Retrograde ejaculation and other causes of sperm on urinalysis (spermaturia)

Retrograde ejaculation (semen in the urine) is a phenomenon in which ejaculation does not take place at the last of sexual relations. In this case, the sperm permeates into the urethra, however usually it needs to remain in the urethra. The factor for this procedure can be tension and mental illness, existing prostatitis, pathologies that establish from birth, the usage of drugs with adverse effects. The scenario threatens with problems, consisting of loss of reproductive function.

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Definition of pathology

What is retrograde (reverse) ejaculation? This is a condition when the regular procedure of ejaculation is interrupted. The urea sphincter does not agreement, which is why the fluid with the sperm permeates straight into the bladder. With antegrade, i.e. regular ejaculation, his neck does not permit the penetration of sperm into the urine. The above issue in the medical practice of urologists and andrologists is unusual, in about 1–2% of males.

The threat depends on the truth that it can result in infertility, the treatment of which frequently does not assist. As practice reveals, the existing approaches of bring back a guy’s capability to fertilize (and they are long and pricey) result in the wanted outcome just in 15-30% of cases. In addition, surgical approaches have lots of contraindications, such as prostate adenoma, myocardial infarction, illness of the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, the existence of urinary system infections.

Reasons for back ejection of semen

Why does this illness take place? The factor is connected with hereditary or gotten pathology of the genitourinary system. The issue develops due to dysfunction of the valves in the urethral canal and urinary ducts, or due to exstrophy of the bladder, change of its neck. Sometimes the reverse throwing of semen is connected with hormone conditions, modifications throughout the duration of male menopause (age-related changes brought on by involution and hypofunction of the gonads).

retrogradnaya eyakulyatsiya - 11The phenomenon likewise takes place due to:

  • moved prostatitis,
  • urethral surgical treatment,
  • hereditary malformations of the vas deferens,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • piles,
  • taking specific medications, such as tablets to deal with hypertension or psychotropic drugs, antidepressants.

Spermaturia can manifest itself after operations on the organs of the peritoneum, colon, rectum, carried out previously. Neurological illness can add to the advancement of pathology, in which the cross-vertebral spinal column is harmed.


Pathology can be pain-free, the essential signs appear in the following:

  • absence of discharge throughout sex, after orgasm (in many cases, they will come out of the urethra, however in much smaller sized amounts, less than 1-2 ml),
  • turbid color of urine, as semen brings out urine after ejaculation,
  • difficult conception (fertilization), i.e. infertility.

The truth that spermatozoa are discovered in urine (spermaturia) is not capable of impacting the client’s erection, adversely impacting his sexual complete satisfaction. It is safe to the guy’s body as an entire and does not make urination agonizing.

Non-pathological causes

The above elements are just the primary ones, the most typical in practice, which can result in the look of semen in the urine. There are others that are less typical.

For example, tests frequently reveal the existence of semen in urine in teen kids. This is because of the truth that throughout early morning emissions, a percentage of fluid gets in the urethra. In this case, the collection of urine for analysis was carried out improperly. To avoid this from occurring, you require to understand that a typical part of urine is needed to perform a reputable research study and acquire error-free outcomes. Frequent masturbation can likewise result in spermaturia.

In any case, if signs of pathology appear, you should instantly seek advice from a physician, and not self-medicate. Only an expert can make the right medical diagnosis.

Diagnostics and research study

An andrologist or urologist medical diagnoses and treats this pathology, to whom the client grumbles about the lack of sperm throughout orgasm, a considerable reduction in its volume or the female’s failure to conceive (if there is a validated truth of the partner’s lack of infertility).

Initially, when a client contacts, the medical professional gathers anamnesis, a manual assessment, and prepares a prepare for additional diagnostics.

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If throughout ejaculation a specific quantity of semen is launched, in this case the expert recommends a spermogram. This is a test approach to identify the fertility of male sperm. It is performed when preparing a couple for pregnancy, ICSI or IVF (in vitro fertilization). The medical professional likewise recommends the biochemistry of sperm and a test of its contact with an admixture of cervical mucous, directs it to an ultrasound assessment of the urogenital location.

Ureteroscopy is carried out to examine the condition of the client’s urethra, electromyography (a research study in which muscle activity is studied), electroneurography to identify the speed of passage of nerve impulses. It is required to compare reverse ejaculation and anejaculation – a condition where climax is totally missing.

Pathology is detected utilizing a basic urine test. The research study of urine sediment will identify the existence of spermatozoa in it, in addition to other chemicals. Urine blended with a percentage of semen is a phenomenon that does not threaten health. If a lot of sperm comes out, this is currently a cause for issue. The assessment needs to be performed instantly after sexual intercourse or other procedure in which ejaculation takes place.

Spermaturia and its treatment

You ought to not delay the see to a physician and treatment – this can be an unsafe condition when there is an opportunity of getting sterile. Therefore, after the medical diagnosis is made, the expert recommends private treatments.

With verified retrograde ejaculation, treatment needs to be performed instantly. Its function is to bring back regular ejaculation in the client. It is possible to deal with the offense in 2 methods: surgical or utilizing more conservative approaches.

If this pathology was helped with by taking medications, they are canceled or changed with other drugs that do not have comparable adverse effects.

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A conservative approach causing healing consists of the consultation of acupuncture, acupuncture. Physiotherapeutic treatments are carried out, the result of an electrical impulse on the urethra. The guy is likewise recommended to make love with a complete bladder, which avoids sperm from going into the urine.

The medical approach consists in the long-lasting usage of drugs that have a favorable result on the tone of the urea sphincter. For example, Fokusin and drugs with a comparable structure and medicinal action. In some cases, the illness can just be treated with surgical treatment. The client goes through plastic controls on the urethra.

The most major repercussions of spermaturia are not the remediation of the regular procedure of ejaculation in a guy. Then the resumption of the capability to develop kids is possible with the aid of assistive innovations. In this case, sperm is gotten by catheterization from urine, when urination takes place instantly after ejaculation. In the future, the medical professional identifies which approach will be the most efficient and safe: it can be intrauterine insemination, ICSI, or in vitro egg fertilization.

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