How does green tea affect blood pressure

Does green tea lower blood pressure? When a drink is consumed irregularly, after eating and with milk, it has almost no effect on blood pressure. Although it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Reduce the pressure is due to the diuretic effect: the fluid is excreted from the body and blood flow, and then leads to stabilization of indicators after their increase.

If a person has asthenia, VSD or other disorders in the autonomic nervous system, the pressure may decrease in certain cases. To get a significant hypotensive effect on the body, you must regularly use the drink for a long time. This must occur one hour before the planned meal, and tea must be without milk.

Keep in mind that all tea leaves should:

  • Possess high quality;
  • They should not contain dyes, additives or other impurities;
  • The cost of good green tea is quite high, and it is difficult to find it in an ordinary store.

The leaves of the plant should not have a smell of mold, they should be fresh and fragrant. Only in this case, the drink will be beneficial and have a beneficial effect on the body.

Increased blood pressure

Does green tea lower blood pressure? Such an effect is possible. The increase in blood pressure after taking the drink is directly related to its high caffeine content.

It should be noted that the green type of tea in terms of the content of rather harmful caffeine can compete with natural coffee. And the advantage will definitely not be in favor of the latter, since in the first drink it is noted that the amount of the component is 4 times higher.

Tannin, xatin, caffeine and theobromine are able to stimulate the nervous system and establish the full-fledged work of the heart muscle, therefore, the heart rate also increases, which leads to a slight increase in blood pressure. The effect is short-term, unstable, which is offset by a significant expansion of blood vessels due to the activation of the center in the brain, which is responsible for the work of the bloodstream. Therefore, it is not worth noting a global increase.

When the process is associated with unpleasant vegetative dysfunction, the drink can significantly and certainly increase the indicators, because the nerve endings are stimulated with the help of caffeine contained in green tea. At the same time, an acute headache and a feeling of malaise pass.

Normalization of blood pressure

The substances that are in the leaves of green tea are able to have a useful and tonic effect on every organ and body systems:

  • The natural elasticity of the walls of blood vessels rises and acquires, tea prevents the appearance of various atherosclerotic plaques on them;
  • There is an opportunity to reduce excess weight and bring the figure into shape;
  • Blood coagulation is maintained normal, which does not allow the formation of life-threatening blood clots;
  • Brain cells are significantly better and more efficiently enriched with oxygen;
  • The vessels expand in the presence of certain diseases.

Caffeine actively stimulates and regulates the functioning of the heart, and together with kakhetin expands each vessel. It is for this reason, even if the pressure has increased slightly, then it comes back to normal and stabilizes.


No one argues with the fact that green tea is a healing and rich in useful components drink that can remove a large amount of harmful substances, poisons, salts of heavy metals from the body. It treats a huge range of ailments, even hypertension. Like any other medication, it has some contraindications and side effects.

Cautions from qualified doctors:

  1. Do not get carried away with such tea to people who suffer from a severe form of chronic hypertension. Do not drink during an exacerbation of any disease, because this leads to negative consequences and significant complications in the development of the disease.
  2. Be sure to remember that such a pleasant and aromatic drink with a tart consistency can increase the natural acidity in the stomach, therefore it leads to a sharp exacerbation of gastritis and the occurrence of peptic ulcers.
  3. Patients who suffer from rheumatism, arthrosis or arthritis should use green tea in their usual and balanced diet for every day with extreme caution.
  4. You should not use a strong drink for those who are diagnosed with tachycardia, impaired normal sleep, and nervous irritability.

All contraindications must be taken into account if a person has one of the listed diagnoses. It is not worth completely abandoning the use of this drink, but drink it with extreme caution.

When you know about the various effects of green tea on the human body, blood pressure indicators, you should carefully monitor your health and any changes in it. Before and after consuming a fragrant drink, it is recommended to measure pressure indicators to determine its effect on blood vessels and the heart. If all is well, then you can add a few cups of tea to your usual diet.

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