Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock

When a person has acne on his skin, autohemotherapy is prescribed quite often. In order to get rid of problems, it is necessary to activate the immune system. Autohemotherapy cope with this task as well as possible.

Where is autohemotherapy done? Indications and contraindications to the procedure we will consider below. Now let’s talk about the venue. The course of autohemotherapy is carried out in beauty salons. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to consult a cosmetologist who will determine according to what scheme the treatment will be.

During the procedure, the principle of eight is used. It consists in the fact that the blood sampling taken from the hand is inserted into the opposite buttock. In order for the procedure to be less painful, everything is done slowly. A person who is injected with blood, it is better to try to relax as much as possible. Since if the muscles are tense, then the pain will be stronger.

In order to verify the effectiveness of autohemotherapy, it is recommended to take a blood test before and after the procedure. As a rule, a course of autohemotherapy increases the level of leukocytes, which indicates a beneficial effect on the body and increased immunity. Autohemotherapy for allergies also has a beneficial effect on the body.

After the necessary examination and obtaining results, the doctor can prescribe therapeutic therapy by introducing his own blood into the gluteal muscles. The procedure is carried out in the handling room of any clinic or private clinic under the supervision of medical personnel.

After the examinations are completed, the doctor selects the optimal number of procedures, calculates, according to the scheme, how many venous blood transfusions will be needed, and also determine the place of administration. With a positive outcome of medical procedures, you can get a good result, these are:

  • In addition to the disappearance of rashes or acne, the treatment of many skin problems is also added;
  • The procedure for transfusion of blood fluid helps the rapid healing of injuries or wounds;
  • Scarring or scarred areas become less noticeable.

In scientific circles, there is an opinion that through the implementation of such procedures, rejuvenation occurs. It is rightly worth noting that for some reason this hypothesis in medical circles is not officially confirmed, although studies in this direction are actively being conducted.

For therapeutic cosmetic purposes, autohemotherapy is used in the following cases:

  • For the treatment of multiple rashes, acne;
  • The procedure relieves inflammatory processes provoked by acne;
  • Boils that can often occur;
  • From rashes on the face that arose due to herpes;
  • To remove inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs that are chronic in nature;
  • Reduce the development factor of papillomas and wart tubercles, but only if they are not of viral origin.

Procedures based on the transfusion of one’s own blood fluid from a vein into the gluteal muscle positively affect the entire body with a reduced immune system.

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Application Scheme

To get rid of acne, acne, the doctor paints a scheme for using autohemotherapy. It is built on the principle of increasing the daily dose of venous blood, for example, in this way:

  • 1 day – the medical staff makes a sampling of a vein and the introduction of 1 ml into the gluteal muscle. blood fluid;
  • 2 day – a little more, 2 ml each. blood
  • 3 day – 3 ml each. blood and so on until a dose of 5 ml is reached. blood fluid.

From this moment, the dosage is counted in the opposite direction, according to the principle of reduction. To maximally cleanse the skin surface from acne or blackheads, you need to undergo 1-2 medical courses. One course is 9 days.

bigCover - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock

In advanced situations, a more productive appointment may be required. To do this, strengthen the procedure as follows:

  • 1 day – gain and inject into the gluteus muscle or subcutaneously in 2 ml. blood
  • 2 day – skip treatment;
  • 3 day – repeat the dosage exactly the same as on the first day;
  • 4 day – skip treatment;
  • 5 day – set and injections are 4 ml. blood fluid.

According to this scheme, medical procedures are carried out until the daily dose reaches 10 ml/blood. The next day, the dosage begins to decrease in the opposite direction, that is, by 2 ml.

After such enhanced treatment, the state of health improves, toxic compounds, toxins and other indecent substances that may be contained in the body and blood system are removed from the body. Due to this, the face will be gradually cleared of unwanted rashes.

Although the procedures are considered safe for humans, but still, they are not shown to everyone. List of contraindications:

  • Pre-infarction and heart attacks, past strokes;
  • Violations in the heart rhythm of a severe nature;
  • Pathological heart conditions;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Malignant neoplasms;
  • Mental illness diseases;
  • Exacerbation of diseases and inflammatory processes with the observation of high body temperature;
  • Drinking alcohol and using autohemotherapy is completely unacceptable to combine;
  • Tuberculin diseases in the active phase;
  • Severe renal failure;
  • It is not recommended to receive blood transfusion treatment for women who breast-feed their children. The same goes for pregnant women. You should refrain from procedures.
  • This treatment is not recommended for menstruation. During this period, the body already receives stress from blood loss.

Autohemotherapy, like any procedure, has contraindications. You can not carry it out to everyone without exception. Absolute contraindications are the age of 16 years, the period of pregnancy and lactation. In the case of children, you should not risk it and influence the formation of immunity by artificial intervention, and do not give injections to pregnant and lactating women with their blood so as not to harm the child.

In some cases, autohemotherapy can worsen the condition and therefore is not recommended. This applies to exacerbation of cardiovascular pathologies, HIV infection, malignant tumors and mental disorders.

  • gynecological diseases (especially sluggish and recurrent);
  • frequent colds and other immunodeficiency diseases;
  • cytomegalovirus infection;
  • available and recurrent warts and papillomas;
  • severe course of menopause;

Recent studies have confirmed that autohemotherapy can help improve the condition for allergies, in particular for allergic bronchial asthma, hay fever. In cosmetology, autohemotherapy courses are recommended not only for problem skin, but also for the prevention of premature aging.

Autohemotherapy in gynecology is not uncommon; with its help, chronic female diseases are brought to the level of a small exacerbation, which is already amenable to therapy with conventional drugs. After several such courses, adhesions in the small pelvis resolve, the regular menstrual cycle normalizes, adequate hormone production, conception becomes possible.

With psoriasis and other skin diseases, this type of treatment is auxiliary, which alleviates the symptoms.

  • Active form of tuberculosis;
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • cardiovascular and renal failure (2, 3 stages);
  • acute psychosis;
  • epilepsy;
  • acute heart attacks, strokes.

A temporary contraindication is menstruation in women, acute infectious diseases with fever, intoxication.

There are also comrades who are pathologically afraid of all manipulations with blood, almost to a faint, they should not experiment, and it is better to prefer other methods of boosting immunity.

  • With the introduction of large doses of blood (more than 10 ml), fever, muscle pain, and inflammation at the injection site may occur.
  • The blood at the injection site does not dissolve so quickly, so pain remains for some time there, sometimes “bumps”, hematomas form.
  • With increased blood coagulability, it is possible that the blood coagulates in the syringe before all the manipulations have time. It would seem that everything happens quickly, it takes literally 2-3 minutes, but I personally saw such a development. I had to sort blood from a vein and advise the patient to drink more during the course and drink drinks and blood thinning products.
  • In 5-7% of cases, autohemotherapy does not help, or even a deterioration in well-being is observed.

As an example, a friend started autohemotherapy at the time of a cold, the temperature was gone, 4 days of illness. It would seem that all acute events have already subsided, but the beginning of the course provoked, instead of strengthening immunity and a quick “victorious” completion of ARVI, a second wave of the disease. And this despite the fact that in the normal state, without exacerbations and acute diseases, the same young lady had a good susceptibility to this method of treatment with her blood.

Optimum 2 times a year. But, sometimes as prescribed by a doctor, treatment is indicated every 3 months.

  • With renal and hepatic insufficiency, this procedure in no way replaces hemodialysis, hemosorption.
  • When a miracle is expected – an unprecedented rejuvenation, complete healing for 1 course, etc.

I have not yet met such a wide range of price spread for a course on ads on the Internet – from 5 thousand to 60 thousand for a classic version of 10 procedures. The average cost of one procedure in the enlightened capitals ranges from 500 rubles to 2 thousand.

Enrichment with ozone and other bells and whistles significantly makes the method more expensive.

It’s cheaper to hire a qualified nurse with a light hand and carry out blood therapy at home, but it is very important to follow all aseptic and antiseptic measures when carrying out all the manipulations.

  • Skin diseases (ranging from common acne, acne to psoriasis and furunculosis);

Autohemotherapy in gynecology is not uncommon; with its help, chronic female diseases are brought to the level of a small exacerbation, which is already amenable to therapy with conventional drugs. After several such courses, adhesions in the small pelvis resolve, the regular menstrual cycle normalizes, adequate hormone production, conception becomes possible.

The main advantages that transfusion from a vein into the buttock from acne provides:

  • A small number of restrictions on the use;
  • Availability and simplicity of the method;
  • Lack of serious side effects;
  • The possibility of termination of the course with a deterioration in well-being.

The cost of the procedure

The technique is based on the fact that the person who applied for the procedure takes his own blood from a vein and then returns to the patient’s body by injection, but subcutaneously, intramuscularly, less often – intravenously. Blood is taken right before the injection, that is, it is absolutely fresh. Usually, the introduction is made in the buttock area, in its edge from above. Interestingly, when taking blood from the left hand, it must be injected into the buttock on the right, and vice versa.

After returning the biomaterial to the injection site, it is recommended to apply a heating pad to avoid the occurrence of infiltrates. These are tissue sites where a large number of special cellular elements accumulate with increasing volumes and increasing tissue density. Also, in order to prevent infiltrates, you can apply an iodine grid to the injection site or make alcohol compresses.

In the classic version, blood is injected in the same form as it was taken, but in certain cases it can be ozonized or otherwise processed. During ozonation, it will be enriched with oxygen. Sometimes blood is enriched with calcium. This option is usually recommended for furunculosis to improve the condition of the skin or joints. Also, in some cases, blood can be irradiated with X-rays or frozen, exposed to other influences.

When mixing blood with any additional components, the syringe cannot be shaken. Mixing is done carefully using the technique of rolling the vessel with blood or another. Air bubbles should not appear inside the syringe – with the introduction of blood with bubbles, an embolism may occur.

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The treatment regimen is always selected individually, depending on the patient’s health status, and also depending on what they are trying to fight with autohemotherapy. Taking into account these factors, the volume of blood taken and the number of sessions that the patient will have to visit throughout the course of treatment are determined.

Usually, patients do not notice any side effects. But if a swelling appears at the injection site, or the patient has a fever, then the amount of blood injected must be reduced.

Autogemoterapiya1 - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock

Scheme of autohemotherapy

It is believed that blood is able to “remember” information about a number of pathologies, since it contains water with a special “memory”. This means that when reintroduced into the body, such blood can not only detect the problem, but also eliminate it completely or partially.

Also, the effectiveness of autohemotherapy may be due to the fact that the human body begins to start all protective processes in response to the introduction of “foreign” biological material. This is especially true for blood treated or mixed with a number of drugs. That is, autohemotherapy is a stimulant for starting the proper functioning of the immune system and all organs.

Thanks to the effects of autohemotherapy, it is possible to successfully fight acne, herpes, a number of allergic reactions. In the treatment of precisely skin pathologies, patients noted that, in general, the symptoms of diseases become less. The skin takes on a healthy shade, cleanses, becomes younger, the inflammatory processes that occur on it, stop.

The patient’s immunity becomes stronger, the general condition improves, vitality appears. The body better resists ARVI and other similar pathologies.

Women noted that autohemotherapy helped them defeat infertility, as well as cure adhesive disease and become mothers.

In any case, autohemotherapy is considered an empirical treatment – it does not have a sufficient evidence base for effectiveness. Nevertheless, the method works and gives good results, and therefore continues to be actively used in the treatment of many diseases, as well as in the cosmetic field. But it will never replace more effective traditional treatment methods.

Autogemoterapiya3 - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock

Acne Transfusion Treatment

The procedure can be carried out at home, but in this case, the responsibility for its implementation will rest entirely on who performs it. Autohemotherapy is carried out at home only according to the classical scheme.

At home, it is also important to observe sterility and to make sure that someone performs the procedure – to take blood from yourself, and then to introduce it is undesirable. If you do something carelessly, there is a risk of post-injection abscesses, inflammation, blood poisoning, etc. In any case, consulting a physician before autohemotherapy will not hurt, because you need to consider the possibility of a number of diseases and contraindications. Moreover, it is impossible to carry out a procedure using exposure to blood, for example, with ozone at home.

Before starting a course of autohemotherapy, you need to not only consult a doctor, but undergo a full examination. Only in this case it is possible to make sure that there are no contraindications, and the technique can be safely applied. If the patient has chronic pathologies, then you need to seek advice on the possibility of autohemotherapy specifically to a leading specialist.

If autohemotherapy is performed to cope with chronic fatigue, it is recommended that it be carried out with ozone. The same option is used in the treatment of acne, and to increase immunity. With gynecological pathologies, bronchitis, peptic ulcers, it is advisable to carry out the procedure with aloe extract. With psoriasis, autohemotherapy is done according to the classical scheme. To defeat allergies, it is recommended to conduct sessions not during an exacerbation of the reaction, but in the absence of exposure to the allergen for prevention.

Autohemotherapy can also be performed using novocaine. With its help, it is possible to improve the condition with arthrosis of the knee joints. And with infertility, doctors advise using hemopuncture. Blood injections with calcium are effective for improving the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, as well as bones, muscles, and joints.

Now autohemotherapy is used more often in cosmetology than in medicine. It is most effective just when solving skin problems. She is also an excellent auxiliary treatment option in the treatment of “female” diseases. But you cannot rely only on her. Autohemotherapy alone is not able to give a full therapeutic result.

The autohemotherapy treatment regimen is classically recommended as a stepwise procedure, performed every other day -2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. Doses are measured in milliliters. With poor tolerance, injections are done after 2 to 3 days. By poor tolerance, I mean severe pain at the injection site in the middle of the course, when the largest doses of blood are administered.

Quite often, the scheme is corrected and only 1 ml is added, but then injections are prescribed every day. Scheme 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This scheme is softer and easier to tolerate, but the effectiveness of blood treatment in this case is slightly lower.

Quite often, the scheme is corrected and only 1 ml is added, but then injections are prescribed every day. Scheme 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This scheme is softer and easier to tolerate, but the effectiveness of blood treatment in this case is slightly lower.

When autohemotherapy is administered, the patient receives his personal blood subcutaneously, intravenously or intramuscularly. Autohemotherapy refers to the traditional ways of getting rid of boils. The technique for boils has been tested over a long period and with sufficient qualification of the paramedic is completely safe.


With autohemotherapy, the following diseases can be treated:

  • state of insufficient functioning of the immune system;
  • various skin diseases of both infectious and non-infectious origin (dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, furunculosis, acne);
  • allergies
  • chronic pain syndrome;
  • diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems;
  • chronic diseases of the ENT organs and respiratory system;
  • pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • long-lasting postoperative wounds and wounds due to injuries;
  • varicosity;
  • skin aging not by age (or as a rejuvenating effect).

The history of autohemotherapy is a thing of the past. The application of the method begins when medicine arose. Scientists have always sought to study blood. There is evidence from the Bible that it was used as a medicine. There are also records on the Egyptian papyrus, which indicate that the pharaohs took baths with blood. Also used it as a medicine.

There are also historical records that in the Vatican, Pope Innocent 8 drank the blood of infants for healing.

It is known that in the Middle Ages transfused the blood of animals with the aim of rejuvenating the body. The healing properties of this method have not been established. But it was believed that such a procedure gives a person supernatural abilities. But these experiments were fatal. Therefore, bans on such procedures appeared in several European countries at once. Despite this, humanity has not abandoned the thought of the healing properties of blood.

In the early 19th century, Bündel carried out the world’s first transfusion of blood from person to person. So the scientist saved the woman after childbirth. Before making this transfusion, he conducted many experiments with animals. He also described symptoms when transfusion should be stopped.


After a course of injections, the following final results of the autohemotherapy procedure are made to patients:

ustojchivost immuniteta - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock
Resistance to respiratory forms of the disease increases, and their number also decreases;

otkaz ot lekarstv - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock
Improvements in the dynamics and state of the course of the disease make it possible, naturally, by agreement of a doctor, to reduce the dose when taking medications and tablets, or to completely abandon therapy (medication). For example, this may relate to symptoms of bronchial asthma or allergies;

  • The appearance of the skin improves. Almost all defects are eliminated, the skin acquires a well-groomed and healthy appearance. With various kinds of skin diseases, the symptomatology itself is facilitated, as well as the severity of the manifestations.
  • The effectiveness of this type of therapy is ambiguous, the best end results are observed with the combined use of vitamins and antibiotics, as well as other drugs and components.

    For example, with hepatic or renal failure – hemosorption, hemodialysis.

    We recommend that you carry out autohemotherapy as an auxiliary method of treatment, do not abandon the simple methods of official medicine.

    In which cases autohemotherapy is still prescribed

    What is autohemotherapy useful for? It is used for medicinal purposes when necessary:

    • activate metabolism;
    • restore performance after serious illness;
    • to activate the regeneration of tissues, often not healing for a long time – for example, trophic ulcers with varicose veins, diabetes mellitus;
    • normalize the endocrine system.

    Autogemoterapiya2 - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttock

    Since the procedure is quite simple, it can be carried out both in medical medical institutions and at home. Naturally, a specialist who will conduct autohemotherapy at home should have the necessary qualifications and medical education.

    • strengthen the immune system;
    • help the body in complex therapy of cleansing from toxins and toxins;

    Autohemotherapy indications for the procedure:

    1. Chronic inflammatory diseases.
    2. Allergic diseases.
    3. Immune deficiency (secondary).
    4. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
    5. Gynecological problems.
    6. Pathological changes in the innervation of limbs.
    7. Dermatology.

    On an individual basis, the attending physician may decide that a blood transfusion may be useful for general strengthening purposes, for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

    Small autohemotherapy with ozonation

    There is a large and small autohemotherapy. Indications for a particular species are determined by the doctor. Now let’s talk about each species more specifically.

    How is small ozone autohemotherapy performed? The scheme for conducting it is usual with an increase in the volume of input. The difference is that substances containing ozone and oxygen are added to the blood. It can be administered either intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Autohemotherapy with ozone has a positive effect on the activation of the body’s immune system.

    Also, an indication for the procedure in gynecology and urology is the presence of diseases that are sexually transmitted. This method activates the body’s metabolic processes, removes fatigue and restores tone.

    How it works

    In the discussion of the phenomenon of autohemotherapy, as a procedure with a minimum set of contraindications, two main explanations are mentioned – why own blood can heal. The first is the homeopathic theory – “like is treated like”. The second is the activation of the human immune system in response to the penetration of a foreign substance.

    It will be close to the adherents of homeopathy as such. According to homeopathic theory, water carries some kind of informational memory. Water in the blood, passing through the whole body, remembers all the information about the work and malfunctions of our organs and systems. If such blood is reintroduced into the human body, then the effect of “interference” occurs.

    Our blood contains minerals, salts, hormones, antibodies, nutrients, and a number of other components. The most energy-intensive component here is protein. It is believed that autohemotherapy gives an impetus to our immune system, which begins to recognize its proteins in the composition of the injected blood and is activated to combat the pathogens present in it. This common shake is a trigger for leukocytosis, which scientists observed when transfusing authentic blood.

    Leukocytosis, in this case, means an increase in the inflammatory process and reflects an increase in the fight against pathogens. If there were no foci of infection, there was no increase in the level of leukocytes in patients (studies by R. Khodanova, MD).

    Large ozone autohemotherapy

    In addition to small autohemotherapy with ozone, there is a large ozone autohemotherapy. Indications for this procedure are determined individually. There are several ways to carry out the procedure. Namely, this composition can be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, intraarticular and subcutaneous. The essence of a large autohemotherapy is that a patient takes blood from a vein and mixes it in a special container with a solution containing ozone. A feature of this method is that the dose of the latter is calculated individually for each patient.

    This method allows you to provide a more effective effect on certain tissues of the body.

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    Autohemotherapy – review

    There was such a period of life when I had to take hormones due to illness. Because of them, I gained extra pounds, but it’s not so bad. Gradually, the whole body, from face to back, was flooded with acne. I took immunostimulants, antibiotics, natural herbs . I can’t say that all this didn’t help, but usually as soon as I finished taking the next medicine, acne appeared again.

    So it would all go on forever, but one beautician told me autohemotherapy. Since then, skin problems have become noticeably less, moreover, the general condition of the body has improved. I don’t know how long this effect is lasting, but the year and a half that it lasts in my case is already a good result for me.

    I decided to try autohemotherapy in order to improve the condition of the skin, but almost did not notice the effect. The doctor reassures me, saying that noticeable results will be in a month. I don’t know what’s the matter, maybe it really takes time, or maybe this method doesn’t work for me.

    Elvira, 32 years old

    A person after a course of autohemotherapy has become noticeably better. A pleasant surprise was the fact that with her help I intended only to get rid of acne, but coupled with this, my hair condition improved.

    In general, I am satisfied, the only problem I have with allergies is if I eat something forbidden for my body, then the rashes begin. But they were before. I think that this problem should be solved separately by a course of autohemotherapy, so I’ll probably go again next year, only now with the intention of getting rid of allergies.

    Since I have all this, I carried out the procedure myself at home. Of course, it’s much easier when someone else takes blood from your vein from you, but I have never looked for easy ways. And with proper training and dexterity, almost everything is possible.

    I want to say that the warmer recommended on some Internet network resources for resorption of seals after intramuscular injections is not a very good option. On the contrary, intensification of pain due to sometimes appearing infiltrates is possible. Much better is the classic iodine mesh at the injection site.

    I was satisfied with the effect of autohemotherapy at the stage of the exercise – my tone increased, my skin cleansed, my hair and nails improved, and the number of SARS chasing me decreased. Now I want to repeat a similar course again, already with an eye to alleviating the condition for allergies.

    Since I have all this, I carried out the procedure myself at home. Of course, it’s much easier when someone else takes blood from your vein from you, but I have never looked for easy ways. And with proper training and dexterity, almost everything is possible.

    Possible complications

    Autohemotherapy involves an exacerbation reaction at the beginning of treatment. It is accompanied by:

    • increased body temperature;
    • increased symptoms of the underlying disease;
    • joint and muscle pain.

    With a slight severity of such symptoms, treatment continues. With the introduction of blood under the skin, hematomas often form.

    Therefore, almost all doctors refuse this method, preferring the intramuscular route of blood flow. It can also be accompanied by the appearance of painful seals, with delayed resorption, there may be suppuration at the injection site.

    For prevention, local application of iodine mesh after an injection is recommended.

    Autohemotherapy will help in the fight against acne. Indications and contraindications

    Autohemotherapy, the indications and contraindications of which help to effectively treat various skin defects, gives positive results after the first sessions.

    To get rid of skin defects, the following most effective methods of treatment are allowed:

      Small autohemotherapy with ozone. During the procedure, the health worker takes a blood sample of 3-10 ml, depending on the nature and form of the skin defect. In addition, an ozone-oxygen mixture prepared in a special tank is introduced into the syringe. In this case, the blood acquires a bright scarlet hue, as it is saturated with oxygen. The resulting preparation is administered to the patient in the buttock or under the skin. To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to conduct from 3-10 healing sessions.

  • Large autohemotherapy with ozone. This method is prescribed as a global treatment when previously conducted therapy did not bring the desired result. In this case, the patient’s blood in a volume of 100-300 ml is placed in a special sterile container and saturated with an anticoagulant, which helps to avoid coagulation. Subsequently, the liquid is saturated with a gas ozone-oxygen mixture of about 100-200 ml. After thorough mixing, the blood is administered to the patient intravenously with a dropper.
  • In this case, autohemotherapy does not affect:

    • the work of the heart, lungs, kidneys;
    • endocrine system activity;
    • the rate of body cleansing by the liver, kidneys, intestines;
    • regulation of life by the central nervous and autonomic systems.

    For all its merits (relative harmlessness, the absence of chemical compounds in the classical version), the method is considered auxiliary.

    It can not be recommended for critical disorders in patients who are shown urgent drug therapy, and especially surgery.

    With this method, the blood is exposed to ultraviolet radiation or cold. It is then introduced into the human body. This method also contributes to a speedy recovery from various ailments.

    Exploratory survey

    Before starting a course of autohemotherapy, the doctor will refer the patient to a full examination. You will have to visit doctors of various specializations:

    • endocrinologist – it is necessary to take blood for analysis to determine the level of hormones, often acne on the face appears just because of hormonal disorders, in which case autohemotherapy will be simply useless;
    • general practitioner – helminthic infestation, constipation and exacerbation of gastritis/peptic ulcer of the stomach can become conditional contraindications, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, and only after that the question of the appropriateness of the procedure will be raised;
    • Gynecologist – in the chronic course of diseases of the pelvic organs, women may have abundant rashes of acne, and without proper treatment, any cosmetic procedures will not bring a positive result.

    The final verdict is passed by a dermatologist. This doctor studies the recommendations of other specialists, makes a decision on autohemotherapy – in some cases, it will only lead to a loss of time, when correctly formulated treatment with hormonal drugs will quickly solve the problem.

    Methods for the treatment of skin rashes and scars

    Autohemotherapy is not only classic, but also with additional improvements, paying tribute to nanotechnology, autohemotherapy with ozonation is now being carried out (additional blood enrichment with ozone).

    Another option involves the introduction of autologous blood to acupuncture points. It happens that the venous blood taken is additionally irradiated with ultraviolet light, exposed to x-ray radiation, a laser, subjected to osmotic shock, freezing.

    Or another option – homeopathically diluted drugs (calcium gluconate, calcium chloride, aloe) are added to the blood, even antibiotics.

    Or another option – homeopathically diluted drugs (calcium gluconate, calcium chloride, aloe) are added to the blood, even antibiotics.

    When should this procedure not be done?

    1. Myocardial infarction.
    2. Mental disorders.
    3. Arrhythmia.
    4. Cancer diseases.
    5. Pregnancy.
    6. Lactation.
    7. Menopause and postmenopause.
    8. Herpes in various manifestations.
    9. Inflammatory processes of female organs, namely appendages.
    10. Papillomas.

    If a person uses antibiotics, then this procedure is contraindicated for him.

    You need to know that you should not exceed the permissible dose of blood, as a large volume can lead to fever. An increase in body temperature can begin due to an inflammatory process in places of punctures.

    All scientists who studied autohemotherapy noted an increase in the body’s working capacity, tone, the appearance of vitality and, most importantly, human immunity was strengthened.

    When choosing a cosmetology salon, you should study customer reviews about the work of specialists, and also find out whether such services have been provided there for a long time, and whether the cosmetologist has relevant experience and education in this field.

    The procedure, despite the complex name, is very simple – freshly collected venous blood in small quantities is immediately (to avoid clot formation) administered intramuscularly. Sometimes there are indications for subcutaneous administration of this blood.


    During the Russo-Japanese War at the beginning of the 20th century, Russian surgeon Valentin Feliksovich Voino-Yasenetsky used autohemotherapy. The purpose of the application is the treatment of soldiers. In his work “Essays on Purulent Surgery” he described therapies. He used autohemotherapy as an adjunct in the treatment of various sluggish human diseases. This method was widely used before the advent of antibiotics.

    All scientists who studied autohemotherapy noted an increase in the body’s working capacity, tone, the appearance of vitality and, most importantly, human immunity was strengthened.

    Autohemotherapy, reviews of which are mostly positive, after 4-5 procedures should show its effectiveness. In this case, patients may experience a decrease in the number of rash elements. Since each person’s body has its own characteristics, the result of such therapy can be assessed only after a full course.

    Side effects

    When performing the procedure according to all the rules, side effects are practically eliminated or subtle. But if sterility has not been observed, there is a risk of infection. There are other side effects:

    1. pobochnye effekty autogemoterapii - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttockLocal allergic reaction.
    2. Muscle pain
    3. Chills.
    4. The appearance of infiltrate at the injection site.
    5. Prolonged pain at the injection site.

    In the event of a combination of side effects, you must interrupt the blood supply and consult a therapist.

    Autohemotherapy has a rich arsenal of drugs with which it combines. Among them are the following:

    • sochetanie autogemoterapii - Blood transfusion from a vein to a buttockAntibiotics, the use of which is permissible in cases with some infections. Penicillin is usually injected intramuscularly.
    • Potassium gluconate – improves the condition of the skin, bones and helps strengthen immunity. When using it, you need to carefully select the dosage, since its excess can have a negative effect on the functioning of internal organs.
    • Aloe, due to which the effect of the entire course can be enhanced. Autohemotherapy with aloe naturally improves blood quality, helps restore the body and accelerates tissue regeneration.

    According to reviews, if the procedure was carried out in compliance with all the rules of medical asepsis, patients did not observe side effects.

    In conclusion, we can say that the autohemotherapy procedure does not cause negative changes in the health status of patients. On the contrary, in many cases, this technique helped to cure patients for whom the methods of traditional medicine were useless. And the abundance of descriptions of increasing vitality, performance and general condition of the body makes even skeptics think.

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    Indications for use

    Autohemotherapy is used in gynecology to treat women with impaired reproductive function. Indications for this procedure may be different. These include:

    1. Menopause period.
    2. Commissures.
    3. Failures in the reproductive system.
    4. Inflammation of the female organs.
    5. Chronic diseases

    Autohemotherapy for infertility is also prescribed.

    To take the course or not, determines the attending physician. If the patient receives a complex of autohemotherapy, then at the end of it, an improvement in the protective functions of the body is observed due to the raising of the immune system. The skin condition improves, if there were any problems with the epidermis, then they go away.

    Indications for autohemotherapy are:

    • cytomegalovirus infection;
    • condylomatosis, genital herpes, adhesions, inflammatory processes inside the female genital organs and other diseases in the field of gynecology;
    • infertility;
    • papillomatosis;
    • climacterium;
    • decreased immunity, frequent episodes of acute respiratory viral infections and ENT pathologies;
    • diseases of the joints, bone tissue;
    • problems with the cardiovascular system;
    • skin pathologies – psoriasis, furunculosis, ulcers and wounds, neurodermatitis, acne;
    • allergies and asthma of allergic origin;
    • depression, poor sleep, loss of appetite.

    Autohemotherapy is also effective for premature skin aging in women aged 30 years. She will help to cope with acne. With a number of skin pathologies, the technique helps to eliminate symptoms and improve the quality of life.

    In the presence of gynecological problems after the application of the technique, stabilization of menstruation is noted. The body is cleaned of toxins and toxins. After autohemotherapy, tissue regeneration is much faster, that is, ulcers, wounds, and fractures heal much faster.

    Svetlana Borszavich

    General practitioner, cardiologist, with active work in therapy, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology with allergology.
    Fluent in general clinical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, as well as electrocardiography, echocardiography, monitoring of cholera on an ECG and daily monitoring of blood pressure.
    The treatment complex developed by the author significantly helps with cerebrovascular injuries and metabolic disorders in the brain and vascular diseases: hypertension and complications caused by diabetes.
    The author is a member of the European Society of Therapists, a regular participant in scientific conferences and congresses in the field of cardiology and general medicine. She has repeatedly participated in a research program at a private university in Japan in the field of reconstructive medicine.