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First, consider the top best smart bracelets with heart rate and pressure measurement. In the second half of the publication, we will study the devices in the clock form factor, and also we will figure out whether such gadgets can be trusted at all, and how to correctly measure the pressure in order to obtain the most accurate data.

Price: 900 rubles

Lerbyee C1 Plus is made in a pleasant minimalistic design, it has the basic set of functions of a budget fitness bracelet with pressure measurement. In the tonometer mode, the gadget, of course, does not work perfectly, but the fact of its presence in such a cheap device is already a huge plus. The accessory has compact dimensions and is often positioned as female, which is quite logical due to the presence of many bright colors. The capsule with the “brains” is removable here, if you wish, you can change the bracelets, thereby refreshing the appearance of the gadget.

Even taking into account the presence of a battery-saving screen activation function when you turn your hand, the tracker’s autonomy is mediocre, it lasts no more than 4-5 days from a single charge. But there is an adequately working Russified application for a smartphone (Wearfit), in which you can view statistics on the distance traveled, take measurements and configure the functionality of the bracelet.

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More expensive, larger, better in quality materials. R5MAX is waterproof, the gadget is certified according to the IP67 standard, which allows you to not only wash your hands in it, but also take a shower (though you do it at your own peril and risk). In addition to the declared functions of measuring pressure / heart rate, as well as a basic pedometer and sleep monitoring, the smart bracelet can determine the level of oxygen in the blood, which will be useful for athletes.

The review uses data from the results of the analysis of the resource.

Beurer PM15 does not have external sensors. It has the property of permeability. In the product memory, both the maximum and minimum values ​​of the heart rate are stored. A special signal from the sensor is output to the bracelet. The display shows the corresponding graphic image with which you can get complete information about the work of the heart. A Beurer PM15 bracelet is needed for a person suffering from cardiovascular pathologies, for the following reasons:

  • The product will help determine that it is time for the patient to drink the drug.
  • The heart rate in people with cardiac pathologies often increases under the influence of weather conditions, with excitement, physical activity. With the help of a bracelet, a person will receive reliable information about his condition. He will be able to understand that it is time to take a break from work.
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Beurer PM15, equipped with a heart rate sensor, can save a person’s life. He will give a signal that the heart rate has exceeded the permissible norm, and the patient will have time to call an ambulance.

The World Health Organization recommends taking at least 10 thousand steps per day. The Sigma Sport Activo black fitness bracelet allows you to record the number of steps. It has the function of setting daily plans, the Sigma Active application helps to monitor the duration of a night’s rest. Instrument readings can be seen on a special LED screen.

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system requiring surgical treatment. This device will reduce the duration of the rehabilitation period.
  • Thyroid disease, metabolic problems, increased blood glucose. In the presence of these diseases, it is recommended to engage in therapeutic exercises.

The battery life of the product is not more than 8 days. The bracelet is very light: its weight is 18 grams.

This Chinese-made fitness bracelet has no screen. The product is protected against accidental moisture, it is compatible with Android and Windows Phone. The device consists of two parts: the main unit and the strap. It facilitates the process of waking up from sleep: the bracelet has a built-in alarm clock. The duration of the active mode is 720 hours.

  • Insufficient accuracy of the change results.
  • The fragility of the product.

The product is able to accurately calculate the distance traveled by a person. But when swimming, it is not recommended to use it because of a possible error in the measurement results.

A moment of bitter truth

In conclusion, briefly about whether you can even trust such gadgets. Immediately make a reservation that if you buy a device for the elderly and require real measurement accuracy from it, then you need to take ASUS VivoWatch BP or wait for the clock to come out from Omron.

All other budget watches and trackers, for which this function is declared, determine the pressure indirectly. Their readings are calculated according to a tricky algorithm based on a comparison of the information entered into the application about your body (age, weight, gender) and the pulse determined by the gadget. The latter is actually measured, not calculated approximately.

To get the result as close as possible to reality, follow these recommendations:

  • take measurements on your left hand;
  • before measurements do not use any pacemakers (caffeine, energy);
  • You are at rest, do not move or speak during measurement (usually 40-60 seconds);
  • press the device case with the sensor as tightly as possible to your hand.

When using a correctly working gadget and following the above rules, you can count on the minimum error within 10 units of the tonometer.

Stylish little thing Fitbit Alta HR!

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products used in fitness. Not so long ago, the company presented to the public a new bracelet in which there is a heart rate sensor. The product is made of quality material: stainless steel. The device is able to monitor the quality of sleep.

It can display the number of steps taken and calories burned. The product has a small monochrome OLED screen. The manufacturer claims that the battery lasts for five days. Therefore, a Fitbit bracelet can be considered not only stylish, but also a practical product. But this product is intended more for athletes than for people with pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Price: 11000 rubles

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Fitbit is the second largest manufacturer of wearable electronics in the world, which is very popular in the USA but unfairly deprived of our attention. The reason for this is the lack of official localization – the interface of the bracelet and application are completely in English. To use the gadget, basic knowledge of the language is enough, and this compromise is largely justified by the advanced sports component and the presence of a number of unique functions that Fitbit inherited from the once-cult brand Pebble.

Fitbit Charge 3 is a high-quality and stylish fitness bracelet with an AMOLED screen that can work up to 10 days on a single charge. The bracelet is suitable for running, cycling, swimming and weight training. Against the background of competitors, all Fitbit products stand out with very high-quality software with an emphasis on social interaction between gadget owners.

In the application, you can not only track your statistics, which are visually visualized in graphs and charts, but also add other users as friends, share your progress with them and compete in achieving new results. In addition to problems with localization, it is worth knowing about the lack of GPS, you will have to run with a smartphone to accurately track the distance.

Inexpensive Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse Fitness Bracelet

Price: 1500 rubles.

A very affordable option from a subsidiary of Huawei. The functionality is the most basic – monitoring sleep, calories and physical activity, and in addition the ability to receive SMS, mail and notifications from social networks directly to the bracelet. The touch screen allows you to work with the received correspondence quite freely.

The device looks simple, but stylish, and a removable capsule allows you to change the straps if you wish. As for the accuracy of measurements, for example, steps, it is pleasantly surprising – many more expensive analogs cannot boast of such. The key advantage of the Honor Band 4 RE is its moisture protection, which allows you to swim with it in the pool.

The battery life is about two weeks – partly such a decent result is caused by minimalism in functionality, but still nice. Cons are associated more with the lack of more interesting use options than with the jambs available, but, as for the $ 20 gadget, there is everything you need. The rating of fitness bracelets in 2019 begins with a very good, and most importantly, inexpensive copy!

Price: 2700 rubles.

The first fitness bracelet with an energy-efficient AMOLED screen in our top. Honor Band 4 has many predefined training modes that allow it to give the most accurate indicators not only when running, but also during strength training on simulators. There is also a smart alarm clock that can wake you up in the REM sleep phase – this is not so uncommon, but here it is brought to mind and does not cause irritation due to the irrationality of its operations. Also, users note a pleasant vibration and the presence of a useful phone search function.

The heart rate monitor in Honor Band 4 is quite accurate, but measurement errors can occur when the skin sweats under the strap during training. There is not enough ability to control the smartphone player directly from the bracelet, but given its price, this is already nitpicking. It only bothers me that a number of small chips fully work only with phones from the same manufacturer – Huawei or Honor. If you are the owner of one of these devices, the bracelet will do just fine, in other cases the choice will slide into the plane of taste.

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Price: 2000 rubles.

The latest model in the cult series of Xiaomi fitness trackers, with which most users began to get acquainted with such devices. For many years, the answer to the question of how to choose a fitness bracelet with a minimum budget came down to the banal “take the Mi Band and don’t bother.” Since then, a lot of water has flowed and Xiaomi’s trackers have begun to be more critical – they are charged with the systematic incorrect determination of sports indicators, the lack of a smart alarm clock and meager functionality for tracking sleep.

Unlike previous generations, the gadget has finally got a color screen, and this radically changes the impression of its use. Mi Bend 4 supports a huge number of interchangeable dials (screensavers can even be created independently), which, combined with a wide range of interchangeable straps for every taste and color, makes it perhaps the most customizable device in the class.

The new generation Mi Band has learned to fully display notifications, received a pleasant vibration and a more interesting appearance, which is no small enough for the device for $ 30. Add to it superior autonomy (2-3 weeks on a single charge) and the ability to control music. This, without exaggeration, is one of the best representatives of the budget segment. Read about the sports capabilities of Mi Band 4 in our detailed bracelet review.

Price: 4500 rubles.

The strengths of the Band 3 Pro are striking right away as soon as you unpack the box – this is a stylish design and also a fairly large color AMOLED display that can be read without problems in the sun. The build quality and materials are on top, the bracelet is comfortable and lightweight, you can sleep comfortably in it. Another aspect worth noting is that Band 3 Pro is already a full-fledged sports assistant, and not just a strap that receives notifications from a smartphone and counts steps.

There were some minuses: there is a weak vibration signal and there is no automatic GPS shutdown after training. For forgetful people, this can lead to unexpected discharge of the bracelet, since geolocation intensively eats the battery. Also, some users complain about the inconvenient display of notifications: messages viewed on the phone continue to hang in the unread list. But there are more advantages, and they outweigh.

Which manufacturer should be preferred?

Most often, people buy products manufactured by well-known companies that have been working in the market for more than one year. It is worth mentioning such popular companies:

    Polar Electro Oy. This Finnish company has been recognized as a leader in its field. It has been producing devices equipped with heart rate sensors for quite some time. The range of products from Polar Electro Oy is quite w >”Alt =” ”>

You should also buy products that are capable of measuring atmospheric pressure, air humidity. After all, the weather in our country is changing as quickly as the mood of a spoiled little child.

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