Instructions for use of the drug Asparkam its analogues

Already by its composition it is clear that the effect of the drug is based on the action of its constituent chemicals: potassium and magnesium. The most important and main function of Asparkam is the replenishment of potassium and magnesium ions. When replenishing these substances in the human body, the metabolism improves.

One single positive ion in all cells of the body is potassium. Due to this ion, all the main intracellular functions occur – the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphoric acid), the synthesis of proteins and glycogen, as well as acetylcholine. ATP synthesis provides a huge amount of energy already at the cellular level. Glycogen synthesis is a stock of substances that, if necessary, may be needed for conversion to ATP.

Potassium is needed to provide the body with energy and a supply of “hungry times.” The formation and synthesis of proteins enables the human body to be updated at the cellular level: old cells are replaced with new ones. Acetylcholine, its synthesis is the correct operation of nerve fibers, a quick and high-quality response to a nerve impulse.

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Magnesium does not affect the direct, the speed and operation of the body, but it is a catalyst and provides the work of more than three hundred enzymes in the human body. The role can be said to be secondary, but nevertheless, without the Mg ion, many chemical reactions are simply not possible.

Enzymes, in turn, are involved in almost all body functions. For example, magnesium is a participant in all chemical reactions of ATP (adenosine triphosphoric acid), enhances the action of potassium in the body. We can say that, working in a duet, these two elements accelerate all processes, significantly improve the quality of work of each cell.

Potassium and Magnesium Ions

Potassium and magnesium ions together perform another very important function – they preserve the polarity of the membrane of each cell. The cell retains its integrity, foreign substances do not get inside, and the waste products of the cell are removed correctly and in time from the cell.

The unique chemical formula of Asparkam, in which potassium and magnesium ions reach each cell: asparaginate in connection with ions.

  • replenishment of Mg and K ions (hypomagnesemia and hypokalemia, respectively);
  • improving metabolism at the cellular level;
  • metabolism in the heart muscle is significantly accelerated;
  • improves heart function – eliminates arrhythmia, increases endurance of the heart muscle;
  • in general, the endurance of the whole organism increases.

The appearance of side effects is almost always associated with an overdose of Asparkam. Therefore, they are easily eliminated by reducing the dosage of the drug.

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, nausea, ulceration on the mucous membrane of the stomach or intestines, flatulence and increased gas formation, bleeding may occur;
  • impaired brain function: dizziness, malaise, general fatigue and lethargy, pressure surges, hot flashes on the face;
  • disturbances in the work of the heart: tingling in the region of the heart, arrhythmia, heart block (violation of its conduction);
  • “Bloating” and vein thrombosis, veins begin to “crawl out”.

Due to Asparkam, an overdose can also appear, especially if the medicine was administered by injection or through a dropper. An overdose manifests itself in the form of such symptoms:

  • A sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • The appearance of swelling and redness on the face;
  • Thirst;
  • Frequent breathing, sometimes wheezing is heard;
  • Convulsions.

In more severe cases, the use of the drug causes even a coma.

As soon as the above symptoms appear, you must stop using the drug. Then, calcium gluconate is injected into the body through a vein. This substance removes excess potassium. The instruction says that in more severe cases, it is necessary to purify the blood.

If Asparkam is used incorrectly, side effects will definitely appear. Especially if a person has taken such a remedy for a long period. Side effects that relate to the digestive system may appear. For example, this is a nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, dry mouth. Of the more severe cases – bleeding in the digestive tract and the development of ulcers.

Side effects also affect the circulatory system. Sometimes a person develops muscle atrophy and pain. In addition, breathing difficulties, itching, burning, red spots on the skin appear. Changes in the nervous and mental sphere will also be. For example, dizziness appears, problems with orientation in space, a person loses consciousness, reflexes worsen.

The use of such a medicine is required in cases where it is necessary to restore metabolic processes with a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. The reviews are pretty good. The drug has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. But no matter how safe and effective it may be, it is recommended to use it only after consulting a doctor.

Instructions for use

Asparkam is a drug whose use is only on the recommendation of a therapist.

Asparkam tablets

Tablets are used as follows: two Asparkam tablets are drunk three times a day in a monthly course. The standard course of Asparkam is three to four weeks. Tip: It is important that the tablets do not crack, do not crush, do not crumble, but are washed down entirely with a small amount of water. The tablets themselves are small in size, so it is almost impossible to choke on them.

In preventive measures, it is also used in courses of one to two months, one tablet three times a day. The course of Asparkam can be extended up to six months. But every two weeks it is necessary to do a blood test to prevent an overdose, or, conversely, increase the dose of the drug to achieve normal levels. At indicators where the potassium and magnesium norm is reached, the course of taking the drug must be stopped.

Tip: the maximum number of Asparkam tablets per day is 6 pieces. Only six tablets per day can be absorbed by the body and give the effect of taking. If the amount is increased, the remaining tablets will not participate in the metabolism, they will simply be excreted in the urine. Taking Asparkam more than according to the instructions, the load on the kidneys increases.

  • after opening, Asparkam must be injected immediately with a syringe (jet) or with a dropper (diffuse);
  • any precipitation, turbidity is not permissible; only transparent Asparkam solution can be used for treatment;
  • if prior to use in the ampoule, tube any precipitate is found or the solution is cloudy – it is strictly forbidden to use it;
  • if the solution itself is clear, and after getting into the syringe becomes cloudy, you can not use.

A solution in an open ampoule or tube is never left for later, even a refrigerator will not help in preserving all the properties of the drug.

Opening of ampoules is carried out immediately before injection. A solution of the active substance is mixed with NaCl (saline). The standard course is 2 injections or droppers per day of 10 or 20 ml of Asparkam. It is introduced slowly, not more than 5 ml per minute. After completing the course, they usually take a blood test. The course is 5 days.

Opening the solution for infusion is also carried out just before the procedure itself. Asparkam solution is injected directly intravenously with a dropper. To do this, as a standard, no more than 300 ml is administered diffusely 1-2 times a day, the maximum course is no more than 5 days. The dropper injection rate is not more than 1,5 ml per minute.

Asparkam is a drug. Reception should begin only after examination and receiving recommendations from the attending physician. It is also necessary to control the blood test, if the norm of the elements is reached, the course of taking Asparkam is interrupted.

Tip: even for the purpose of prevention, it is not assigned independently, to itself. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

  • liver failure during an exacerbation;
  • blood acidosis (metabolic);
  • various disorders in the work of the kidneys.

It should also be especially careful to use preparations containing potassium in their composition, and Asparkam. In this case, monitoring of blood concentration is mandatory.


Asparkam, like many other drugs, has its own symptoms in case of an overdose.

  • disturbances from the side of the heart – a slow heartbeat, heart block, in especially difficult cases, dystolic cardiac arrest and paralysis of the heart muscles with subsequent arrest are possible;
  • nausea, vomiting, acute malaise;
  • from the respiratory system – intermittent breathing, inability to breathe due to paralysis in the respiratory tract;
  • urinary incontinence due to weakening of the muscles of the genitourinary system.

In case of an overdose of Asparkam, you should immediately contact specialists and call emergency doctors. To reduce the concentration of potassium and magnesium ions, physiological saline (sodium chloride NaCl) is usually administered intravenously. It is also possible to use drug acceleration to remove elements from the body.

Take drugs with drugs that can provoke the effect of hyperkalemia (excess of K ions in the blood).

  • diuretics (Spironolactone, Veroshpiron, etc.), the main function of which is the conservation of potassium ions;
  • synthetic or natural preparations that are often called “angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors” for the treatment of heart (ACE inhibitors: Ramipril, Captopril, Enalapril, etc.);
  • Beta-blockers (Nebilet, Anaprilin, Concor, etc.).

With tetracycline, you should observe the time limits, take Asparkam and tetracycline drugs with a difference of 3 hours at least, because the absorption of iron and sodium fluoride slows down. It enhances the effect of anesthesia, as well as antidepolarizing muscle relaxant drugs. In some cases, it may reduce the effectiveness of certain antibiotics, for example, neomycin.

Overdose and side effects

A very popular drug is Asparkam. Why is this medicine used, you definitely need to know. Indications for use are as follows:

  • Deficiency of potassium and magnesium in the human body;
  • Cramps in legs and arms;
  • Heart rhythm problems that are associated with a lack of both trace elements;
  • Violations of the rhythm of the heart due to the toxic effects of digitalis products or due to individual intolerance to such products;
  • Atrial fibrillation;
  • Ventricular extrasystole, which has recently appeared;
  • The need to strengthen the heart muscles;
  • Stay of the coronary vessels in the expanded state;
  • The need to improve metabolic processes in myocardial tissues;
  • As prevention of coronary heart disease;
  • Angina pectoris;
  • Heart attack;
  • Insufficient functioning of the heart.

You can take Asparkam for the prevention of epilepsy with Diacarb. In addition, in a pair they will prevent the development of edema syndrome, glaucoma and other diseases. Such complex therapy enhances the effect of both drugs. But it is not recommended to start it if there are problems with the kidneys, since the intensity of water withdrawal from the body increases. This is especially dangerous for the child.

Sometimes doctors prescribe such a drug in parallel with Furosemide, which has diuretic properties. Thanks to this combination, you can reduce the burden on the heart, reduce body weight, get rid of swelling, and also improve venous blood outflow.

Such pills also help to get out of a severe hangover, without serious complications. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration, loss of trace elements and vitamins, disruption of electrolyte and water balance. But the use of such a drug will restore all processes and make up for the lack of potassium and magnesium.

During pregnancy, doctors also prescribe such a medication. It will not harm the child. The drug is prescribed for severe swelling in a woman, gestosis, heart disease, hypokalemia, as well as a tendency to constipation.

If Asparkam is prescribed, contraindications should also be studied. These include the following:

  1. Individual high susceptibility to the entire medication or its individual components;
  2. Violation of metabolic processes of amino acids;
  3. Renal failure in acute or chronic form;
  4. Some problems with emptying the bladder (anuria, oliguria);
  5. Lack of potassium in the human body;
  6. Lack of magnesium;
  7. Lack of functioning of the cerebral cortex;
  8. Myasthenia gravis;
  9. Hemolysis;
  10. Low blood pressure.

If the child is less than 18 years old, then such a tool is also not recommended. In addition, you can not combine with drugs, which also lead to the accumulation of potassium in the human body (for example, these are some drugs from the group of diuretics). This is also a contraindication.

Each drug has contraindications, they are based on the effect of the drug itself on the body.

  • the concentration of potassium and magnesium ions in human blood is higher than normal;
  • kidney disease, especially in acute and chronic form;
  • violations in the functions of the adrenal glands;
  • poor functioning of the urinary system, low urine formation in the body;
  • a blood disease such as hemolysis – the destruction of red blood cells, red blood cells;
  • dehydration;
  • acute myasthenia gravis;
  • violation of amino acid metabolism;
  • Addison’s syndrome.

Asparkam children and infants

The purpose of this drug in childhood is in exceptional cases, when there is a clear lack of potassium and magnesium ions in the blood of a child. Only Asparkam tablets are prescribed to children. Injections can be applied only if there is a threat to the life of the child. The dosage is prescribed only after examination by a doctor and for each child the dosage and duration of treatment are individual.

So, for children up to a year, the maximum dose of the drug can be up to 1/4 tablets per day, older children, depending on age, can be prescribed daily intake from ½ and up to 1 whole tablet. Dosage may be adjusted depending on repeated results.

Use during pregnancy

Preventive courses of taking Asparkam during pregnancy are not possible. Admission is prescribed only if it is necessary to restore the imbalance of ions according to blood tests. Tip: self-administration is not possible. Usually, a reduced dose is prescribed for pregnant women, and the course lasts as long as the balance of ions in the blood is restored. Then, medication should be discontinued. Importantly, when overdose symptoms occur, Aspark should not be taken.

Asparkam in bodybuilding

The use of Asparkam by athletes and especially in bodybuilding is justified. The drug Asparkam directly affects the heart muscle, increases its endurance and stability, which is especially important with significant physical exertion. In this sport, the medicine is used in a duet with Riboxin. These two drugs Asparkam and Riboxin significantly increase the body’s stamina during cardio loads and strength exercises in bodybuilding.

Asparks with Riboxin help to increase the training time, we can say that the training time in bodybuilding is not the most important criterion, the main thing is the quality of this training itself. But Asparkam and Riboxin help the bodybuilder to adapt to a gradual increase in the quality of sports and increase time. Without additional funds, there is a risk of cardiac arrest.

Potassium and magnesium ions to keep the pulse normal, do not allow the heart to “accelerate” to the limit with prolonged power and cardio loads. In addition, the elements help relieve excess tone from the heart muscle and help it relax.

Admission to bodybuilding is justified by another fact, with any physical exertion, the consumption of potassium and magnesium in the body is significantly reduced, therefore, taking Asparkam and Riboxin with the content of these elements is necessary to maintain a certain level.

Riboxin in a duet with Asparkam helps increase the amount of blood that is released through the heart, which helps improve blood circulation throughout the body. Riboxin helps to quickly recover the “worked out” muscles of the bodybuilder, and also has an anabolic effect and helps to build up a significant amount of muscle mass.

Acting together with Riboxinum are appointed only by a course simultaneous reception. Asparkam 1 tablet three times a day, and Riboxin 2 tablets also three times a day. Important, use only under medical supervision. The dose of Asparkam can be increased to two tablets three times a day, but no more. The effect of such an overabundance will not be positive, but the symptoms of an overdose will not take long. The dose increase should take place only after consulting a specialist, with the consent of the trainer.


  • Potassium and Magnesium Asparaginate Berlin-Chemie;
  • Potassium and Magnesium Asparaginate;
  • Asparkam-AKOS;
  • Asparkam-Ros;
  • Asparkam-UBF;
  • Asparkam-Farmak;
  • Asparkam-Ferein;
  • Aspangin;
  • Pamaton;
  • Panangin;
  • Panangin Forte.
  • Inosine;
  • Riboxin;
  • Mexarhythm;
  • Propanorm;
  • Rhythmocardium.

Asparkam for weight loss

Asparkam can be used and is successfully used for weight loss. This is especially important if the process of losing weight is associated with following a strict diet or taking diuretics.

During diets, the diet is very limited, and the intake of such important substances for the body as potassium and magnesium, sometimes “there is no place to wait.” Replenishing them with Asparkam helps the body restore balance, improve metabolism and more easily transfer all the hardships of a strict diet to weight loss.

In addition, it helps the speedy removal of toxic substances that are formed during the decay of “bad and unnecessary” fats. There are many examples when a woman taking Asparkam lost weight much faster than another without taking this drug, but with the same diet.

It should be noted that diuretics help to lose weight quickly, but not due to the removal of extra pounds, but due to the lost fluid from the body. In this case, Asparkam only replenishes the potassium ions lost with the liquid. The role of the drug is limited only by this. Asparkam does not cure dehydration.

Bodybuilder Reviews

There are many reviews of bodybuilders. 99% of them are positive, the remainder – they were taken on their own without supervision by a doctor, so an overdose of Asparkam occurred.

Athletes in bodybuilding focus on taking medication together with a protein diet and strong physical exertion, in which, as you know, a significant amount of fluid is lost. Also, Asparkam was appointed as a doctor to help bodybuilders with muscle cramps, and magnesium in its composition also helped with this problem.

Also, many bodybuilder athletes focused on the fact that taking this drug gave good results, and its cost per package is small.

How to take Asparkam with diuretics

Use with diuretics should be very careful. Moreover, Asparkam will not be the main active drug, it will only play a supporting role. All diuretics are based on the removal of excess fluid from the body, and Asparkam only makes up for the deficiency of potassium and magnesium ions.

In addition, with joint administration, not only a deficiency of elements is restored, but also blood pressure normalizes. Therefore, in a duet, diuretics can be used for a long time, in contrast, if the reception was exceptional diuretics.

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