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There are several options for the course of the disease in the left and right chambers of the heart, depending on the rate of increase of symptoms:

  • acute heart failure;
  • chronic heart failure.

Symptoms in the acute phase of the disease increase in a short time and reach a maximum in a few hours, and sometimes minutes. Both chambers of the heart are involved in the process. In a chronic course, failure develops gradually, in severe cases, all organs are affected.

Acute heart failure in the left ventricle develops in several ways – this is cardiac asthma and pulmonary edema. The first has the following symptoms:

  1. Dyspnea. At first, it is felt only during physical activity, and then in a calm state. At the time of occurrence of suffocation, breathing is difficult (inspiratory). With the progression of the condition, the patient feels this at night, often wakes up.
  2. Fear of death.
  3. Palpitation.
  4. Sweating.
  5. Cough with difficult sputum.

With pulmonary edema, patients feel the same as with cardiac asthma, but additional symptoms join. The skin of the face and body becomes blue, breathing is noisy, bubbling, it can be heard from a distance. With pulmonary edema, pink sputum is released from the mouth.

In acute insufficiency, congestion (pulmonary heart) occurs in the right ventricle. The main symptom is the appearance of swollen veins on the neck, which become more noticeable during inspiration. The face and fingertips of the patient become cyanotic. Dyspnea appears on inspiration, swelling increases. At first they are almost invisible and temporary. With the progression of the disease, edema persists for a long time and spreads to the face, legs and abdomen.

Heart failure is the outcome of chronic diseases. It affects the chambers of the heart individually or both at the same time. Signs of the disease are associated with insufficient intake of oxygen in the tissue and malnutrition of organs. Symptoms of chronic damage to the right chambers:

  1. Progressive shortness of breath.
  2. Forced sitting while resting on hands on the edge of the bed.
  3. The ends of the fingers thicken and take the form of drum sticks.
  4. The skin becomes cyanotic.

With right ventricular failure, edema appears that quickly builds up. Patients note that they have become less likely to urinate, note heaviness in the right side (enlarged liver). In case of circulatory disturbance in the brain, memory is disturbed, the psyche changes.

Drugs for heart failure should be selected by specialists. Yes, their list is huge, but you should not recklessly turn to any of them, as the wrong choice can lead to a worsening of the situation and exacerbation of symptoms. So, with hypertension, the medicine is selected in accordance with the pressure, so some options are immediately discarded. A kind of classification will tell you what is the best way to act so as not to confuse the medications.

Medications for heart failure appear constantly, but still they remain a serious problem. Women and men have different symptoms, so clarification of the type of disease is possible only after a full examination. It will allow the specialist to determine the type of shortage, then to make the optimal course of drug treatment.

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Acute form

In acute heart failure, a cardinal treatment method is used. In such cases, you should take nitroglycerin 1 tablet no more than once every 7 minutes. Moreover, you can repeat the reception no more than 3 times. Usually this is enough to restore a person’s normal state.

Traditional cardiac glycosides will not help in this condition. An attack is a dangerous sign that can lead to the death of an elderly person. You should immediately consult a doctor, but before the arrival of an ambulance, you should take a remedy that reduces pain. Otherwise, the situation may worsen, so resuscitation does not have time to save a person.

Chronic form

The chronic form develops over time, expressed in a gradual worsening of the condition and exacerbation of symptoms. In such cases, cardiac glycosides are prescribed to patients. They should be used for the course treatment of heart failure after examination and medical advice.

In the chronic form, the restoration of the heart muscle does not stop for years, accompanied by inpatient and sanatorium treatment. The attending physician gradually checks the patient’s condition to notice even the slightest change in his condition. In this case, there is a change in dosage and list of drugs, where digoxin is often found.

Right ventricular

With the right ventricular form of the disease, beta-blockers are also taken. They coincide with the list of medicines used in the chronic form, and examination is also mandatory. Initially, specialists have to leave patients in a hospital under constant supervision.

Right-ventricular heart failure medications make you choose with special care. A mandatory check of the condition of a person guarantees an accurate calculation of the dosage for the gradual restoration of the patient’s muscles. It is impossible to achieve a result if you do not follow all the recommendations. For this reason, people should take into account even minor points indicated by specialists.

Left ventricular

Left ventricular heart failure, its symptoms, course treatment and pills are a difficult question. In such cases, cardiac glycosides are selected in rare cases, since they require a long course dose. Most often, this form occurs with dangerous side effects that can lead to instant death.

The most dangerous condition is hydrothorax. During it, fluid begins to accumulate rapidly in the lungs, leading to the occurrence of edema. In such cases, beta-blockers may not have the necessary effect, so diuretics, in particular, furosemide, should be taken to improve the picture.

Tablets treating heart failure symptoms

Heart failure: symptoms, treatment, pills – an important issue for the elderly. This dangerous disease is often found at a young age, but usually develops much milder. When the first signs appear, you can not postpone a visit to the doctor. An urgent need is to undergo an examination in order to begin drug treatment at the initial stage.

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Heart failure – can be defined as a violation of the structure and function of the heart muscle, leading to the inability to carry oxygen in the amount necessary for tissue metabolism.


Heart failure is a pathophysiological syndrome, which manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. They will differ depending on which part of the heart is affected. Allocate:

  1. Left ventricular failure is a condition caused by the inability of the left ventricle to transfer to the aorta all the blood flowing to it from the pulmonary veins, and characterized by stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation.
  2. Right ventricular failure is a condition caused by a decrease in contractility of the right ventricle, characterized by stagnation in a large circle of blood circulation.

Common symptoms are:

  • shortness of breath;
  • orthopnea;
  • decreased exercise tolerance;
  • night cough;
  • wheezing;
  • weight gain (

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