Which tonometer is better – mechanical, automatic, or semi-automatic

After weighing many factors before acquiring a good tonometer, you must also learn how to measure pressure, that is, adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • do not measure pressure during or after stress, as well as after any physical activity;
  • Do not hold a mobile phone during the procedure;
  • carry out the procedure only in a sitting position (in some cases it is allowed to lie down), and so that the measured area is at the level of the heart;
  • Do not drink coffee or green tea an hour before the procedure, otherwise the indicators will not be accurate;
  • empty the bladder, as this affects the value of the lower indicator;
  • when fixing the cuff, do not squeeze the hand – it should be laid as comfortable as possible.

What does this parameter show?

Blood pressure is an important diagnostic indicator. To control it, two values ​​are measured – systolic (upper) and diastolic (lower).

The unit of measurement is a millimeter of mercury (mmHg).

Why is this indicator necessary?

What threatens if it is above the norm? For example, in patients with hypertension, strokes occur 7 times more often, and coronary heart disease – 4.

These patients need to constantly monitor their blood pressure.

It is measured in two ways. The first is the Korotkov method. The second is oscillometric.

Regardless of whether you use a mechanical or automatic blood pressure monitor, there are medical recommendations that must be followed for the sake of accurate results.

  1. Coffee, tea, spirits, meals and smoking – all this overstates blood pressure for one reason or another. If you have a mechanical pressure gauge, then the differences will not be so terrible, but still there will be an error. Therefore, before measuring, it is best to lie down for half an hour or an hour, read a book or watch TV.
  2. Depending on the position of the body in space, indicators may vary. Bent limbs are able to survive vessels and capillaries, which will negatively affect pressure indicators. The best position for measurement: direct posture, legs bent at an angle of 90 degrees, breathing is even and no talking.
  3. For accurate results, it is best to take several measurements. At least three with an interval of 5-10 minutes, and then calculate the arithmetic average of three values. An automatic blood pressure monitor is able to crank out such a manipulation on its own.
  4. The rule of communicating vessels also affects the human body, so it is better to place the cuff at the level of the heart. So that the lower end of the mount is 2,5 cm above the elbow.
  5. In the right and left hand, the measurements will be slightly different, so for the sake of completeness of the clinical picture, it will be better to take measurements each time on one hand: the right or left.

It’s better to choose a machine for the house, and a semi-automatic machine is well suited for travel and business trips.

What to look for when choosing a tonometer

To choose mechanical tonometers for the home, which company is better and which will last for more than a dozen years, it is enough to focus on a number of criteria:

  • Accuracy. The certificate of conformity plus the actual measurement error is the minimum that the manufacturer must give. To check, to check independently is expensive, long, and the deviation from the correct value should not exceed 3 mm Hg. for blood pressure and 5 strokes for emergency.
  • Speed ​​of reading. Unlike automatic models, it is impossible to accelerate the process of obtaining results in mechanical devices, but the measurement itself lasts only a few minutes.
  • Weight and dimensions. In terms of dimensions or weight, the mechanical model is only slightly smaller than the automatic.
  • Price. The cost of >

Clear and Large Icon Model (Little Doctor LD-100)

Modern devices for accurate pressure measurement are divided into mechanical and electronic. Electronic devices, in turn, are divided into semi-automatic and automatic. Both of them are suitable for home use, since they do not have special difficulties in handling, so almost anyone can independently measure their own pressure.

Choosing the most suitable device for the home, you need to consider factors such as:

  • estimated frequency of measurement;
  • required accuracy of readings and stability of the result;
  • the need to carry the device with you;
  • additional parameters: cuff size, device dimensions.

Far from the last indicator in choosing the best tonometer is the manufacturer and its recognition. Indeed, today many pharmacies offer products of unknown brands. Buying such a product, you can run into a low-quality product, the manufacturer of which does not even have a specialized service center. Therefore, it is better to give preference to well-known brands.

This is because many users cannot handle a mechanical tonometer. A study was even conducted among ordinary people (not doctors) and it turned out that only 25% of them correctly identified Korotkov’s tones. But, of course, the choice always remains with the person who came to the pharmacy for the device.

Before you buy a reliable blood pressure monitor, you need to study factors such as:

  • The type of tonometer is electronic or mechanical, wrist or shoulder, there are also mini-models where the mount is designed for the finger.
  • Cuff Type – Cuff on the wrist or cuff on the shoulder. The size of the web is very important here: with a very thin or dense hand, the shoulder cuffs may not fit (you should always check this figure in the store, since all models have differently located latches).
  • Quality of materials – blower pear should be made of elastic rubber to prevent cracking of the surface. Cuffs are made of cotton or high-quality nylon.
  • A way of food – from batteries or from a network.
  • The presence of additional functions – memory of readings, the function of accurate intelligent measurement, automatic calculation of the average pressure indicator, arrhythmia diagnostics, alarm timers, saving battery power and much more.
  • Availability and terms of warranty and full service – all well-known manufacturers give a full guarantee for their products for a period of 3 to 10 years.

Any modern automatic blood pressure monitor is equipped with one or more additional functions. Intelligent pressure measurement turned out to be a very necessary function. It is necessary for those who suffer from arrhythmia. The device itself analyzes the pulse wave, selecting a fragment with only stable pulsation in order to give the most accurate result.

Equally important are functions such as:

  • MAM technology – provides the average value for an accurate analysis of 3 consecutive measurements.
  • PAD technology – accurately diagnoses pulse arrhythmia.
  • Diagnostic functions – determines the risk of arrhythmia.

Features such as a built-in calendar and clock have been redundant for many users.

Any tonometer should have a special check mark in the instructions, and a corresponding stamp in the warranty card.

Korotkov method

He is known for a long time. According to this method, blood pressure is measured using a mechanical tonometer. Its design is very simple. This is a mechanical pressure gauge connected by tubes to an elastic cuff and discharge bulb.

Pressure measurement is as follows. The patient sits on a chair, his hand is placed on the table so that the elbow was approximately at the level of the heart. Just before the measurement you need to sit quietly for 5-10 minutes. The arm should be slightly bent. Put on the cuff so that its lower edge is located slightly above the elbow.

Fasten it for a tight fit to the shoulder. Below, in the ulnar fossa, a phonendoscope microphone is placed. Air is pumped into the cuff using a pear. Swelling, it completely compresses the brachial artery. Then, with the help of the valve, the air is slowly and smoothly released, listening to the pulse using a phonendoscope. At the first blows, a pressure indicator is read on the gauge scale.

Measurement of blood pressure according to the Korotkov method, performed using a mechanical tonometer, requires good hearing, the presence of certain skills and coordination of movements. The room must be silent. In addition, you need to correctly position the head of the stethophonendoscope on the artery.

The advantage of the method is accuracy.

Electronic blood pressure monitors record the pulsation of air pressure that occurs when blood passes through a constricted section of the artery. This is the oscillometric method. It almost completely eliminates the human factor when measuring, is undemanding to silence in the room. The only requirement that must be followed is that the hand must be held motionless during the measurement.

The best mechanical (semi-automatic) tonometers

№ p / pNameFeatures of the model
1Little Doctor LD-71

Very light (328 g). With dust protection. The pressure gauge is large, the marking is clear, the numbers are large. The phonendoscope is sensitive, loud.

the error is below ± 4 mm Hg.

От 16002Little Doctor LD-81The metal needle valve, 26 cm cuff, is easily fixed. Nice design, a pleasant pear for a hand, supercharger and pressure gauge hoses are conveniently located.От 11203Little Doctor LD-100Large clear dial on the manometer. There is a capacity for the cuff. Nice design, quality materials. Accurate. Loud, sensitive membrane, rubber hoses are elastic, durable.От 13704

Microlife BP AG 1–40

Large diameter gauge, wide cuff (up to 40 cm girth diameter).

Pear and pressure gauge together.

От 14005Ri-San (Riester) 141

Thoughtful, there are cuff sizes to choose from, there is a ring retainer on the cuff. Wear resistant parts, very durable.

От 59506Microlife BP AG1Comfortable cuff, large pressure gauge, conveniently combined with a pear. The divisions are clearly visible, contrasting. The cuff does not rub, is put on and fixed easily. Very accurate pressure gauge, hand-operated supercharger.От 18907CS Medica CS 107Clear marks and large numbers on the scale. There are 5 types of cuffs for any shoulder. Comfortable wide cuff. The phonendoscope is loud, built into the cuff. The pear is soft, with dust protection and an almost eternal starter. High accuracy.От 7508AND UACompact model with a handbag for the device, durable pressure gauge with a reinforced surface. 3 year warranty.От 9009Well WM-61Favorable combination of price and quality. Budget option, wear-resistant cuff, durable stethoscope, warranty.От 70010Well WM-63SThe cuff is tender, but is easily fixed by a metal ring. Accurate. Large numbers on the pressure gauge. A stethoscope is sewn into the cuff. The supercharger is latex, seamless, therefore very durable.

A mechanical blood pressure monitor for the home is a very important and useful purchase, which will not only help to fight headaches and monitor your health in a timely manner, but maybe even save your life. Monitoring high blood pressure, which is now noticeably younger, will allow you to correctly, and most importantly on time, prevent stroke or heart attack.

Fully automated blood pressure monitor from the premium category, which can do absolutely everything. A modern computing mini-station that is designed to monitor human pressure is the best definition for this peak of engineering. Such a device can be found at the doctor’s office, as the device is able not only to determine the pressure, but also to diagnose arrhythmia and other malfunctions in the heart rhythm.

It will not be easy for an ordinary user to understand many of the basic and additional functions. In general, the model is decent, but the price bites. Therefore, if you need a high-quality tonometer for detailed measurement, you can find a cheaper option. But is it worth saving on your health? Moreover, if the tonometer looks so “tasty”.

Shoulder-mounted fully automated tonometer of a new generation. The accuracy of the indicators with an error of 3 mm RT. Art., which is the minimum value for determining blood pressure. The tonometer to the eyeballs is “stuffed” with new functions, however, half of them are definitely not useful to most users.

The manufacturer even built a motion sensor to notify the patient about undesirable actions during the procedure. Whether this function is needed in reality is up to the buyer to decide. Another function, which we did not find analogues, is a light indicator of the exact cuff fixation. If the patient has correctly fixed the cuff, a special light comes on. Users note that this is a convenient innovation, since due to the correct fixation, the most accurate indicators are obtained.

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6. CS Medica CS-106

A mechanical shoulder tonometer, which is considered quite accurate when used correctly. The kit includes a specialized phonendoscope, with which you can additionally listen to the lungs. The cuff model (24-42 cm) has an increased size, but if you do not like this one, then it can be changed to another type of cuff. Users adequately evaluate the classic tonometer model, but there are small errors in the indicators.

Shoulder mechanical tonometer of a traditional design. Easy enough to use. Demanding on the user, as an untrained patient simply can not get the desired result. With proper use, the model will last a very long time, since it is unpretentious in use, and spare parts that have become unusable can be replaced with new ones.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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