Stroke on the background of low blood pressure symptoms first aid and prevention

The consequences of a stroke depend on which part of the brain is affected. Distinguish:

  1. Motor impairment. Occur most often. The patient may have impaired mobility of the facial muscles, arms or legs. When the CNS area has suffered, the person responsible for the swallowing act cannot eat on his own and is fed through a nasogastric tube.
  2. Speech problems. The person is disturbed by articulation or the patient does not understand what others are telling him.
  3. Mental and emotional-volitional disorders. The patient’s memory worsens, attention is weakened, intelligence is reduced, dementia may develop. Often there are mood swings. The patient becomes touchy and whining, becomes depressed.

To prevent the development of a stroke, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • give up addictions, such as alcohol and nicotine addiction;
  • do not abuse caffeinated drinks;
  • normalize weight;
  • devote enough time to physical activity;
  • regularly visit the fresh air;
  • learn how to deal with stress;
  • normalize the daily routine, devote enough time to rest and sleep;
  • eat a balanced diet, vitamins, micro and macro elements should be present in the diet.

Patients suffering from arterial hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus regularly visit a doctor and follow all his recommendations.

If the attack has already been, then it is important to find out the reason. Why is this happening, do everything to eliminate it. What pressure during a stroke cannot be clearly said. Pathology can occur with any numbers, including when a low and normal blood pressure level.

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