Is beer good for hypertension

Beer is the most famous liquor on our planet, which in third place follows water and tea for consumption. The earliest finds of beer remains by archaeologists date back to the th-rd millennium BC. e. This malt hop drink in ancient times was considered a cure for many diseases.

What are the beneficial properties of beer? The medicine of our time, beer became famous, thanks to the German scientist Robert Koch. Dr. Koch discovered the causative agent of cholera and the interaction of beer with him.

In those days, cholera spread throughout Europe, where drinking water was of poor quality. Instead of water, it was safer for human health to drink beer.

The healing properties of beer

Making beer from grain by fermentation retains the beneficial properties of cereals. Beer contains:

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Biotin;
  • Vitamin K;
  • Micro and macro elements;
  • Ac >

Scientists believe that beer in small doses:

  1. Positive effect on the metabolism in the body;
  2. Prevents the formation of cancerous tumors, the appearance of heart disease, the development of Alzheimer’s disease, removing salts of heavy metals;
  3. Expands blood vessels with high blood pressure.

Hop extract present in beer exhibits analgesic and sedative effects, activating the gastrointestinal tract, and prevents the growth of putrefactive bacteria.

In folk medicine, warm beer with honey is drunk in acute respiratory diseases. A large amount of B vitamins in beer favorably affects the condition of the skin. In cosmetology, beer is used in the manufacture of face masks that prevent the appearance of wrinkles and enhance blood circulation.

Beer Pressure Effect

Medicine has long known that alcohol affects blood pressure. But recent studies by scientists have led to the conclusion that moderate alcohol consumption is a good prevention of cardiovascular disease. This is explained by the fact that ethanol in small quantities dilates blood vessels and makes them elastic.

This is great news for people who inherit the Germans’ lifestyle and love to drink a couple of glasses of beer at dinner. The most optimal dose of beer for hypertension, which will reduce the manifestation of undesirable symptoms of high blood pressure, is 0,33 liters of beer.

Patients with hypertension are prescribed diuretics, which remove excess fluid from the body and the pressure decreases. Beer acts similarly, lowers pressure by removing fluid from the body. But since beer is a drink containing ethanol, you need to be careful in its use for people with stage II and III hypertension.


People who drink more than three glasses of beer in the evening may temporarily have a rise in pressure. And the frequent use of beer in such doses can provoke hypertension.

Taking higher doses will put pressure on the venous vessels, which can provoke a stretching of the heart muscle and disruption of the heart.

It must be remembered that alcohol is able to interact with drugs, to enhance or neutralize their effect. Therefore, in order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of self-medication, consult your healthcare provider for advice. He will be able to choose the right treatment regimen, which may include taking drugs based on alcohol.

Nikolai: “For a long time I suffered from hypertension. Pressure surges became more frequent on hot days, during periods of magnetic storms and weather changes. After examination by a doctor, he began to take drugs that lower blood pressure. But each pharmacy drug gave a side effect. This was manifested by a violation of the kidneys and urinary system. I heard from a friend about the beneficial properties of beer and decided to try it. During the month I drink 2-3 times a week for a glass of beer before. Attacks of critical pressure surges have stopped. ”

Svetlana: “My mom, with the onset of menopause, began to jump blood pressure. But the medications prescribed by the doctor did not give the desired effect. When taking diuretics, the pressure dropped below normal. Well-being left much to be desired. Then my grandmother told how in her early childhood my grandfather made home-made beer and drank it in case of headaches. Having lost hope, my mother decided to try drinking beer half a glass in the morning on an empty stomach. The result was not long in coming. My condition improved, my headaches stopped, my blood pressure returned to normal. ”

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