Evalar bio tea for kidneys composition, instructions, reviews

Modern pharmaceuticals provide a variety of medical herbs to deal with kidney illness. Among them are Evalar tea with a unique organic composition. This is not just a tasty beverage with an enjoyable fragrance, however likewise a reliable method to treat illness of the urinary system.


The entirely safe procedure of collecting plants with the assistance of steam, which is later on utilized in this drug, permits you to make sure a high level of quality of the item gotten. Tea is differentiated by its natural composition and lack of fragrant compounds and dyes.

Effective at any phase of illness of the genitourinary system and as a preventive procedure to avoid reoccurring swelling. Strengthens the body immune system and increases the level of resistance to illness in the body.

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Useful Properties

Thanks to the entirely natural composition of bearberry, birch, strawberry, black currant, mint, tea bush, knotweed herb and cherry stalks, this preparation has the following residential or commercial properties:

  • Eliminates swelling and has an antimicrobial impact, lowering the level of pathogenic bacteria
  • Helps Relieve Cramps and Soreness
  • Promotes the elimination of sand and the dissolution of little stones, avoids the development of brand-new ones
  • Takes part in urinary procedures
  • Relieves puffiness on the body, face and eyes
  • Has a diuretic impact

Basic indicators and contraindications

This tool comes from active food ingredients. It must be utilized for the following inflammatory procedures in the kidneys, both separately and together with recommended medications:

  • With signs of urolithiasis.
  • In the case of pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis in the severe or persistent phase.
  • During inflammatory procedures in the bladder and urethra.

In addition, the drug can be utilized to get rid of toxic substances, toxic substances and in case of edema connected with illness of the kidneys and cardiovascular system. Cellulite and excess weight are likewise thought about indicators for this collection.

It is not advised to utilize tea throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and with possible intolerance or allergy to the parts of the drug. As a preventative measure, it is recommended to utilize the drug after consulting your physician.

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Instructions for usage

Herbal tea, packaged in specific bags, is brewed like routine tea in a mug. To do this, put boiling water over one filter bag and leave for about 10 minutes, after which the resulting beverage must be intoxicated.

You can take no greater than 2 times a day for 20 days, then it is advised to take a momentary break for a couple of weeks and duplicate the course of treatment once again. It is necessary not to avoid the routine consumption of the beverage to attain long-lasting favorable results.

The service life disappears than 24 months from the date of very first usage. So that herbs do not lose their advantageous residential or commercial properties, Evalar is advised to be kept in a dry and dark location at space temperature level no greater than 25 degrees, without open gain access to for little kids.

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