Uric acid what is it, why its level rises in the blood

1 29 - 23Uric acid (uric acid) in the blood is an essential part of biological processes and chemical reactions in protein metabolism in the body.

This acid is synthesized in the liver cells from the proteins present, which came from the intestine, and were formed from the incoming food.

Uric acid in the blood, what is it?

Uric acid (uric acid) is contained in blood plasma and is formed from purine molecules in small quantities.

Purine base molecules, which play a significant role in the body, enter it through food and take active actions in the synthesis of nucleic acid.

Hyperuricemia (this is an overestimated MC in the blood) causes deposits in the body in the form of salts on the joints and in muscle tissues, which provokes severe diseases and severe painful sensations.

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The importance of uric acid in the body

In humans, uric acid atoms are located in the blood plasma; its formation occurs from the decomposition of purine bases. The appearance of uric acid is a normal process in the body, therefore, its high concentration should not be avoided.

At normal levels in plasma, acid helps to neutralize free radicals, which reduces the risk of cancer in the body.

Uric acid corrects the level of nitrogen, and if it is high, it removes its excess.

If the concentration of uric acid is higher than normal, then the body signals that it is in danger, and it is necessary to change the diet and way of living.

Uric acid functionality

Sodium salt, which is contained in uric acid, is necessary for the fulfillment of two vital functions of the body:

  • Stimulating the functioning of brain cells by activating adrenaline and enhancing the effects of norepinephrine,
  • Uric acid is a biological antioxidant, therefore, it actively fights against malignant neoplasms (it stops the process of degeneration of cancer cells).

The concentration of uric acid and its level is a property that is transmitted at the genetic level.

People who are inherently inherent in an increased presence of uric acid in the plasma have creativity, they are more active and have great enthusiasm.

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The uric acid formula is chemically very similar to the caffeine formula.

Reasons for lowering MK

Plasma uric acid is reduced from the use of anti-gout medications.

Such pathologies in the body also affect the reduction:

  • Wilson-Konovalov’s disease with damage to liver cells,
  • Fanconi pathology – a disease in the kidney, when the cells of the organ cannot prevent the release of large amounts of uric acid from the body,
  • Disease gigantism or acromegaly, all acid is spent on growing cells,
  • Celiac disease
  • Pathology xanthinuria lack of an enzyme that promotes the production of uric acid,
  • Bronchogenic carcinoma,
  • Myeloma pathology,
  • Diseases of the renal tubules,
  • Not eating animal protein is a vegetarian.

The possibility of increasing the level of uric acid in the blood plasma means the need to normalize a proper and healthy diet, and to introduce animal products into the diet.

Clinical signs of congenital elevated concentration

Symptoms that indicate elevated acid levels are manifested by various pathologies.

In young children, a congenital high plasma content (a type of hyperuricemia of congenital etiology) is a manifestation on the skin in the form of diathesis, and if the concentration is greatly increased, it can provoke psoriasis.

Signs of manifestation in a child:

  • Eruptions on the forehead as well as on the cheeks,
  • Large pink spots on the chest,
  • The rash irritates the skin and itches.
  • Further, the spots emit liquid and burst,
  • An infection can join these parts of the body.

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Doctors are looking for the cause of the allergic reaction and methods to eliminate it, because later on, nutritional problems and a long course of treatment may arise.

Increased urea index in the male body

In men who are more than 50 calendar years old, joint pain begins to worsen. Most often, several joints are affected, and the main lesion goes to the thumbs of the lower extremities, as well as fingers.

Quite rarely, an excess of urea is manifested in the lesions:

  • Knee defeat
  • The defeat of the elbow joints,
  • Carpal joints,
  • Shoulder joints,
  • And the joints of the hip.

The pain worsens at night. Painful sensations not only from movement of the affected joint, but also from a simple touch of the affected area.

Signs of joint damage:

  • Swelling and swelling of the joints
  • Deformation,
  • Skin redness on the joints,
  • Feeling of heat in the affected area
  • The joint loses its functionality.

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With the loss of the functionality of the joints, a man who is not yet old loses the ability for a quality life and loses his capacity for work.

The main reason for the increase in the uric acid index (MK) in men is an unbalanced and unhealthy diet, the predominance of protein foods in a man’s diet, as well as frequent body overloads.

Uric acid standard index

A healthy body independently adjusts the uric acid content in serum and blood plasma. The excess part is removed with urine and feces. The norm in children and in adult women and men is different.

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In the analysis of blood plasma: Standard index of uric acid in mmol/liter

in the child’s body120,0 – 300,0
in the female body160,0 – 320,0
in the body of men200,0 – 420,0

Exceeding the concentration index is called hyperuricemia. This disease is more often manifested in the male body than urea, which is increased in women.

Causes and manifestations of hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia has the ability to manifest itself for a short period of time, and if you get rid of the provocateurs of pathology, then the normative acid will come to the normative indicators.

What increases urea in the body:

  • Heavy sports loads,
  • The consequence of a hungry diet (the fair sex like to get involved in such diets),
  • From the immense consumption of protein foods (meat products, eggs).

If the increased content of uric acid levels for a long time period, this indicates a pathology in the body, and such an increase requires therapeutic treatment.

An excess of urate salts is deposited on the joints, as well as on the renal tubules, and in the form of stones in the bladder, and in the urethral canal.

The cells of the immune system try to fight them, but then the structure of the joint itself is disrupted, and this is how the pathology of the joints, the disease of gout, is formed.

The manifestation of acid salts in the renal tissues of the tubules provokes kidney stone disease.

Also crystals of uric acid salt can be debugged:

  • In the muscle of the heart organ (cause myocardial infarction),
  • In the eye tissues (provoke cataracts),
  • In the tissues of the bladder (to provoke urolithiasis and cystitis),
  • In the cells of the stomach
  • As part of intestinal cells.

The main factors for the increase in uric acid in the blood are:

  • Genetic hereditary predisposition,
  • Improper and unbalanced nutrition,
  • Insufficiency of the renal type (impaired filtration of the renal glomeruli, pathology in the renal tubules, narrowing of the diameter of their patency)
  • Too fast metabolic process in nucleotides (pathology of myeloma, neoplasms in the lymph, hemolytic anemia),
  • Excessive activity
  • nikotinovaya zavisimost - 35The older a person is, the higher is uric acid in his blood,
  • In men, testosterone provokes urate accumulation,
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Alcohol addiction,
  • Exposure to sunlight, because there is a large production of acid to protect the body from radicals that are formed from ultraviolet radiation,
  • Third trimester during pregnancy,
  • The use of drugs in therapy that contain salicylic substances,
  • Treatment with drugs that have diuretic properties.

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Improper diet that causes hyperuricemia

This is the main factor that provokes a high uric acid (uric acid) index in the blood plasma. Uncontrolled consumption of foods that accumulate purine molecules.

Purine bases are completely absorbed by the body, and their final decomposition product accumulates in the blood in the form of uric acid.

Foods that are of animal origin also have the ability to increase the cholesterol index in the body, because they have an increased concentration of cholesterol in the composition of animal fats.

Carried away by foods containing animal fat, there is a double blow to the heart organ and blood vessels (in the form of cholesterol and sodium salts).

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A diet that has a minimum content of cholesterol and purine in foods is the first therapy to lower the uric acid index in the body.

Diseases that provoke hyperuricemia

Excess uric acid is carried by the blood throughout the body, where it is expressed in various manifestations and has a great effect on the body:

  • Urates form microtofuses in the tissues of the joints and in the cartilage. The accumulation process in the connective tissue of the joint and in the cartilage provokes inflammation in these organs and leads to gout. This pathology develops rapidly, and begins with arthritis of the joints,
  • Urates that have entered the renal tubules are deposited in the interstitial tissue. They provoke nephropathy of gouty etiology. The first signs appear in the form of arterial hypertension, as well as the appearance of protein in the urine. This pathology spreads throughout the urinary system and provokes: pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys), urolithiasis and kidney stones, and cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). With urolithiasis, inflammation often occurs in the urethral canal (urethritis). At the final stage of kidney damage, renal failure is manifested,
  • Uric acid salt is deposited in the oral cavity in the form of stones on the teeth. These stones lead to inflammation of the gums (periodontal disease) and malnutrition of the dental membranes,
  • The deposition of urates in the myocardium leads to a weakening of the heart muscle, and when co-deposited with cholesterol, it provokes coronary insufficiency, which can cause myocardial infarction disease,
  • When urates are found in the adrenal glands, their activity is disrupted, and this leads to arterial hypertension,
  • In the nervous system, urates are manifested: severe irritability, constant fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

All manifestations of derivatives of uric acid salts can be isolated (in one organ), or manifest throughout the body.

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Joints most commonly affected by gout

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To make an accurate diagnosis of hyperuricemia, it is necessary to undergo a diagnostic study of the indicator in the blood of uric acid:

  • A general blood test shows the index of leukocytes, which is very important for confirming inflammation in the body,
  • Biochemical analysis of blood composition determines the existence of uric acid in the blood, its concentration in blood plasma,
  • Ultrasound (ultrasound) of the liver,
  • Ultrasound of the heart organ,
  • Ultrasound (ultrasound) examination of the kidneys and urinary system.

To determine the indicators of uric acid in the blood, a biochemistry analysis for uric acid is prescribed. Venous blood biomaterial.

Changes in the normative indicator in the biological material submitted are influenced by several significant factors:

  • The number and volume of amino acids that are involved in the body’s metabolism, as well as in its protein metabolism,
  • The work of the liver, stomach and the proper functioning of the intestines,
  • Normal functionality of the kidneys and urinary tract (MK is excreted to a greater extent with urine).

Preparation for the test

In order for the results of the biochemical analysis for uric acid to be as accurate as possible, it is necessary to heed the following recommendations and prepare the body for a blood test:

  • Blood is donated in the morning and on an empty stomach, a small amount of pure water is allowed,
  • The last meal should take place no later than 20:00 the previous day before blood sampling,
  • nikakih medikamentoznyh preparatov - 41It is necessary to take the analysis during the period when you are not taking any medications,
  • For 48 hours from the diet, it is necessary to exclude fried foods, smoked meats, meat delicacies, fish, as well as dishes prepared with the addition of beans,
  • Do not play sports in the last 24 hours,
  • You cannot take the analysis immediately after passing the X-ray and ultrasound, and it is also forbidden to undergo this analysis immediately after physiotherapy.

Hyperuricemia therapy

It is quite difficult to treat pathology, and drugs have many side effects for the body.

Therapy includes directions for the treatment of pathologies, and is also aimed at relieving painful symptoms:

  • To relieve the symptoms of an acute attack of gouty pain, the drug is colchicine. This drug has side effects inhibition of the hematopoietic system,
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help relieve inflammation in gouty lesions. Have a negative effect on the digestive system and intestines,
  • The drug Diakarb blocks the process of stone formation. The side effect affects the digestive tract system,
  • Anti-gout drugs Probenecid and the drug Sulfinpyrazone help the release of MK with urine. The use of these drugs is used with caution in violation of the urinary system. It is necessary to take a large volume of liquid, as well as Diacarb preparations and means for alkalizing the body,
  • Taking the drug Allopurinol. This drug is responsible for lowering the production of MK. This drug is a leader in drug treatment to reduce uric acid and relieve the symptoms of gout.

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The effectiveness of the therapy will be higher if the patient adheres to a specialized diet that can not accumulate purines in the body.

Diet with pathology hyperuricemia

The diet for hyperuricemia is table number 5. This diet is low in calories. Fish is consumed in a minimum quantity of no more than 300,0 grams per week.

If a patient with hyperuricemia has an increased body weight, then diet table No. 8 is recommended to him. And do fasting days 1 time per week, only complete starvation with this pathology is prohibited.

Hunger aggravates the disease as uric acid rises. It is also recommended to consume vitamin C and B vitamins when dieting.

Permitted products; Prohibited Products

low purine indexhigh purine index
Milk,Calf liver,
· dairy products,Calf kidneys and tongue,
Eggs, but only domestic chicken,Veal, pork, as well as young chicken meat,
Caviar red or black,All fatty meats,
Potatoes,Smoked products,
· leaf salad,Canned fish with the addition of oil,
Cucumbers,Green peas,
· carrot,Mushrooms of various cooking methods,
Beets,Greens: sorrel and spinach,
Pumpkin,Brussels sprouts,
Bread and bakery products,Coffee,
All cereals,· Cocoa and chocolate.
Citrus fruits,
Plum, prunes,
Apricot, dried apricots,
· Fresh and canned pears.

Prohibited foods with an increased uric acid index are prohibited, but if the indicator is lowered, it is recommended.

Allowed foods must be consumed daily to help lower MK and keep it within normal limits.

Preventive methods for a normal index in the body MK

To prevent the violation of protein metabolism in the human body and keep uric acid normal, proper nutrition is necessary.

In addition to eating healthy foods, you also need to adhere to the specifics of a rational meal:

  • Breakfast is compulsory,
  • Eliminate long breaks between eating procedures,
  • Eating up to 6 times a day,
  • Drink up to 3000 milliliters of clean water per day,
  • Do not drink drinks that contain carbon dioxide,
  • Give up alcoholic beverages,
  • Salt as well as sugar are prohibited.

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A high concentration of uric acid is not dangerous for the human body, but it can provoke quite serious pathologies in the body.

The combined use of therapy and diet, as well as adequate stress on the body and an active life position will help to establish metabolism in the body, and maintain a normal uric acid index in the blood.

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