What are the consequences of a third stroke

Coronary heart disease is a formidable disease, especially if a third stroke has occurred. People have every opportunity to prevent a stroke, but often the first stroke ends, the precautionary measures are forgotten, which causes a second attack. After a second stroke, the effectiveness of prevention decreases significantly, and if it is completely absent, then the third attack will return quickly enough.

Third stroke

For the development of a third stroke, sometimes one risk factor is enough. And there are a lot of them in the modern world:

  • stress;
  • Hard labour;
  • Accompanying illnesses;
  • Deviations from the human biological norm;
  • The quality of life;
  • Environmental quality;
  • Age, heredity;
  • Substances contained in food consumed and bad habits;
  • The wrong approach to nutrition.

Speaking about concomitant diseases, we mean disturbances in blood circulation, especially in the brain, hypertension, heart and vascular disease, high blood cholesterol, atherosclerotic disease, diabetes and so on.

Different types of stroke have their share of mortality. So with coronary disease, mortality is 15%, with hemorrhagic stroke it reaches 33%, and with subarachnoid hemorrhage – death occurs in half the cases. It is worth noting that the higher the person’s age, the higher the risk of death.

Ischemic stroke is a cerebral infarction in which the affected part dies. This happens due to clogging of the vessel with a blood clot.

This in turn causes cerebral edema, which only enhances the symptoms, increasing pressure inside the skull. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs most often due to an aneurysm, when the capsule formed in the brain vessel ruptures and a hemorrhage occurs.

The manifestation of a third stroke, its consequences

It is worth noting that stroke patients often suffer from depression and are not always able to control their emotions. That is why many relatives do not always understand why, at the emotional-psychological level, the person close to them has changed so much.

Patient care after a third stroke

In connection with all of the above symptoms, relatives are faced with a number of problems that they cannot always solve on their own. The main problem if the patient is at home is the implementation of feeding and drinking.

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A person needs to give about 1 liter of water per day in order to maintain life in the body. Nutrition is also necessary, but droppers usually do not give the desired effect and only worsen the condition of the patient.

Another question that relatives forget to ask is motor activity. With paralysis, it is especially important to carry out at least minimal movements – flexion and extension of the limbs.

You will also need a body massage and the use of special pillows for bedsores. In the main places of caking – heels, tailbone, shoulder blades, elbows and so on – careful rubbing with camphor alcohol of the skin is necessary, especially if the first signs of pressure sores appear.

The patient’s personality also changes. It can become irritable, tearful, depressive.

All these are the consequences of a stroke, and very often against the background of hypertension, when oxygen starvation of the brain occurs. In such cases, additional special medications can be prescribed, for example, nootropics, which will support brain activity.

Third stroke and hypertension

Hypertension provokes most cases of stroke. After the first stroke, the slightest jump can become the “last straw” for relapse.

Survival after a third stroke, especially if it is caused by hypertension, drops to the very minimum – approximately 15% of patients get out. But at the same time, they most often remain completely disabled and with this it is practically impossible to do anything.

Relatives can only maintain life in them. If prevention and quality treatment are not carried out, then a repeated stroke occurs with a fatal outcome within three years.

It should be noted that albeit slight, but increased pressure usually leads to the development of a second attack. Therefore, it is especially important to control the level of blood pressure and stop and stabilize the painful state in time.

For this doctor is usually asked to prescribe the appropriate drugs, which will be used until the end of life for patients. Funds are prescribed depending on the condition of the patient – that is, in the presence of a swallowing reflex, small tablets can be used, in the absence of one, injections or other forms.

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If it was not possible to keep track of the increase in blood pressure in time, then a hypertensive crisis should be stopped. This is a very serious test for the vessels of the brain. Moreover, this signals to doctors about the late appeal to the medical staff for help.

Treatment and preventive measures

Treatment and preventive measures include:

  • A special diet with extremely limited salt content in foods.
  • Organization of motor activity. Even if the patient himself cannot, then the medical staff or relatives in an extremely accurate form must carry out certain exercises and massage movements.
  • It is necessary to limit the stress around the patient. Any excitement leads to a relapse.
  • Full treatment of concomitant diseases. This may be hypertension, and infectious disease, and other diagnoses. In order to avoid relapse, it is necessary to correctly and timely give the medication.
  • Psycho-emotional support is especially important for these patients. Special drugs nootropics, responsible for supporting brain activity, will help stabilize the psyche. It is necessary to restore a comfortable environment for the patient. At the same time, one should take into account his motor abilities – the ability to get to the toilet, take medicine, water, food and so on. Even if the patient is in a semi-comatose state, it is necessary to surround him with things that will remind him of his personality and life – hours, calendars, inscriptions, photos, books and so on.

As a recommendation, some features of care are offered from a psychological point of view – sitting with him on the same level, drawing the patient’s attention to positive aspects in treatment. Sudden and sudden movements, impatience, threats will have to be forgotten, since the patient can become isolated.

It is worth noting that patients after a stroke usually lie on their side, except in those cases when a direct position is necessary. Firstly, this is the least chance of developing pressure sores, and secondly, in this situation, the lungs do not stagnate.

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Thirdly, there is no aspiration, that is, saliva entering the respiratory tract. At the same time, it is preferable to lie on the sore side, since strong limbs retain their ability to move. Turn over the patient every 2-3 hours.

In rare cases, with the persistence of patients and relatives, it was possible to achieve a certain level of recovery after a third stroke. Here, the interest of relatives plays the main role, especially if the patient has lost, even for a while, the ability to recognize the environment and his own loved ones. With the right approach, relatives can ease the patient’s life and create a comfortable environment for the body and soul.

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