Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

Most people believe that coffee raises blood pressure. This is not entirely true. The effect of the drink can be very different. From exciting to soporific, from lowering pressure to increasing.

kofe i davlenie - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

Let’s try to understand the effect of natural coffee, and not drinks with its addition, such as “coffee with chicory.” Also, substitutes for “three in one” coffee, decaffeinated coffee and other drinks that have nothing to do with coffee are not of interest to us.

We will try to find out how real coffee acts on a person, grain (ground) and instant, does it increase pressure or not. And if it lowers, then why are most people confident in the opposite?

How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

Let’s start with what everyone knows. The stimulating effect of coffee is due to the caffeine contained in it. But how much caffeine can be contained in one cup of an invigorating elixir?

It turns out that the matter is not only how much powder to take for cooking, but also on the caffeine content in it. Moreover, if 100% of what is contained in a spoon gets into the drink from instant coffee, then when brewing ground coffee, not all stimulating substance will be in the cup.

Grinding and even the method of brewing matters. But on average, 40 to 60 mg of caffeine can be in a cup. In instant coffee, the tonic component is slightly larger, from 60 to 100 mg.

The explanation is simple. When preparing a granular extract from grains, the taste and aroma almost completely disappear. And manufacturers do not need to add expensive and fragrant, but less strong Arabica.

caffeine - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

Preference is given to cheap Robusta, the caffeine content of which is much higher. And to get ground coffee take a mixture of two varieties. One gives the drink a fortress, the second – the aroma. In general, the strength of the drink is noticeably lower.

What does the figure 60 mg mean? For comparison, in a tablet of Citramon from a headache, caffeine is half as much as in a cup of aromatic coffee. And in soluble – three times more than in a tablet!

How does caffeine affect blood pressure?

Some people feel fine after the second cup, and after the third they begin to sleep. But for most, the second cup will be redundant.

Do not drink coffee in one gulp, you need to sip it with sips.

Then the enjoyment of the aroma will last longer, and the second cup will not be pulled.

How does coffee affect people with different blood pressure? Doctors do not keep statistics on the effect of coffee on those whose blood pressure is currently elevated. It is understandable, a normal doctor is unlikely to offer a cup of a drink with a high caffeine content to such a person.

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But lovers of coffee and experiments on themselves, far from medicine, conducted a similar experiment. There were only 12 participants, and therefore it is impossible to draw serious conclusions from the results.

So, out of 12 people, only two after drinking a GLASS of natural coffee increased blood pressure. One is a young girl, 22 years old. Before coffee, the pressure was 90 to 60. After coffee – 102 to 70.

By the way, her example proved that, even with frequent use of coffee, the effect may not decrease. The second was almost 60 years old. Before drinking coffee, his blood pressure was elevated. And from the numbers 132 to 78 it went up to 140 to 82. Although there are sometimes allegations that supposedly it does not increase coffee with increased pressure, it turns out that this is also not so.

kofe na davlenie 1 - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

Among the other participants in the experiment, in four, the pressure from slightly increased decreased to normal. One remained elevated. Three were normal and did not change. Two had a slight decrease in normal pressure. Bottom line: out of 12 participants in the experiment, it decreased in six, in two – increased, in four did not change.

This experience allowed us to draw the following conclusions:

Coffee can also increase, lower blood pressure. Whether the pressure rises after ONE cup of coffee does not depend on how it was before coffee, nor on gender, nor on age. This is an individual reaction of each organism.

What should I drink coffee with?

There is one secret how to drink coffee so that the pressure does not rise. It turns out that if you drink coffee with milk or cream, not from milk powder, but natural, then almost no one will jump in pressure!

Of course, there are those who start to feel dizzy from a couple of sips of coffee. And the rest under normal pressure, you can safely drink a cup of coffee with milk, cream or ice cream.

The fact is that the presence of animal fats in the drink does not allow caffeine to quickly absorb into the blood. Therefore, its level does not rise so much. In addition, the coffee itself is slightly less – by the volume that is occupied in the cup with milk additives.

Some are convinced that adding a slice of lemon to a cup reduces the dangerous effects of coffee on blood pressure. Unfortunately, lemon will not help. Although in itself this wonderful citrus really lowers blood pressure, but when paired with caffeine it gives the opposite effect.

coffe - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

kofe lemon - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

coffe s koricey - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

coffe i alkogol - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

coffe - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

kofe lemon - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

coffe s koricey - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

coffe i alkogol - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

The assurance that coffee should be brewed with cinnamon is also not confirmed in practice. That is, if you replace part of the coffee with cinnamon powder, then in fact an increase in pressure will not occur. But if you put as much of the main component, as always, nothing will change.

A special case is coffee with alcohol. Increases pressure in almost everyone. But a healthy person can afford to drink coffee with cognac or a glass of coffee liquor.

But to cheer up with coffee after alcohol will not succeed. In the best case, a headache will appear. A little coffee in alcohol or a little alcohol in coffee is one thing, and a cup of coffee after a glass of a strong drink is already dangerous.

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Why caffeine can lower blood pressure

Back to the pleasant. What explains why coffee can lower blood pressure? It turns out there are several reasons for this. Caffeine is able to dilate blood vessels. They expand, blood circulates more freely, and the tension decreases, and with it the pressure.

kofe - Lowers or boosts coffee pressure

In very small doses, caffeine acts as a cramping aid. That is, for most people, half a glass of coffee is enough to get rid of a headache, and often reduce pressure. Among other things, coffee has a diuretic effect, which also lowers blood pressure.

Is caffeine a drug? Or not

A person’s addiction to coffee is sometimes compared to drug addiction. Of course, this is incorrect. A person accustomed to smoking tobacco feels very bad without cigarettes. There is irritability, headache. A coffee lover will simply be less energetic. Drowsiness and general weakness may appear later in the evening. And in the morning and in the afternoon, if you get enough sleep at night, everything will be all right.

Another thing is that those who are used to drinking coffee constantly, begin to increase the frequency of use. Sometimes during the working day – four cups, plus in the morning before work. This is already a dangerous habit.

After all, the brain of such a person works all day from under the stick. And even for those who have low blood pressure, and it really gets better after coffee, you should not drink more than two cups a day. The fact is that coffee removes calcium from the body. Frequent use of coffee leads to the depletion of not only the nervous, but also the musculoskeletal system.

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