Symptoms and treatment of cystitis in men

Female cystitis is a frequent phenomenon, therefore, there is a lot of information about it in the public domain. But is there cystitis in men and how it manifests itself. The stronger sex suffers from this disease very rarely, after the age of 45 in men, the disease is recognized only in 1% of all diagnosed cases. To understand what male cystitis is, what are the symptoms of cystitis in men, the reasons for its origin, to find out effective methods of cure and preventive actions, you just need to read this article.

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Disease and its modification

Inflammation of the bladder in men is of various types. According to the circumstances of their formation, the primary and secondary subspecies of the disease are divided, which determines the specific symptoms and treatment of cystitis.

The primary one occurs due to the penetration of the infection in a descending or ascending way, from other areas of inflammation, through the blood or lymph. Secondary – there is a consequence of trauma or other pathological processes.

Tracking the course of the disease, experts also distinguish acute, subacute and chronic types of cystitis. With inflammation of the bladder in men, the acute form is characterized by a characteristic clinical picture, and first of all it is the sensation of severe and excruciating pain when urging to urinate. The chronic type has more “erased” symptoms and the manifestation of signs “blurred”. It is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission.

Important! A variation of the chronic type of cystitis is called interstitial cystitis. It also manifests itself with excruciating pain in the pelvic area, urethra, perineum, external genitalia and an urgent desire to urinate.

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Interstitial cystitis

IC is most common in women, but men are also prone to this form of the disease in a ratio of 9-10: 1. Men who are sick with interstitial cystitis complain to a greater extent about the deterioration in the quality of their lives and the inability to follow the usual active regimen.

If you do not know how to treat inflammation of the bladder or choose the wrong technique, then this can lead to atrophy of the bladder, the occurrence of microcystis and a decrease in its volume. In this case, the only way out is to delete it.

Doctors put forward many different hypotheses, but they cannot determine the exact cause of IC. The number of patients affected by this ailment is increasing every year. Its symptoms are identical to the infectious type of inflammation of the bladder, however, studies do not reveal any pathogen. Also, this theory is refuted by the fact that antibiotics do not give the desired effect.

Recent clinical studies conducted on the urine of patients have revealed a previously unknown substance. It is called the antiproliferative factor. It is APF that negatively affects the growth of cells that form the walls of the bladder inside.

Other possible reasons for the onset of IC suggest the presence of:

  • defects in the mucous membrane of the bladder,
  • toxic substances in the urine,
  • activation of mast cells,
  • lack of secretion of sex hormones,
  • violation of lymph circulation and blood flow in the walls of the bladder,
  • autoimmune process and infectious pathogens.

However, experts are more inclined to believe that with cystitis in men of this type, a whole complex of various pathogenic links should be sought. Different types of cystitis in sick men, the symptoms are similar, but the causative factor is completely different.

What provokes the disease

It is quite difficult for a young man to get sick with inflammatory processes of the bladder mucosa. To prevent this from happening, it will be enough to observe personal hygiene and be attentive to your own health.

With inflammation of the bladder in men, which manifests itself with age, the following factors are the main reasons:

  • weakening of immunity,
  • urolithiasis,
  • urethral stricture,
  • infections of the genital area of ​​the chronic course.

The presence of any urological troubles in men, provoking a significant decrease in the lumen of the urethra and stagnation of urine, as a consequence, will soon turn into cystitis.

Also, the cause of pain can be mechanical objects (stones) or more dangerous causes (diverticula, adenoma, etc.).

In males, the bladder is less susceptible to inflammatory processes, however, systematic stress, lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and spine, persistent hypothermia, diabetes mellitus can become a “trigger” for the development of cystitis.

Surgical manipulations in the abdominal cavity, catheterization of the urinary bladder, resection of the prostate, malignant neoplasms of the prostate and urethra, transurethral operations of the bladder can also contribute to the manifestations of this disease.


The first signs of cystitis in men, which you should definitely pay attention to, is the desire to frequent the toilet for a little. If a man notices that the process itself is causing him pain, and the urine has become cloudy, an urgent need to consult a doctor who can track other signs of bladder inflammation.

  • Chronic form: frequent urination and is accompanied by painful sensations (a single volume can be 10-15 ml), sometimes even urinary incontinence occurs.
  • Signs of intoxication: general weakness, headache, fever, fever, etc. If such signs are observed, then the sick person should be urgently hospitalized and as soon as possible begin to select drugs for treatment.
  • With the development of gangrene, the patient’s urine includes blood and mucus, it becomes cloudy, and a rotten smell may appear (the volume of urine is not more than 400 ml per day).

After identifying all the symptoms and obtaining a general picture of the disease, the doctor outlines a strategy for how to treat cystitis in men, based on each specific case. With inflammation of the bladder in men, the symptoms are different, here it is very important not to hesitate, but to immediately seek help from a specialist for the early diagnosis of the disease and its treatment.

Correct and effective therapy

Properly organized treatment of cystitis in men allows you to completely get rid of it, provided that the disease has not had time to go into the chronic stage, where it is possible to achieve only long periods of remission.

The main drugs in the treatment of male cystitis are antibiotics, which are prescribed by a specialist.

He also selects all the other possible options than to treat cystitis, in men who have faced this kind of disease for the first time, the main thing is not to ignore the first signs, which are usually the easiest to get rid of.

For the treatment of cystitis in men, a whole range of therapeutic measures is used:

  • it is strongly recommended to drink plenty of fluids and stay in bed in order to eliminate unnecessary stress on the body. All spicy, salty and sour should be excluded from the diet. If there is a rise in temperature, then drink antipyretic,
  • for the treatment of cystitis in men, herbal medicine is actively used (bearberry, horsetail, lingonberry, etc.). Those herbs are selected that differ in anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, however, the body’s reaction to them should be monitored and allergies should be excluded. It is also good to use medications for herbal treatments,

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  • after the exacerbation phase, physiotherapy (laser radiation, magnetic field, ultrasound and mud therapy) is used to treat bladder inflammation in men,
  • flushing the bladder is another method to cure cystitis. With the help of special solutions, pathogenic bacteria are destroyed,
  • pain relievers treat the onset of cramps and pain. These medications should include: No-Shpu, Papaverin, Spazmalgon, etc.
  • Antibiotics are an important part of therapy, which ensures rapid treatment of the sick person, but they must be supplemented with other drugs to increase the effectiveness of therapy,
  • during remission, it is good to have a medical vacation in specialized resorts, where specialists select for each man a list of recommended procedures suitable for him.

Treatment of cystitis must be comprehensive to give the expected result.

Preventive practice

In men, as in women, important preventive methods are the observance of personal hygiene, avoidance of stressful situations and hypothermia, monitoring the general condition of the body and timely treatment of diseases of the male genital area.

These methods will eliminate discomfort and other problems that arise with cystitis in men. It is also worth changing your lifestyle in order to avoid reasons to use pills for cystitis, for men these are the following recommendations:

  • Give up addictions.
  • The lifestyle should be active and include sports.
  • Sexual contact should only be with trusted partners and with the use of condoms.
  • The daily food on a man’s dinner table should be balanced and healthy.
  • Carrying out activities aimed at strengthening immunity.

Cystitis in a man has various symptoms and treatment is selected depending on the specific case, and with strict adherence to all the recommendations of a specialist, the likelihood of experiencing painful sensations again decreases. And with due attention to your health and lifestyle, it is possible to completely forget about such an unpleasant disease.

Tatyana Jakowenko

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