As evidenced by numbness of the fingers of the left hand

Numbness of the fingers of the left hand is a fairly common symptom of diseases associated with damage to the spine, pathologies of the heart, blood vessels, metabolic disorders. It is manifested primarily by the fact that sensitivity is lost in the skin in the area of ​​the fingers and hand, there is a feeling of burning, tingling, soreness and weakness of this zone.

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A change in the sensitivity of the fingers can occur once and be short-lived or make itself felt periodically and for a long time.

Numbness of the fingers of the left hand accompanies both the banal nerve infringement caused by the position of the body, and stroke. It is necessary to consider the signs of diseases in which the fingers of the left hand suffer.


So, the causes of the onset of the symptom lie corny in the wrong body position. Having taken a normal position, it is necessary to wait just a few minutes until blood circulation is restored. After this, the symptom passes without a trace.

But if a manifestation of this nature bothers regularly or sometimes, but for a long time, then patients are obliged to consult a doctor, because reduced sensitivity is a precursor of serious diseases that are better to prevent than to cure. So, the diseases in which the fingers on the left hand were numb:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Heart attack;
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome;
  • Stroke;
  • Intervertebral hernia;
  • Diabetes.

There is numbness of the fingers on the left hand if the plexuses of the neurovascular type were squeezed. There is a slowdown in blood circulation, replenishment of the tissues of the fingers and hand becomes insufficient, which provokes malfunctions in nerve conduction.

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mejpozvonochnaya gryja - As evidenced by numbness of the fingers of the left hand

sindrom reyno 1 - As evidenced by numbness of the fingers of the left hand

4603 img 2 - As evidenced by numbness of the fingers of the left hand

mejpozvonochnaya gryja - As evidenced by numbness of the fingers of the left hand

But many people do not take the symptom off, since it often manifests itself in a decrease in sensitivity not of the whole brush, but in individual fingers. But such a pathology often accompanies serious diseases of various types, which we will talk about later.

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Stroke and heart attack: signs and first aid

These diseases are manifested most often by the fact that two fingers are numb on the left hand. But always relate to other functions. So the stroke manifests itself:

  • Speech impairment;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Dizziness;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Weakness, numbness, and even paralysis can affect not only the fingers, but also the entire arm, face, leg, or even half of the body.
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The development of this pathology can be gradual, over time. In such cases, they turn to an ambulance, put the patient in such a way that the shoulders and head are only slightly raised. Try to keep the patient calm.

Maintain it in consciousness with ammonia. Of the drugs given exclusively to piracetam and glycine. Wipe your face and neck with a damp, cool cloth once every half an hour.

A heart attack or heart attack is accompanied, in addition to numbness of the fingers of the left hand, by pain in the chest area, difficulty in breathing, and nausea. After calling an ambulance, get first aid to the patient.

Help him to take a reclining position. Air is provided by unbuttoning or removing clothing that can squeeze the chest or neck area.

Aspirin is given. Chew it first (or crush it) so that the risk of blood clots is lower. Nitroglycerin relaxes muscles, helps reduce pressure.

Problems with the musculoskeletal system and nerve plexuses

If the fingers on the left hand are numb, doctors make an assumption about diseases associated with the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. That is, with clamping, deformation or other defects, the area of ​​not only the fingers, but also the brush, elbow suffers.

This is the first sign of a pathology occurring near the nerve plexuses. If the symptoms affected the arm as a whole, then the spine was affected, or rather, its specific departments.

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Vascular disease

If the fingers of your left hand are numb, then you should pay attention to your health. In some cases, this symptom becomes the first sign of vascular disease, for example, with atherosclerosis. Then the patency of the vessels with the elasticity of their walls is violated. Tissue replenishment is reduced and this symptom occurs.

You can not underestimate it, because this is the first step to a stroke and other diseases ending in a fatal outcome. If a decrease in sensitivity is manifested at night, when a person is at rest, then the patient is likely to develop Raynaud’s syndrome.

Numbness of individual fingers of the left hand

Numbness of the fingers on the left hand occurs in separate areas. Reasons may vary. Some symptoms speak of pathologies in the musculoskeletal system, and some speak of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


If the numbness of the fingers on the hand is localized in the index, that is, a reason to beware. This is the first sign of diabetes or metabolic processes. Also, this symptom develops in cases where inflammation spreads to the joints. Often, numbness of the fingers on the left hand is caused by previous injuries.

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If pathologies are present that develop in the brachial plexus of nerve tissues, then the function of movement of the hand and fingers is impaired. Quite unpleasant manifestations like tingling, burning and even pain in these areas make themselves felt.

Both index and thumb are numb in such cases. Also, this factor accompanies diseases associated with the cervical spine or degenerative processes in the tissues of the same area.


Numbness in this section indicates a malfunction in the intervertebral region, that is, cartilage in the chest or neck. Muscle weakness manifests itself in the hand. In some cases, there is soreness on the outside of the left hand.

If two fingers are numb on the left hand, then this indicates the first stages of the development of atherosclerosis. The elastic ability of the vascular walls is deteriorating.

Clearance narrows and as a result, blood circulation worsens over time. This disease is quite common and develops in those cases when a person suffers from drops in blood pressure, malnutrition, malnutrition and other factors.

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Middle finger

Loss of sensitivity of this finger is caused by other causes. This symptom is accompanied by a burning sensation. The most likely disease that can cause numbness of the middle finger of the left hand is osteochondrosis of the neck.

In such cases, the seventh vertebra is most likely affected. But there are other factors that caused a decrease in the sensitivity of this zone.

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The most common causes of this pathology are: irrationality of loads on the spine, low mobility, malnutrition, and so on. That is, lifestyle destroys health.

Unnamed finger

Numbness of the ring finger of the left hand suggests that dystrophic changes occur in the wrist nerve. Also, a decrease in sensitivity occurs if compression of the nerve endings in the joint of the elbow occurs. Many often ignore the pathology of this, which leads to the launch of the disease and the complication of the treatment process.

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Numbness of the fingers due to the ulnar nerve is also possible. Dystrophic processes are often accompanied by a similar symptom. But it is not uncommon that the same symptom also appears in diseases of blood vessels and the heart, for example, with a stroke. It is important in this case to recognize other signs of an impending attack.

Loss of sensitivity in the little finger is possible with heart failure or acute coronary syndrome. Cardiac activity is disturbed, blood pressure begins to increase or decrease. With such symptoms, consult a doctor.

Numbness of the little finger and ring finger on the left hand indicates that vascular and heart pathology is actively developing. In such cases, doctors recommend monitoring the manifestation of concomitant symptoms.

If signs of a heart attack or stroke are made known to you, it is recommended that you immediately call an ambulance and ask relatives to help you.

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