Beer pressure increases or decreases Is it possible to drink beer with high blood pressure

Each bottle of beer contains 20–40 ml of pure ethanol. Initially, it dilates blood vessels, after 2-3 hours the state of the cardiovascular system stabilizes.

Beer temporarily reduces pressure due to nitrogen compounds and potassium contained in the composition. Substances temporarily block the production of renin, which is responsible for vascular tone. Citric acid, which is part of the alcohol-containing drink, provokes the appearance of a diuretic effect. Due to this, excess fluid is removed and the pressure decreases.

If a person drinks more than 1 bottle of hop drink, then pressure surges become pronounced. The time interval between a decrease and an increase in indicators decreases. This results in a persistent increase in pressure. If it rises, a person has a headache, heart palpitations, irritability increases.

Beer does not affect everyone. Some of his admirers feel that the pressure changes after 1-2 drunk bottles. In others, the use of it in large quantities does not provoke hypertension. The effect of beer on the body will initially be imperceptible if a person has no health problems. The constant use of beer leads to a worsening of the condition:

High sugar content contributes to the formation of “beer belly” and the appearance of excess weight. Under the influence of beer, the condition of the kidneys worsens, they cease to cope with the load. Hypertension develops, the paired organ cannot withdraw all the fluid, the pressure rises.

There are several theories about the mechanism of the relationship of beer and pressure. The immediate effect of its use is vasodilation (relaxation of smooth muscles in the walls of blood vessels) in some blood vessels. However, abuse, accompanied by a high level of alcohol in the blood, leads to a temporary increase in blood pressure.

  • Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, insulin or cortisol.
  • Suppression of vasodilators such as nitric oxide.
  • Depletion of levels of calcium and magnesium in the body.
  • Increased calcium levels inside vascular smooth muscle cells.
  • Increased acetaldehyde levels.

The issue of the mechanisms of beer’s effect on blood pressure is still not fully understood.

Each person is individual

Alcohol and pressure are interconnected, since under the influence of alcohol the size of the vessels can expand or contract. The impact of such drinks depends on many different factors. These include not only bad habits or characteristics of the body. There are other factors on which how strong drinks affect human health.

Features of the effects of drinking on the body depend on the age of the person. Young people under the age of forty practically do not feel any changes in blood pressure, even after prolonged consumption of intoxicated drinks. Only 20% of people may experience slight changes in blood pressure. In older men and women, the likelihood of an increase in blood pressure is much higher. In an old man, the body copes worse with alcohol and deteriorates and therefore, after their intake, the cardiovascular system is disrupted.

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Elderly people are advised not to abuse alcohol, as this increases blood pressure and hypertension appears.

Alcohol during drug treatment of hypertension

As you know, alcohol and tablets are a very dangerous mixture. Therefore, you should not even resort to proven medicines if you suddenly become ill during a feast. Alcohol can affect the components of the drug so that its effect will be reversed and instead of the effect of lowering the pressure it will increase even more.

The main danger of taking drugs with alcohol is that due to the release of toxic trace elements, the body receives a serious blow:

  • first of all, according to the central nervous system, which is expressed in symptoms of varying degrees of danger, ranging from dizziness to hallucinations;
  • on the digestive system, because of which a person may experience attacks of diarrhea and vomiting;
  • directly through the heart muscle, leading to arrhythmias and other pathologies up to a cardiac arrest.

The danger of taking medication after drinking alcohol is that alcohol instantly dissolves the protective shell of the capsule. Medicinal components do not begin to act gradually, but immediately. So there is an overdose of medicine.

If a small attack of hypertension is found at the most inopportune time, magnesia is the safest medicine against the background of alcohol consumption. In the event of a serious increase in pressure, when the symptoms of hypertension are especially severe, seek medical attention. A person needs to be removed from this condition as soon as possible, but it is not possible to do this with home remedies.

A frequent cause of increased pressure is a person in a drunken state. During the recovery of the body, you can take the following drugs:

  • Kapoten;
  • Adelfan;
  • Triampur;
  • Caposide and other antihypertensive agents of mild action.

You can also take a diuretic: Furosemide or clopamide.

Alcoholic beverages can have unpredictable effects on every single person. You need to know about the reaction of your own body to a particular type of alcohol and remember how you feel after drinking different types of alcohol. In any case, hypertensive patients are not recommended to drink in large quantities and often, as well as mix alcohol to avoid a hypertensive crisis.

Alcohol during drug treatment of hypertension

Some people drink alcohol during the treatment of pressure with medicines, however, this cannot be done. The compatibility of drugs and drinks is extremely low and therefore their simultaneous use negatively affects blood pressure.

Before using strong alcohol, it is recommended to consult a doctor. He will help to figure out whether it is possible to drink wine, champagne or any other alcohol in the treatment of hypertension. It is impossible to combine tablets with a drink without a doctor’s permission.

If the doctor allowed to combine treatment with alcohol, then you should familiarize yourself with how to do it correctly. Do not drink tablets with alcohol, as between their use should be an interval of 2-4 hours. The daily norm of alcohol during treatment is 200 grams of wine, 40 grams of vodka and 400 grams of beer.

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Alcohol completely contraindicated in hypertension

Despite the fact that alcohol is not prohibited to all hypertensive patients, there are separate drinks that are better to abstain from high blood pressure.

Cognac also poses a serious threat to health if it is drunk much more than the permissible norm – starting from 150 ml and above. The drink speeds up the heartbeat, which increases the load on the vessels. A fusel cognac oil adversely affects the kidneys and liver – the main target organs during hypertension.

If dangerous symptoms are detected, the patient should be placed in a chair in a comfortable position. During a hypertensive crisis, the victim may experience bouts of panic attacks, so he should not be left alone. If the attack occurred while drinking, you can not reduce the pressure with the help of drugs.

Consequences and drug compatibility

Regular consumption of beer in large quantities is fraught with increased loads on the heart and blood vessels – the body is overloaded and begins to work hard, which leads to increased pressure. It is difficult for the body to cope with its functions due to an increase and loss of myocardial elasticity.

If the patient regularly uses medications for hypertension, then it is forbidden to take alcohol during this period. The fact is that the presence of ethanol in the body increases the toxicity of drugs, which can lead to side effects and aggravate their severity.

Before deciding to combine beer with drugs for high blood pressure, it is recommended to read the list of side effects to the medicine. Do you need such problems?

In any case, beer is not a medicine, and therefore it is extremely rare to use it at pressure surges. Alcohol does not always help during periods of exacerbation of the disease, but on the contrary, can make it even worse. Therefore, a beer drink should be drunk carefully and in moderation, not exceeding the permissible norm.

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