Why does my left hand go numb Is treatment dangerous for a person

During pregnancy, numbness of the left arm is provoked by osteochondrosis and other problems with the spine. During pregnancy, hidden diseases are exacerbated. Numbness can occur due to a small amount of vitamins and iron in the body. During pregnancy, body weight increases every month.

Movement activity decreases, blood circulation worsens. In the 3rd trimester, swelling increases, many complain of poor finger sensitivity.

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Chronic factors

Consider the most harmless causes of numbness in the hands.

They are not associated with any disease and do not require any treatment:

  1. Uncomfortable sleep. Numbness of the hands in a dream often occurs due to improper or uncomfortable body position. The main reason for this is a malfunction in the blood supply system. It is possible when a person puts his hands behind his head, hides them under a pillow or under his cheek. If for this reason your hands are numb, what should I do? In the absence of any pathological changes in the state of human health, he should purchase for himself an orthopedic mattress, as well as a pillow. They will solve the emerging problem. The fact is that these bedding attributes are designed in such a way that they can immediately repeat the shape of the body of a person in a horizontal position. At the same time, they keep the spine relaxed and do not allow constriction of blood vessels and nerve endings. You will have to take care of the position of the hands. They can not be thrown back over the head. Indeed, during rest, our heart does not work so actively and it is difficult for him to deliver blood to the vessels of the hands.
  2. Tight clothes. Why do my hands go numb? At night, this can happen due to the fact that a person sleeps in tight, uncomfortable clothes with tight cuffs, or maybe doesn’t remove various compressive objects (bracelets and rings) from his limbs. All this leads to obstruction of blood flow. Solving the problem in this case is quite simple. It is enough to change the nightgown or pajamas to a more spacious one. It is also necessary to take off all jewelry.
  3. Sleep on an uncomfortable pillow. If this bed accessory is too large or stiff, it will cause an excess of the spine. Such a position of his, in turn, will lead to the fact that blood will begin to flow poorly to all limbs. This will be expressed in unpleasant sensations that can occur in the hands. In the event that a similar situation is repeated periodically, the pillow will have to be replaced with a softer one. Better if it will be orthopedic. Thus, it will be possible to solve the problem right away.
  4. Bad habits. Difficulty in blood circulation, causing numbness of the hands, also occurs when an hour before bedtime a person is not averse to drinking a cup of strong coffee or drinking a significant amount of liquid. This applies to both salty and spicy foods. Due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, both the left and right hands can become numb. Alcohol is also capable of provoking a similar problem. Eliminate the unpleasant phenomenon will allow balanced, proper nutrition and compliance with the basic norms of a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Pregnancy. The hand is numb and does not pass a week or even a longer period – such complaints often come from women who are expecting a baby. This period is quite difficult for the body of the future mother. On average, a woman’s weight increases by 9-16 kg over 20 months of bearing a child. This significantly increases the load on the joints and blood vessels. The deterioration of blood circulation leads to numbness of the limbs. The resulting swelling of the tissues provokes this problem. It compresses small capillaries, which also leads to a loss of sensitivity. Such a symptom will pass on its own after the baby is born. If for a long time the hand is numb and does not go away, what should a woman do to reduce discomfort? In this case, she needs to contact a gynecologist. The specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment and give recommendations on the correct behavior during pregnancy.
  6. Tunnel Syndrome. A similar phenomenon most often occurs in women who have reached the age of 40, whose profession is associated with the constant tension of the hands in the hands. Paresthesia can bother them while working at a computer, sewing equipment, playing musical instruments or other monotonous work. Specialists call this phenomenon “pianist syndrome.” It also appears in men who are driving a vehicle for a long time. The cause of the unpleasant symptoms is swelling or pinching of the nerve, which is responsible for the mobility of the fingers and hands, as well as for their sensitivity. The characteristic symptoms of this condition are numbness of the little finger and thumb. After some time, sensitivity is lost in the entire brush. A similar condition occurs, as a rule, at night and interrupts sleep. In the event that such sensations do not occur particularly often and are not accompanied by severe pain, they can be eliminated with a decrease in the load on the hands and regular exercise for the joints.

If the arm is numb and does not go away, the reasons may lie in the development of various diseases. But here there are some nuances. With some pathologies, both upper limbs go numb at once. But there are also such ailments when uncomfortable sensations are observed only in one of them.

If the left arm is numb and does not go away, then this phenomenon indicates a malfunction in the cardiovascular system. The occurrence of such a symptom indicates the likelihood of pathologies of the joints and heart. If the left arm is numb and does not go away, then it should be borne in mind that this condition is often a precursor to strokes or heart attacks. That is why it cannot be ignored.

If the right arm is numb and does not go away, the causes of this condition may lie in the development of osteochondrosis or arthritis. A similar condition may also appear before a stroke or heart attack.

Consider the most common pathologies, one of the symptoms of which is paresthesia.

What diseases does a symptom cause?

We list the diseases of the blood supply system, which cause numbness in the left hand:

  • Myocardial infarction is accompanied by severe pain symptoms carried under the scapula, the hand begins to go numb and this condition is not eliminated with nitroglycerin.
  • Numbness of the left hand with angina pectoris occurs after exercise, is quickly eliminated after the use of nitroglycerin. The entire upper half of the arm to the elbow joint is numb.
  • Atherosclerosis causes narrowing of blood vessels and impaired circulation. With diseases of the arteries, weakness is felt during exercise.
  • Cervical or thoracic osteochondrosis is characterized by numbness of the left hand, innervation, and poor blood supply. Pain may appear, weakness.

Cervical osteochondrosis

What can mean a phenomenon when the right or left hand is numb and does not pass? The reasons for the development of this symptom often become diseases of the spine, in particular, cervical osteochondrosis. The compression of the roots of the spinal cord, which occurs in the region of the vertebrae in the C3-C5 range, causes discomfort. They are responsible for the sensitivity in the upper limbs.

If the left or right hand is numb and does not go away, then you need to contact a specialist for a diagnosis. After all, the clinical manifestation of pathology in each person can have its own characteristics. However, with cervical osteochondrosis, hands are numb in almost all patients. In most cases, the sensation of goosebumps and tingling appears with a long stay of the patient in one position. Numbness of the hands occurs after the body was in one of the following positions:

  • the head thrown back (in this case, the spinal roots begin to put pressure on the blood vessels);
  • arms crossed on the chest (this position leads to the experience of blood vessels that are located in the upper limbs, and this becomes the reason that nutrients cease to flow to them and, as a result, numbness appears);
  • bent back;
  • the location of the arms above the head (most often this occurs during sleep).

In which zone the localization of uncomfortable sensations will be observed, largely depends on the type of the root that has been pinched. Of great importance is the place of occurrence of the disease.

So, if the whole hand is numb and does not go away, then the reasons here may lie in pinching 3-5 vertebrae. But sometimes the patient complains that only three fingers are numb. In this case, the place of occurrence of the disease is 6 vertebra. And if the third or fifth finger is numb (middle, ring, and also little fingers)? In this case, the disease affects the 7 vertebra.

Vegetosovascular dystonia

A numb arm does not go through? The reason for this may be the VVD, which is characterized by a violation of blood supply in the peripheral tissues. With this pathology, the normal functioning of the vessels is lost, which leads to numbness of the upper limbs.

If the patient suffers from VVD, then he can observe the following symptoms:

  • numbness of both hands – either alternately or with varying degrees of intensity;
  • sensation of goosebumps;
  • feeling of alienation of the hands;
  • uncertainty and lack of fluidity;
  • poor sensitivity;
  • trembling that occurs at your fingertips.

Hands with VSD may well be cold. The whole body of the patient is trembling. Periodically, in the hands, as well as in the face, a person feels heat or chills.

Why is the hand numb and does not let go during the IRR? Tingling or numbness in the limbs is caused by circulatory disorders. With spasms of blood vessels, tissue nutrition is disturbed. This leads to the fact that the hands become numb, freeze and tingle. A person becomes chilly, even if he is in a warm room.

Symptom Features

You must always consider the nature of the unpleasant symptoms. Distinctive features of signs suggest to specialists the possible causes of their occurrence. Short-term loss of sensitivity of one or more fingers without regularity may be due to the simplest household reasons. Often this is a squeezing of muscles or prolonged holding of the arm in one position. All these problems can be solved by massage procedures or the resumption of activity of the arms and legs.

Short-term regular manifestations mean danger. In such a situation, problems with the central nervous system or circulatory disorders caused by cardiac pathologies are not excluded.

If the left hand or any part has failed completely, you need to seek help from doctors. A symptom may indicate a stroke, heart attack, or other problems. Complete numbness of the left arm occurs as a result of injuries.


Why is my hand numb and does not go away? The cause of this phenomenon is often diabetes. An increase in blood sugar leads to impaired blood circulation. A similar failure appears with a constant violation of the nutrition of blood vessels and an increase in the concentration of sugar in the body. Against this background, there is a decrease in the sensitivity of the limbs.

The main provoking factors that a numb hand does not go through are:

  1. Angiopathy. In case of vascular damage, their deformation occurs. Similar changes in the body of a diabetic occur gradually. Their main reason is an imbalance in sugar levels.
  2. Diseases of the nervous system. They also occur against the background of elevated sugar levels.

Right, left, or both at once? These symptoms may indicate the development of diabetes, if accompanied by dry mouth, muscle weakness, swelling of the hands and decreased vision.

Raynaud’s syndrome

Your hand is numb and does not go away? If the localization of discomfort is observed only in the fingers, then this may indicate the development of Raynaud’s syndrome. Most often, this problem affects people whose hands are constantly in contact with cold water, or those who do not want to wear gloves even in the worst frosts. At the same time, complaints are received from them that the fingers on the hand are numb and the pain does not go away in them.

How to recognize the cause of this pathological condition? Sick fingers in people suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome outwardly differ from healthy ones. At the slightest interaction with something cold or with a nervous breakdown, they immediately turn white. This type of numbness of the hands is associated with disorders that are observed in the blood supply to the capillaries of the palms and fingers.

Not only hypothermia can contribute to the occurrence of Raynaud’s disease. The cause of the development of pathology is constant stress, hereditary factors, as well as alcohol abuse. Constant overwork, infectious ailments, as well as excessive tanning provoke the disease.

Often that part of the arm is numb and does not pass, pianists and operators complain, whose work is concluded in computer typing. These people most often suffer from Raynaud’s disease. The main localization of discomfort becomes one middle finger or two at once (the third and fourth). They are numb in the first place. But if the disease is not treated, then it can spread to the chin, ears and nose.

What to do

Numbness of the left hand is considered an occasion to call a doctor. This condition is often accompanied by severe pain if the artery is clogged. If you do not help the patient on time, you will have to amputate the arm.

Loss of sensitivity for pain in the sternum indicates a heart attack, the patient should be sent to a medical facility. Such a condition is a danger to existence.

Since numbness occurs due to a stroke, the presence of other symptoms must be considered:

  • Confusion of consciousness.
  • Problems with speech function.
  • Headache.
  • Deterioration of facial expressions.

In other situations, you need to get rid of physical activity and take a break. The blood flow is stimulated after rubbing with a towel or hand to the problem area.

If numbness is caused by osteochondrosis, therapy is not aimed at combating symptoms, but at normalizing the condition of the spine and strengthening cartilage.

Prevention of numbness of the left hand

Numbness of the upper extremities is the cause of discomfort, limited movement and a decrease in the quality of life. A range of preventive measures will help to eliminate its appearance:

  • Regular moderate physical activity and type of exercise to maintain muscle tone in the arms;
  • Minimizing the amount of salt in food consumed;
  • Proper nutrition, providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals;
  • Exclusion of smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Prevention of cooling hands, as it has an adverse effect on the condition of the joints. They need to be kept warm and must wear mittens or gloves in the cold season;
  • Systematic execution of a warm-up for hands, alternating with a load.

Do not forget: numbness of the left hand can be a symptom of serious illness. Trust his diagnosis and treatment to professionals – contact CELT!

In order to prevent left hand numbness, one should reconsider the lifestyle:

  • Adjust diet, reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed.
  • Regulate blood cholesterol to prevent atherosclerosis.
  • More often measure blood pressure.
  • Maintain proper posture.
  • Do not smoke or drink.

The causes of numbness of the left hand can be different. To get rid of an unpleasant symptom, you need to see a doctor, a specialist will help you choose the appropriate therapeutic technique.

Angina pectoris

Your hand is numb after sleep and does not go away? If paresthesia affects the left hand, then this phenomenon can become a manifestation of angina pectoris. And this is a formidable sign of cardiac muscle ischemia.

If the left hand is numb and does not go away, what should I do in this case? Seek medical advice immediately. Indeed, ignoring this symptom can lead to the most dangerous consequences.

It should be borne in mind that with angina pectoris, the left hand goes numb either at night or in the wee hours. Confirmation of heart disease will be the cessation of paresthesia after a person puts a nitroglycerin tablet under his tongue.

If the left hand is numb and does not go away, what should I do? If there is simultaneously with this symptom pain in the jaw or in the chest, which are localized in the left side of the body, you should, without delay, call an ambulance. Only in this case is it possible to prevent a heart attack or angina pectoris.

Many other diseases can also cause numbness in the hands. Consider their list based on the localization of the pathological phenomenon.

Other parts of the upper limb

Consider the causes of paresthesia in various parts of the arm:

  1. Brush. Numbness in this area can be a sign of endocrine pathologies. If unpleasant sensations arise from below and above, accompanied by pain, then it is urgent to get a doctor’s consultation. Similar symptoms indicate arterial thrombosis. The left hand is numb and does not go away? A similar phenomenon may indicate arthritis or nerve compression.
  2. Forearm. What to do – your left arm is numb from the elbow to the shoulder? This phenomenon is sometimes the result of poor blood supply due to a previous injury. Numbness of the hand from the hand to the elbow confirms this assumption. Also, this symptom is a characteristic sign of disorders in the cerebral circulation, osteochondrosis and some diseases of the internal organs.

First aid

The hand is numb and does not go away – what to do in such a situation? To begin with, it is recommended to compress, and then unclench your fist. Such simple movements will need to be performed approximately five times. After that, twist with a brush. Such light gymnastics will allow you to return numb limbs sensitivity.

After performing physical exercises, the affected area should be rubbed. You need to press on the skin with bent fingers, a palm or a fist, directing their movement from the brush. In the case when the house has a Kuznetsov applicator, Lyapko or other reflexotherapy devices, they should be attached to the zone of loss of sensitivity.

In the case when the hands often go numb during a night’s rest, it is recommended to eliminate discomfort using a fairly simple folk method – contrast baths. This procedure is performed quickly and easily. You will need to prepare two containers. Pour cold water into one of them and warm water into the other. After this, you need to lower your hands alternately in one or the other of them for several minutes. Perform this procedure from 4 to 5 times during the day. At this time, it is recommended that the above simple exercises be performed.


In cases where numbness provoked some physiological factor, and the unpleasant sensation disappeared by itself, you should not consult a specialist. You need to visit it in cases where:

  1. Loss of sensitivity of the hands does not pass for a long time.
  2. Numbness is felt even in the daytime. A similar symptom clearly indicates a health problem.
  3. The problem is observed in two hands at once. If they both go numb at the same time, then a doctor’s consultation is required.

Often people believe that numbness of the hands occurs only because of the uncomfortable position of the body. But if this happens all the time, then to restore lost health, you should go to the local therapist, cardiologist or neuropathologist.

In case of painful sensations that accompany numbness of the hands, dizziness, impaired vision and speech, cramps and other disturbing symptoms, you will need to call an ambulance.

When contacting a specialist, the patient will be assigned:

  • general analysis for blood tests;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • determination of glucose levels, which will eliminate the presence of diabetes;
  • computed, magnetic resonance imaging, radiography of the brain, spine, joints or numbness of the limb (at the discretion of the doctor);
  • conducting a biochemical blood test;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs (according to indications);
  • urinalysis general and according to Nechiporenko;
  • blood test (immunographic), which will eliminate rheumatoid arthritis.

When the first symptoms of numbness of the hands appear, it is important to consult a specialist as soon as possible. Timely identification of pathology, the appointment of the necessary course of therapy or surgical intervention will soon get rid of the disease.

Principles of treatment

When a patient receives complaints about numbness of the hands, there is no point in treating limbs. After all, such a phenomenon is not an independent pathology at all. The main essence of therapy is to eliminate the cause of this condition.

Treatment for numb hands is usually complex. Several methods are used to fix the problem. That is why doctors recommend to their patients:

  • therapeutic exercises, which improves blood circulation;
  • physiotherapy;
  • manual therapy;
  • massage;
  • treatment with pharmaceuticals that should strengthen the vessels and prevent the occurrence of numbness;
  • intake of vitamin complexes.

Using the above procedures in combination, you can restore the circulatory system, accelerate tissue regeneration, and eliminate chronic disease.

Alternative methods of treating numbness of the left hand can be used exclusively as an addition to the main tactics. Before you start using them, you must first consult a doctor and only then resort to them. The main ones are as follows:

  • Baths with rosemary – provide for the use of an infusion of three liters of water and flowers, which is added to the bath with water and taken before bedtime for 15 minutes;
  • Application to the problem areas of the solution from one liter of water, 10 ml camphor and 50 mil ammonia, as well as 1 tbsp. l salt;
  • Applying a tissue bag to the diseased area with pre-cooked wheat porridge placed in it for 30 minutes.

Alternative Medicine Tips

Alternative recipes also allow you to successfully deal with numbness in the hands. The most popular and effective of the following are:

  1. Take a bath with rosemary. Lie in such healing water 10 minutes before bedtime.
  2. Carrying out procedures during which a mask is applied on the wrist in the form of heated pumpkin porridge. To enhance the effect of the hand, it is recommended to wrap it with a warm scarf.
  3. Rub numbness with mustard oil.
  4. Drink a glass of boiling water on an empty stomach in the morning. This will eliminate the problem with the fragility of blood vessels.
  5. Wear a thread of pure wool on your wrist.
  6. Use tincture of garlic. To do this, chopped vegetable should be poured with a bottle of vodka. After he has infused for two weeks, take the drug from 5 to 10 drops three times a day for a month.
  7. Apply a mixture of 100 grams of black pepper and warm vegetable oil to your hands.

These recipes will help eliminate discomfort and restore health.

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