What are natural statins for cholesterol

High blood cholesterol levels cannot be ignored, hyperlipidemia provokes atherosclerotic processes in the vascular system. Preparations of synthetic origin are highly effective in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, but natural statins for cholesterol are preferable. For mild and moderate forms of the disease, medical specialists recommend using substances of natural origin with an anti-cholesterol effect.

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The advantage of natural

Medicinal statins quickly affect the content of atherogenic lipoproteins in the blood, making it possible to improve the patient’s well-being in a short time. The advantages of medications have a downside – strong side effects and a negative effect on hepatic function.

Often, during treatment with medications, the volume of transaminases in the blood increases significantly, which indicates a gradual destruction of the liver tissue. As a result of statin therapy, the patient may feel pain in the muscles, with time, myopathy and renal failure develop.

Most often, the following negative effects develop from taking synthetic statins:

  • Headache.
  • Dyspeptic disorders.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Dizziness.
  • Decreased memory.
  • Hyperglycemia.

The use of synthetic drugs is justified when urgent measures are required and the patient has no contraindications to the use of drugs. If urgent help is not required and the disease has not been started, when choosing a method of therapy, the doctor first of all recommends adjusting the diet and lifestyle.

The patient should use natural remedies that can, no worse than artificial medicines, reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and cleanse the arteries. For substances of natural origin, the benefits and harms are not the same.

Natural statins, with a significant positive effect on the arteries, do not have side effects, are well tolerated and have a positive effect not only on the cardiovascular system, but also on other organs. Among the disadvantages of some natural remedies with lipid-lowering action, one can single out individual intolerance and contraindications during pregnancy and lactation.

What can replace statins

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Natural analogues of chemical preparations do not have hepatotoxic activity; this is a safe and affordable alternative for everyone with an increased amount of atherogenic lipoproteins. The intake of foods and medicinal herbs with anti-sclerosis effect will help to lower the volume of bad cholesterol without harming health. For a lasting result, they should be taken systematically and for a long time.

What can replace synthetic statins without harm to health to quickly lower cholesterol? To restore blood counts, you should eat foods with a lipotropic effect, which include plant polyphenols and amino acids: choline, betaine, methionine, phospholipids, inositol. The use of herbal decoctions and infusions will be important.

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What products contain

The beneficial substances with a lipid-lowering effect contained in the products normalize cholesterol metabolism, prevent the development of fatty degeneration of the liver and reduce the amount of fatty deposits. What foods contain natural statins that can lower the volume of atherogenic lipids?

Lipotropic products include low-fat meats, fermented milk products, especially cottage cheese, soybeans. All food containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, iodine, phytosterols, dietary fiber has an anti-cholesterol effect.

Plant fiber and pectin substances prevent the absorption of fat in the digestive tract, enhance intestinal motility, and have an antioxidant effect. It is good to include vegetable oils, sea fish, seaweed, seafood in the daily diet. Most of the diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, herbs.

You can lower blood cholesterol with foods high in phytosterols, phytosterols and lecithin. They help to reduce atherogenic lipoproteins, improve memory, vision, mental activity. These include walnuts and pine nuts, pistachios, legumes, seeds, flax and sesame seeds, wheat germ, rice bran.

Vitamin PP (niacin, nicotinamide, nicolinic acid) has a significant anticholesterol effect. Most of all niacin is found in beef liver, dairy products, mushrooms, buckwheat, beans, beets.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page www.detonicnd.com.

Vegetables and fruits

Plant foods are not only rich in fiber and vitamins. Many plants contain special substances – polyphenols, which promote the absorption of high density lipoproteins and block the absorption of saturated refractory fats by the body. Chemical substance – resveratrol liquefies cholesterol plaques and perfectly cleanses the walls of blood vessels.

Fruits and berries have the greatest hypolipidemic effect:

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  • Red grapes.
  • Blueberry.
  • Cranberry.
  • Garnet.
  • Apples.
  • Grapefruits.
  • Kalina.
  • Dried dogwood.
  • strawberry

The most affordable and popular vegetables can be distinguished:

  • Cabbage.
  • Carrot.
  • Garlic.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Beet.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to use greens and leafy vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil. The daily systematic use of vegetable and fruit salads will be optimal.

Fish fat

The main value of fish fats is the high content of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Substances regulate lipid metabolism, prevent the formation of blood clots, relieve inflammatory processes in blood vessels. In addition to the anti-cholesterol effect, fish oil reduces the risk of developing diabetes, compensates for the deficiency of vitamin D. The largest amount of useful fish oil is found in the following types of fish:

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  • Atlantic salmon.
  • Far Eastern sardine (Iwashi).
  • Mackerel.
  • Halibut.
  • Salmon.

For medical nutrition, fish is not fried, but steamed, baked or boiled. If it is not possible to eat sea fish often, patients with atherosclerosis are advised to consume Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of dietary supplements.

Herbs and Plants

Plants have been used since ancient times in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Certain types of herbs are especially effective against high cholesterol. The following herbs will help improve the condition of blood vessels:

  • Dioscorea Caucasian. The plant contains steroid glycosides that help to reduce atherosclerotic changes in the vessels. A tincture or decoction from the rhizome of the plant, taken together with honey, helps well.
  • Fragrant Callisia (Golden mustache). As part of this plant, the most valuable in the fight against cholesterol are kaempferol, quercetin and beta-sitosterol.
  • Liquorice root. When using a herbal remedy, it is necessary to take into account contraindications, since the composition includes substances that affect the hormonal background.
  • Sophora Japanese. The plant is especially effective in combination with Mistletoe.
  • Clover grass. The lipid-lowering agent is taken in the form of a tincture or extract, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.
  • Linden. The most effective are the flowers of the tree, ground into powder. It is taken 1 tsp. 3 p. a day with 0,5 glass of water.
  • Dandelion. The plant can be used completely. It is good to prepare a salad from the leaves, the rhizomes are collected, washed and dried.
  • Garlic. A potent natural statin is widely recognized for its lipid-lowering properties. Garlic helps dissolve blood clots and plaques, thins the blood and relieves inflammation on the walls of blood vessels.

Is it possible to completely abandon pills?

Termination of drug therapy depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. These include primary indicators of the volume of bad cholesterol, neglect of the disease, lifestyle, patient age, concomitant diseases.

The use of natural statins, smoking and alcohol cessation, and normal physical activity often make it possible to completely abandon pills. This is especially true for not advanced stages of hyperlipidemia.

If, within 3-6 months of taking natural statins, low-density lipoproteins decrease, then by the joint decision of the doctor and the patient, a complete rejection of synthetic drugs is possible.


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