Is coffee allowed for hypertension

For many years, there has been debate about the effects of coffee on human health. Recent studies have shown that this is a very healthy drink, it:

  • Soothes asthma attacks and allergies;
  • Prevents tooth decay;
  • Activates the burning of fats in the body;
  • Replenishes potassium deficiency;
  • Improves cardiovascular function.

Its main biologically active component is the organic alkaloid caffeine. Due to the caffeine content, after drinking the drink, the reaction rate increases, the concentration of attention improves, and associative thinking is stimulated. Coffee is a powerful source of antioxidants, it contains vitamin P, which strengthens blood vessels.

Some researchers suggest that coffee increases the concentration of the hormone serotonin in the human body, which is responsible for a sense of happiness. Therefore, people who regularly drink this drink feel confident, have increased self-esteem and do not experience unreasonable fears.

How coffee affects pressure

Despite these beneficial properties, people are wondering if hypertensive patients can drink coffee. What is the causal relationship between coffee and high blood pressure?

Coffee can cause a short-term, slight increase in blood pressure, even in people with normal blood pressure. With diagnosed hypertension, this drink raises blood pressure to a greater extent.

Other hypertensive patients should minimize their intake or drink decaffeinated coffee, replacing it with a cranberry drink. If you drink more than three cups of this strong drink daily, then it can have undesirable side effects: restlessness, tremors, heart palpitations and cause insomnia. The effect is exacerbated by the strength of the drink.

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How coffee affects heart rate

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that stimulates the release of certain hormones in the brain. Therefore, coffee gives us energy, but at the same time increases blood pressure.

After its use, caffeine enters the circulatory system from the stomach and small intestine and stimulates the central nervous system. Receptors located in the cells of the heart increase the heart rate to 120 beats per minute.

Can I drink coffee for hypertensive patients

Regular coffee consumption does not harm most hypertensive patients, as its effect is too short. Some doctors believe that moderate coffee consumption even improves the cardiovascular system. Therefore, hypertension and coffee are quite compatible.

For those who are not sure whether caffeine affects their blood pressure, you can try to measure blood pressure before drinking a cup of coffee and then do it again after half an hour – two hours. If during this period of time the pressure rises by five to ten points, this indicates an increased sensitivity to the effects of caffeine.

How to drink coffee hypertension

Conflicting conclusions about the benefits and harms of coffee are based on the fact that individual genetic factors influence the human body. Some people are more sensitive to it, while for others, drinking coffee with hypertension does not cause harmful effects. They can drink it without limits and feel good.

On an individual level, your true coffee limit depends on:

  • From genetics;
  • Personal tolerance;
  • Taking medication.

Also, coffee can vary significantly in caffeine content. Fans of this drink need to know that in soluble granules there is more caffeine than in natural freshly ground grains.

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Remember, caffeine is addictive, and if you regularly consume it, you can become addicted to this drink. Doctors recommend replacing it with coffee drinks containing chicory or barley. Even if you have no contraindications, do not abuse coffee to avoid negative consequences.

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