Vascular burst in the eyes of the cause, solution to the problem and treatment prevention

If the ophthalmic organ has undergone intense exposure for a long period, then the vessels will inevitably burst. Overwork can lead to work at the computer, reading in a bad light, classes with small objects.

  • For example, a vessel may burst during jewelry work, the manufacture of crushed elements. This condition is not difficult to cure with the help of eye drops and rest;
  • A blow can cause redness. Such an effect damages the capillaries and they burst;
  • Another reason is associated with serious illnesses. For example, myopia, astigmatism are often manifested in redness of the eyes. This is due to constant voltage. Indeed, vision weakens and the eye instinctively strains to view distant objects;
  • Redness as a symptom can be caused by a number of diseases. As a rule, they are associated with an infectious lesion. In this case, the infection can affect the conjunctiva or penetrate into the deeper organs of the eye. So, trachoma – inflammation of the lacrimal glands is always accompanied by severe redness, when the protein changes color due to bursting vessels. A very common disease is conjunctivitis. It is caused by specks that have fallen into the eye, and is caused by poor lens care. If you do not do daily cleaning, then the accumulated infection will constantly lead to inflammation;

Thus, the reasons why one or two eyes turn red are due to exposure to viruses, injuries or the presence of serious pathologies. It is necessary to accurately determine the cause of redness and remove it by treatment. A simple action with drops will be enough only if it is caused by normal overwork.

The causes of violations, the result of which is a red-colored eye protein, are several.

One of the most common causes is a rise or loss of pressure in the arteries. The result is an overflow of blood capillaries, from which the weakest of them burst.

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Pressure surges – one of the reasons

But the crisis is not only hypertension, but also stressful situations, excessive intake of alcohol, and other factors. It must be stopped, since a sharp jump or drop in pressure significantly increases the possibility of developing a heart attack and similar dangerous pathologies.

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Redness of the eye with hypertension

In second place among the causes of the destruction of the integrity of blood vessels is their injury. Any external impact – bruise, shock, concussion, surgery – can cause a rupture.

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This type of hemorrhage is less dangerous, since mechanical action from the outside does not occur repeatedly and does not entail repeated hemorrhage.

The vessel is able to burst after a patient’s intense physical exertion. This is not only a sharp weight lifting, but also training with the need for strength concentration.

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Vessels may burst due to physical exertion

Even computer work, the reading process in low light, or excessive viewing of a TV can cause this phenomenon – capillary rupture. Overstrain of the organs that form the vision for a long period of time without resting the eyes creates an abnormal load that exceeds the norm, leading to rupture of the vascular walls.

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Eye strain can cause capillary rupture

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When diagnosing this disease, microangiopathy can occur, the manifestation of which is the affected capillaries. They are made less elastic and durable. The thickness of their walls becomes uneven, sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner. This leads to destabilization of blood flow and capillary ruptures.

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An eye pathology called keratitis is manifested by reddening of the protein due to capillary rupture. A disease can be caused by several situations:

  • allergies;
  • thermal burns;
  • fungi;
  • chemical burns;
  • viruses;
  • the invasion of an alien body from outs >%D0%9A%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%82 %D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5 %D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%86%D1%8B %D0%B3%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B0 - Vascular burst in the eyes of the cause, solution to the problem and treatment prevention

Keratitis – inflammation of the cornea


This fairly common disease damages the conjunctiva, which is a colorless film covering the eyeball. It can occur due to infection, developing vitamin deficiency, exposure to irritants or allergens.

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With conjunctivitis, itching and burning are accompanied by redness of the eye mucosa. After detecting and eliminating the root cause of the arising pathological condition, everything passes.


There are two elements, the lack of which makes capillaries weak and brittle – vitamins C and P. If they do not enter the body in full, breaking capillaries can become a regular occurrence. You can compensate for the lack of vitamins in tablets, but it is better to adjust the diet so that it constantly contains citrus fruits, apricots, cherries, apples, peppers, peaches, beets, persimmons, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts.

With a deficiency of vitamin C, capillaries are weak and brittle

Capillary rupture can demonstrate a reaction to climate change, weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, temperature conditions, humidity. True, these reactions are mainly those who have high weather sensitivity. But if the weather conditions change dramatically, the vessel is not capable of bursting in a weather-dependent person.


Since the vascular network is distributed throughout the organs of vision, and its coverage is quite dense, even the slightest changes in their original structure can lead to its partial damage. So the appearance of a tumor of any quality in the areola of the eye leads to the deformation of capillary vessels.

Vascular membranes can become fragile due to past illnesses and various causes (unhealthy habits, long-term smoking). They become thinner after prolonged use of certain medications. Also, eye damage with glaucoma leads to this problem.

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Glaucoma – an eye disease

This should lead to an injury that causes a disturbance in the supply of blood to the brain. Because of this, blood vessels break, and the process is accompanied by bouts of nausea, migraines and insomnia, as well as general fatigue.

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Another possible cause is a head injury.

Reasons why blood vessels in the eyes burst

The causes of hemorrhages, as a result of which the eye protein turns red, can be as follows:

Change in blood pressure. As a result of its sharp increase, the vessels are filled with blood and burst. Often this phenomenon is encountered by patients with hypertension, which leads to a hypertensive crisis and affects important organs in the body: the brain, the retina, and the kidneys. They are called targets, because when they jump in blood pressure, they are at risk in the first place. Hypertensive crisis always starts unexpectedly. Soon there is a sharp increase in pressure, which is accompanied by redness of the eyes due to bursting vessels. The relief of hypertensive crisis should be immediate. Indeed, a sharp increase in blood pressure increases the risk of complications, for example, myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, and stroke. Even if the patient does not suffer from hypertension, he may have a hypertensive crisis due to alcohol consumption or stressful situations.

Mechanical damage and eye injuries. Shocks, bruises – all this can lead to bursting vessels. Often, subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs after eye surgery. This phenomenon is not dangerous, because blood accumulates under the conjunctiva, resembling a bruise or hematoma.

Physical overstrain. An increased load, requiring a concentration of forces, also provokes a rupture of blood vessels. This problem arises as a result of serious training at the time of lifting weights. In women, vascular ruptures in the eyes are observed during contractions.

Diabetes. This disease becomes the cause of microangiopathy, in which capillaries are affected. An increase in blood glucose has a negative effect on the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, a destructive effect on blood vessels, as a result of which their walls thicken in some places or, on the contrary, become thinner. Difficulty in blood flow and metabolism leads to ruptures.

Eye strain. Long work at the computer, watching TV, reading or writing in poor light create an increased strain on the eyes, and the capillaries burst.

Increased weather sensitivity. Redness of the eyes can be a reaction of the body to a sharp change in weather conditions or climate. Changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature – all this leads to the fact that sclera in some patients acquire a scarlet shade.

Keratitis Redness of the eyes, photophobia, tearing and clouding of the cornea are the main symptoms of this disease. Keratitis can be caused by a foreign body entering the eye, a virus or fungus, a thermal burn, or an allergy. In this case, it is possible to cope with the rupture of capillaries by eliminating the disease. Its therapy depends on the causes of the onset, from the determination of which treatment begins. With infectious keratitis, the use of antifungal, antiviral drugs is necessary. Antibacterial drops and ointments are prescribed for the bacterial nature of the disease. It is important to start treatment in a timely manner to avoid damage to the cornea.

Conjunctivitis. This inflammation affects a thin transparent film of the eye – the conjunctiva. It often occurs, like keratitis, due to allergies, vitamin deficiency, infection with pathogens: staphylococcus, gonococcus, streptococcus, under the influence of irritants, such as smoke, dust. With conjunctivitis, blood vessels expand and burst, redness is observed, itching, burning appears. The disease can have a viral, bacterial and allergic form. It is transmitted by airborne droplets. Conjunctivitis treatment is caused by the causes of the disease. When they are eliminated, redness of the eyes also passes.

Tumors Benign or malignant tumors in the eyes cause the vessels to deform and rupture.

Avitaminosis. A lack of ascorbic acid and vitamin P – routine also makes capillaries vulnerable. Lack of these elements contribute to capillary rupture. You can make up for the deficiency of ascorbic acid by including citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, peaches, persimmons, and apricots in the diet. Rutin is found in fruits, for example, lemons, oranges, cherries, apples and many vegetables: beets, tomatoes, cabbage.

Fragile walls of blood vessels. The capillaries become thinner after taking certain drugs or due to past illnesses. Glaucoma leads to such a problem.

Head injury. In some cases, it causes a violation of the process of blood flow to the brain. In addition to bursting capillaries, after a head injury, migraines, nausea, insomnia, and fatigue often occur. To identify whether the problem of redness of the eyes is associated with it, magnetic resonance imaging helps.

A visit to the bath and sauna.

The surface of the eyeball is penetrated by a network of small vessels (capillaries). They are responsible for nutrition, oxygen transportation, and maintaining organ functionality. When the vessels burst, as a rule, this indicates a sudden increase in intraocular pressure, leading to a violation of the integrity of the capillary walls and hemorrhage.

Let’s consider the most probable reasons due to which we can observe bursting vessels in the eyes.

Eye scheme ru 2.svg - Vascular burst in the eyes of the cause, solution to the problem and treatment prevention

People suffering from hypertension most often observe bursting vessels in the eyes for this reason. Under the influence of the increased pressure, the small blood vessels do not stand up and burst, which leads to the fact that they constantly turn red.

Various kinds of bruises, blows to the head and eyes of sufficient strength in most cases lead to the appearance of bursting vessels. In addition, sometimes a similar phenomenon occurs as a result of injury to blood vessels during surgery. What types of glaucoma exist can be found here.


If a person, for example, is engaged in heavy sports, strength training, then he may well observe bursting vessels in the eyes that arose as a result of overstrain. The same applies to lifting heavy objects in everyday life, while women experience similar loads during childbirth.


This endocrine disease is a common cause of bursting vessels. The fact is that diabetes leads to fragility and thinning of the vascular walls.

As a result of long and hard work at the computer, reading, long-term viewing of TV shows, my eyes get very tired. As a result of this, rupture of several small capillaries in the eyes is possible.


To recognize broken capillaries, just look in the mirror. But this manifestation can have a different degree of intensity. Slight redness. This occurs when one or more capillaries burst. There is nothing to worry about. This condition is usually caused by excessive eye strain. If you let him rest and apply drops of vascular action, the redness will pass in a few minutes.

If such a color is extensive and covers the entire protein, this can indicate severe overwork or infectious damage. Purulent discharge, swelling of the eyelids and sharp painful sensations testify in favor of infection. In such cases, antibiotics should be taken.

Often, redness occurs against the background of internal processes. For example, a weakening of the function of vision. So you need to do an examination of visual acuity.

If her loss is not confirmed, then it is only overwork. Then it is recommended to strengthen the thin vessels. This is achieved by taking vitamin complexes.

It is an infectious inflammation. A feature of the disease is that the infection does not penetrate deep into the organs of the eye. Its action focuses on the surface of the conjunctiva. Therefore, the inflammatory process is clearly visible.

The disease is treated only with antibiotics and auxiliary drops, which are needed to rinse the eyes and remove the infection. Redness is often accompanied by the release of pus. It happens that in the morning it is difficult to open your eyes, because they stick together.

The retina is an internal organ and is protected by a dense layer of the cornea. Therefore, hemorrhage is often caused by traumatic eye damage. But its external signs will disappear after treatment. And the hemorrhage itself will remain in the deeper layers and affect the retina. This condition is very dangerous, because it can lead to loss of visual function.

Such hemorrhage is established only by examining the retina and is eliminated by taking vascular drugs that can resolve the hemorrhage.

07163a4437e9b0713f3618a3a8743a08 - Vascular burst in the eyes of the cause, solution to the problem and treatment prevention

In this case, it is necessary to exclude the harmful effects of a computer or TV. After all, as a rule, the vessels burst precisely because of the strong tension in connection with reading or working with a computer. It is necessary to blink about 100 times, this will bring the eye to normal tone and relieve tension. For vascular healing, you need to bury Taufon or Vizin.

In case of eye damage due to trauma or simple overfatigue, the previously mentioned drops should be taken. They act very quickly, and in a few minutes the eyes will return to normal.

In case of infection, antibiotics are necessary in combination with the same Visin or Taufon. If we are talking about damage to the internal organs, then they will need their serious treatment.

An excellent tool is tea strong tea leaves. It should be attached to the eye and kept in this state for an hour or two. With the inflammatory process, aloe helps well. One drop of plant juice is mixed with 20 drops of water, and this solution must be instilled into the eye.


There are two most accessible and effective methods. It soothes the eye well and relieves tension blinking. This should be done after every hour of work on the computer. You need to blink at least 100 times.

Another means is gymnastics, which consists in averting the gaze as far as possible to the left, right, up and down. This movement must be repeated at least 10 times.

Do not rub your eyes with your hand or dirty rags, clothing. If grains of sand or litter get in, rinse your eyes with water. Otherwise, an even larger infection can be introduced. It is not allowed to try to detect rubbish and remove it from the eye yourself. This will only result in personal injury.

We highlight the situations in which you need to see a doctor:

  • If redness is associated with an injury. After all, it can affect the deep layers of the eye and lead over time to loss of vision;
  • When redness is accompanied by fever, trembling limbs, cramps;
  • In case of poisoning and redness arising against their background, you should immediately seek help;
  • Another dangerous condition is redness that does not go away for several days. This indicates a severe infectious lesion of the eye.

When a vessel bursts in the eye, the brightest of the pathological symptoms is immediately visualized – the formation of a blood spot on the sclera. The size of the formation can be small (if one vessel is damaged) or a spot covers the vast surface of the eyeball (if several vessels burst). The characteristic redness is visualized only if this capillary is located in front of the organ of vision, however, there are much more of them on the reverse side. In the latter case, the patient can only feel slight discomfort in the eye, which he will not pay attention to at all.

The main sign of a vessel bursting in the eye is the staining of the protein in a reddish color. Sometimes a protein stains not evenly, but in a spot, spot. If the vessel bursts alone, the area of ​​redness will be negligible. But if several capillaries burst at once, the entire protein of the eye can completely redden. What is binasal hemianopsia can be found here.

In rare cases, when quite a lot of blood vessels burst, a person may feel a slight heaviness in the eyes and head. However, this symptom, if it happens, almost always goes unnoticed.

Vessels can burst not only in adults, children are also prone to this problem. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the symptom on time and, if it is repeated repeatedly, be sure to consult a doctor for help.

The causes of bursting vessels in the eye in a child may be the following factors:

  • prolonged severe cough;
  • angry crying (the reason is especially relevant for babies);
  • overvoltages of a physical nature;
  • rubbing the eyes with hands, especially dirty;
  • eye diseases with inflammatory manifestations;
  • diabetes;
  • contact with a foreign body;
  • trauma.

In addition to the above, the appearance in a child’s eyes of bursting vessels can lead to:

  • dust ingress;
  • prolonged exposure to the bright sun;
  • “Sticking” on the TV, computer, tablet.

Having found this symptom in a child, the first thing to do is find out the cause of the phenomenon. Do not panic – most likely, the phenomenon is one-time and is caused either by crying or coughing the baby. However, if the symptom is repeated regularly, this is a serious reason to visit a doctor and comprehensively examine the baby. In this case, diseases are possible that affect the state of blood vessels and blood pressure. What to do if festering eyes can be found here.

Reasons why blood vessels in the eyes burst

In the functioning of the eye, as in the micro-mechanism of the finest tuning, every segment, every detail is important. Even slightly disturbed can impair visual function and lead to a lack of ability to see – blindness. Any pathological situation should be an occasion for a visit to an ophthalmologist, even a ruptured micro-vessel.

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Burst vessel in the eye

Eye protein, which suddenly changed color and partially or completely bled, spots of subconjunctival hemorrhage or red branched veins – all these are signs of a burst micro-vessel.

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A bleeding eye always looks frighteningly unaesthetic

Bloodied protein is a consequence. Despite the unpleasant sight that he is, it is not dangerous. But the causes leading the vessel to capillary rupture can be extremely dangerous. After all, the consequence may arise due to a serious disease that signals pathologies in the functioning of internal organs.

%D0%93%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%BE%D1%84%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BC %D0%B3%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B0 - Vascular burst in the eyes of the cause, solution to the problem and treatment prevention

There are a lot of reasons for the development of the pathological process, among them:

  • blood pressure differences (typical for hypertensive patients);
  • mechanical injuries of the organ of vision (bruise, shock);
  • physical strain (when wearing weights, contractions during childbirth);
  • internal diseases (diabetes, oncology, etc.);
  • visual overstrain (long stay behind the monitor, reading);
  • pronounced weather sensitivity (reaction to changing weather conditions);
  • ocular ailments (conjunctivitis, etc.);
  • head trauma;
  • fragility of blood vessels (appears as a result of taking medication, the development of certain diseases);
  • vitamin deficiency (vitamin C deficiency).

If we talk about the gap, then it has a traumatic nature. For example, a blow directed to the eye or hit by particles of sand, foreign objects, lead to a violation of the integrity of the vessels. But there is nothing to worry about. They are restored and the color of the protein returns to normal. However, the eye must be helped by instillation of antibiotics and vascular drops. For example, Vizin is effective.

Pathologies of the internal organs – the liver, kidneys, lungs, are able to manifest in bilateral hemorrhage in the eye.

For example, complicated tuberculosis at the stage of infiltrative decomposition of the lungs leads to infection in the eyes. It causes redness, plaques may appear. Then treatment should be synchronous with anti-TB.

Do not lead to serious consequences. For example, with a strong wind or dust, sand, the eye will turn red. This is due to damage to the capillaries or their strong tension. Upon termination of exposure, they return to normal and the color of the protein is restored. Another factor is the influence of the computer.


Diagnosis of pathology, as a rule, is limited to visual ophthalmological examination. This is especially true with a single damage to the vessel. If the patient encounters this regularly, a number of additional instrumental and laboratory diagnostic procedures are carried out in order to identify the root cause of the pathology. Among these medical measures may include:

  • visual acuity check;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • smear sampling for microscopy;
  • the appointment of a blood test to determine sugar;
  • measurement of intracranial pressure;
  • CT and MRI diagnostics of the brain.


We learn how to cope with this unpleasant problem with the help of medical treatment and alternative methods.

If the burst vessels appeared as a consequence of the main serious disease, it is necessary to treat it. So, with glaucoma, special drops are prescribed that are injected into the eyes every 15 minutes (for example, Pilocarpine). If the burst capillaries appeared due to a pressure surge, it is necessary to take drugs that lower blood pressure. Dirofilariasis disease is accompanied by headaches, zeda, burning in the eye area.

What drops can help

If a vessel bursts in the eye, it is necessary to provide the eye with rest. The hematoma itself resolves within 3-14 days.

With a constant manifestation of an unpleasant symptom, you should consult an ophthalmologist who will prescribe eye drops. Among the most commonly used tools:

  • Vizin (relieves swelling and redness);
  • Taufon (stimulates tissue regeneration);
  • Emoxipin (strengthens the vessel, resolves the hematoma);
  • Ascorutin (eliminates vitamin deficiency);
  • Deflysis (prevents drying out of the mucosa).

These drugs are applicable in the event of a symptom as a result of forced overstrain of the organs of vision, the development of some eye diseases.

If internal pathology is to blame for everything, the therapeutic course should be directed precisely to its elimination. So, when diagnosing a patient with hypertension, experts prescribe means to normalize pressure, thereby preventing damage to blood vessels. With conjunctivitis, antibacterial drugs are used that relieve inflammation and prevent the blood vessels from becoming too full.

In some cases, the use of folk remedies is permissible. However, the use of such “drugs” is possible only after prior consultation with a specialist.

How to prevent eye hemorrhage?

It is impossible to prevent injury or the development of pathologies of internal organs. Therefore, we can only talk about preventing overwork and infectious damage. To exclude them, you need to take breaks in working with the computer every hour. Perform gymnastics for several minutes.

For the prevention of infectious lesions, it is necessary not to use someone else’s makeup, clothing, rinse your eyes after litter gets into them.

An important point will be the rejection of bad habits – alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and tobacco smoke contain toxins that affect the eyes, leading to hemorrhage. This is more of a preventative measure, but very important.

In addition to refusing alcohol and cigarettes, you should take vitamins for the eyes. They strengthen blood vessels, increase the level of resistance to infection. General strengthening value is exercise, moderate physical activity in the fresh air. Thanks to them, the eye will be saturated with oxygen.

Svetlana Borszavich

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