Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

A multicomponent plant-based drugs has a pronounced complicated impact on the state of the venous and lymphatic programs:

  • elevated vascular tone by stimulating a response to norepinephrine;
  • strengthening venous and capillary partitions;
  • fast regression of irritation attributable to inhibition of leukocyte aggregation and decreased secretion of prostaglandins;
  • decreased exercise of free radicals;
  • discount of tissue edema and restoration of vein and lymph outflow.

In addition, the drug has an antiallergic impact and reduces the sensitivity of the pores and skin and mucous membranes to irritating components.

Detralex is a plant-based lego-based drugs.

The drugs is obtainable in a number of oral varieties of launch:

  • 500 mg tablets;
  • 1000 mg tablets;
  • sachet with a suspension in a dose of 1000 mg of flavonoids.

The drugs is taken orally with meals at a dose of 500 mg at lunch and dinner, or 1000 mg in 1 dose, an extended course of therapy – from 2 to 12 months. To cease the acute signs of hemorrhoids, the medication is prescribed in 3 tablets of 500 mg within the morning and night for 4 days, then for 3 days 2 tablets are left 2 occasions a day.

The lively substance of the drug from the group of flavonoids shortly penetrates the wall of venous and lymphatic vessels, strengthens and will increase their tone, reduces permeability and perivascular edema, improves blood circulation. The drugs reduces irritation and has an antioxidant impact.

Available solely within the kind of tablets weighing 600 mg. It is taken within the morning on an empty abdomen as soon as a day. The course is lengthy from 1 to 2 months, between programs take breaks of 6 months. To alleviate the situation in acute hemorrhoids, it is strongly recommended to take 2-1 tablets per day for two week.

Medications are sometimes supplied to interchange one another, however they aren’t full analogues.

Phlebodia – reduces irritation and has an antioxidant impact.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page


Both medication had been initially developed and manufactured in France, however by completely different pharmaceutical corporations.

Medicines comprise the identical lively substance – diosmin.

This is the one lively ingredient in Phlebodia, and in Detralex it makes up 90% of all flavonoids contained in it. Therefore, the use of medication on the identical time is impractical.

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Due to the content material of diosmin, medicines are used for the symptomatic therapy of the next pathologies:

  • acute and continual hemorrhoids;
  • lymphovenous insufficiency of the decrease extremities.

Venotonics are prescribed for ache, cramps and heaviness within the legs, swelling of the ft and legs, a sense of fatigue in them. External indicators of lymphovenous insufficiency are the vascular community, varicose veins of the decrease extremities, long-term non-healing trophic ulcers, and pasty legs.

Side results of Detralex and Phlebodia are a headache. For Detralex, producers point out attainable dizziness from attainable undesirable manifestations. In the directions for Phlebodia, they indicated a microcirculation violation as a separate merchandise within the testimony. Detralex and Phlebodia are allowed for prescribing to drivers.

These signs and complaints are described intimately within the directions for Detralex. In the directions for Phlebodia, microcirculatory problems manifested by trophic problems had been taken out as a separate merchandise within the testimony.

The medication have related uncomfortable side effects: headache, allergic reactions, dyspeptic manifestations.

But for Detralex, producers of attainable undesirable manifestations additionally point out dizziness and normal malaise. In this case, each medication are authorized for prescribing to drivers.

What is the distinction

The principal distinction between Detralex and Phlebodia is its multicomponent nature. Other flavonoids included in its composition have the identical venotonic and anti-protective properties, enhancing the impact of diosmin. In addition, hesperidin reveals desensitizing means, enhancing the anti-inflammatory exercise of the drug.

Active plant elements are added to Detralex within the kind of particles as much as 2 microns in dimension, which will increase its bioavailability. But regardless of such manufacturing applied sciences and the difficult composition of the medication, the therapy routine advisable by the producer offers for bigger dosages than when taking Phlebodia.

In contraindications to Detralex, there isn’t a childhood or interval of bearing a toddler.

Moreover, in contraindications to Detralex, there isn’t a childhood or interval of bearing a toddler, however the dosage routine right now isn’t indicated. And analog producers had been cautious and included the primary trimester of being pregnant and the age of 1 years within the record of restrictions to be used.

In research, the medication didn’t present teratogenic results on the fetus.

Therefore, each medication might be taken by pregnant ladies, however in line with the strict prescription of a physician. Common contraindications had been intolerance to medication and the interval of breastfeeding.

Studies evaluating the effectiveness of taking these medication didn’t reveal a distinction both within the time of onset of motion or within the severity of the regression of affected person complaints and medical manifestations. To make a alternative which drug to take – Detralex or Phlebodia, the affected person can proceed from the peculiarities of utilizing every of the medicines or belief the opinion of the attending doctor.

The benefits of Detralex over Phlebodia embrace the next:

  • wider choice of dosage varieties;
  • expanded composition of flavonoids;
  • Method of micronizing medicinal substances.

At the identical time, the next information might be attributed to the benefits of Phlebodia:

  • pill dimension is smaller, it’s extra handy to swallow;
  • the drug is cheaper;
  • dosage routine snug for sufferers.

Venotonics usually are not contraindicated in sufferers with diabetes.

With diabetes

Venotonics usually are not contraindicated in sufferers with diabetes. On the opposite, they are often prescribed for symptomatic therapy of lymphatic venous insufficiency, together with growing with a diabetic foot.

With varicose veins

Venotonic medication, equivalent to Phlebodia and Detralex, are the principle medication for the therapy of continual venous leg failure.

For the therapy of varicose veins, the primary is prescribed 1 pill a day within the morning for a course of 2 to six months with a break between programs of 2 months.

And Detralex take 2 tablets of 500 mg or 1 pill in 1000 mg within the afternoon with a course of 2 months, the period is set by the attending doctor.

With hemorrhoids

There are not any research confirming the good effectiveness of one of the medication within the therapy of acute or continual venous insufficiency within the anorectal area.

In the directions for the medication, there are variations within the dosage of medication for the reduction of an acute assault. Phlebodia is prescribed for 7 days at 1200-1800 mg of diosmin per day, for the course – from 8400 mg to 12600 mg.

Detralex and Phlebodia are used for the symptomatic therapy of hemorrhoids.

After stopping an acute assault, it is strongly recommended to proceed therapy in customary dosages specified within the directions for the medication.

In this case, it’s essential to comply with the suggestions on way of life adjustments to eradicate the components frightening the illness.

Sergey Sh., Phlebologist, Penza

Venotonic brokers assist nicely within the early phases of venous insufficiency, in superior instances, they scale back signs. It is critical to take medication with reliably confirmed results. But the therapy is all the time complicated, oral administration of venotonics to acquire an enduring consequence isn’t sufficient.

Ilya D., phlebologist, Moscow

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Bioflavonoid-based medication have been used for the reason that final century. I belief French-made medicines. The effectiveness of Phlebodia and Detralex is confirmed by giant research. In my observe, I be aware a constructive consequence of their utility.

It is critical to take medication with reliably confirmed results.

Maria, 40 years previous, Armavir

A fragile downside arose throughout being pregnant, allowed to take the drug Flebodia. Helped shortly, didn’t bear in mind about hemorrhoids anymore. I felt my legs really feel higher too. Then she came upon that it’s helpful for fetoplacental blood stream.

Yuri, 58 years previous, Ryazan

On the legs varicose nodes for a very long time. I take Detralex programs 2 occasions a yr for two months. It takes longer, however continual gastric ulcer exacerbates. The veins don’t disappear, however the drug helps: ache and swelling are diminished.

Tatyana, 28 years previous, Petrozavodsk

I work as a vendor, all day on my ft. Earlier within the night, the legs had been drained, buzzing, by morning the ache didn’t go. Now I’m taking Phlebodia tablets. I drink only one pill per day, however the impact is superb. Before they took Detralex. It is dearer, so I modified the medication.

The principal part is diosmin (600 mg). Release kind – tablets.

How does it have an effect on the physique:

  • tones veins;
  • makes vessels extra versatile, robust;
  • restores blood circulation, lymph stream;
  • eliminates stagnation;
  • prevents irritation;
  • improves oxygen metabolism in tissues.

Contraindications to the use of the drug:

  • age of 18 years;
  • the primary three months of being pregnant (sooner or later, admission is allowed solely with the permission of the physician, 21 days earlier than the delivery, the reception should be stopped);
  • the interval of breastfeeding;
  • allergy to the composition.

Side results: dyspepsia, cephalgia, allergic reactions. No instances of overdose have been recognized. The drugs is mixed with different medicines. When shopping for a prescription isn’t required.

The composition of the drug accommodates the lively part diasmin, which has venotonic properties. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and angioprotective results.

The therapeutic substance contributes to:

  • discount of stagnation within the veins;
  • improve capillary resistance;
  • activation of blood microcirculation;
  • enhance lymphatic drainage.

When utilizing the drug, quite a few therapeutic results are famous:

  • venous tone will increase;
  • the strain within the lymph decreases;
  • blood stasis is eradicated;
  • irritation decreases.

The drug has a constructive impact on the state of blood vessels, decreasing their resistance and permeability of the partitions.

When utilizing the medicine, its fast absorption by the physique and a uniform distribution within the vein tissues are famous. The therapeutic impact of the drug persists for a number of days.

Before deciding for your self: it’s higher to detralex or phlebodia 600, it is strongly recommended to conduct a comparative description and discover out what’s the lively part of these medication.

  • The composition of the drug Detralex contains 450 mg of diosmin and 50 mg of hesperidin. As further elements, the producer makes use of microcrystalline cellulose, talc, water, gelatin, and starch.
  • The composition of Phlebodia tablets contains 600 mg of diosmin. That is, on this preparation accommodates a bigger quantity of lively lively substance. Auxiliary components are silicon, cellulose, talc.

Detralex Properties

The principal part is diosmin hesperidin (450 mg 50 mg). Release kind – tablets, sachets.

  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • eliminates stagnation;
  • makes vessels extra proof against exterior stimuli;
  • tones veins;
  • normalizes blood circulation, oxygen and lymph.
  • allergy to the composition;
  • lactation interval;
  • age to 18 years.

Allowed to take drugs throughout being pregnant.

Adverse reactions: allergy, dyspepsia, normal weak spot, dizziness, headache. No instances of overdose have been recognized. The drugs might be mixed with different medicines. When shopping for, a prescription from a physician isn’t required.

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This is a drug that’s used for illnesses of the veins. Its principal elements are diosmin and hesperidin. It is made within the kind of tablets. Thanks to its motion, the veins develop into not so stretchable and elastic, their tone will increase, hemodynamics improves. The drug doesn’t enable leukocytes to stick to the endothelial wall, which helps to scale back the damaging impact of inflammatory mediators on the venous valve flaps.

Detralex is a drug that’s used for illnesses of the veins.

Micronization of diosmin promotes the fast penetration of the drug into the specified space. As a consequence, the medication begins to behave a lot quicker than different related medication. It is advisable to take the medicine as half of a complete therapy.

There are such indications to be used:

  • thrombocytopenia;
  • feeling of heaviness within the legs;
  • morning fatigue of the legs;
  • progressive prostatitis;
  • extreme swelling and cramps of the decrease extremities;
  • prevention of varicose veins;
  • elevated capillary resistance;
  • the looks on the pores and skin of a small vascular community;
  • acute hemorrhoids;
  • leg ache
  • venous trophic ulcers.

The treatment is contraindicated in a quantity of such instances:

  • lactation interval;
  • extreme varicose veins with open trophic ulcers;
  • hemophilia;
  • particular person intolerance to the lively substances of the drug;
  • 1st trimester of being pregnant.

During therapy, uncomfortable side effects might develop. These embrace:

  • headache, dizziness;
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdomen discomfort;
  • urticaria, burning, rashes on the pores and skin and different manifestations of allergic reactions.

The analogues of the drug are: Venozol, Venarus, Flebodia 600, Vazoket. Detralex 500 and Detralex 1000 are produced, differing solely in dosage and kind of launch.

Venarus considerably differ in worth from Detralex, since it’s produced within the Russian Federation. It is produced by an organization known as ServierVenarus, available on the market comparatively not too long ago.

Detralex is a French drug that has been on sale for a very long time. The motion of the drug happens extra shortly, as compared with the analogue, that is because of the presence within the composition of diosmin in micronized kind. Another distinction is the presence of a flavonoid.

Fresh data: What can change Detralex with varicose veins of the decrease extremities?

The distinction within the value phase between these medication is greater than 2 occasions.

Detralex and Venarus, nearly similar medication. They are based mostly on such elements as diosmin and hesperidin.

These elements contribute to the elimination of inflammatory processes with varicose veins, scale back ache, scale back swelling, and additionally enhance blood circulation, skinny the blood and enrich it with pure oxygen.

Doctors prescribe medication to soak up the presence of signs equivalent to:

  1. A sense of heaviness within the decrease limbs.
  2. The presence of seizures.
  3. Swelling of the legs.
  4. Ulcers within the knees or decrease legs.
  5. Discoloration of the pores and skin.

The foundation and lively substance of the drug Phlebodia is diosmin. In 1 pill, its content material reaches 600 mg.

The drugs is quickly absorbed and actually two hours later enters the bloodstream. Its most focus is noticed in plasma after 5 hours from the time of taking the drug.

But there its amount is insignificant.

The drug is excreted by 80% throughout urination, the remaining of it leaves the physique together with feces or bile.

In the therapy of varicose veins, Phlebodia is critical to take 1 pill per day for two months. If the illness turns into continual, the course might be prolonged as much as 120 days, and if ulcers and trophic pores and skin adjustments are detected, the therapy time will increase to 6 months. Taking the drug might be repeated, however not sooner than two months after the primary.

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The drugs can be prescribed to eradicate swelling of the limbs in ladies throughout the interval of bearing a toddler. The utility is customary and just like that described above. The solely distinction: to finish the course of therapy is critical no later than 3 weeks earlier than delivery.

As for hemorrhoids, his therapy with Phlebodia has a quantity of options. During the exacerbation, the use of the drug is prescribed 3 occasions a day, after 7 days – this quantity decreases to 1. The period of remedy is particular person, however varies over time – from 1 to 2 months.

If you forgot to take a tablet, you do not want to regulate the schedule for additional administration. Changing the dosage can be not obligatory.

Side results of the use of this drug are extraordinarily uncommon. These embrace:

  • headache;
  • allergic reactions (pores and skin rashes, redness, itching);
  • digestion dysfunction (nausea, vomiting, belly ache, unhealthy breath).

Contraindications embrace the next instances:

  • particular person intolerance to the elements that make up the product;
  • breast-feeding;
  • age to 18 years.

Patient’s opinion

Reviews of sufferers who took or are taking Phlebodia 600.

I used the drug Phlebodia 600 full with a cooling gel for the legs and the impact was nice. Despite a sick abdomen, I didn’t really feel any uncomfortable side effects. The therapy was nicely tolerated.

Kristina, 35 years previous, Barnaul

The drug, of course, isn’t low-cost, however it prices this cash. Reception as compared with ointments is extra worthwhile – one pill per day. Enough for a very long time. And the impact turns into noticeable already on the seventh day after the beginning of use. I felt not solely an enchancment within the state of the veins on my legs, but additionally a normal surge of power.

Irina, 29 years previous, Astrakhan

Great for pregnant ladies. Carrying a second youngster, I attempted the drug Phlebodia, I utterly forgot about puffiness.

Ksenia, 27 years previous, Kazan

The drug belongs to efficient phlebotropic medication. It accommodates 2 lively substances diasmin and hesperidin. The therapeutic elements have venotonic, angioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

The impact of the drug is because of the means of its elements:

  • scale back the extensibility of veins;
  • improve their tone;
  • activate blood microcirculation:
  • normalize lymphatic outflow;
  • strengthen blood vessels;
  • eradicate congestion and swelling.

The drug helps to revive correct vitamin of tissues and their saturation with oxygen. It prevents the formation of free radicals within the blood.

Indications for the use of Detralex are the next pathological circumstances:

  • continual venous insufficiency;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • heaviness within the calf muscle groups.

The drugs is prescribed throughout the preparation for surgical procedure or is used within the postoperative therapy of continual venous insufficiency.

The therapeutic elements of Detralex have venotonic, angioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

The tablets are meant for oral use. The every day dose and period of remedy are decided by the attending doctor individually, making an allowance for the kind of pathology.

Treatment for hemorrhoids includes the use of 6 tablets per day, divided into 2 doses. The period of remedy is 5-7 days. If obligatory, the therapy is prolonged.

Detralex isn’t indicated to be used if:

  • extreme varicose veins of the legs, accompanied by trophic ulcers;
  • particular person intolerance of lively elements;
  • bleeding problems.

It isn’t included within the course of remedy throughout breastfeeding and for the therapy of youngsters.

Among the uncomfortable side effects of the drug:

  • digestive problems, manifested by ache within the epigastric zone, nausea, elevated fuel formation within the intestines, impaired stool;
  • growth of weak spot;
  • decreasing blood strain;
  • headache and dizziness.

An allergic response might develop within the kind of a rash, hyperemia, itching and burning.

Recently, for the therapy of varicose veins, sufferers are more and more being supplied diosmin-based medication. Flebodia 600 or Detralex – which is best for varicose veins? Why do two medication with the identical lively substance give a unique medical impact? Which one do you like? Let’s attempt to give complete solutions to all these questions.

Comparison of compositions

Both medication, and Flebodia 600 and Detralex, comprise one lively substance – diosmin. This is a pure flavonoid that’s extracted from crops of the genus Rutovye.

Its principal properties:

  • capillaroprotective;
  • decongestant;
  • venotonic;
  • lymphostimulating.

Due to those properties, diosmin occupies a key place within the therapy of continual illnesses of veins and lymphatic vessels. Detralex additionally accommodates 10% hesperidin, which improves the motion of diosmin.

A big disadvantage of the flavonoid within the therapy of varicose veins is its low bioavailability, attributable to poor absorption within the digestive tract. As a consequence, a slowly advancing medical impact, which is immediately depending on the dose and period of administration. Therefore, producers use completely different strategies of processing crystals, which might enhance the properties of medication.

Manufacturers of trendy unique venotonics give diosmin a particular therapy – micronization. Micronization is a classy ultrasonic expertise that reduces the dimensions of diosmin crystals from 36,5 microns to 1,75 microns.

Comparison of indications and contraindications

Phlebodia 600 and Detralex are prescribed for varicose veins. Medicines assist keep and restore the tone, elasticity and firmness of the vascular system. They are related of their compositions and the precept of affect on the physique. Only the physician decides which drug to prescribe.

Both cures are appropriate for the therapy and prevention of illnesses, preparation of sufferers for operations.

CriterionDetralexPhlebodia 600
ChildhoodMust notMust not
LactationMust notMust not
Reception impactFast absorption (attributable to particular processing expertise)Slow suction
The proportion of lively substance450 mg600 mg
contraindicationsLess frequentMore frequent (attributable to a bigger proportion of the lively substance)
AnaloguesDetralex 1000, Venarus, Flebodia 600Detralex, Venarus, Phlebofa

Consider the similarities and variations in additional element.


5 1 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

The medication have an identical record of contraindications and adversarial reactions, go nicely with different medicines, have a typical scope, and have an identical impact. In each instances, research didn’t reveal an overdose. Both medication don’t have an effect on driving; they’re allotted and not using a prescription. No manufacturing nation – France.

What is the distinction

The composition of medication (auxiliary elements, the proportion of lively substance), the shape of launch, and the dosage routine differ.

Features of the appliance of Flebodia 600:

  1. With varicose veins. One pill per day (instantly after waking up) for 2 months. In continual and difficult course, remedy can attain 4-6 months.
  2. With hemorrhoids. Maximum 7 days – 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. If no enchancment is noticed, then it’s essential inform your physician.

Features of the appliance of Detralex:

  1. With varicose veins. Two tablets per day, divided into two doses. The normal course is chosen individually, it might probably attain a yr.
  2. With hemorrhoids. In the primary 4 days – six tablets per day (divided into two doses). The subsequent three days – 4 tablets per day (divided into two doses).

Which is cheaper

The common value of Phlebodia is 900 rubles (30 tablets). The common value of Detralex is 600 rubles (30 tablets) and 1500 (30 sachets with suspension). If you select from tablets, then Detralex is cheaper. But it is strongly recommended to concentrate to the time of therapy and the full quantity. As a rule, Detralex must drink twice as a lot as Phlebodia.

Which is cheaper

Before therapy, it is best to fastidiously familiarize your self with the traits of medicines and the options of their use.


Both medication belong to the group of flavanoids. The identical lively ingredient diasmin is included of their composition, attributable to which they’ve an similar impact.

The medication give few uncomfortable side effects, due to this fact they’re allowed within the 2nd and third trimesters of being pregnant. But throughout this era they need to be appointed solely by a phlebologist or gynecologist. At the start of being pregnant, medicines usually are not used.

Medicines have the identical kind of launch, they’re produced within the kind of tablets.

What is the distinction?

Detralex accommodates an extra lively part, hesperidin, which boosts the effectiveness of the drug.

The most focus of phlebodia within the blood is famous 5 hours after utility. A excessive degree of Detralex is recorded already 2 hours after its administration. The fast absorption of this drug is because of the pharmaceutical processing of lively substances. They bear micronization, leading to crushed compounds that may shortly penetrate into the blood. The impact of utilizing Detralex is quicker.

Angioprotectors differ in dosage. If the therapy of Phlebodia includes the use of 1 pill (600 mg) as soon as a day, then Detralex is taken twice a day, and its every day dose is 1 mg.

Which is cheaper?

The value for Flebodia 600 is barely decrease.

Phlebodia 600

Phlebodia 600 is a drug that belongs to the group of angioprotectors. These are pink tablets which can be coated. The principal lively ingredient is diosmin. Each pill accommodates 600 mg of diosmin, movie coating and varied excipients (cellulose, silicon dioxide, stearic acid)

The substance will increase the tone of the venous wall, reduces its extensibility and thereby improves venous and lymphatic outflow. The drug additionally improves tissue oxygen saturation, enhances native blood stream and blocks the manufacturing of inflammatory mediators.

When utilizing this drug, vasospasm from the results of norepinephrine or adrenaline is enhanced.

Indications for the appointment of Phlebodia 600:

  • Hemorrhoids (throughout an exacerbation of the illness).
  • Varicose illness of the decrease extremities.
  • Microcirculatory problems (diabetic angiopathy).
  • Chronic ache and swelling of the decrease extremities.
  • Violation of the lymphatic or venous outflow.

Contraindications for its use:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Allergic reactions to the drug.
  • Children underneath 18 years previous.

In the therapy of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, as much as 3 tablets are prescribed per day for as much as 7 days. In different instances, the dose is much less. In the therapy of problems of venous and lymphatic drainage, edema of the decrease extremities, continual ache, 1 pill is taken orally per day for as much as 8-10 weeks. Possible uncomfortable side effects embrace complications, nausea, and belly discomfort.

Flebodia 600 is allotted in pharmacies and not using a prescription. The bundle might be from 15 to 60 tablets. The price is from 830 to 1140 rubles for 30 items.


Detralex is a reasonably fashionable venotonic. The tablets are heterogeneous construction pinkish and coated. The lively substance accommodates the identical diosmin 450 mg and flavonoid fractions. The impact of Detralex is immediately depending on its dose.

This drug reduces diffusion by the partitions of the capillaries, tones the venous partitions and improves outflow. Its motion eliminates venous congestion within the decrease extremities.

Most of the lively substance is metabolized within the liver and excreted within the feces.

Indications to be used: therapy of acute hemorrhoids, continual ache and heaviness within the decrease extremities, varicose veins, trophic adjustments and ulcers on the legs.

The drug isn’t contraindicated throughout being pregnant, however isn’t fascinating throughout lactation and feeding. It can be contraindicated in case of an allergic response after taking the drug.

For the therapy of hemorrhoids, Detralex is prescribed in a dose of 4-6 tablets per day for 1 week with a dose discount within the final 3 days. In case of violations of the venous or lymphatic outflow, 2 tablets are taken per day in a course from six months to 1 yr.

The following uncomfortable side effects might happen:

  • Swelling of the face space.
  • Skin rash or itching.
  • Dyspeptic problems.
  • General weak spot.
  • Dizziness.

Available in packs of 30 or 60 tablets. The price is from 681-840 rubles for 30 items.

Before utilizing each medication, it is best to all the time seek the advice of a physician who will choose a person dose and give the precise suggestions. In parallel with taking the drug, it’s advisable to keep away from heavy masses on the legs and get rid of further kilos.

Both medication are related in impact. Both Flebodia 600 and Detralex have of their composition the principle lively substance – diosmin. But within the first, it accommodates 150 mg extra in 1 pill. True Detralex accommodates in its composition such a substance as hesperidin. Medicines are each French-made and are costly.

The medical efficacy of Detralex and Phlebodia is confirmed primarily within the preliminary phases of the illness. Both medication are much less efficient at a late stage. Detralex can be utilized not just for exacerbation of hemorrhoids, but additionally as a prophylactic after surgical therapy.

Detralex started to be launched a lot sooner than Phlebodia, so the drug has already been examined for an extended interval of use. The impact of each medication will depend on the dosage. The multiplicity of administration is roughly the identical, however the quantity of tablets in a single dose is larger within the first, which might trigger some inconvenience.

Positive points of Detralex: low frequency of uncomfortable side effects, relevant throughout being pregnant. If we speak in regards to the benefits of Phlebodia: it’s simple to assimilate and excrete from the human physique, goes nicely with different medicines.

Detralex has a smaller quantity of lively substance, due to this fact, has fewer uncomfortable side effects on the goal organs. But for a quicker impact from therapy, it’s higher to decide on Flebodia 600. It is cheaper than Detralex, however don’t forget in regards to the frequency of administration and the period of administration of the drug.

It may be very troublesome to say for certain which of the two medication is greatest for the therapy of hemorrhoids. Both medication have many constructive points and only a few disadvantages.

Phlebodia 600 and Detralex are sufficiently efficient to deal with any stage of hemorrhoids. But nonetheless it’s price saying that the second has a slight benefit.

It shortly enters the bloodstream attributable to fast absorption within the gut, and additionally has a quicker impact on the affected person’s physique.

Round biconvex tablets, coated pink.

Pharmacological motion – angioprotective.


The drug has phlebotonizing impact (reduces venous extensibility, will increase venous tone – dose-dependent impact; reduces venous congestion), improves lymphatic drainage (will increase the tone and frequency of contraction of lymphatic capillaries, will increase their purposeful density, reduces lymphatic strain), improves microcirculation (will increase capillary resistance – dose-dependent impact;

reduces their permeability), reduces the adhesion of leukocytes to the venous wall and their migration into paravenous tissues, improves oxygen diffusion and perfusion within the pores and skin tissue, and has an anti-inflammatory impact. It inhibits the vasoconstrictor motion of adrenaline, norepinephrine, blocks the manufacturing of free radicals, and the synthesis of PPџ and thromboxane.


Doctor’s feedback

Which is best – “Phlebodia” or “Detralex”? There is presently no consensus on this. Some specialists favor to prescribe a confirmed and previous drug (Detralex). Others favor the brand new and more practical Phlebodia. What is the impact of these medication on the human physique?

The drug “Detraleks” and “Flebodia” have an identical impact on the veins and vessels of the affected person. After the use of medication, an angioprotective impact is noticed. The partitions of the vessels and veins develop into extra sturdy and elastic. Capillaries scale back their permeability and are ruptured much less usually.

Both medication skinny the blood and push it out from the veins of the decrease extremities. Swelling and soreness of the legs is shortly eliminated. If the drug is used to deal with hemorrhoids, it promotes resorption of nodes and reduces ache throughout bowel actions. Which is best – “Phlebodia” or “Detralex”? Consider the professionals and cons of these medication individually.

Sergey Viktorovich, phlebologist: “I prescribe both drugs for the treatment of varicose veins in the early stages and for the relief of symptoms in the late stages of the disease. But in both cases, I use them as part of a comprehensive treatment. Patients did not complain of side effects. ”

Maxim Olegovich, phlebologist: “I trust both drugs. Thanks to research, both drugs have proven to be effective. The choice is determined individually, depending on the overall picture and medical history, the characteristics of the patient’s life. I always recommend combining therapy with diet and physical activity. ”

Oleg Vladimirovich, proctologist: “For hemorrhoids, including those weighed down by bleeding, I prescribe Detralex in combination with candles. Sometimes customers complain of nausea, but it quickly goes away. In my opinion, the result of treatment justifies the cost of the drug. ”

Maria: “I used Flebodia 600 with a gel of another medicine. No unpleasant consequences, quick and lasting effect. The treatment was prescribed by a doctor. Before that, she tried to be treated by Detralex, the improvement did not come for long. ”

Irina: “Medicines are not cheap, but effective. One feels not only lightness in the legs, but also a general increase in strength. In the early stages of varicose veins, only pills can be dispensed with. ”

Igor: “On the recommendation of a doctor, he treated the exacerbation of hemorrhoids with Detralex. Symptoms noticeably weakened after two days, after a course of pills, the condition completely normalized. I was worried that an allergy would appear (I often react to pills that way), but this did not happen. ”

Vladimir, 40 years previous, Tomsk: “Phlebodia 600 is an efficient venotonic that treats continual venous insufficiency. Especially shortly, the result’s manifested in complicated remedy. The drug relieves fatigue within the legs, eliminates swelling. Rarely causes uncomfortable side effects. “

Anton, 45 years previous, Yaroslavl: “Often I exploit Detralex phlebotonic in my observe to get rid of continual venous insufficiency, drained leg syndrome, hemorrhoids. It helps within the therapy and prevention of problems. It is nicely tolerated, and adversarial reactions hardly ever develop. “

As is commonly the case with any medical system, the opinions of sufferers concerning which drug is best – Phlebodia or Detralex, had been divided. Say what you want, however with out the expertise of utilizing each medication, it’s not possible to make an unbiased opinion about what’s greatest.

Those who used Detralex shortly after the onset of the event of vascular pathology famous its good effectiveness. It seems that this drugs is the only option for varicose veins of the primary or second diploma. Those who wanted to shortly get a therapeutic impact be aware the excessive effectiveness of the Phlebodia medical system. Treatment of the illness in a shorter time is because of the presence of extra diosmin within the composition of one pill.

Which is best – “Phlebodia” or “Detralex”? There is presently no consensus on this. Some specialists favor to prescribe a confirmed and previous drug (Detralex). Others favor the brand new and more practical Phlebodia. What is the impact of these medication on the human physique?

Both medication skinny the blood and push it out from the veins of the decrease extremities. Swelling and soreness of the legs is shortly eliminated. If the drug is used to deal with hemorrhoids, it promotes resorption of nodes and reduces ache throughout bowel actions. Which is best – “Phlebodia” or “Detralex”? Consider the professionals and cons of these medication individually.

To decide which is best – Detralex or Flebodia 600, it’s going to even be helpful to search out out the evaluations of individuals who took these funds.

detraleks ili flebodia - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

Irina, 41 years previous. I work as a salesman, so I’ve to spend a big half of the day on my ft. Symptoms of varicose veins have appeared for a very long time, so I usually use varied venotonics. Both Detralex and Phlebodia assist equally nicely, however treating the latter prices somewhat cheaper, so most frequently I purchase Phlebodia.

Oleg, 53 years previous. Three years in the past, my spouse took Phlebodia for varicose veins. After a while, my hemorrhoids worsened, however I refused to go to the physician. Then my spouse suggested me to drink Phlebodia (the directions for this drug point out that it may be taken with my downside). Acute irritation of the hemorrhoids has already handed after three days of taking the drugs. Detralex therapy additionally provides a great impact, however, in my view, Phlebodia continues to be higher.

It is critical to take medication with reliably confirmed results.

Often sufferers are confronted with a alternative: take a international drug Flebodia or home Detralex, that are associated to venotonic (trigger the vein wall to contract) and venoprotective (stimulate restoration processes within the venous wall) medication.

  • is a coated pill that protects it from destruction by gastric juice. The composition of the medicine contains 600 mg of diosmin.
  • Coated tablets of 500 and 1000 mg;
  • Suspension (nice powder, soluble in water) for oral administration of 1000 mg.

500 mg tablets comprise:

  • 450 mg of diosmin;
  • 50 mg of hesperidin;

1000 mg tablets and suspension comprise:

  • 900 mg of diosmin;
  • 100 mg of hesperidin.

In latest years, it has develop into broadly believed that illnesses are getting youthful.

272ea42c8477ddba3fc34eccf75b7021 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

The youthful era is more and more confronted with varicose veins, and ladies undergo from this illness greater than males.

Venous venous enlargement could cause:

  • excessive heels;
  • flawed footwear;
  • heavy childbirth;
  • heredity.

But hemorrhoids are thought-about a illness of males. The illness impacts representatives of the stronger intercourse who’ve unhealthy habits. And additionally those that lead a sedentary way of life or expertise robust bodily exertion.

The therapy of such illnesses cannot be postponed till later, as a result of the results might be probably the most unpredictable. Surgery might be allotted with within the early phases, and medication have been developed that may deal with these issues.

Reviews of docs, each concerning one drug and one other, are constructive. Both of them are equally usually utilized in therapeutic regimens attributable to their prime quality and effectiveness of therapeutic results on the human physique.

Phlebodia is a high-quality venotonic agent. I’ve been prescribing this drug for nearly 10 years, since 2007. No uncomfortable side effects had been noticed. And the result’s all the time glorious. My dream is to make such high quality medicines cheaper.

Anna Vitalievna, endocrinologist, Moscow

I prescribe Detralex for acute hemorrhoids and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Together with this drug I exploit candles. There are not any severe uncomfortable side effects, a pair of occasions sufferers complained of delicate nausea. In comparability with analogues, this device, of course, prices extra, however the effectiveness of the affect exceeds the fee.

Evgeny Vladimirovich, proctologist, Novosibirsk

It doesn’t matter what drug the affected person will select, and Phlebodia 600 and Detralex are efficient within the therapy of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids. They will also be used as prophylactic brokers.

Both medication usually are not economical, their value is excessive. But nonetheless, respectable high quality absolutely justifies it. The medication adjust to trendy European pharmaceutical requirements and, earlier than getting into the pharmacy, they handed all the required research.

Therapy with these medication is carried out together with ointments, gels, lotions, in addition to carrying particular compression knitted underwear.

There are many medication obtainable for treating varicose veins. According to medical effectiveness, many specialists favor Phlebodia 600 or Detralex, they’re usually launched right into a complete course of remedy for vein illnesses. Each of the medication has its benefits and disadvantages, which ought to be thought-about when selecting a drugs.

Flebodia 600 or Detralex are sometimes launched into a fancy course of remedy for vein illnesses.

Igor (surgeon), 36 years previous, Verkhniy Tagil

Detralex is included within the therapy of acute thrombosis of hemorrhoidal nodes and continual venous insufficiency. Against the background of the use of the drug, there’s a lower within the inflammatory course of, ache and swelling. When utilizing, uncomfortable side effects are attainable. Digestive system problems and an allergic response are famous. The principal drawback of the drug is its excessive price.

Svetlana (therapist), 44 years previous, Bratsk

Phlebodia 600 helps rather a lot with pathologies of the venous system. The device is handy to make use of and means that you can shortly get the specified impact. Compared with different analogues, the drug has fewer uncomfortable side effects. Use ought to solely be prescribed by a physician, as a result of remedy is all the time particular person and will depend on the medical image.

Anna, 45 years previous, Samara

With exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the proctologist prescribed Detralex to eradicate the signs. The treatment helped, the ache decreased, the itching went away. Now I usually use this drug as a safety measure 2 occasions a yr. Such therapy helps to keep away from exacerbations. The disadvantages embrace the poor tolerability of the drug by the physique. During reception, digestive issues usually seem.

How quick the medication work, excretion

03793e6df6d66b6b636d58952ea1d00a - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

The spectrum of motion of each medicines extends to all illnesses related to weakening of the partitions of the veins and stagnation of blood in them, regardless of which half of the physique has been affected:

  1. Varicose veins of the decrease extremities, manifested by swelling of the legs, the looks of a community of capillaries on the legs and hips, densification and swelling of the venous mattress, ache and heaviness within the legs.
  2. Elimination of the periodic signs attributable to lymphovenous insufficiency. They are just like indicators of varicose veins of the legs, so it’s essential decide the precise analysis with the assistance of a phlebologist.
  3. Hemorrhoidal ache throughout exacerbation attributable to prolapse and squeezing of the rectum.
  4. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  5. Treatment of circulatory problems attributable to too thick blood. Use is anticipated together with different medication.

The lymphatic system can be uncovered to the useful results of each medication, which helps restore capillary microcirculation.

Phlebodia 600 angioprotector might be detected within the blood composition two hours after utility. Its peak focus happens in about 5 hours. The elevated degree of detralex within the blood is set already 2-3 hours after the use of the drug.

The fast absorption of detralex is because of the peculiarity of the pharmaceutical therapy of the lively substance. Diosmin and hesperidin, that are half of the detralex, are micronized – it is a course of of grinding the compound, permitting microparticles to penetrate into the blood at a quicker fee. Due to this, the impact of detralex happens quicker.

The mechanisms of excretion of medication are completely different. Phlebodia 600 is excreted primarily by the kidneys (79%), solely 11% of the drug is launched by the intestines. Removal of detralex primarily happens with feces, and solely 14% of the substances excreted within the urine.

Which is best – “Phlebodia” or “Detralex”? Before answering this query, it’s price understanding the composition of medicines.

The principal lively substance that accommodates the drug “Detralex” is diosmin. Its amount in a single pill is the same as 450 milligram. This is about 90 p.c of the entire composition. Also within the capsules is hesperidin. Its quantity is just 50 milligram. In addition, the tablets comprise glycerol, white wax, talc, magnesium stearate, gelatin and different constituent elements.

The drug “Flebodia” contains the next elements: diosmin within the quantity of 600 milligram. This substance is the principle lively substance. Tablets have an extra composition, which additionally has a useful impact on the human physique. However, these elements usually are not thought-about to be therapeutic.

Since the principle lively substance within the preparations is similar, the detergents “Detralex” and “Fleobodia” have related uncomfortable side effects. These embrace the next reactions of the physique:

  • the looks of hypersensitivity to diosmin;
  • nausea, vomiting and upset of the stool;
  • ache within the head, tinnitus, dizziness.

95d41d670529cabf6234eedf5f5b6f8d - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

Very hardly ever there is usually a decline in power, a clouding of consciousness and normal weak spot. It ought to be famous that the drug “Flebodia” related reactions trigger extra usually than the means “Detraleks”.

What is the worth of Detralex? It all will depend on what dimension of the bundle you determine to buy. Also it’s essential to say that the fee of the medication might be completely different in particular person areas and pharmacy chains. So, the “Detralex” means the worth is within the vary from 600 to 700 rubles. In this case, you should purchase 30 capsules. If you want a big bundle (60 tablets), then you’ll have to pay about 1300 rubles for it.

The value for the “Flebodia” product is considerably completely different. You may also purchase a big or small pack. In this case, the quantity of capsules within the bundle shall be 15 or 30. On a small pack of “Flebodia” the worth is about 500 rubles. Large packaging will price you from 750 to 850 rubles.

The drug “Detralex” is used twice a day. The first consumption of the capsule ought to be within the center of the day. It is best to drink drugs whereas consuming. The second dose ought to be taken within the night. You can do that at dinner. If hemorrhoids are handled, then it’s essential drink the drug somewhat otherwise. Most usually with exacerbation, it is strongly recommended to take 6 capsules per day.

The agent “Flebodia” is adopted as follows. In the morning for breakfast it’s essential drink one capsule. After that throughout the day, repeated taking of the medication isn’t carried out. In the therapy of acute hemorrhoids, the every day dose of the drug is 2-3 capsules. Such a scheme ought to be adhered to at least one week. After that, one pill per day is used for 2 months.

As you may see, taking Flebodia is extra handy, however the therapy turns into longer.

Effectiveness of medication and their impact on the affected person’s physique

What in regards to the results of medication on the fetus and the new child child? Both these and different medicines usually are not advisable to be used with pure feeding. There continues to be no particular information on the impact of the drug on the standard of breast milk. However, scientists discovered that the lively substance penetrates by the blood and enters the milk ducts.

When it involves varicose veins throughout being pregnant, specialists suggest utilizing the “Flebodia” treatment. This is because of the truth that there isn’t a correct information on the use of Detralex on this interval of time. However, attributable to the truth that the drug is kind of new, many docs don’t prescribe it, however favor to suggest analogues.

And but, what is best than Phlebodia 600 or Detralex, it’s truly very troublesome to match, sufferers don’t give an unambiguous reply to resolve this dilemma: some are on the facet of the primary drug, others vote for the second.

Yes, and it’s troublesome to find out when you’ve got not tried each of these instruments. And don’t forget that instances are particular person, and what fits one class of sufferers can’t be relevant to a different.

Phlebodia and Detralex have a chemical composition, artificial elements. Therefore, it’s higher to not use such medication when bearing a fetus and lactation with out good motive. Superficial self-medication is totally dominated out, as a result of ignorance can considerably hurt your well being or the well being of your youngster. The advisable remedy is greatest performed strictly underneath medical supervision, don’t overestimate the dosage.

During being pregnant, it’s higher to be handled with the Detralex medicine (it really works within the physique in a sparing mode), and when breastfeeding, it’s usually essential to abandon this appointment and select one other technique of productive disposal of varicose veins. Medication Flebodia 600 can be prescribed for gestation, however solely within the 2nd and third trimesters.

According to the directions to be used, each medication have pronounced venotonic properties. They assist to scale back the extensibility of the veins, scale back the permeability of the vascular wall of the capillaries, growing their resistance to mechanical stress.

Both phlebodia 600 and detralex restore lymph stream.

Thus, the therapeutic properties of the medication are the identical.

The consequence of the use of medication for varicose veins

Phlebodia 600 Detralex
Heaviness within the legs
Feeling drained within the legs
Pain within the legs
Fragility of capillaries
Burning within the legs

As might be seen from the desk, the indications for the use of phlebodia 600 and detralex are completely similar.

Phlebodia 600 Detralex
Component Intolerance
PregnancyNot put in
Children as much as 18 years previousNot put in

A unfavourable impact on the fetus was not discovered within the examine of the use of each medication. But the use of each medication isn’t advisable within the first three months of being pregnant. In the second and third trimester, taking phlebodia 600 and detralex should be coordinated with a phlebologist and an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Vein issues are more and more bothering individuals, each in younger and previous age. The principal causes of varicose veins are extreme stress, sedentary work, heredity and being pregnant. This illness disrupts the standard course of life, as a result of the legs shortly get drained, damage and start to swell. In this case, it is best to instantly contact a specialist and perform all his appointments.

Dealing with vein illness is kind of problematic. To do that, it’s essential to strategy the issue comprehensively. People with varicose veins ought to usually use topical brokers to shortly get rid of ache and put on compression hosiery or an elastic bandage.

In this case, you will need to positively drink acceptable medicines. They are divided into the next principal sorts:

  • phlebotonics that enhance venous tone and microcirculation, equivalent to Venarus, Detralex, Phlebodia 600;
  • blood thinners that stop stagnation and blood clots (Aspirin, Tiklid, Doksium);
  • anticoagulants equivalent to fraxiparin and clexane.

Only a physician can select the precise mixture of brokers for efficient therapy. To do that, he fastidiously research the related indicators and particular person traits of every affected person.

There are a number of sorts of medication that relate to venotonic. They differ within the nation of manufacturing and the composition of the principle lively elements. Sometimes sufferers require the simultaneous administration of medication from varied teams, however solely a phlebologist can prescribe them appropriately.

9dd48ed5ec1257909b400032b6ff640e - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

In order to match the elements, it’s not sufficient simply to familiarize your self with their record. In many respects, the effectiveness of the drug immediately will depend on the dosage of one or one other part per piece. To every particular person, this or that drugs is extra appropriate. Only a physician can appropriately prescribe therapy.

Venarus is a venotonic drug. It helps to enhance the situation of veins, and capillaries. Regular use of this drug helps to deal with blood stasis. Due to this, the veins step by step lower in dimension and stop to resemble themselves.

This device is accessible within the kind of tablets and has a cumulative impact. After two weeks of common use, you may discover an enchancment in well being standing, after which the course of therapy ought to be continued.

Detralex for varicose veins

The device improves muscle tone of the veins. This helps the blood flow into usually. The composition of the drug contains diosmin and hesperidin, which give a constructive consequence from therapy. At the identical time, the drug has been prescribed for a very long time to individuals with vein illnesses. You want to make use of the tablets for a number of days in accordance with the directions.

4f654c7578b77513c03f9d2523dba84e - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

The price of Venarus isn’t a lot completely different from different related medication and doesn’t exceed 1000 thousand rubles. Of course, relying on the packaging and the quantity of tablets. The physician will prescribe a course of therapy and roughly say what number of tablets it’s essential purchase to finish the total course of therapy. Price in Russia:

  • 30 tablets, 450 mg 50 mg prices 590 rubles;
  • 60 tablets, 450 mg 50 mg prices 1016 rubles.
  • 30 tablets, 450 mg 50 mg prices 523 UAH;
  • 60 tablets, 450 mg 50 mg prices 950 UAH.

The price of Detralex is completely different from the earlier model and the worth is dearer. Price in Russia:

  • 30 tablets, 500 mg – 834 rubles;
  • 60 tablets, 500 mg – 1523 rubles.

One pill accommodates 500 mg of diosmin (90%). Price in Ukraine:

  • 60 tablets, 500 mg – 266 UAH.

Drugs have related uncomfortable side effects. During the course of therapy, complications, dizziness, malaise, vomiting, nausea, and dyspepsia might happen. Also, the lively elements of these brokers hardly ever trigger rashes and itching.

Judging by the expertise of treating many individuals, Detralex usually causes uncomfortable side effects. A less expensive Russian analogue hardly ever turns into the trigger of poor well being.

Venarus or Detralex, each medication have the identical lively substances of their composition, which explains the identical limitations of their use. Both medication are contraindicated in ladies whereas breastfeeding. Also, these funds usually are not appropriate for people who find themselves allergic to the lively elements of the composition.

It isn’t advisable to take throughout breastfeeding, because the elements of the medication might go into milk. The impact of these brokers on the fetus of a pregnant lady was not detected. But earlier than beginning therapy throughout this era, a compulsory physician session is required. As a rule, these medication are prescribed after the primary trimester of being pregnant, when the situation of the girl requires it.

f5ea18a16864529fa8e39e6cc41382e3 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

Hemorrhoids are a reasonably severe illness. It can be related to varicose veins, however this happens within the anus and rectum. Dropouts and ache make you begin therapy. Venotonics are additionally appropriate on this case.

Detralx is commonly prescribed for the therapy of hemorrhoids. In the interval of exacerbation, it’s essential begin with 6 tablets per day for 4 days. Next, the dosage ought to be diminished to 4 items and take the medication for an additional three days. Detralex is appropriate for the prevention of continual hemorrhoids. In this case, it’s essential drink 2 tablets per day for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Venarus can be indicated for the therapy of acute hemorrhoids. You must drink it in 6 tablets for 4 days. In this case, the dosage ought to be divided into two doses. Further, the dosage is diminished to 4 tablets over the following 3 days.

The offered medication in a short while enhance the situation with hemorrhoids. Combined remedy will assist to deal with hemorrhoids quicker. For this, ointments, suppositories and tablets are used concurrently. But such a course ought to solely be prescribed by a physician.

What is best with lymphostasis. Apply Detralex with lymphostasis ought to be a course of about 3 months. In this case, it’s essential drink 2 tablets per day, one of which within the afternoon, and the opposite within the night. Venarus additionally must be drunk twice a day. The dosage of diosmin ought to be equal to 900 mg. With such a illness, it’s price utilizing not solely venotonics alone, but additionally utilizing different strategies of therapy.

Serious sickness requires a severe strategy. Do not neglect about it and restrict your self to just one tablet. An built-in strategy will play an necessary position on this matter. High-quality prophylaxis, vitamin, wholesome existence and different medicines within the package will certainly result in a consequence.

Venarus or Detralex: which is best for varicose veins

c6de63ff1b9745ca627b2bf98f400690 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

Venarus or Detralex, have good similar composition elements. Moreover, their dosage in a single pill can be related. In this case, many are excited by how Detralex differs from Venarus and which of these means is most popular.

  1. Firstly, manufacturing international locations are completely different. Detrales is a French drug. Venarus is a Russian-made drugs. This explains the numerous distinction in value. Most sufferers favor a cheap Venarus, as a result of for an extended course of therapy, the financial savings are fairly spectacular.
  2. Judging by the evaluations of individuals, each of these medication have an identical consequence after common use, and uncomfortable side effects are more likely to end in an imported drug. But on the identical time, specialists be aware that the elements of Detralex are of greater high quality and start to work quicker. These medication are eradicated from the physique in the identical method.
  3. The mechanism of motion of the 2 medication is precisely the identical. That is why it’s fairly troublesome to say unequivocally what’s more practical. The reply to the query of what to decide on Detralex or Venarus might be discovered within the evaluations of phlebologists. But earlier than beginning the course of therapy, an in-person session with a specialist is certainly obligatory.


Bestsellers and every kind of TOPs

Recognized leaders within the therapy of varicose veins and hemorrhoids Flebodia 600 and Detralex, however which of these two medication is best and more practical?

There is not any unequivocal reply to this query. Detralex is examined by time, Phlebodia is a brand new drugs, however isn’t inferior in its properties.

They have the identical impact on the human physique: they make the partitions of blood vessels and veins robust and elastic, which reduces the likelihood of their fast stretching. As for capillaries, underneath the affect of these medication they develop into much less penetrating, and the likelihood of ruptures is diminished.

The above medication contribute to blood thinning, it now not accumulates within the limbs, however freely circulates by the veins. Edema and a sense of soreness when touched disappear.

If we speak in regards to the therapy of hemorrhoids, then Detralex and Phlebodia assist the nodes dissolve quicker, normalize the bowel motion. But, like all drugs, they’ve a number of benefits and disadvantages. Consider every drug individually.

Bestsellers and every kind of TOPs

Despite its good tolerance, each Phlebodia 600 and Detralex can provoke the event of undesirable uncomfortable side effects. It is understood that each medication could cause growth:

  • Violations of the gastrointestinal tract within the kind of heartburn, nausea, ache within the stomach.
  • In uncommon instances, the event of allergic reactions within the kind of rash, itching, redness, and urticaria has been reported.
  • It is understood that medication can provoke the event of headache, dizziness and a state of normal malaise.

The affected person ought to keep in mind that if, towards the background of utilizing the drug Detralex, the event of these or another uncomfortable side effects is noticed, it’s essential to cease taking the tablets and search medical recommendation. The most extreme facet impact is the event of angioedema, which might result in dying.

bb7cc322687e0365aeed12c4bdf36f90 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

During the therapy of varicose veins, the physician might revise the prescribed therapy routine, scale back the prescribed dosage, or choose a drug for substitute.

Both medication usually are not used throughout the therapy of sufferers with intolerance to the lively or excipients of the drug, in addition to throughout lactation.

Due to the truth that each medication have the identical lively ingredient, phlebodia 600 and detralex have the identical uncomfortable side effects:

Most usually, from these results, gastrointestinal problems are discovered. However, generally, each medication hardly ever trigger problematic results; mainly, their incidence is a consequence of the physique’s elevated sensitivity. If unfavourable results seem, in addition to their strengthening because the medicine is taken, it’s crucial to seek the advice of your physician. A assessment of the therapy routine and the appointment of one other angioprotector could also be required.

Angioprotective medication, equivalent to Detralex and Flebodia 600, are designed to revive and shield the wholesome functioning of arterial, venous, capillary vessels and to enhance blood circulation by them.

The impact of angioprotectors is geared toward inhibiting hyaluronidase, anti-bradykinin exercise, and inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis. Detralex and Flebodia 600 are related in composition, and due to this fact the precept of affect on the physique.


To the query: what is best Detralex or Flebodia 600 may give a particular reply solely based mostly on the suggestions of docs. This is as a result of every of the medication has its personal benefits and disadvantages.


Flebodia 600 is developed on the idea of diosmin.

In addition to this part, Detralex contains hesperidin.

But, the primary of the preparations accommodates way more lively substance.


Detralex contains hesperidin, diosmin and a purified micronized flavonoid fraction.

Diosmin helps to extend the tone of the veins, scale back stagnation in them and edema. This part can be chargeable for the power of capillaries to face up to exterior mechanical influences, that’s, reduces their fragility.

The motion of hesperidin is geared toward strengthening the veins, decreasing blood strain and growing blood stream within the coronary vessels.

The mixture of hesperidin and diosmin means that you can obtain a great venotonic and angioprotective impact, decreasing extensibility and vascular permeability.

The distinctive processing expertise of diosmin, which is a component of Detralex, contributes to its fast absorption within the gastrointestinal tract and, consequently, to a quicker impact on the physique in comparison with the Flebodia drug.

86% of the drug is excreted by the liver. The time for full elimination of the drug after taking it’s 10-11 hours.

Phlebodia consists of a bioflanoid diosmin. One pill accommodates 600 mg of this substance, whereas Detralex accommodates solely 450 mg of diosmin.

The drug is absorbed into the digestive system by 100%, excreted by 85% by the kidneys.


Detralex accommodates 450 mg of diosmin and 50 mg of hesperidin. Both substances have a great impact on the standard of blood and lymph, relieve swelling and ache. Auxiliary elements are:

  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • starch;
  • titanium;
  • water;
  • iron;
  • talc;
  • magnesium;
  • gelatin.

Due to its magnesium and iron content material, Detralex may be very efficient if it relieves night time cramps in case of varicose veins, and additionally helps to alleviate ache throughout bowel actions throughout exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

153e6b0919011af8d1c4274275e01fa2 - Comparison of Phlebodia 600 and Detralex

In addition, the medication has the property of defending towards free radicals, which have an especially unfavourable impact on wholesome cells, that’s, it’s partially an antioxidant.

Contraindications to admission are solely allergic reactions to the elements of the drug and the interval of breastfeeding. The drugs from the girl’s physique passes into breast milk, and accordingly, the toddler receives its share, so you may’t take the capsules for the period of lactation.

The use of the drug throughout the gestation of the kid is not going to have a pathogenic impact on the fetus, so pregnant ladies are allowed to make use of Detralex for the therapy of varicose veins.

Naturally, the reception ought to be carried out with fixed medical supervision and the appointment within the 1st trimester isn’t advisable when a very powerful organs of the fetus are fashioned.

As for the appliance, the Detralex throughout therapy for varicose veins ought to be drunk 2 occasions a day with meals, and the primary capsule is drunk at lunch, and the second at dinner. After every week of administration, you may change to 2 tablets per day as soon as. The period of the course is from 2 months to 6 months, the common time period is 3 months.

Chronic hemorrhoids are handled in line with the identical scheme, however an aggravated one would require the use of as many as 6 capsules every day for 4–5 days. Then reduction ought to come, and the dosage ought to be diminished to three capsules per day for an additional 3-4 days.

Side results happen sometimes, primarily the gastrointestinal tract provides the response:

  • heartburn;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • dyspeptic signs;
  • upset stool, diarrhea.

Significantly much less usually seem such complaints as:

  • feeling of dizziness and imbalance;
  • headache as much as migraine;
  • noise in ears;
  • weak spot and normal malaise;
  • allergic manifestations – urticaria, itching, crimson spots, small rash.

Almost by no means happen, however nonetheless there are severe unfavourable actions:

  • fainting;
  • impaired motive and consciousness;
  • angioedema requiring emergency medical consideration.

Reviews on the drug be aware a great therapeutic impact and a gentle impact on the abdomen. An nearly full analogue is the Venus drug, extra exactly, it’s the Russian generic of the French drugs.

Tatyana Jakowenko

Editor-in-chief of the Detonic online magazine, cardiologist Yakovenko-Plahotnaya Tatyana. Author of more than 950 scientific articles, including in foreign medical journals. He has been working as a cardiologist in a clinical hospital for over 12 years. He owns modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and implements them in his professional activities. For example, it uses methods of resuscitation of the heart, decoding of ECG, functional tests, cyclic ergometry and knows echocardiography very well.

For 10 years, she has been an active participant in numerous medical symposia and workshops for doctors - families, therapists and cardiologists. He has many publications on a healthy lifestyle, diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular diseases.

He regularly monitors new publications of European and American cardiology journals, writes scientific articles, prepares reports at scientific conferences and participates in European cardiology congresses.