a true source of health. It has unique properties that beneficially affect the body and help to cope with many diseases. Due to the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the human body, metabolic processes are normalized.

There is a folk recipe, which is distinguished by budget and ease of preparation. The infusion is made from red pine cones, it is recommended to collect them in early summer.

Cones should be thoroughly washed, dried and placed in a pre-prepared liter jar. Next, you need to fill them with 40% alcohol or vodka. Close tightly, place in a dark place and insist 3 weeks at room temperature.

Hypertensive patients should take blood-thinning foods: peppers, garlic, onions, beets, lemon, chestnut, ginger, pomegranate, olive oil, and orange. By eating these foods regularly, hypertensive patients will avoid an increase in pressure.

Most often, doctors recommend garlic and onions to thin the blood. The norm is set at the size of a clove of garlic and a small onion. In the absence of contraindications for the best effect should be consumed fresh.

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