Vertebro-basilar insufficiency on the background of cervical osteochondrosis (VBI) causes and

The pathogenesis of both TIA and VBI is essentially similar to the pathology of ischemic (lacunar, hemorrhagic) stroke. The causes of vertebro-basilar insufficiency are atherosclerosis of large vessels (31%), diseases of small vessels (16%), intra-arterial embolism (17%), cardiac embolism (27%) and various rare factors (9%).

The disease can affect not only adult women, men, but also representatives of the pediatric population. VBI in children can develop as a result of congenital pathologies of the vertebral or basilar artery. Often, causes include injuries to the spine of a child during sports training, gymnastics. A relatively common cause is a birth injury to the spine.

The most common atherosclerotic vascular lesions located at the beginning of the vertebral arteries, intracranial part of the vertebral arteries, the proximal and middle part of the basilar artery, proximal part a. cerebri posterior. Smaller branches (for example, AICA, PICA) are more likely to be affected by the atherosclerotic process than large branches.

The involvement of perforating small arterioles (50-200 microns in diameter) is different from the process of atherosclerosis. The process is known as lipogialinosis, usually associated with arterial hypertension. Due to the anatomy of these small arterioles, the consequence of their occlusion is small single or multiple trigeminal infarction.

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