Fetal type of structure of the posterior cerebral artery

Vascular diseases often affect the brain. Hypoplasia is not an exception. This term is characterized by insufficient tissue development. The disorder may be congenital or acquired throughout life. Most often, cerebral artery hypoplasia appears during fetal development.

Natural blood supply is provided through the action of the Willis circle. It is formed from large vertebral arteries with branches in two directions. In a normal position, such vessels develop evenly. The branched artery is responsible for the blood supply to the skull. Therefore, hypoplasia of cerebral vessels is divided into: bilateral, right, left.

The disease causes problems with the functioning of the brain all the time. To eliminate such a pathology, it is necessary to undergo medical procedures in which blood flow can be stabilized.

Pathology begins to form even in the process of intrauterine development. Therefore, when planning a pregnancy, you need to take into account that various factors can affect the blood supply to the head, from which the girl needs to be protected as necessary.

Problems with the development of vertebral arteries arise for the following reasons:

  • Injuries and bruises.
  • Radiation or ionizing waves.
  • Genetic predisposition to the pathology of blood vessels.

If a woman uses psychotropic, tobacco products, drinks, then the likelihood of hypoplasia in the baby increases.

In medicine, situations are known where people developed hypoplasia without obvious reasons. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon. Until today, experts can’t say exactly what exactly causes the disease.

Hypoplasia of the brain may occur as a result of:

  • Dislocation of the vertebrae can contribute to a change in the shape of the spinal canal.
  • The vessels are compressed by the bones during osteochondrosis.
  • The occipital membrane begins to overgrow with bone.
  • Thrombosis of arteries.
  • Vascular change due to atherosclerosis.

The disease develops in a latent form until age-related changes in the body begin under the influence of these causes. Doctors may make the wrong diagnosis when identifying factors that affect blood flow disorders. Many diseases appear the same way.

There is no accurate information about all pathologies. Doctors often detect impaired hearing and visual function with hypoplasia. Fatigue increases, performance drops, pains appear.

Left artery

Hypoplasia of the artery of the brain appears with intrauterine developmental disorders. The disease manifests itself when in the process of bearing the fetus occur:

  • The fall.
  • Radiation exposure.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • After visiting the sauna.
  • The use of alcohol and tobacco products.

Violations in the patient appear in adulthood. People often suffer from such pathologies:

  • Migraines, dizziness.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Sensitivity worsens.

To stabilize the state of the body, it will not be necessary to use therapy, the lack of blood supply is gradually compensated on its own. Sometimes specialists have to intervene. The patient becomes worse due to concomitant diseases.

Conservative methods to stabilize the condition of patients is unacceptable. Sometimes doctors prescribe vasodilator drugs. In most examples, diagnostics indicate that surgery is required.

This kind of disease manifests itself when patients begin to have disorders of the cardiovascular system. At the first stages, pathology is difficult to detect. The disease develops over the years, does not give itself away. Circulatory problems lead to poor vascular patency and diseases of the internal organs.

Even with regular visits to doctors for examination, the disease is not always possible to detect. Hypoplasia of the artery of the brain always manifests itself with age. Therefore, all symptoms require attention.

Initially, neck pain occurs. Since there are no other signs, it is difficult to diagnose the disorder. Eliminate the problem allows narrowing of branches in the arteries. As a result, the body tries to compensate for the poor development of blood vessels.

Left-sided hypoplasia leads to destabilization of blood pressure. The disease develops due to changes in the body in accordance with the nature of blood circulation.

This is a vein that combines the internal and external vessels of the brain. Through them flows cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles and membranes. From the region of the transverse sinus, blood moves to the transverse vessels, leading it out of the head. Hypoplasia leads to a decrease in vascular lumen. This is a threat to the appearance of hemorrhagic heart attack.


With microcephaly, the mass and volume of the brain decrease. The formation of internal structures is distorted, anatomical defects occur. Brains are not deep enough, they are poorly developed.

The visual tubercle also becomes smaller with such a disease. This applies to the elongated pyramids and the trunk. Because of this, the size of the skull is reduced. When a child with hypoplasia grows, the front of the skull forms faster compared to the brain. As a result, a distinct deformation of the head occurs.


Hypoplasia can occur against the background of the formation of blood clots in the arteries; for this, drugs are used that make the blood more fluid. In addition to taking medication, the patient will be able to independently stabilize well-being, following these recommendations:

  • You need to get enough sleep, orthopedic pillows are used for this purpose.
  • Work behind the monitor should be minimized.
  • To increase the number of sports, lifestyle should be more active.
  • You need to try not to get into stressful situations, not to strain.
  • Hypoplasia often occurs in the area of ​​the cerebral artery in autumn and spring. This requires preventive measures.

Surgery should be performed after treatment procedures if there are no results. Doctors organize an endovascular intervention involving implantation of a stent in an artery. So it is possible to expand the vessel, stabilize blood flow.

The extent of the problem area largely determines the outcome of the treatment.

With brain hypoplasia, you can lead a full-fledged lifestyle. The likelihood of negative effects increases in old age. Therefore, the regular use of medicines, physical activity, and the prevention of circulatory problems make hypoplasia of the blood vessels of the head a disease with which they live for a long time.

This disease is often diagnosed, not everyone knows about it. Since people whose body has excellent compensatory abilities, hypoplasia does not occur for a long time.

Conservative therapeutic methods involve the use of medications that dilate arteries and stimulate the blood circulation. Thanks to the use of such medications, migraines are reduced in patients, visual function improves, and syncope is absent. When a diagnostic examination allows you to determine a blood clot in the vessels of the head, antithrombotic drugs are used, the blood becomes more liquid.

Surgical treatment is practiced if the drugs do not give the desired effect. Modern neurosurgeons have developed a technique for endovascular surgery. This technique involves the use of dilators in the arteries. As a result, the width of the arteries increases, blood flow stabilizes.

When children get sick

In babies, doctors often detect hypoplasia of a single kidney. This is a congenital disease due to which the organ becomes smaller. Not enough building cells are secreted for its formation. The body continues to work, but its effectiveness decreases.

A normally formed kidney takes up most of the load, so it does not affect the condition. When the diagnosed disease does not negatively affect the quality of life, treatment is not necessary.

A much more dangerous problem is the development of both organs, implying disability.

Corpus callosum

Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum in children is one of the most dangerous pathologies. The problem is characterized by the lack of a department where nerve fibers are collected that are responsible for the work of neurons between the hemispheres of the head. Such a disease can only be congenital.

The disorder is diagnosed in the prenatal period and in the first 2 years of life. In 70-75% of examples, children become disabled due to problems with the corpus callosum, schizophrenia, convulsions develop. The causes of such disorders are still unknown. Negative factors include intoxication of a pregnant woman.

Hypoplasia Prevention

Since vascular hypoplasia is a congenital disease, preventive measures must be followed by the expectant mother during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, you need:

  • eliminate infections;
  • Do not expose the body to poisoning;
    leave the region with poor ecology;
  • Do not fall under the influence of radiation sources or ionizing pulses;
  • avoid injury during pregnancy;
  • Do not use medicines without consulting a specialist.

Preventive procedures using folk remedies can improve the elasticity of arteries. Every day you need to eat food that prevents atherosclerosis: citrus fruits, olive oil, herbs.

From time to time, you need to go outdoors, cleanse the body of toxins, follow a diet with a minimum of calories in foods.

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