The device for measuring blood pressure on the wrist is called and which is better

Many newly made owners of this device do not know how to correctly measure the pressure with a tonometer on the wrist. First of all, it is necessary to study the instructions, basically, most devices have a similar mechanism of operation, that is, they work according to one standard principle, but with some individual nuances. So, to measure the pressure, you must:

  1. Measuring Blood pressure is recommended 1-2 hours after eating, drinking alcohol or smoking. The bracelet is installed on the left hand.
  2. To correctly measure pressure and pulse, it is necessary to remove all jewelry from the wrist on which blood pressure will be measured.
  3. If the sleeve is long, it must be rolled up so that the fabric does not interfere with the measurement and does not pinch the vessels.
  4. A person who measures pressure should sit or lie in a comfortable position and straighten his back. Be sure to try to relax.
  5. Remove the device from the case, turn it on.
  6. Place the hand so that the thumb is pointing up.
  7. The cuff needs to be tightly wrapped around the wrist so that there is no free space between them. In this case, the display must always be turned up.
  8. Place the hand with the tonometer on the opposite shoulder, the palm should be turned down, and the device itself should be in line with the heart and press the “Start” button.
  9. Wait until the device finishes pumping air into the cuff, determines the blood pressure and shows the full result on the screen.
  10. Take the instrument and record the readings.

In order to correctly measure the pressure and avoid obtaining an inaccurate measurement result, during the procedure it is impossible:

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