Why urine smells strong Causes of an unpleasant smell of urine in men

In any person, uncharacteristic urine odors cause some concern. Indeed, normally the color remains light yellow, the urine itself is transparent, like water, and does not emit unpleasant harsh aromas. If deviations from the normal state become noticeable, there is a reason to carefully consider your own health and be examined by a doctor.

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Don’t rush to panic

A bad smell seen during urination is not always a signal of danger. There are several non-pathological reasons why urine smells different from usual. Under normal health conditions, a changed odor may appear due to the following circumstances:

  • The human diet. The aroma of urine sometimes changes under the influence of alcohol, asparagus, spicy and salty foods. Food-related causes of a pungent odor will resolve on their own. This usually takes 1–2 days from the last intake of such products. But if you continue to regularly abuse beer and eat smoked meats, the situation will not change. If, after refusing such food, the aroma becomes normal, then the problem was precisely in the diet.
  • Medications. Vitamins, antibiotics and other medications can affect the characteristics of urine. After the treatment with drugs ends, the substances are independently excreted from the body, and the urine is normalized in all respects. For example, during treatment with ampicillin, many people note a strange smell of urine, which disappears at the end of the course of therapy. The B vitamins also affect urine performance.
  • Violation of the water balance. An unpleasant smell of urine in men and women can occur if a person is on a strict diet or suffers from dehydration. This usually happens to those who play sports or are trying to lose weight. As a result, a pungent smell of ammonia is sometimes felt when urinating. In order for the situation to normalize, it is necessary to drink a lot and eat a balanced diet, including the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the diet.

Health problems

Not always, the specific smell of urine can be attributed to a diet, taking vitamins or other harmless reasons. Even the most powerful organism can malfunction. With age, the development of some chronic processes can negatively affect the excretory system.

harakteristiki zapaha mochi - 11Urine has a very pungent odor in the following situations:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system (inflammation of the bladder, urethritis, prostatitis, ureaplasma, etc.),
  • metabolic disease,
  • diabetes,
  • kidney problems (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis),
  • infectious lesions of the urinary tract,
  • disruption of the liver, etc.

Urine can smell like yeast, mushrooms, beer. Sometimes it gives off with bread, gouache and even phenol, apples, garlic or iodine. Such situations are often the result of non-pathological processes in the body. An unpleasant smell of urine in a man or woman, the causes of which are not related to the food eaten or taking medications, can indicate serious violations.

When the concentration of the aroma increases, or it acquires a putrid character, brown urine is released, or blood impurities are formed, it is imperative to undergo an examination and determine the cause of the changes. Especially if in parallel the process is accompanied by other symptoms. Only through detailed analyzes can provoking factors be identified and appropriate therapy prescribed. It is not recommended to use treatment with folk remedies without the agreement of a doctor.

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What can each particular smell mean?

Let us consider several situations separately when it is possible to roughly determine the causes of pronounced anomalous aromas.

  • Mouse urine odor. It is observed in phenylketonuria – this is a genetically determined pathology in which urine stinks with a sharp chemical composition. It occurs due to the fact that the exchange of phenylalanine in the human body is disrupted. The disease affects the central nervous system, provokes the release of toxic substances.
  • Smell of ammonia. Especially if the scent is felt in the morning, it usually indicates kidney congestion. A typical phenomenon for pregnant women, bedridden patients and those who spend a lot of time sitting. There is nothing dangerous in this, but you will have to change your lifestyle. Ammonia can also manifest itself in diabetes mellitus and infections of the genitourinary system.
  • Why does urine smell like fish? If a sharp unpleasant smell of herring appears, you should be alert. This aroma is characteristic of trimethylaminuria. Experts believe that urine smells like fish due to systemic disorders in the liver, or rather, in the fermentation process. This leads to the accumulation of trimethylamine in the body. It is he who, getting into the excretory tract, leads to the fact that the urine is given off by the fish. As the disease progresses, the aroma becomes very strong and can be noticed by others. This is not treated with medication, but with the appointment of a special diet. Such a violation can be observed throughout life and increase with age if you do not adhere to the rules of nutrition.

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  • Cenoturia is the cause of the pungent odor of urine, giving off acetone, penicillin, or notes of sulfur. This is one of the markers of diabetes, and acetone can also be a sign of a severe infection of the excretory system. This smell also appears during fasting and dehydration.
  • Cloudy urine with a pungent odor, reminiscent of fecal matter, signals that an infection from the discharge of Escherichia coli is present in the body. Strong odors with a stench may indicate that there is pus in the urine. You should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The smell of honey, maple syrup, or another sweetish smell of urine indicates the likelihood of developing maple disease – leucinosis. This is a hereditary pathological disease caused by a decrease in the activity of the enzyme system. Some amino acids are not oxidized enough, which results in a characteristic sweet aroma. Sugary notes can also appear due to diabetes.
  • The aromas of sauerkraut indicate insufficient absorption of amino acids. The sour smell of urine potentially indicates kidney damage, fungal infections of the excretory tract, and impaired functionality of the digestive system. Sometimes appears with diseases of a venereal nature. When urine gives off vinegar, sour, unpleasant odor, you cannot self-medicate and wait until everything passes by itself.
  • When your urine smells like coffee or roasted seeds, you shouldn’t worry about the absence of other symptoms and pain during urination. The aroma of the seeds is often attributed to frequent consumption of coffee. From him sometimes urine smells like buckwheat and becomes dark in color. Try eliminating coffee from your diet for a while or reducing the dose. If all goes away after a few days, the drink was the reason. If you do not drink coffee, but there is a change in the smell of urine, it is better to get tested.
  • What does the situation say when urine gives off burned rubber, sulfur, chemical smell? Or phenol, tablets, iodine? This indicates chronic diseases of the genitourinary system. It is typical with age-related changes in the body and most often appears after 50 years due to natural aging.
  • The urine smells strongly of beer, croutons, bread, or yeast. This is potentially a sign of methionine malabsorption – impaired intestinal absorption function. A pharmacy smell appears when a person takes various drugs, which include calcium and iron ions. With inflammation of the appendages in women from the intimate area, it sometimes smells like onions.
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How to fix the situation?

For the most part, the appearance of a pungent urine odor does not indicate pathology. Especially if there are no other signs of health problems. But there are situations when the strong smell of urine is directly related to diseases. The disease cannot be identified purely by aromas. But it is the unusual sharp smell of urine in men, women and children that will be a good reason to get tested.

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A number of diseases are distinguished by characteristic aromas, which can be used to identify violations at the initial stage of their development.

Urine with odors requires increased attention and a responsible attitude to one’s own health.

Urine is a great source of information about the current state of the body. By doing the simplest research, many questions can be answered.

When foul-smelling urine develops, at a minimum, you need to take a sample for analysis and undergo additional examinations if necessary. By asking for help, you will know exactly why urine smells bad, which causes changes in its color and consistency. The doctor will tell you what to do in a given situation.

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