Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodine

Cardiological manifestations of iodine deficiency are serious. They are expressed in an increase in lower pressure and the development of cardiovascular diseases. The traditional treatment of hypertension with iodine deficiency does not give a tangible effect.

Lechenie gipertonii yodom 1 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodineClinical features of the deficiency of this trace element include: a chronic sensation of cold, constipation, unexplained weight gain, dry skin, weakness, and a slowdown in heart rate. Many complain of muscle pain, depression, unreasonably bad mood, memory loss, headaches.

If iodine deficiency is detected, iodine treatment of hypertension is suitable. This is an effective, widespread Indian method of normalizing pressure.

How iodine helps lower blood pressure

Lechenie gipertonii yodom 4 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodineTo prevent hypertensive crises, the Indian method is well suited, which involves treating hypertension with iodine not by ingestion, but by external use. The bottom line is: in a certain area of ​​the body, circles are drawn with iodine.

The procedure is performed before bedtime. This therapy makes up for iodine deficiency, accumulates the internal reserves of the body, awakens the immune system, stabilizes the heart rhythm, and lowers blood pressure.

To reduce pressure, you can use iodized tablets and solutions, but such treatment has disadvantages, such as difficulty in dosing and pronounced side effects. External treatment of hypertension with iodine has mostly positive reviews.

It is difficult to find a theoretical justification for the effectiveness of this method, but since the Indian method of treating iodine hypertension, the reviews are extremely enthusiastic, they are the evidence of its high efficiency. But it should be borne in mind that the treatment of hypertension with iodine is recommended by traditional medicine only at the beginning of the development of the disease. At the same time, you need to follow a diet and adjust your lifestyle, and then this microelement will help to cope with various problems of worsening health.

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Is hypertension hypertension or another disease?

What is the treatment with iodine

Treatment with iodine against hypertension consists in the fact that lines should be applied to the body daily at bedtime.

To do this, you will need:

  • cotton buds (for applying strips);
  • 5% iodine solution (sold in pharmacies).

The Indian method of treating hypertension with iodine is performed according to the scheme: the lines are applied to the body not randomly, but in a specific place. The treatment is carried out in courses – in spring and autumn, it consists of two cycles, between which a break for ten days is necessarily taken. In brochures it is written that this method only works effectively in March and September.

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Treatment Scheme

The treatment of hypertension with iodine follows a special schedule:

  • 1 course – from March 1 to 10;
  • Break – from March 11 to March 21;
  • 2 course – from March 21 to March 30.

Retreatment after five months. If the first one happened in March, then the next one in September. The schedule is exactly the same.

Where to apply iodine

Be sure to follow the treatment regimen proposed for treatment of hypertension with iodine. Ring iodine draw:Lechenie gipertonii yodom 2 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodine

  • 1 and 21 days above the wrist of the left hand;
  • 2 and 22 days – over the bones of the right foot;
  • 3 and 23 days – slightly above the wrist of the right hand;
  • 4 and 24 days – over the bones of the left foot;
  • 5 and 25 days – over the elbow joint of the left hand;
  • 6 and 26 days – over the knee joint of the right leg;
  • 7 and 27 days – over the elbow joint of the right hand;
  • 8 and 28 days – above the knee joint of the left leg;
  • On the 9th and 29th day the line is drawn obliquely along the back from the left shoulder to the right femoral joint of the leg. Note that there is no need to draw a line on the chest;
  • 10 and 30 days – from the right shoulder obliquely to the left femoral joint of the leg.

At 9-10 days, the line is drawn only on the back, so it does not close. Note that you can’t draw a line on your back yourself.

Are there any contraindications

Lechenie gipertonii yodom 5 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodineTreatment of hypertension with iodine has no contraindications. But individual intolerance to this microelement may appear. It is also not recommended to carry out treatment with it to children up to the age of five and pregnant women.

If you are allergic to or sensitive to iodine, anaphylactic shock can develop, which is very dangerous. The reaction to high doses of iodine is expressed by symptoms such as anxiety, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and visual impairment. High levels of iodine can sometimes normalize thyroid hyperactivity.

How to find out if there is an individual intolerance to iodine? If you have not used it before, draw a small stroke on the inside of your forearm with iodine. Do not touch the test site for thirty minutes. If after this time the time on the skin has not changed, feel free to proceed with treatment.

You should not start treatment with iodine if you are taking the following drugs:

  • Antithyroid;
  • Potassium and lithium iodide;
  • Warfarin (a blood thinner);
  • In the treatment of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers;
  • Potassium-sparing diuretics.

Also, iodine treatment is incompatible with any essential oil, ammonia, mercury amidochloride.

Important! Not only iodine deficiency is dangerous, high doses of this substance can increase the risk of thyroid disease.

S >Lechenie gipertonii yodom 7 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodineProlonged external use of iodine solutions causes tearing of the eyes, acne, skin itching, and excessive salivation. It can also lead to sleep disturbance, increased sweating, diarrhea, and neurosis.

The Indian method of treating iodine hypertension is not only positive. Some patients complain of allergic reactions and local skin irritation.

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Iodine deficiency test

Iodine deficiency is easy to detect on your own. If you have the first symptoms, check if the body needs iodine. To do this, you can conduct the following test. Draw a small square on the body with iodine. If the drawing comes down:

  • Earlier than eight hours – iodine in the body is not enough;
  • During the day – the iodine content is less than the recommended level, so it is necessary to fill the need;
  • After a day, traces of the pattern are visible – there is enough iodine in the body.

Better to test before bedtime.

How to saturate the body with iodine?

Lechenie gipertonii yodom 6 - Is it possible to cure hypertension with iodineYou can make up for iodine deficiency with food. It is found in seafood, but in order to make up for the deficiency of this element with this help, you will need to eat at least five kilograms of fish per day.

In record quantities, iodine is found in potatoes, beets and parsley. But due to the introduction of mineral fertilizers and herbicides into the ground, the amount of this chemical element in vegetables is significantly reduced, therefore, the rate of iodine deficiency reaches the epidemic level.

Some people, in order to make up for its deficiency, take a diluted alcohol solution of iodine inside, which is harmful to the body. No practitioner recommends such a method, since you can get burns to the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach. The main source of this trace element used to be iodized salt, but now many manufacturers are saving on iodized additives.

Iodine drawings on the body are a practical and cheap method. It helps to cope with hypertension without complicated therapeutic treatment and taking expensive drugs. People who took iodine from hypertension in the reviews write that they did not notice side effects.

If you practice a healthy lifestyle and prefer to be treated without pills – the Indian method of treating hypertension with iodine is the perfect choice for you. The effectiveness of this ancient method has been tested by more than one generation of people.

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