Neurosis of the heart, what are these symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

Cardiac muscle neurosis is a violation of the nervous regulation of organ functions, without the manifestation of pathological formations or changes in the structure of tissues. The onset of the disease is characteristic of people from 15 to 55 years old. More than half of the patients are women.

The disease does not affect the functioning of the valves and blood vessels, nor does it alter the myocardium. The heart continues to perform blood distillation, but muscle contraction causes pain attacks in the chest area. This causes heart rhythm disturbance, dizziness and constant fatigue. The source of the problem is the mental and emotional state of the patient.

Cardiac neurosis causes an incorrect perception by the nerve endings of impulses during muscle contraction of an organ. The brain gives the wrong commands, which causes a feeling of pain, but does not disrupt the very work of the heart.

Emotions – a psychological process that manifests itself in the form of a specific reaction of a person to emerging situations, phenomena. That is, they are directly related to the human psyche. In the presence of any deviations in the central nervous system, a person may inadequately respond to some seemingly absolutely mundane and familiar situations.

When strong emotions appear, adrenaline production increases. This mainly happens in a state of anxiety, fear, and fright.

The release of adrenaline contributes to an increase in heart rate, narrowing of blood vessels. Because of this, blood pressure rises, the load on the heart increases sharply and cardialgia occurs. That is why regular negative emotions are considered the main cause of cardiac neurosis.

The causes of neurosis

Cardiovascular neurosis causes several causes.

  1. Psycho-emotional factor. Constant stress, depression and severe shock cause a psychological disturbance of the nervous system, which negatively affects the heart.
  2. Unstable mental and emotional state. Cardiac neurosis appears in patients with congenital irritability, vulnerability, or depression. Also, the onset of the disorder is affected by a tendency to exaggerate problems.
  3. Other diseases Cardiac muscle neurosis appears against a background of endocrine system diseases, hormonal disruptions, as well as chronic diseases. Long-term effects on the body cause disturbances in the nervous system.
  4. Emotional exhaustion. Overworking at school or work and constant brain activity cause cardiac neurosis.
  5. Wrong way of life. With small or excessive activity, disorders of the nervous system are manifested. Also, the appearance of the disease stimulates alcohol, cigarettes and other addictive substances.

In medical practice, there are a fairly large number of reasons why this disease can develop.

  • most doctors put various psycho-traumatic situations in the first place, sometimes this happens systematically, sometimes one strong stress is enough;
  • features of the nervous system of a particular person – short temper, tendency to depression, irritability, suspiciousness;
  • hypertension
  • hormonal disorders, for example, during puberty or menopause;
  • the negative impact of bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle;
  • chronic infectious diseases that can cause weakening of the protective mechanisms of the nervous system;
  • overwork in the process of long hard work or study, which are exacerbated by constant lack of sleep.

All these listed reasons can individually or in combination trigger the process of violation of the correct relationship of the heart and brain, which, in turn, will lead to the development of cardioneurosis.

There are many factors that directly affect the development of such a problem, but here are just the most common ones:

  • traumatic brain injury;
  • chronic fatigue against the background of physiological ailments;
  • infectious diseases, including neuroinfections, also negatively affect the functioning of the heart, stimulating the appearance of neuroses;
  • hormonal disruptions during pregnancy or adolescence often stimulate emotional instability, which leads to neurosis;
  • stressful situations, excessive excitement;
  • mental stress or mental instability.

Despite the fact that we are talking about cardiac pathology, it occurs mainly due to problems with the nervous system or mental state of a person. Signs appear periodically and concern the patient only at moments of serious emotional stress. Problems at work, anxiety before the exam, stress due to a quarrel with a soul mate – all this causes symptoms of neurosis.

Of course, the problem can develop against the background of a head injury, and sometimes symptoms appear as a reaction to frequent alcohol abuse. However, in most cases, the disease is directly related to the mental state of a person, therefore, its elimination depends on the options for establishing control over one’s own emotions.

Another name for this disease is cardiophobia syndrome, cardiac neurosis of fear, this name indicates the psychological and neurological nature of the disorder. Indeed, very often constant anxiety leads to neurosis, which intensifies with the course of the disease.

The main cause of the disease is constant stress, physical and emotional exhaustion. The development and intensity of symptoms is affected by poor nutrition, a harmful lifestyle, a lack of healthy sleep and rest, an unbalanced daily routine, and a depressed immune system.

Disturbing people are especially prone to neurosis of the heart, with a large number of phobias, constantly working literally for wear and tear, taking everything close enough to the heart, acutely perceiving. Also, one of the factors that approximate the development of this disease is called congenital weakness of the nervous system and heart muscle.

Important! With this disease, you should immediately consult a neurologist.

Symptoms of heart neurosis in women and varieties of pain

It is logical that such a disease, bordering on a psychological disorder, most often overtakes women. In addition to constantly naughty hormones, women are much more susceptible to stress, they take any event that happens to them close to their hearts, only worsening their psychological state.

Symptoms of heart neurosis in women are approximately the same as in men, but they manifest themselves more and more often. So, a woman can fall into real tantrums, not control her own actions and emotions. Against the background of cardio dysfunction, outbreaks of anger arise, and any little thing can cause a woman to cry.

If pregnancy is added to stress, then the situation becomes truly catastrophic. A woman cannot control mood swings; she either cries or laughs excitedly, which from the outside looks at least strange.

The nature of the pain in the heart arising from this diagnosis may be different. What sensations most often overtake the patient?

  1. Stitching or dull pain in the heart area with a sensation of constriction of the sternum.
  2. Against the background of pains in the heart, shortness of breath occurs, which is sometimes so strong that it turns into attacks of suffocation.
  3. Almost always, discomfort is given to the left hand, but can also turn into pains in the neck and shoulder blades.
  4. Unpleasant sensations in the heart roll in waves, and the attack lasts from a few seconds to 1-2 days.

Over time, the disease will only progress; therefore, rational treatment methods cannot be ignored. In addition to proper nutrition and reception of sedatives, a girl should think about going to a psychologist, since a heart-to-heart talk is sometimes more effective than months-long therapy.

Cardiac neurosis: provoking factors

In most cases, the problem arises suddenly: yesterday, a person felt fine, but today he is worried about seemingly unreasonable chest pains. The following provoking factors affect the appearance of such symptoms:

  • death of a loved one;
  • breaking the spiritual and emotional connection with friends or relatives;
  • long-term social isolation of a person;
  • change in familiar living conditions;
  • regular pressure from society.

For heart neurosis, symptoms and treatment methods in adults always rest on psychological changes in living conditions. The disease itself looks like a vicious circle: first, against the background of stress or depression, symptomatic chest pain occurs, and after that the person begins to wind up, only increasing unpleasant sensations.

As a result, panic attacks intensify, the number of alarming symptoms grows, and doctors shrug. Against the background of a psychological disorder, a person appears suspicious, so he changes doctors, undergoes examinations, fearing that heart disease will result in death. In fact, cheating yourself is an ideal way to worsen your condition. With the growth of experiences, the patient drives himself into a corner, eventually encountering a wave of fears and pathological depression.

The more provoking factors there are in a person’s life, the faster the problem will develop. Against the background of the death of a loved one, quarrels with friends or working stress can turn into an obsessive state that is close to hysteria.

At some point, everything else in the patient’s life becomes meaningless: the only thing he can think about is his own pains in the heart, as well as secondary symptoms that appear against this background. In this case, the problem is in the head, and the physiological state of health does not cause any concern.

Symptoms of heart neurosis in women and varieties of pain

The main symptoms of cardiovascular neurosis are:

  1. Pain syndrome. The pains are localized in the chest area closer to the heart. The syndrome is characterized by a feeling of squeezing and heaviness with sharp pain attacks. Also, the patient feels a burning sensation and compression in the chest.
  2. Unnatural sensations in the chest. Heart neurosis causes trembling or fading due to a slowdown in rhythm. It seems to the patient that the heart stops or breaks.
  3. Violation of the rhythm of the heart. In neurosis, tachycardia manifests itself (an increase in rhythm up to 110 beats) and a slowdown to 60 beats, as well as arrhythmia, VVD, interruptions and abnormal contractions.

Additional symptoms of heart neurosis:

  • constant weakness and fatigue;
  • lowering or increasing blood pressure;
  • change in complexion;
  • constant feeling of fear and anxiety;
  • dyspnea;
  • headache;
  • nausea and dizziness;
  • numbness of the extremities and trembling in the body.

Faced with heart neurosis, the symptoms and treatment should be studied thoroughly, since such a periodic problem can lead to serious consequences for future health. By what signs do doctors usually diagnose heart neurosis to their patients?

  1. Constant headaches against a background of sleep disturbance (insomnia may occur, and vice versa regular drowsiness).
  2. Nausea, belching, vomiting, arising regardless of the diet and the amount of food consumed.
  3. A slight increase in temperature (up to 38 degrees) with its subsequent decrease (below 36 degrees).
  4. General weakness coupled with excessive sweating.
  5. Fatigue, regardless of the degree of stress.

Almost always, bouts of neurosis are accompanied by a aching sensation in the region of the heart, which gives both the left hand and the shoulder blade. Many patients with this diagnosis complain that even with minor excitement, they immediately have a lump in their throat that impedes normal breathing. It seems to a person that he is suffocating, and against this background there is a sensation of suffocation.

Symptoms of a cardiac neurosis may be different, but most often the patient is faced with pains in the heart area against the background of inexplicable anxiety for his own life. Panic attacks are accompanied by hypochondria, a variety of phobias, including cardiophobia (fear of death from heart disease). Often, neurosis also causes tearfulness: the tension inside is so strong that even mild stress can cause an explosion of emotions and sobbing in a person.

It is important to understand that neurosis does not cause structural damage to the heart tissue: the organ itself remains healthy, but the person feels regular pain in the sternum. Doctors say that such a cardio problem usually becomes the result of a general neurosis of the body.

Many people do not even know what a cardiac neurosis is, do not worry about the state of the cardiovascular system until pain (cardialgia) appears. Pain in the heart with a neurosis can occur spontaneously, are dull or stinging.

Cardialgia with the occurrence of this pathology can give to the left hand or the area under the scapula. The main difference between cardialgia in this ailment and other anomalies is the lack of an exact location, it can be given to other organs, while patients try not to make unnecessary movements, because they intensify the pain syndrome.

Other symptoms of heart neurosis:

  • constant breakdown;
  • tachycardia;
  • migraine;
  • lack of air;
  • insomnia;
  • decreased appetite;
  • constant feeling of anxiety, fear;
  • increased sweating;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • chills of limbs;
  • mood swings;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the chest;
  • loss of consciousness;

In most cases, heart pain with a neurosis is sporadic and subsides as soon as a person’s emotional state is normalized. Women are more likely to have the disease than men, since women are by nature more susceptible to various stressful situations, and cardialgia can accompany them constantly.

When the first symptoms of heart neurosis appear, it is urgent to consult a doctor. Cardioneurosis is treated by a cardiologist, neurologist, but a psychotherapist may also be needed. Specialists are required to tell the patient in detail about heart neurosis, its symptoms, the principles of treatment with folk remedies and conservative methods.


An unambiguous method for diagnosing cardiac neurosis does not exist, because in the presence of this problem, the internal structure of the organ does not change. Therefore, in order to unequivocally make this diagnosis, it will first be necessary to exclude the likelihood of other ailments of this part of the body.

To do this, a person needs to undergo the following examinations:

Pass a general, biochemical blood test.

The doctor confirms the presence of cardiac neurosis, if during the above examinations no changes were found, or deviations are insignificant (tachycardia, bradycardia). In this case, the patient should not have other reasons for the appearance of pain in the left side of the chest (chest injuries and others).


To cure neurotic heart disorder, apply such methods:

  1. Normalization of lifestyle. It is necessary to exclude mental and emotional stress, as well as abandon bad habits.
  2. Diet. To normalize the functioning of the nervous system, a menu is made up of vitamin-containing products. It is forbidden to drink a lot of tonic drinks, as well as eat fatty and spicy foods.
  3. Physical activity. To bring the body in tone, you need to engage in therapeutic exercises, play active games and take walks in the fresh air. Also, severe exhaustion and inactivity should not be allowed.
  4. Physiotherapy. Manual methods of treatment, as well as swimming and other water procedures can get rid of mental stress.
  5. Psychological methods. They include procedures aimed at understanding the source of the disease.
  6. Pharmacological agents. They are used in the acute stage of heart disease.
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For the treatment of heart type neurosis, apply:

Recovery takes place only if the patient has realized that the source of heart problems is psychosomatics, and not physiological disturbances. During the dialogue, the patient is shown insignificance of his experiences, and he begins to live normally, without constant expectation of heart attacks.

It is extremely difficult to treat this disease. All this happens often for the reason that people suffering from this disease are very emotional and definitely feel pain. If under such circumstances a cardiologist offers to consult a neurologist and explains that the heart is absolutely healthy, many people do not agree with this diagnosis and are outraged by the “incompetence” of the doctor.

Pain in the heart for such patients is a reality, but the diagnosis of “neurosis” makes one doubt the adequacy of a specialist. Here, a cardiologist needs a lot of patience and tact to explain the situation and the fact that this disease is far from uncommon and should not cause any awkwardness in a patient. An appeal to a psychologist or neuropsychiatrist is already the first and rather big step towards recovery.

The first thing the doctor does is find out the reasons why such a disease has developed. This must be done in order to try to eliminate this annoying factor during the treatment process.

Heart neurosis, like any other disease, has its own system of drug treatment. But first, the doctor prescribes the following procedures:

  1. Therapeutic conversation with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. This is to eliminate all disturbing factors. It is necessary to give the patient a talk and calm down. This can radically change the attitude to a disturbing problem, for example, in the family or at work and practically eliminate the disease itself.
  2. Keeping a clear order in the daily structure of the patient’s life. In this situation, it is extremely important to establish a strict daily routine with a clear regulation of sleep and rest, nutrition and work.

Only after all these measures, the doctor will prescribe medications:

  1. At the beginning of treatment for heart neurosis, these will be very light soothing (often herbal) drugs. In addition, these will be mild antidepressants such as Imizin, Azafen, Nialamide, etc.
  2. Sleeping pills are prescribed for complaints of restless sleep or for problems with falling asleep. These drugs are prescribed for a period of not more than three weeks, in order to avoid addiction.
  3. In case of cardiac arrhythmias, the patient is shown the use of β-blockers.
  4. Physiotherapeutic measures – massage, electric sleep, Shuko shower, etc.
  5. Correct physical activity with walks in the fresh air is very important.

For people who are diagnosed with this, it is extremely important to undergo treatment of cardioneurosis in a sanatorium. This gives a full guarantee of a change in the environment, and hence the elimination of annoying factors.

Someone may say that since a neurosis can develop over many years, there is no urgency in terms of its treatment. In fact, the disease negatively affects the functional capabilities of the immune system, affects the physical activity of a person, and worsens his appetite. Along the way, depression, hysterical state, interfering with normal life. That is why it is so important to find the answer to the question in time, how to treat heart neurosis?

Two specialists become the main assistants of a person in this matter: a neuropathologist and a psychotherapist. What medical methods of treatment are considered the most effective?

  1. First, regular sessions are prescribed with a psychotherapist, during which the specialist will have to find the seed of the problem and fix it.
  2. The neuropathologist prescribes a number of sedatives to the patient, mainly on herbs, for example, Persen and Novopassit.
  3. If sedatives alone are not enough, beta-blockers and tranquilizers are prescribed.
  4. Physiotherapy exercises are w >

Along the way, the doctor prescribes a rational diet, talks about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and giving up bad habits.

Heart neurosis itself is usually not life-threatening, and therefore hospitalization is necessary only in the most extreme cases when a person is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In addition to taking sedatives and talking with a therapist, a person must learn to relax, alternate minutes of work and rest. It is recommended to carefully think through your schedule, daily finding time for either breathing exercises or physiotherapy exercises.

Typically, a set of measures gives results after 5-7 days, which results in an improvement in the well-being of the patient. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to use alternative methods that have long proven their effectiveness.

This disease is considered extremely common. Is the use of herbal medicine rational for heart neurosis? Symptoms and treatment with folk remedies of this disease are the main dilemmas that concern a person with such a diagnosis. What folk methods are recommended for neurosis?

  1. 2 tablespoons of dry and chopped valerian roots must be poured into 500 ml. boiling water. Next, the solution boils for 10 minutes and infuses another 20. Take it in the morning and in the evening 100 ml.
  2. 10-20 drops of peony tincture should be drunk three times a day, preferably 10 minutes before a meal.
  3. With a strong heartbeat, it is necessary to mix valerian root, calamus leaves, hop cones and oregano in equal proportions. All this is poured with boiling water for 10 minutes, and the filtered broth is drunk in a tablespoon 2 times a day.
  4. During an exacerbation with extremely strong mental stress, it is recommended to drink a glass of milk with a garlic clove rubbed into it.
  5. From a neurosis, honey diluted in ordinary water helps well. 50 grams of honey is mixed with half a liter of water, after which the mixture is partially drunk (it must be divided into 4 doses).

Folk remedies are elementary in cooking, but they are extremely effective. In the evenings, you can drink tea with chamomile or rosemary, as these herbs have a calming effect on the nervous system. It is necessary to apply alternative methods carefully so as not to encounter the manifestation of an allergic reaction.

Neurosis is a common and serious problem, as it affects the emotional background, and even the functioning of the immune system. The treatment here should be competent, while it is important to remember the advice of a neurologist and the recommendations of a psychotherapist. And, of course, it is important to learn how to let go of problems without focusing on them.

In order to cure heart neurosis, the efforts of the patient himself are important in the first place, various drugs fade into the background. A lifestyle leads to this disease, therefore, in order to completely get rid of the disease, it is important to change it.

First of all, it is recommended to restore the normal daily routine. It takes at least eight hours to sleep every day, the regime of work and rest should be balanced. You also need to switch to a healthy diet, spend more time in the fresh air.

It is important to start dealing with stress and its consequences. This may require consultation and work with a psychotherapist, if the anxiety is strong enough, you can not cope with it on your own. The following remedies are also used to combat the symptoms of cardiac neurosis:

  1. Tranquilizers and sedatives with a mild effect, they include Grandaxin and its analogues.
  2. Vitamins with their deficiency, various vitamin and mineral complexes to support the body’s defenses and the work of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Physiotherapeutic procedures. Electrophoresis, coniferous baths, and electrosleep can be prescribed to a person with this disorder.

Also, the patient can be taught breathing exercises, which helps to stop anxiety attacks. With a combination of various means you can achieve the best result.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies in the fight against this disease are not so effective. However, you can use various herbal infusions and decoctions as sedatives that help calm down. Use sage, chamomile, lemon balm, mint. For one glass of hot water, take one spoonful of dried grass, you can add milk to the drink.

To improve the functioning of the nervous system and blood vessels, you can add more dried fruits, dried apricots, prunes, and walnuts to the diet. They can be crushed using a blender or meat grinder and taken in a tablespoon every day in the morning and evening.

With complex balanced therapy, relief will come pretty soon. Treatment of heart neurosis can be quite lengthy, but with the right approach, exacerbations can be forgotten.

Folk remedies

How to treat a cardiac neurosis: medical methods

  • Normalize lifestyle (exclude nervous and mental strain).
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Change the diet. It is necessary to exclude roasted, smoked, salted, pickled, spicy, strong coffee.
  • Increase motor activity. It is necessary to begin to perform a special physical therapy complex of exercises, more often to be in the fresh air. In no case should not be overworked.
  • Increase the number of positive emotions (find an interesting hobby, make new friends).

With neurosis, massage, swimming in the pool helps to relax.

If the symptoms of the pathology are very severe, the following medications should be taken:

  • antidepressants;
  • beta-blockers;
  • sleeping pills;
  • general strengthening agents;
  • sedatives.

In addition, the patient must establish a daily regimen. It is very important to go to bed at the same time, sleep should last at least 8 hours. Otherwise, the above drugs will bring only temporary relief without eliminating the root of the problem.

The main thing is to remember that if there is a suspicion of this deviation, then you can not engage in self-medication, because many ailments of the cardiovascular system have similar symptoms. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose, prescribe the correct treatment.

Folk remedies

In the arsenal of traditional medicine, there are hundreds of recipes that will permanently get rid of this disease. For this, various types of plants are widely used, decoctions, teas, relaxing baths are made of them.

Here are some common recipes:

  1. As a sedative, tincture of valerian is widely used. Two tablespoons of chopped and dried root is poured with 5 liters of water, put on fire, brought to a boil, removed after 3-5 minutes. The broth should be insisted, filtered and taken in the morning and evening at 100 grams.
  2. Immortelle inflorescences chop, dry. Pour two tablespoons of the resulting raw material with a glass of boiling water, cover, let it brew for 12 hours. This broth is drunk on an empty stomach before breakfast.
  3. A similar decoction can be made from oregano. Only drinking it is recommended not immediately, but in small portions during the day before meals.
  4. You can make tea from lemon balm and drink chilled each time after eating.
  5. To get rid of obsessive states, doctors recommend taking a tincture of a European zyuznik. Two tablespoons of grass is poured with half a liter of vodka, insisted in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then the tincture is filtered and taken in a tablespoon 2 times a day.
  6. To eliminate nervous tension, you will need to take 100 grams of milk, add a clove of garlic, passed through a grater there. It is advisable to drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

To overcome the neurosis of the heart, to get rid of its symptoms, relaxing baths are widely used as a treatment with folk remedies.

  1. You will need to purchase angelica root. It is crushed, dried, then three liters of pure water are taken and a tablespoon of angelica is added. Next, all this must be put on fire, brought to a boil, let it brew until the resulting broth cools down. Angelica root bath should be taken 3 times a week before bedtime.
  2. 100 grams of crushed rosehip roots are poured with two liters of boiling water, put on fire for half an hour. Next, the broth should be filtered, cooled. You can take a bath daily for at least 40 minutes
  3. You will need to collect lemon balm, oregano, mint, pine buds, calamus roots. To prepare the bath, you should take 20 grams of each ingredient, pour 5 liters of water, put on fire for thirty minutes, strain and pour into the bath. You need to swim at least half an hour.

But, it is important to remember that in the human body there may be diseases in which it is forbidden to use some herbs. For example, during pregnancy, you can not drink lemon balm, because it can cause hormonal disorders.

Medicinal herbs for an ailment

In most cases, medicinal herbs that have a sedative effect are taken immediately before bedtime. Among them are:

And such plants as Rhodiola, Schisandra, Leuzea, etc., which have stimulating and tonic properties, take in the morning.

Today, there are many different recipes for tinctures that really help to cope with neurosis. All these recipes can be prepared independently.

  1. Infusions, which are prepared on the basis of oregano, can have a calming effect. To prepare this infusion, pour 2 tbsp. l oregano herbs with 2 glasses of boiling water. After the broth has cooled, it must be filtered. Take 1/2 cup before meals. Such an infusion is strictly forbidden to pregnant women, as it is able to contract the muscles of the uterus, which as a result can lead to abortion.
  2. With neurosis, a person can not do without valerian, as it helps to get rid of headaches and overwork. It is necessary to fill in 2 tbsp. l valerian roots with 2 glasses of water. Bring the broth to a boil and leave to infuse. You need to take such an infusion after a meal, preferably 3 times a day.
  3. No less effective in neurosis is considered an infusion based on lemon balm leaves. For its preparation, 2 tbsp. l pour lemon balm leaves in 2 cups boiling water. Before taking the infusion should be filtered. Melissa infusion calms very well, and also lowers blood pressure. Drink a decoction of lemon balm should be 2 times a day for half a glass.
  4. A soothing, analgesic, antispasmodic and sedative effect is exerted by an infusion based on clover grass. To prepare it, you need to pour 2 cups of boiling water to pour 2 tbsp. l clover herbs. The resulting infusion should be taken half a cup twice a day.
  5. For overwork and irritability, prepare an infusion based on hop cones. Pour 2 cups boiling water 2 tbsp. l hop cones. The infusion must be filtered. Take a quarter cup before meals. But keep in mind that excessive use of such an infusion leads to nausea, dizziness, pain in the abdomen.

Considering the fact that even official medicine prefers to use only light, natural-based drugs in the treatment of this disease, we can say with confidence that this is the place to treat neurosis with folk remedies.


It can be various herbal tinctures and decoctions with a sedative effect. These recipes can be found a huge amount in the literature or on specialized sites. Here are some examples of them:

  1. You need to take 100 grams of motherwort, the root of adonis and white peony. Add about 5 grams to the mixture. lemon balm, mint and hop cones. The resulting composition is poured with boiling water, about 1 liter. Leave the infusion for 6 to 8 hours and filter before use. This tincture is taken daily, 4 times a day, one glass each. This drug can be taken for a long time, until the signs of a nervous state disappear.
  2. A good therapeutic effect will have tincture of centaury. Two tablespoons are poured with half a liter of boiling water and left to infuse for about 12 hours. This infusion can be used instead of regular tea, and the effect will be felt quite quickly.
  3. The tincture of knotweed has the same effect. The method of preparation and use of this infusion is similar to the previous one.

Herbal tinctures with alcohol neurosis for heart disease are also distinguished by a good therapeutic effect. The only drawback of this tool can be considered the duration of the preparation of alcohol tinctures – it is necessary to insist for at least 2 weeks. Experienced herbalists with heart neurosis advise insisting on herbs such as adonis or chasing arnica.

Relaxing baths

In the treatment of cardioneurosis, the normalization of the patient’s emotional state is very important, relaxing baths have a very good effect. For these purposes, it is advisable to use the following tinctures, which, after insisting, must be added to the bath:

  • oak leaves – 15 – 20 leaves are poured with boiling water and insist for about 15 minutes;
  • birch leaves – 30 pieces per 2 liters of boiling water for a quarter of an hour;
  • hop cones – for 20 pieces you need 2 liters of boiling water for half an hour;
  • a wonderful relaxing effect will be observed when aromatic essential oils are added to the bath, it can be sage, lavender, pine or eucalyptus oils.

In addition to all these calming and relaxing procedures, fragrant geranium can be put in the bedroom, the smell of which can also have a therapeutic effect.

Possible consequences

A prolonged course of cardiovascular neurosis causes psychological and emotional disorders that aggravate the condition. The connection of symptoms accelerates the development of the disease.

A feeling of anxiety and fear in the patient gives rise to additional mental disorders. Neurosis becomes depressive or hysterical. A person becomes obsessed with negative emotions. This causes sleep problems and also makes communication difficult.


The appearance of seizures in cardiac neurosis is associated with emotional exhaustion. Pain is psychosomatic and does not depend on physiological processes.

  • a sharp feeling of contraction of the heart;
  • nausea;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • severe anxiety and anxiety.

The length of the attack does not exceed 25 minutes, and the frequency of their appearance depends on the mental state. They do not appear regularly and can occur at an uncomfortable moment, which will create a risk to the health of the patient and other people. To eliminate the attack you need the support of people. The patient needs to be reassured in order to pass the feeling of fear.

In the absence of help, the symptoms of an attack intensify:

  • feeling of palpitations with the whole body;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • heavy sweating;
  • fainting;
  • severe tachycardia;
  • feeling of lack of oxygen;
  • fear of death;
  • trembling and cramping.

Cardiac neurosis is characterized by such a manifestation as a request for help from other people and panic. A person does this subconsciously because of a strong fear of dying. After the first attack, patients have additional phobias. The patient is constantly waiting for a new seizure, which affects the psyche.

It is extremely difficult to imagine what the treatment of heart neurosis will lead to. The speed and possibility of a complete cure will be affected by completely different factors:

  • age of the patient;
  • duration and severity of the disease;
  • individual characteristics of the psyche of the patient.

According to available statistics, people under the age of 35 – 40 years old and having minimal psychological disorders after a course of treatment can be cured in almost 90%.

Patients of advanced age and with a clearly mobile psyche are completely cured only in 20-30% of cases, but even those who have not recovered after treatment speak of a decrease in the frequency and intensity of attacks.

Unfortunately, about 5% of patients who seek help do not recover, and in the future, doctors observe the transition of heart neurosis to more serious psychological disorders and the development of pathologies of the heart itself.

Preventive measures

A potential patient himself must be engaged in the prevention of this disease, like any other. In the event that you began to notice unjustified bouts of fear or even panic, moments of aggression or prolonged melancholy, a chronic feeling of apathy or any other deviations from the usual state of your mental state, you should consider how to protect yourself from the development of cardioneurosis and other disorders psyche.

The first thing to do is change your attitude towards life and to the people around us. It is necessary, as it were, to have a barrier between themselves and external irritating factors. Minor troubles are best simply ignored. It is important to understand that all neurotic heart problems are consequences of your condition.

Detonic – a unique medicine that helps fight hypertension at all stages of its development.

Detonic for pressure normalization

The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

Detailed information about Detonic is located on the manufacturer’s page

Svetlana Borszavich

General practitioner, cardiologist, with active work in therapy, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology with allergology.
Fluent in general clinical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, as well as electrocardiography, echocardiography, monitoring of cholera on an ECG and daily monitoring of blood pressure.
The treatment complex developed by the author significantly helps with cerebrovascular injuries and metabolic disorders in the brain and vascular diseases: hypertension and complications caused by diabetes.
The author is a member of the European Society of Therapists, a regular participant in scientific conferences and congresses in the field of cardiology and general medicine. She has repeatedly participated in a research program at a private university in Japan in the field of reconstructive medicine.