Causes of cerebrovascular spasm

A cerebrovascular spasm is an alarming symptom that cannot be ignored. Most often, spasms of the brain manifest over a long time as general fatigue, apathy, headaches, dizziness and numbness of the fingers.

Symptoms of spasms of cerebral vessels are usually perceived as general stress and overwork, inattention, inability to concentrate. A severe cramp for a number of symptoms may resemble a stroke.

Speech disturbances, loss of orientation in space, fainting conditions are observed. Urgent intervention by doctors and the appointment of potent drugs to normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system are required.

The main causes of severe spasms of the brain that require medical treatment are osteochondrosis, diabetes, obesity or anemia, metabolic disorders, thrombosis and venous obstruction, heart failure, heart valve problems.

Many could experience ordinary spasm of cerebral vessels during a hangover – this is a condition in which any action is tiring, brain effort seems impossible and difficult. Treatment with folk remedies involves sound sleep and silence to restore damage to the nervous system. But if people who drink can afford to relax and rest, minimizing the effects of brain spasms, most working people are not able to afford such luxury.

As a result, the spasm progresses and there is a serious risk of cardiovascular and brain damage. The so-called chronic fatigue syndrome is often directly related to cerebral spasm. The best treatment for mild spasms of the brain is a sound and healthy sleep without a time limit, walks in the fresh air, a healthy and measured rhythm of life without external stresses.

How to recognize a cerebrovascular spasm

If you often encounter a condition in which it is difficult to think, memory problems occur, you must first check the vessels. It is the cardiovascular system that provides nutrition to the brain and nerve endings.

Vascular spasms inevitably cause brain damage.

Contrary to a common misconception, nerve cells are perfectly restored, but it takes time to fully recover. With constant spasms caused by heart problems, pressure, stress, nerve cells do not have time to recover. Spasm causes early strokes, cerebral hemorrhages, depression, premature development of senile diseases.

Stress and Nervous Stress

Efficiency decreases sharply as a result of spasm of cerebral vessels, this attracts attention, causes discontent and aggravates stress, most often personal. As a result, instead of the necessary relaxation of blood vessels and rest, the spasm due to nervous overstrain can be intensified.

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To maintain health and prevent spasms of the brain, we recommend that you do not expose the body to prolonged overload. Compliance with labor standards and compulsory rest at the end of each working hour helps to increase labor productivity and the normal functioning of blood vessels. The physical cause of cerebrovascular spasms is a lack of oxygen and nutrients for nerve tissue.

Symptoms of cerebral spasm are manifested brighter against the background of nervous overstrain, lack of sleep, processing in combination with inadequate physical activity. If you do not pay proper attention to the symptoms, hemorrhage in the brain, damage to brain tissue, micro strokes, strokes and loss of performance are possible.

How to get out of the risk group

  • Move more. With symptoms indicating the possibility of spasms of the vessels of the brain, try to move more, breathe oxygen, get out to nature. Make a habit at the end of each working hour to take a short break and perform simple gymnastic exercises. Take papers to other departments on your own, check how the printer works on another floor, you can find a lot of reasons for activity if you wish.
  • Exercise regular physical activity. For the prevention of cerebral spasm, a couple of visits to the gym per week is not enough. Need short-term physical activity every hour. A few exercises, stretch your neck, twists, a couple of squats. The problem of active prevention of cerebrovascular spasms is that any activity and activity quickly causes fatigue and dizziness. It’s hard to be physically active if you know that following an energetic run or a sharp slope will be followed by darkening in the eyes, loss of orientation in space and, possibly, even fainting. Start small. Roll your legs from heel to toe under the office desk, lean over the papers in the bottom drawer of the desk. Gradually, physical activity will become the norm and you can enjoy walking and playing sports.
  • Start the day with a charge. Simple physical exercises help normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of vasospasm. 5 minutes of activity is enough to energize the morning.
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In the initial stages, spasm of the cerebral vessels can be stopped by removing nervous and stress factors. Most often, this disease develops gradually, as a reaction to immobility, stress and lack of sleep. Dissatisfaction with oneself exacerbates the problem.

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Smokers Paradox

Oddly enough, smokers leaving for a smoke break at the end of each hour find themselves in a more privileged position, despite a bad habit and physical narrowing of the brain vessels under the influence of nicotine and exposure to carbon monoxide. The benefits of short walks and posture changes are greater in the short term.

Labor productivity as a result of work breaks is rarely affected in the case, of course, when you need to get up and move away from the workplace for a break. The brain receives the necessary time for rest and some useful movement.

Of course, we will not advise you to start smoking, it is really harmful and nicotine seriously harms the activity of the cardiovascular system. Even standing next to smokers and breathing in smoke during breaks is not necessary. But, if the authorities are loyal to the breaks, you yourself must find the opportunity to regularly interrupt for breaks, but without smoking.

What to take for the prevention of cerebral spasms

Additional protection for the nervous and circulatory system can be provided with over-the-counter medicines.

Despite the possibility of over-the-counter access, all medications must be taken with great care, not exceeding the dosages. No need to take medicine for pressure with handfuls or eat glycine instead of sweets.

For all its harmlessness, glycine causes serious metabolic changes, accelerating the processes in the body. If glycine is too much – the body can not cope with the decay products and their output. Norm 2-3 tablets 2 times a day during a two-week course.

  • With strong nervous and intellectual stresses, you can take such complexes as Tenoten or stronger Nootropil;
  • Strengthening the walls of blood vessels will help Magnesium Forte or an inexpensive, but quite effective magnesium-containing preparation Asparkam.

Treatment of cerebrovascular spasms

The treatment of cerebrovascular spasms is usually complex and affects the entire circulatory system. A situation where a spasm affects only the vessels of the brain is possible solely as a result of a serious head injury or mental illness.

The brain nerve center is one of the most powerful consumers of oxygen. Oxygen and good blood supply are necessary conditions for the normal functioning of the brain. With a sharp narrowing and spasm of the small vessels of the brain, normal activity of nerve cells is impossible.

Vascular treatment and restoration of blood supply are necessary. If untreated, the development of the disease, the appearance of blood clots, a violation of nerve connections and damage to brain tissue are possible. To establish the cause, a detailed medical examination is necessary.

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Treatment with cerebrovascular spasm medication requires professional education, diagnostic data, examination results, tests and MRI. Preparations for the treatment of cerebrovascular spasm can only be prescribed by a doctor on the basis of serious indications.

Similar symptoms with vasospasm can give diabetes, poisoning with vitamins of group A, a number of nervous diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction. Supporters of a healthy diet, preferring vegetables and fruits of orange and green color or athletes can easily get poisoned with vitamins of group A. Hypervitaminosis A can be obtained in a week in the treatment of skin diseases and acne with isoretinol drugs.

For the treatment of cerebrovascular spasm and depressive states, you will need the help of a cardiologist and a neurologist. In case of metabolic disorders, the intervention of an endocrinologist will be required.

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