How to treat eczema on the hands – medications and folk remedies

hand eczema - 37The number of people suffering from eczema rashes is growing every year, but not everyone knows how to properly and how to treat eczema on the hands and other parts of the body.

A small rash with cracks and vesicles of neuro-allergic etiology most often affects the open areas of the upper and lower extremities, feet, face, which gives the patient physical and mental discomfort.

Therapy for eczema requires an integrated approach, the components of which are antihistamine oral and local therapy, the use of traditional medicine, and proper nutrition. Beware of stress, in severe cases you will have to treat the rash with hormones.

What is eczema on the hands?

Eczema refers to acute or chronic inflammatory skin diseases, dermatoses. Often, the disease has a recurrent course and arises from several factors.

Eczema is a specific polymorphic rash: ulcers form on the skin of the hands, from which exudative fluid is released. Due to the release of exudate, there is a tendency to weeping with a simultaneous sensation of intolerable itching, skin hyperemia, and a feeling of tightness of the epidermis.

ekzema na rukah - 39The initial stage of eczema on the hands

Dermatologists advise avoiding self-medication and treating dermatosis on the hands in a complex way, following the recommendations of a specialist: apply ointments, compresses, lotions, solutions. Moreover, each patient requires a special therapeutic regimen aimed at eliminating pathological symptoms and reducing the manifestations of the inflammatory response.

Note! Most of the therapeutic areas are ineffective, so eczema often worsens.

What causes the initial stage of eczema?

The exact causes of eczema have not been determined to this day, therefore, the pathology is often called idiopathic, that is, of unexplained genesis. Allergy sufferers are often susceptible to eczema; people with a weakened immune system, the presence of chronic diseases and a lack of stress resistance are also at risk.

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” title=”- 42 How to treat eczema on the hands – medicines and folk remedies”>Eczema on the fingers

In this case, in addition to eczema, the root cause of the development of the disease should be treated. Sometimes doctors find it difficult to determine the exact factor that influenced the formation of the inflammatory process in the hands.

Provoking circumstances due to which eczema develops on the skin of the hands:

  • Food misuse of pickles, smoked meats, sweets, citrus fruits, highly allergenic products (bee products, nuts, chocolate products, alcohol, carbonated drinks and others),
  • Allergy to metal low quality silver, gold jewelry, cheap jewelry, hand contact,
  • Pollinosis, contact with pets and inhalation of toxic substances, allergy to mold,
  • Contact dermatitis caused by wearing synthetic clothing
  • Interaction with household chemicals,
  • Hazardousness inhalation or contact with chemical poisonous substances at work without protective equipment,
  • Long-term use of potent medicines, antibiotics, analgesics, psychotropic substances, eczema on the hands is manifested as a side effect,
  • The defeat of the body by pathogenic microbes, worms, fungi, bacteria,
  • Deficiency of the vitamin-mineral complex, vitamin B6 pyridoxine, carbon-supersaturated acids,
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Intestinal dysbiosis
  • Cholelithiasis,
  • Primary, secondary immunodeficiency.

ekzema ruka 3 - 43Weeping eczema on hands and palms

Eczema on the hands should be treated not only taking into account the factor conducive to the development of the anomaly, but also the type of pathology.

What does eczema on the hands (varieties) look like?

Eczema is classified according to the factors contributing to the appearance of the abnormality. There are several types of eczema on the hands, differing in clinical signs and origin:

  • idiopathic (true) eczema is formed for unknown reasons, but experts are sure that the rash is caused by exogenous and endogenous factors: thyroid dysfunction, impaired metabolism, VSD, gastrointestinal dysfunction, heredity. Allergy sufferers often suffer from this type of eczema. Due to contact with antigens, the outer skin on the hands turns red, papules are formed, which after a while are filled with exudate and burst with further erosion and epidermal cracks. The patient scratches the skin, which is fraught with infection and chronicity of the process, therefore, it is most often necessary to treat the disease with the use of antibiotics,

istinnaya ekzema - 45Idiopathic (true) eczema on the hands

  • dyshidrotic eczema is one of the subtypes of true eczema rashes are noticeable on the fingers and wrists. When neglected, the anomaly becomes chronic,
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lechenie i simptomatika disgidroticheskoj ekzemy - 47Signs of dyshidrotic eczema

  • atopic eczema forms on the hands of people prone to immune responses, as well as due to a genetic factor,

atopicheskaya6 - 49Atopic eczema

  • occupational eczema, the cause of the rash is the persistent effect of pro-allergens on the skin of the hands. Contact dermatitis develops initially. It is important not only to treat the anomaly with drugs, but also to observe protective measures against toxins at work. In the absence of precautions and therapeutic measures, the returns of the clinical manifestations of eczema become more frequent, the disease becomes chronic,

professionalnaya ekzema na rukah - 51Professional eczema on the hands

  • microbial eczema is formed as a result of damage to the epidermis and dermis by pathogens at the site of combed lesions, bursting pustules. The epidermis on the hands becomes pinkish or bluish in color with clear contours.

4 8 - 53Microbial eczema photo

Reference! There are other forms of eczema: varicose eczema is diagnosed on the legs due to impaired blood supply in patients with varicose veins, seborrheic eczema is formed on the head, and children focus on the child’s face. However, such pathological types are rarely seen on the hands.

Two subspecies of eczema are differentiated:

  • Dry (xeroderma) pathology is characterized by increased dryness of the skin of the palms, severe itching, burning sensation, flaky, red skin,
  • Wet versus dry, wet eczema is more difficult to treat. Dermatosis is characterized by the formation of weeping rashes between the fingers, on the palms at the initial stage, followed by the formation of papules on the hands, which itch unbearably and burst, which is fraught with infection and increased symptoms.

simptomyilecheniemoknushcheyekzemy9 - 55The onset of eczema on the hands

First, a person should be treated, eliminating hormonal dysfunctions and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Symptoms of eczema

Eczema is characterized by a rapid course and if the disease is not treated, then serious complications and severe damage to the skin are possible. The common symptoms of dermatosis are flushing of the hands and severe itching.

The next stage is characterized by the formation of papules, in which liquid exudate accumulates. When combing, exudative vesicles burst, therefore eczema should be treated immediately to avoid scabs.

2 image - 57Dry eczema on the hands

Each type of eczema has certain symptoms, so it should be treated differently based on the symptoms.

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Idiopathic eczema

  • severe itchy skin
  • the formation of symmetrical erythema, papules, vesicles,
  • the acute process begins with the formation of small bubbles, which eventually burst and join, forming multiple ulcers,
  • with the chronicity of the inflammatory process, the outer skin thickens, sometimes pigmentation appears.

tiloticheskaja jekzema - 59Treating eczema on the hands

Atopic form

  • itching bothers during an exacerbation,
  • the skin of the hands is hyperemic, edematous, with the formation of small blisters,
  • when the bubbles open, eczema begins to get wet,
  • the development of the process is characterized by peeling of the skin, the appearance of crusts and scales.

9 4 - 61Types and treatment of eczema on the hands and feet

Professional uniform

  • symptoms resemble true eczema,
  • damage to the epidermis is seen at the site of contact with an irritant,
  • the progression of eczema contributes to the spread of lesions to other epidermal areas.

d871a21cbccf55f8df96b1dcf1c6cd55 - 63What causes eczema on the hands


  • complication after the introduction of staphylococci and streptococci into the body,
  • localization of eczema around wounds, ulcers, fistulas,
  • at an early stage, detachment of the stratum corneum occurs,
  • peeling or the appearance of exudative fluid in the wound area, which subsequently turns into crusts,
  • the skin on the hands almost does not itch,
  • with the progression of the disease, the rash becomes symmetrical.

1 images 7 - 65Skin eczema on the hands

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Treating eczema on the hands

Treating hand eczema on your own means increasing the severity of the skin damage. With the initial signs of an inflammatory process, it is necessary to visit a skin doctor.

The doctor, based on anamnesis and laboratory techniques, diagnoses the disease and prescribes effective therapy. To treat eczema, you need to thoroughly smear your hands with ointments, creams, and use lotions. Hand eczema should be treated comprehensively.

Remember! Misuse of prescription drugs, random therapy of eczema with hormones prevents an accurate diagnosis. It is also important to have a positive mental attitude for a speedy recovery.

With a strongly pronounced process, eczema should be treated with non-specific methods:

  • autohemotherapy,
  • hirudotherapy,
  • blood transfusion,
  • lactotherapy.

If eczema is treated correctly, it will be possible to achieve long-term remission.

b553dad2294f51db4265ceeda31adefc - 67Sores on the hands (eczema)

Medication Therapy

To treat eczema on the hands comprehensively means:

  • fight allergens with antihistamines,
  • help cleanse the body of toxic substances with enterosorbent agents,
  • restore the gastrointestinal tract with diuretics,
  • improve immunity with vitamin and mineral complexes,
  • treat neuropsychiatric disorders with sedatives,
  • treat the liver with hepatic dysfunctions with hepatoprotectors.

professionalnaya ekzema s yavleniyami ekssudatsii - 69Eczema on hands, itching, itching

Eczema should be treated with an emphasis on eliminating the symptoms of itching, burning, and redness of the skin. For this, hormonal, non-hormonal ointments and creams are used.

Reference! Hormones are classified according to the degree of activity and are applied depending on the severity of the process.

When an infection is introduced, eczema must be treated with antibiotics with a complex of drugs that protect the intestinal microflora.

It is also recommended to treat eczema with medicated compresses. The following means are used for lotions:

  • boric acid alcohol solution 3%,
  • rivanol,
  • naphthalan ointment, tar 5%.

Attention! Before treating eczema on the hands and other parts of the body, it is important to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Improper treatment will only make the condition worse.

diet therapy

For the effectiveness of therapy, eczema should be treated not only with medications, dietary measures contribute to remission. Diet is essential to eliminate food allergies.

1497257484 shutterstock 580580365 - 71Chronic eczema treatment

Dermatologists recommend avoiding the following foods:

  • salinity,
  • smoked products,
  • canned food,
  • food with seasonings, spices,
  • sausages and cheeses,
  • strong meat broths,
  • highly allergenic products honey, nuts, chocolate, coffee, lemonade, alcoholic beverages.

Doctors advise adhering to a dairy-plant diet. It is advisable to cook protein products, fish, meat in a dietary way: steamed or simply boiled.

Folk remedies

Alternative medicine is effective as an adjunct to eczema treatment if traditional remedies have failed.

It is important! Before treating the disease with traditional medicine, you should definitely consult with a specialist. Applying inappropriate products to the skin can aggravate the process and prolong healing.

Traditional healers offer variations on how to treat eczema on the hands:

  • compresses,
  • lotions,
  • ointments,
  • vegetable juices,
  • formulations based on vegetable oils.

The effect of local treatment of eczema will be enhanced by infusions and decoctions for oral administration, which should preferably be consumed before meals.


Physiotherapy is recommended for patients with eczema on the hands:

  • electroplating baths,
  • the use of radon waters,
  • aerotherapy, electrosleep therapy,
  • inhalation of diphenhydramine,
  • electroplated collar,
  • diadynamic current,
  • ultrasound,
  • UFO,
  • therapeutic sonophoresis,
  • peloidotherapy, treatment with ozokerite,
  • laser therapy, the use of ozone,
  • magnetotherapy,
  • acupuncture,
  • paraffin treatment.

To treat eczema on the hands and achieve remission is to stop the abuse of bad habits by smoking and drinking alcohol, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and follow a diet.

Prevention of eczema on the hands

Many people are of the opinion that only allergy sufferers and people who work with toxins can get eczema. However, this opinion is incorrect, and eczema is considered a common condition that most often appears on the hands. To prevent the development of an acute process, important rules should be remembered:

  • Do not wash your hands with solvents, alkalis, engine oils,
  • Clean the room exclusively with latex gloves,
  • Boost the body’s immune functions,
  • Protect yourself from stress
  • Treat inflammatory processes in a timely manner, do not allow chronicity,
  • Try to eat a healthy, nutritious diet,
  • Give up wearing synthetics,
  • Do not neglect your allergy treatment,
  • Use quality cosmetics
  • Avoid dry hands.

Eczema is not contagious, so do not stop communicating with a person suffering from pathology, because the patient needs moral support. Getting rid of eczema quickly will not work to treat the disease for a long time, patiently, comprehensively.

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