Hypertonic solution what is it, application, recipe

Saline fluid is an official drug that is available in 200 or 400 ml vials. The cost varies from 220 to 700 rubles, depending on the volume of the bottle and the manufacturer.

SolutionApplication areafunctionsMode of application
1-2%Otorhinolaryngology (for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes, injuries or surgical interventions in these areas)Relieve tissue swelling, interfere with the growth of pathogens and reduce pain.Rinse your mouth and throat or rinse the nasal passages every 4 hours in the acute phase of the disease for 3-5 days.
2-5%Emergency medicine (in case of damage to the body with lapis – silver nitrate)To neutralize lapis by entering into a chemical reaction with it and the formation of silver chloride, which is harmless to the body and excreted through the intestines.Rinse the stomach in the first minutes after infection. Up to 500 ml of solution is used, depending on the amount of lapis.
5-10%Purulent surgery (for infected wounds with purulent discharge)To have a pronounced antimicrobial effect, reduce swelling and inflammation in the purulent focus, relieve pain.Bandage the wounds 2-3 times a day, using a cloth soaked in a solution.
Postoperative period (with prolonged absence of stool)Contribute to the elimination of fluid by softening feces and stimulating bowel movements.Do microclysters 1-2 times in the morning, using up to 200 ml of solution.
10%Emergency, emergency medicine (for internal and external bleeding, acute renal failure with a sharp decrease or complete absence of urination)Stimulate the exit of fluid into the vessels from the intercellular space to increase the volume of blood plasma. Recover the lack of sodium and chloride ions.Inject up to 10-20 ml of the solution slowly intravenously.

There are many hundreds of good recipes now and it’s hard to surprise anyone with new ones. But this recipe is so simple and effective that you want to share it in the first place. I read it in the newspaper many years ago. One nurse wrote:

  1. Take 1 liter of boiled, snow or rain or distilled warm water.
  2. Put 1 g of table salt in 90 liter of water (i.e. 3 tablespoons without top). Stir well. The result was a 9 percent saline solution.
  3. Take 8 layers of cotton gauze, pour part of the solution and hold in it 1 minute 8 layers of gauze. Squeeze lightly so that it does not flow.
  4. Put 8 layers of gauze on a sore spot. Be sure to put a piece of pure lamb wool on top. Do it before bedtime.
  5. Band everything with a cotton cloth or bandage without using polyethylene pads. Keep until the morning. In the morning, remove everything. And the next night, repeat everything.

Using this recipe, several of my friends and relatives saved themselves — from internal hemorrhage — from severe bruising on the lungs –– from inflammatory processes in the knee joint bag –– from blood poisoning, –– from death from hemorrhage in the leg with a deep knife wound, –– from colds neck muscles .

And I want the nurse, who sent this recipe to the newspaper, and the professor who treated the soldiers at the front in this way, to live for a long, long time. A low bow to them.

And I want this many-many people in dire need of this difficult time to take advantage of this recipe, when retirees cannot afford expensive medical services. I’m sure that the recipe will help them. And after that, they will also pray for the health of this nurse and professor.

How to prepare a 10% saline solution

  1. Salt in an aqueous solution of not more than 10 percent is an active sorbent. She draws all impurities out of a diseased organ. But the therapeutic effect will be only if the dressing is breathable, that is, hygroscopic, which is determined by the quality of the material used for the dressing.
  2. The salt dressing acts locally – only on a diseased organ or on a part of the body. As fluid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer, tissue fluid rises from the deeper layers, dragging along all pathogenic principles: microbes, viruses and organic substances.

Thus, during the operation of the dressing in the tissues of the diseased organism, the fluid renews, cleanses of the pathogenic factor and, as a rule, eliminates the pathological process.

  • The dressing with hypertonic solution of sodium chloride acts gradually. The therapeutic result is achieved within 7-10 days, and sometimes more.
  • The use of sodium chloride solution requires some caution. Say, I would not recommend applying a bandage with a concentration solution of more than 10 percent. In some cases, even an 8 percent solution is better. (The solution will help you prepare any pharmacist).
  • A question will arise for some: where do the doctors look if the dressing with hypertonic solution is so effective, why is this treatment method not widely used? Everything is very simple – doctors are in captivity of drug treatment. Pharmaceutical companies offer more and more new and more expensive drugs. Unfortunately, medicine is also a business.

    For example, with a runny nose and headaches, I put a circular bandage on my forehead and neck at night. After an hour and a half, a runny nose passes, and by morning the headache disappears. For any colds, I apply dressings at the first sign. And if I still missed the time and the infection managed to penetrate the pharynx and bronchi, then I do a complete bandage on the head and neck (3-4 layers of a soft thin cloth) and on the back (2 layers of a wet and 2 layers of a dry towel), usually all night long. The cure is achieved after 4-5 procedures. However, I continue to work.

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    A relative came to me a few years ago. Her daughter suffered from acute bouts of cholecystitis. Over the course of a week, I applied a cotton towel to her diseased liver. She put it in 4 layers, moistened it in saline and left it overnight.

    A bandage on the liver is applied within the boundaries: from the base of the left breast to the middle of the transverse line of the abdomen, and in width – from the sternum and white line of the abdomen in front to the spine in the back. Bandage tightly with one wide bandage, tighter – on the stomach. After 10 hours, the dressing is removed and a hot water heater is applied to the same area for half an hour.

    I do not want to give addresses, names, surnames. If you want – believe it or not – but a 4-layer salt towel made from a cotton towel, applied to both breasts for 8-9 hours at night, helped the woman get rid of breast cancer in two weeks. My friend, with the help of salt swabs, applied directly to the cervix for 15 hours, dealt with cervical cancer. After 2 weeks of treatment, the tumor thinned 2-3 times, became softer, its growth stopped. So she has remained so far.

    1mamam 1 - Hypertonic solution what is it, application, recipe

    Saline solution can be used only in a dressing, but in no case in a compress. The salt concentration in the solution should not exceed 10%, but also not fall below 8%.

    Dressing with a solution of a higher concentration can lead to the destruction of capillaries in the tissues in the area of ​​application.

    The choice of material for the dressing is very important. It must be hygroscopic. That is, we easily get wet without any residues of fat, ointments, alcohol, iodine. They are also unacceptable on the skin on which the bandage is applied.

    It is best to use linen and cotton cloth (towel), repeatedly used and more than once washed. Ultimately, you can use gauze. The latter is folded into 8 layers. Any other of the specified materials – in 4 layers.

    When applying a bandage, the solution should be hot enough. The dressing should be squeezed medium so that it is not very dry and not very wet. Do not apply anything to the bandage.

    To bandage it with a bandage or to attach with a band-aid – that’s all.

    With various pulmonary processes (excluded from bleeding from the lungs), a bandage is best applied to the back, but you must know the localization of the process. Bandage the chest tightly enough, but do not squeeze the breath.

    Bandage the belly as tight as possible, because during the night it is released, the bandage becomes free and ceases to act. In the morning, after removing the bandage, the material should be rinsed well in warm water.

    To make the bandage fit better on my back, I put a roller on the spine between the shoulder blades between the shoulder blades and bandage it with the bandage.

    That, in fact, is all that I would like to share. If you have problems and were unable to resolve them in medical facilities, try using saline dressings. This method is not at all a sensation. He was simply well forgotten.

    The practice of using salt dressings

    It is very simple to prepare the solution yourself. To do this, you will need two ingredients – distilled or boiled water, cooled to 35-37 degrees, and ordinary table salt. Its concentration per 200 ml of water is determined depending on what percentage of the solution you need to get:

    • 1% – 2 g or 1/4 tsp;
    • 2% – 4 g or 1/2 tsp;
    • 5% – 10 g or 1 tsp;
    • 10% – 20 g or 2 tsp.

    Having prepared the necessary ingredients, it remains to perform several actions:

    1. Stir salt in water.
    2. Put the solution on a small fire and heat to a boil, so that the salt is completely dissolved, and the home-made preparation undergoes disinfection.
    3. Settle the solution a little and pour into a clean bottle. After cooling to room temperature, it will be ready for use.
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    The finished solution does not require special storage conditions, since the reproduction of bacteria is impossible due to its antimicrobial activity. At the same time, it can not be stored for a long time, since salt crystallizes. In this regard, it is recommended to prepare a solution in small volumes and apply in the near future.

    Folk methods of application

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    For their application only breathable materials are used. The fact is that “breathing” tissue is necessary for an unhindered salt absorption process. For example, you can use cotton fabric folded in 3-4 layers, or gauze folded in 8 layers.

    The place for applying the dressing must first be washed with soap and wiped dry. It depends on what disease needs to be cured:

    • for headaches resulting from the inflammatory process, apply in the area of ​​concentration of pain;
    • if the thyroid gland is disturbed, apply to the neck;
    • with an infectious lesion of the bronchi or sore throat, apply to the chest area and throat;
    • if there are problems in the functioning of the lungs, apply to the back;
    • with intoxication and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic appendicitis, colitis, enteritis) apply in the abdomen;
    • if there are neoplasms on the skin, apply in the affected area;
    • in case of anemia, apply to the chest area, including the area of ​​the liver and spleen (apply dressings for at least 14 days).


    If there is sinusitis or rhinitis, you need to moisten the napkins in the solution, and then apply to the cheeks, forehead and nose for 10-15 minutes. This can cause a burning sensation and even a little soreness, but do not worry, because this is a normal reaction that will pass with regular use of lotions.

    In addition, lotions should be used in case of an insect bite. For this, the napkin needs to be moistened in a 2% solution, and then applied to the affected area. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes and remove, then rinse skin and wipe dry. A lotion will help relieve inflammation and prevent the development of infection.

    It is necessary to rinse with a 1-2% solution, and warm. They are effective in the case of:

    • colds
    • sore throat;
    • rhinitis;
    • infectious infections of the bronchi.

    Washing is recommended for sinusitis or rhinitis. When holding them, the fluid must be pulled into the nose, and then blow your nose.


    After surgery, childbirth or with edema, an enema will help normalize the condition. For the procedure, an Esmarch cup or a rubber pear is used, into which a 5% salt solution is collected. Enema is put in the usual way.

    Contra-indications and limitations

    The solution is a medical product that has a small number of contraindications and restrictions, which are presented in the form of such indications as:

    • individual intolerance, which is manifested by an allergic reaction of any type;
    • lack of urination (used only if laboratory tests showed a decrease in the levels of chlorine and sodium ions in the blood plasma, as well as a decrease in the concentration of potassium);
    • large blood loss (used in exceptional cases due to lack of medications necessary to completely restore plasma circulation, since large volumes of solution are required to support cardiac function and blood circulation, which causes electrolyte disturbances and aggravates the patient’s condition).

    In any case, the drug is not administered subcutaneously and intramuscularly, since the injection causes tissue necrosis at the injection site. Entering inside is carried out intravenously or through the stomach, but this can cause an excess of ion indicators in the blood, which will manifest itself in the form of thirst, impaired consciousness and convulsions.

    So, a hypertonic solution is a sorbent that absorbs liquid and pathogenic organisms, therefore it is used in the treatment or prevention of purulent-inflammatory processes. It has an affordable price and in some cases successfully replaces expensive medications. Moreover, it can be prepared at home and used for dressings, lotions, rinses, rinses and even microclysters.

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