Causes and Treatment of High Low Pressure

Increased and reduced pressure in the modern world is not uncommon. It occurs not only in older and older people, but also in young people. The negative impact of the fast pace of life inevitably leaves its mark on human health, including the health of the cardiovascular system. Regular overstrain of the body can cause a violation of blood circulation in the body.

What it is?

An increase in only lower pressure means that the heart is doing its job and pumping blood, while the circulatory system has malfunctioned.

Elevated lower pressure can cause an increase in upper pressure, but this is not necessary. With increased lower pressure, the gap between the indicators is significantly reduced, it is about 15-20 units. This indicates serious disorders occurring in the body. In this case, we are talking about isolated lower pressure.

What to do if hypertensive blood pressure drops? More details in this article.

Any violation of pressure in the body, recorded repeatedly, requires a medical examination in order to prevent fatal changes. The reasons may be different, so the specialist needs to get the maximum amount of information about the patient to identify the full picture of the disease.

The causes of low blood pressure can be diseases of various organs. There is an opinion that pressure is one of the first symptoms of the development of some diseases that still do not manifest themselves. This is often associated with organs:

  • Improper functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • Problems with the endocrine system;
  • Heart diseases (congenital and acquired defects, neoplasms, etc.).

The most common causes of increased lower blood pressure are hormonal disruptions and kidney problems. The psychological side of the health of a modern person who experiences stress every day should not be ruled out. Causes of low blood pressure can also be:

  • Prolonged stress;
  • Taking stimulants;
  • Alcohol and smoking.

The increase in pressure is directly affected by fluid retention in the body. It is called:

  1. Excessive and systematic overeating;
  2. Smoking;
  3. Drinking beer with salty snacks;
  4. Excessively salty food;
  5. Smoked meats and preservation;
  6. Fatty food.
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Symptoms of high lower pressure are limited by two indicators:

The lower, provoking increase in upper pressure, may indicate hypertension. Symptoms of hypertension are similar to overwork and imply a general weakening of the body, decreased memory and performance, fatigue and irritability, anxiety, sweating, changeable moods, tinnitus, blurred vision, dizziness.

What is the danger of high lower pressure?

Increased lower pressure means normal heart function and a malfunction of the circulatory system. In this case, blood vessels seriously suffer, losing elasticity. Such violations often become the causes of heart attack and stroke.

Blood is not able to fully circulate throughout the body and saturate cells with oxygen, therefore, significant disturbances in the circulatory system occur. The cause may also be atherosclerosis, which is characterized by an irreversible change in blood vessels, their slagging and, as a result, clogging.

How to reduce?

Critically increased lower pressure can lead to a serious deterioration in the condition, so you should not postpone an ambulance call.

If assistance is delayed, the patient should be reassured and placed face down, ice should be applied to the cervical spine. After half an hour, massage the area.

Having studied the reasons for the increase in lower pressure, you should draw conclusions and exclude from your life all the factors that could adversely affect health.

Preventive and therapeutic measures to bring blood pressure to normal include the following tasks:

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Normalization of food

The most important component of health is food. Proper nutrition allows a person to feel good and be full of energy. A healthy diet includes lean meat, fatty fish, vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, dairy products, and grain bread. Using these products, one should take into account the method of their preparation, it must be correct: cooking, steaming, stewing without using oil, baking in an oven or slow cooker. To maintain proper nutrition, preservation, sausages, fatty and smoked foods, instant foods, strong teas and coffee should be excluded.

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Setting mode

In order to sleep, you need to sleep an average of 8 hours a day. When people talk about it, they forget to clarify that the end time is an essential point. Useful for sleep are hours from 21 to 3 in the morning. At this time, the body should rest, so you should adjust your regime with emphasis on this fact.

Full relaxation and relaxation

Hobbies help a person to feel happy and spend time with pleasure. A good rest involves doing what you love: watching a movie, walking in the woods, reading, needlework, picking up mosaics.

Due to stress, modern people often have problems with sleep, so the help of sedatives will not be out of place. It is better to choose herbal medicines. Before going to bed, you should well ventilate the room, go to bed only in a clean bed and observe a suitable temperature regime, which should not differ in high rates.

Regular loads

Morning exercises, evening runs, warm-ups during the working day, a walk in the forest and classes on the horizontal bars – all this will help to disperse the blood and maintain the health of blood vessels. It is worth knowing that the loads must be carefully calculated in order to avoid injuries and unpleasant consequences. Regular exercise will allow you to feel better, perform the scheduled tasks and be in good shape.

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