ActiRost ampoules for hair growth

AktiRost is intended for older people with hair loss problems. It activates the vital activity of hair follicles, promotes hair growth, restores collagen of the scalp and the structure of thinned hair. Does not cause allergic reactions. It contains 100% natural ingredients. At the same time, the preparation protects healthy hair from hair loss, strengthens the roots. Hair growth is activated at the cellular level.

For a long time, Bonnie Winston, a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has suffered from early baldness since childhood, has been involved in the selection of active ingredients (from natural). With a lot of effort, time and knowledge, she managed to achieve an excellent result. She learned the beauty secrets of the Spanish princess Sofia, who made history for her luxurious hair.

Its formula – a combination of minerals, vitamins, extracts of famous and rare plants – has undergone clinical trials, in which Bonnie herself participated. The girl’s dream came true. She now has healthy, thick and long hair.

Divorce or truth?

Efficiency of ActiRost – is it true what experts and doctors say about it? These and similar questions are normal. Below we will acquaint you with the information that we own. Based on what you read, you can independently draw conclusions and decide whether your hair needs such a preparation.

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Operating principle

The effect of AktiRost is based on the active ingredients of the drug. Serum components block the production of dehydrotestosterone, which is the cause of premature aging and follicle loss. The oil base heals hair, nourishes, moisturizes, gives natural beauty and shine.

Form of issue


ActiRost contains two bases, one of which is oil, the other is native extracts.

1. As part of native concentrates:

  • Birch “earrings” and nettle leaves. Promote the stimulation of hair growth, microcirculation of blood in the scalp, nutrition of the root system (follicle). Prevent loss,
  • Extraction of hops and burdock. It has regenerating properties. Returns natural strength to brittle and thinned hair, restores the efficiency of the hair follicle,
  • Extract of flowers of clover and buckwheat seeds. Gives strength to follicles due to trace elements and vitamins.

2. The oil base consists of:

  • Sea buckthorn and birch sap. Promote the protection of hair and the whole body from the negative effects of the environment, restore the structure of split ends,
  • Extracts from lungwort and beaver musk. The oil is considered the most valuable and rare. All the necessary nutrients are obtained from this ingredient,
  • Mulberry and amaranth extracts. Provide the most effective hydration, which is especially necessary for dry, thin and weakened hair,
  • Stone oil and Gingko Biloba extract enhance the effect of the components of the oil base.
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Dosing and Administration

The ActiRost capsule must be opened, then:

  • The contents of one capsule are applied to the scalp in places of greatest need.
  • It is evenly distributed over the entire scalp.
  • Movements should be soft, massaging.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes to deeply penetrate the skin and hair follicle.
  • Wash off with warm water, while using shampoo.

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Indications and contraindications

The ActiRost tool is indicated for use by people of different age categories, regardless of gender, with obvious signs:

  • Excessive hair loss
  • Thinning and changes in the structure of the hair,
  • Weak follicles,
  • Beginning or progressive baldness.

It is intended for prophylaxis with:

  • Hormonal disruptions.
  • Living in a region with unfavorable natural conditions.
  • Scanty and monotonous diet, strict diets.
  • A state of stress.
  • Regular exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Perms, dyeing, hot air drying, styling with a hot hair dryer.

Doctor’s comments

Doctors speak positively about AktiRost:

– S.R. Potapova works as a pediatrician. The problem with hair is not familiar by hearsay. Both of her daughters inherited thin pigtails from their father. The doctor also knows what chemicals are. After I bought the ampoules, the girls’ hair perked up noticeably. Six months later, they were simply unrecognizable! Recommended for women, men and children with a diagnosis of early hair loss,

– Stylist and cosmetologist A. Grigorieva advises ActiRost to her clients at any stage of neglect. Beautiful hair has always been and will be in fashion, so you need to restore it with the help of these ampoules now. A lot of hair remains on the comb after one brushing – this is an alarming signal.

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Customer Reviews

More than ever, there are many reviews of the drug from buyers:

– A friend brought ampoules to Baiba after chemotherapy. The woman accepted them without enthusiasm, but still decided to use them. What will lie in vain. A rare thin fluff began to grow back, grow stronger. Real hair soon appeared! And three months later I already made a short fashionable haircut. Thick hair kept its shape perfectly. Life has returned!

– Konstantin began to lose his hair after 25 years. From the age of 17, he was actively involved in bodybuilding, ate high-energy foods and nutritional supplements. Perhaps this led to early baldness, although not a fact, says the young man. I bought a pack of ampoules for fun. The result was quite worthwhile! Advises everyone.

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– Ulyana after an illness with the use of antibiotics began to go bald before her eyes. The age, of course, was already advanced. But the woman was used to taking care of herself. Moreover, her hair has always been her pride. When, after the ampoules, her cheerful hair regained its original density, there was no limit to joy.

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How can you tell the original from a fake

Despite the fact that the developer and manufacturer retained the sole right of sale, capsules can sometimes be found in retail outlets or at distributors, on electronic trading platforms. How is this possible? Very simple. Fraudsters always counterfeit effective drugs, selling them under the guise of original ones.

Always remember that the original can only be purchased on the official website! Analogs that have nothing to do with the original, except for the name, can permanently deprive you of your hair.

What is the price and where to buy ActiRost

ActiRost ampoules are not sold in pharmacies, shops, shopping sites. We also do not implement it. Our tasks include only information. But if you decide that you need to buy ActiRost, just go to the official website of ActiRost, where you can purchase the original product at the manufacturer’s price and at the same time get the discount valid at the time of purchase.

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