Causes of urine leakage in women

The failure to hold urine is constantly related to a number of not just physiological, however likewise sanitary, in addition to mental issues, regardless of the client’s age. Sometimes incontinence can be so extreme that it causes required seclusion, which significantly lowers the client’s quality of life. What is this condition and why can urine leakage?

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The essence of the condition

First, you require to comprehend the terms and figure out the scale of the issue. Uncontrolled urine circulation manifests itself as:

  • Incontinence itself (incontinence) is more frequently a pathological procedure brought on by a number of causes and illness, revealed in the failure of the sphincters of the urethra and the muscle-detrusor of the bladder, as an outcome of which uncontrolled urination takes place. This condition can likewise be observed when sneezing, leaping, and extreme coughing.
  • Leakage of a couple of drops of urine after urination is more typical in guys, however it likewise takes place in women, which is because of physiological modifications.
  • Enuresis is an illness of primarily youth, brought on by neurogenic and psychogenic elements, defined by nighttime spontaneous emptying of the bladder.

In any case, regardless of the kind and intensity of symptoms, for such conditions, you ought to speak with a urologist.

Causes of issues in women

It’s about urine leakage, not totally unchecked diuresis. It ought to be kept in mind that illness of the genitourinary sphere and injury frequently result in a comparable condition. Most frequently, the release of urine drop by drop is observed with cystitis and other inflammatory procedures. The factors for the minor leakage of urine in women are frequently related to a number of natural physiological conditions of the body. For example, in teen ladies, this is because of hormone modifications. In older ladies, a couple of drops of urine might be launched throughout orgasm.

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Impact of pregnancy and giving birth

When bring a fetus due to push on the bladder by the uterus, specifically in the later phases, the pregnant lady has regular desire to clear. It takes place that urine leakages a little due to impaired blood flow in the hips and relaxation of the sphincter function. In addition, urine leakage throughout pregnancy can be brought on by abrupt hormone modifications, as an outcome of which the pelvic flooring muscles end up being more flexible and simpler to extend. During this duration, it is necessary to identify genitourinary pathology from leakage of amniotic fluid; at the end of the last trimester, you ought to certainly speak with an obstetrician-gynecologist. Sometimes women experience minor urine leakage after giving birth, specifically if they were tough and lasted enough time. Incontinence of differing intensity can likewise take place after ruptures, injury to the birth canal, and extended catheterization.

Age modifications

After about 50 years, modifications take place in a lady’s body due to the termination of fertility. Menopause is frequently accompanied by the advancement of different pathological procedures. It’s everything about hormonal agents, or rather, the primary woman hormonal agent – estrogen. After a particular minute, its production starts to decrease, which involves a number of undesirable repercussions for the body.

Lack of estrogen impacts the whole endocrine system:

  • high blood pressure leaps,
  • resistance suffers,
  • different inflammatory procedures appear more frequently,
  • kidney stones are formed,
  • the operating of the sphincters might suffer,
  • the pelvic flooring muscles start to lose their flexibility.

Some medications, such as diuretics, can likewise trigger leakage. It is at this age that women keep in mind the requirement to utilize unique day-to-day pads, however numerous are ashamed to speak with an expert. It is necessary to properly evaluate the look of undesirable signs and distinguish physiological modifications from pathological ones, and not attempt to individually deal with an unidentified illness in the house.

Male causes of the condition

There are likewise numerous reasons after the act of urination in guys, urine is launched in drops. A substantial function in this procedure is played by the structural functions of the male genitourinary system, particularly the longer urethral canal. Often this is a solely physiological issue, which can be gotten rid of merely by waiting on the procedure to finish. If a guy does not have any illness due to which urine can leak in micro parts, such a leakage is called dribbling. This issue impacts about 1/5 of the whole male population. The cause is weak point of the bulbocavernosus muscle situated at the base of the penis. Dribbling can take place at any age.

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Older guys frequently get up during the night to urinate, however even going to the restroom during the night does not bring the anticipated relief. This is the very first indication of prostate issues. In the case of surgical treatment of prostate pathologies, leakage might be because of mental elements. In the early postoperative duration, clients are frequently scared to strain the muscles when again, which is why the bladder is not cleared totally. In addition, discomfort might be felt for a long time after the operation, which likewise functions as a tension element. In such cases, episodes of the look of a couple of drops of urine after urination are of a short-term nature, and not long-term, drug correction is not needed. In some circumstances, the urologist might recommend natural solutions or preparations with a moderate sedative impact. If such an issue is extended and is observed in the late postoperative duration, it is vital to alert the participating in doctor about it. Perhaps changing the client’s conditions and way of life will assist to deal with the trouble without taking tablets.

Causes of pathology in kids

Urine leakage in children under 2–2,5 years of ages is thought about typical. But if a kid over 3,5 years of ages continuously moistens his trousers, an assessment with a urologist is needed. The causes of urine leakage in kids can be developmental abnormalities or hereditary irregularities of the genital areas and urinary system, in addition to physical and mental injury. Children respond in their own method to difficult circumstances and one of the symptoms of this response can be various degrees of urinary incontinence. Often, unchecked leakage is observed in hyper kids and is not a huge issue. In any case, you ought to not joke with the kid’s health and you ought to certainly speak with a physician.

Treatment and avoidance techniques

If you discover the look of a comparable issue, do not think twice to call a urologist. After a series of needed tests and evaluations, the medical professional will identify, in accordance with it, recommend the needed treatment and inform you what to do next.


In some cases, medical correction might be required, focused on enhancing the practical activity of the sphincters and muscles of the bladder, in addition to the muscles of the pelvic flooring. For this function, the following groups of drugs are effectively utilized:

  • uroseptics of natural origin – Kanefron, Urolesan, Cyston,
  • antispasmodics – Sibutin, Enuran, Driptan, Papaverine,
  • antidepressants – Intriv, Simbalta.

If urine leakage is brought on by continuous straining with persistent irregularity, clients are recommended moderate laxatives, for instance, Dufalak, for a more comfy defecation. For women whose estrogen levels are decreased, hormonal agent replacement treatment is suggested, which will result in the normalization of the tone of the urinary system muscles due to the replenishment of collagen in them.

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In the early phases, the issue can be fixed with the aid of physiotherapy workouts and gymnastics. Even a set of basic workouts appropriate for doing in the house will work well. Kegel works out focused on reinforcing the muscles of the pelvic flooring and vaginal area, in addition to reinforcing the muscle that stop urination, will assist women who have actually delivered and older women. Just a couple of months of training will assist you forget this fragile trouble. To combine an effective outcome, you ought to change your way of life and diet plan. Compliance with normally accepted health guidelines, playing sports and quiting bad routines will assist preserve health for a long period of time.

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