An effective old remedy – beet kvass for hypertension

All the chemical components of a fresh vegetable – vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, acids, are transferred to beet kvass, prepared in accordance with all the rules. In addition, as a result of fermentation in the drink, bacteria useful for the digestive organs are formed, able to cope with putrefactive processes and restore the normal intestinal microflora. Beet kvass has the following properties:

  • Improves carbohydrate-fat metabolism.
  • Drink bioflavonoids protect internal organs from the negative effects of free radicals.
  • Betaine kvass enhances protein metabolism and normalizes the functioning of liver tissue.
  • Minerals have a beneficial effect on the function of hematopoiesis, normalize the thyroid gland and have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Beetroot kvass has been proven to improve reproductive function in men.
  • The drink well strengthens the immune system, improves brain function, enhances endurance.
  • Cleanses the body of unnecessary toxins and toxins.

Beetroot drink is useful for chronic constipation, it helps strengthen immunity and lowers bad cholesterol. Regular use of kvass, like other tinctures, also helps to reduce excess weight.

How to use beet kvass

Beet kvass is prepared in many ways. Yeast-free kvass is considered more useful, it is more filled with substances that help normalize the state of the cardiovascular system.

At the first course use of the drink, administration should begin with small doses. Sometimes beets can cause an allergic reaction, and beneficial kvass bacteria often cause dyspeptic disorders.

If beet kvass is used to treat hypertension, then it is enough to consume three glasses of the drink a day at regular intervals. Kvass is not forbidden to drink and immediately at the time of a sharp jump in blood pressure, a drink in this case will help to quickly reduce pressure and literally in a few minutes will relieve headaches.

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You will have to refrain from using a tasty drug if there is a history of:

  • Gout;
  • Diabetes;
  • Cholelithiasis;
  • Stones in the kidneys;
  • Digestive ulcer;
  • Gastritis with high acidity.

Beetroot kvass – the most effective recipes for hypertension

When preparing a drink, it is advisable to adhere to the recipe, this will help to achieve the correct fermentation and infusion of a healing agent. The use of beets of saturated dark color, collected from their own garden, repeatedly increases all the beneficial properties of the drink from pressure.

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Yeast-free method

Kvass, prepared without yeast, has a long shelf life and a simple technology for its preparation. But this recipe has one minus – pathogens can accumulate in the prepared product. In order to enjoy the slightly sour taste of beet brew spontaneous fermentation:

  • Rinse a few pieces of medium-sized beets, free from the skin and cut into cubes, straws or just chop in a combine;
  • Place the prepared root crop in a three-liter jar scalded with boiling water;
  • Pour boiled, but already cooled water into the container to the shoulders;
  • The can is closed with a napkin or gauze and placed in a warm place;
  • After about three days, a foam appears on the surface of the liquid, and this indicates the readiness of kvass.
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Yeast Kvass

Fermentation in this embodiment of the preparation of a therapeutic drug is achieved through the use of crackers. When cooking, several rules should be observed:

  • Three medium-sized root vegetables are crushed and folded into a jar of five liters;
  • Five tablespoons of granulated sugar are poured into the container;
  • Everything is poured with a little lukewarm boiled water;
  • Be sure to put five or six slices of dried rye bread in a jar;
  • The container is closed with gauze and placed for fermentation in a warm place;
  • The drink is prepared for about four days, after which it is filtered, and already in the finished add 20-30 pieces of washed raisins;
  • Kvass should be stored in the refrigerator.

The raw materials remaining during filtering can be used as a starter in the preparation of the next portion of the drug.

Beet kvass according to the recipe of academician Bolotov

Kvass prepared using this method is rich in enzymes, which have a healing effect on many body systems. Preparing a drink is quite simple:

  • Two kilograms of washed, peeled and chopped beets should be poured into a five-liter glass jar;
  • The root crop is poured with warm milk in the amount of three liters;
  • A glass of granulated sugar is poured into the jar and a teaspoon of sour cream is added;
  • The container is closed with a tissue and placed in a warm place for a week;
  • Be sure to follow the cooking process and mold formed on the surface to remove carefully with a spoon;
  • After a week, the kvass should be rearranged where it is cool (best if it will be a cellar) – in this place the drink should still be fermented for 5 days, after which it can be drunk.

Kvass on serum is drunk a quarter cup on an empty stomach, you need to do this three times a day. It is advisable not to eat 2 hours after drinking the drug.

Marina: “I began to drink beet kvass from pressure on the advice of a neighbor. And I was surprised by the result – after a month of treatment, my pressure ceased to jump strongly. In addition, I began to feel much better, increased performance, and improved sleep. “

Anna Petrovna: “Beet kvass is a drink that has been loved since childhood. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it for many years, but here I had to remember the recipe, as my husband recognized hypertension. The use of kvass has borne fruit – pressure now as often as before does not rise. ”

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