Heart pain pills titles list

If the heart hurts badly, you need to call an ambulance. You can’t endure heartache!

In such cases, hospitalization is needed. If doctors have ruled out a serious pathology and your heart hurts, you can try to relieve the pain at home. If your heart hurts often, there should be a set of emergency medicines in your home medicine cabinet:

  • tablets of validol and nitroglycerin;
  • corvalol or valocardine;
  • Corvalent capsules, Corvaltap tablets;
  • nitromint aerosol.

The medicine cabinet may also contain other drugs recommended by the attending physician. The medicine may be in the purse, pocket (validol, nitroglycerin), and should not be accessible to children. If your heart hurts constantly, heart attacks occur, you need to teach household members the rules of first aid and resuscitation.

Peripheral vasodilators (including nitrates). Calcium channel blockers. Cardiac glycosides. Beta-blockers.

dilating venules – nitrates, nitrites, molsidomine; dilating arterioles – diazoxide, hydralosin, potassium channel activators, minoxidil; dilating venules, and arterioles – sodium nitroprusside, isosorbide dinirate.

Nitroglycerin, Sustak, Nitrokor; Monosan, Pentacard, Monizid, Pentrol; Cardicet.

The most famous and widely used worldwide is nitroglycerin, which has established itself as an effective tool for relieving angina attacks.

An effective sublingual agent for stopping an attack of angina pectoris is nitroglycerin

Another medicine that works well is Cardicet. It is a long-lasting drug. Quickly increases the lumen of the vessel by relaxing the muscles of the wall, thereby reducing the load on the heart. The effect occurs approximately 20 minutes after administration. Cardicet is used for long-term treatment of cardiac ischemia, chronic heart failure, for the prevention of angina pectoris and secondary heart attacks, but he cannot stop angina attacks.

with verapamil hydrochloride – Verapamil, Lecoptin, Veracard; with benzotheazepine derivatives – Diltiazem, Cardil, Diacordin, Angizem.

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Cardiac glycosides


Metoprolol, Vasokardin, Betalok, Corvitol, Serdol, Nebivolol, Lopressor.

For heart pain, a drug from the group of beta-blockers – metoprolol is prescribed

Pain in the heart is noted with various cardiological pathologies. In different cases, different drugs may be indicated.

Most often, remedies for heart pain are prescribed for angina pectoris, as well as for atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, heart failure. During an attack of angina pectoris, take (put under the tongue) sublingual tablets. As a rule, it is nitroglycerin or molsidomine.

In coronary heart disease, calcium channel blockers, drugs from the group of nitrates of antiarrhythmic action and beta-blockers are prescribed. Nitrates dilate blood vessels and relieve spasm. Calcium antagonists and beta-blockers reduce heart rate, which usually increases with an excess of adrenaline, eliminate oxygen starvation due to blood flow to the heart, and as a result of these actions the pain goes away.

Adrenaline blockers can be indicated for extrasystole, tachycardia and angina pectoris, accompanied by spasm of small vessels.

Reflex action drugs. Nitrates. Antiplatelet agents. Calcium antagonists. Beta blockers. Cardiac glycosides. Blood cholesterol lowering drugs. Thrombolytic drugs.

Let us consider in more detail each group of drugs for pain in the heart.

These are the well-known validol and corvalol. Many people who have experienced heart disease mistakenly believe that validol and corvalol will help them in their treatment. In fact, doctors have long proven the ineffectiveness of these drugs. Validol has a calming effect on the body and dilates blood vessels, but it will not help with angina pectoris.

However, do not immediately abandon its use. The fact is that with an attack of angina pectoris, a person not only hurts behind the sternum, but he feels the fear of death, because sometimes the pain is very severe. Validol will help reduce fear. Also, when taking nitroglycerin, which really helps to stop the attack, a person may experience headache and nausea, which are relieved by validol. So, it can be used in conjunction with nitroglycerin.

Corvalol helps well with irritability, stress and neurosis, which can trigger an angina attack. It dilates blood vessels, which means it improves the nutrition of the heart muscle and is able to relieve pain. The downside is that a person relieves only pain, but its true cause remains unknown, which means that sooner or later it will appear again.

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Validol and Corvalol are ineffective on their own, but can be used as part of complex therapy. Caution should be taken by people whose profession is related to the speed of the reaction, since they cause drowsiness and slight dizziness. After taking these medicines, do not drive.

Preparations of this group are most often used for pain in the heart. Nitroglycerin proved to be an excellent tool for relieving an attack of angina pectoris in the 19th century. Drugs in this group dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow and relieving pain. They begin to act quickly, and the effect lasts a long time.

Nitroglycerin is used sublingually, that is, under the tongue. Its action begins almost immediately, but if necessary, the pill can be repeated, but no more than three pieces with an interval of five minutes. If after this the pain is not relieved, it is necessary to call an ambulance, as this may indicate a beginning myocardial infarction.

In no case should you use at the same time 2-3 tablets. It should be borne in mind that nitroglycerin lowers blood pressure, and after taking it, headache and nausea can be observed, therefore, Validol is sometimes recommended to be taken with nitroglycerin. People who are prone to allergies sometimes have a rash on their skin.

A course of treatment

During the active phase of pain in the region of the heart, the patient must take off his squeezing clothes, relax. Such actions will ease the condition, allow you to understand the nature of the pain and figure out what to do next:

    stitching and aching sensations in the region of the heart, which are accompanied by a rap >

In severe heart diseases, Validol tablets are unlikely to provide significant assistance. Among doctors, this drug is not considered a serious medicine. Nevertheless, many people who periodically feel pain in the place where the heart is, carry Validol with them, in which case put it under the tongue.

This medicine is really capable of slightly expanding the coronary arteries and relieving pain. In addition, the Validol tablet calms, alleviates anxiety, and evens out the heart rhythm. Meanwhile, the composition of this popular drug does not include any active ingredients other than menthol and valerian. With a severe attack of angina pectoris, only Validol is unlikely to be able to provide effective assistance, heart pills are already needed, which will be described below.

Tablets from cardiac arrhythmia should, of course, be prescribed by a doctor. The fact is that cardiac muscle rhythm disturbances can be caused by various causes and diseases. For example, with tachycardia, it is possible to provide quite substantial help even with the usual tincture of valerian or corvalol. In more severe cases, much stronger pills from the heart will be required: Etmozin, Ritmilen, Ditoksin, Propranopol, etc., but this is only for medical reasons.

If the pulse is too slow (less than 60 beats per minute), then doctors often prescribe such drugs as Atropin, Alupent, Atenolol, Zufillin. And the most effective means of traditional medicine in this case are decoctions of young tops of pine or yarrow.

The pills from the heart, whose name is written above, are effective medicines that can be considered cardioprotectors. They are able to strengthen the heart, improve blood circulation, restore heart rate. The drugs “Riboxin” and “Mildronate” are often used by athletes in intensive training in order to charge the heart muscle with additional energy.

Both of these drugs are well tolerated by most people and do not cause serious side effects. In some cases, the drugs Mildronate and Riboxin are prescribed by the doctor together, because they are able to complement and enhance the beneficial therapeutic effect of each other.

Pain in the heart region, heart pain – frequent complaints of patients seeking medical attention from a cardiologist. Pain in this area can be a manifestation of not only cardiac, but also other, no less serious diseases. Accurately establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only cardiologists.

Consultations of psychotherapists, neuropathologists, pulmonologists, gynecologists are necessary.

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If the heart hurts badly, you need to call an ambulance. You can’t endure heartache!

The most famous representatives of this group of drugs are aspirin and cardiomagnyl. They improve the rheological properties of blood, that is, dilute it, make it more fluid. Cardiomagnyl, in addition, relieves inflammation, and also has an antipyretic and analgesic effect. It contains magnesium hydroxide, which protects the gastric mucosa from aspirin and prevents ulcers.

To improve blood flow, drugs of this group change its coagulability, and therefore they should not be used by people prone to bleeding, with strokes, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract. Cardiomagnyl is well tolerated by most patients, but some people may have an individual intolerance to aspirin, so only a cardiologist should prescribe drugs after the examination.

This is an extensive group of cardiac drugs that not only relieve pain, but also lower blood pressure. They relieve vasospasm and increase blood flow to the heart. The group of these drugs is divided into two generations.

The first generation includes old, long-used drugs like isoptin and nifedipine. Their effect on the body is short-lived, and therefore you have to drink 3-4 times a day, which is not always convenient.

The second generation of drugs has a longer effect, you need to take them less often, but they cost an order of magnitude more expensive. These are drugs such as amlodipine, lacidipine. Calcium antagonists are used for angina pectoris, high blood pressure, arrhythmias and their combination with coronary heart disease. Second-generation drugs not only have a longer effect, but are also safer, better tolerated by the body.

Representatives of this group of drugs include anaprilin, atenolol, and others. Beta-blockers reduce heart rate, thereby reducing the oxygen demand of the heart muscle. They are used not only for pain in the heart with angina pectoris, but also for various arrhythmias and hypertension, thereby solving the question of how to relieve heart pain and pressure.

This is an extensive group of drugs containing digoxin extracted from digitalis plants. It should be noted that digoxin is a poison, therefore only a doctor can prescribe cardiac glycosides. Why prescribe drugs containing poison to patients with heart pain? The fact is that drugs of this group increase the strength and heart rate without increasing the oxygen demand of the myocardium. That is, they make the heart do the same work, but with less energy.

Cholesterol lowering drugs

The cause of many heart diseases is an increase in blood cholesterol, the formation of cholesterol plaques and their blockage of blood vessels. The drugs of this group themselves will not help if your heart hurts, but they should be included in the complex therapy of heart diseases, as they improve the processing of cholesterol, reduce the size of atherosclerotic plaques and prevent clogging of blood vessels.

They are used to treat heart pain associated with an attack of angina pectoris. They not only relieve pain, but also eliminate the cause itself – dissolve blood clots that interfere with normal blood flow.

Dosing and Administration

The method of application of Validol, Molsidomin and Nitroglycerin is sublingual (that is, under the tongue). A separate recommendation regarding the dose of Nitroglycerin: in the absence of the effect of removing the pain accompanying an attack of angina pectoris after the first dose of the drug (1-2 tablets of 0,5 mg), it should be taken again only after five minutes – not earlier.

Molsidomin can be taken orally in half or a whole tablet 2-3 times a day (after eating), but the therapeutic effect is manifested after 20-25 minutes, that is, 2-3 times longer than with the sublingual method.

Doses of cardiac glycosides and calcium channel blockers are determined strictly individually – according to the results of a cardiological examination. The standard single dose of Digoxin is 0,25 mg, and the daily dose should not exceed 1,25 mg. A Verapamil tablets are recommended to be taken in a volume of 160-480 mg during the day; the course of treatment can last from 2 to 24 months.

Metoprolol is prescribed 50 mg 2-4 times a day (depending on the patient’s condition), the tablet should be swallowed whole during or immediately after a meal.

First aid and medications for heart pain.

“Aspirin” is drunk first of all, since it dilutes the blood and promotes the rapid absorption of other drugs. Nitroglycerin will dilate blood vessels and reduce discomfort, while Validol will remove anxiety. After the ambulance arrives, tell the doctors which pills for heart pain have been used since the onset of the attack.

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Also, with a heart attack, doctors recommend taking a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid, after chewing it. This normalizes the blood coagulation properties and accelerates the absorption of other drugs. For many patients, aspirin is prescribed before bedtime for the prevention of myocardial infarction.

Traditional medicine and heart pain

With heart disease, you can not self-medicate. Traditional medicine recipes should be used only under the supervision of a physician.

  • Tincture to stimulate the work of the heart: 100 g root of the lovage insist for two weeks in 400 g of edible alcohol. Drink a tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.
  • Improves the work of the heart lemon peel. It is useful to drink tea with a slice of lemon and chew lemon peel.
  • Strengthens myocardium peppermint. To prepare a decoction, you need to do this: take a teaspoon of grass, pour a glass of boiling water and insist. Drink daily half an hour before breakfast.
  • You can make an infusion: pour a tablespoon of valerian roots 1, 5 cups of boiling water, insist a couple of hours. Drink one tablespoon 3 times a day.
  • With heart weakness, you can prepare a decoction from a mixture of herbs. Mix one part of lemon balm and yarrow, valerian root, add two parts of anise fruits. In a glass of boiling water, insist a tablespoon of the collection. Drink during the day for 2-3 times.
  • You can take the mummy, according to the scheme recommended by the cardiologist.
  • You can make and drink tea from the flowers of violets.
  • It helps to drink pumpkin juice overnight with a spoonful of honey.
  • You can make a decoction of the fruits of hawthorn, drink like weak tea.


Indications for pills for heart pain:

  • angina pectoris;
  • heart failure;
  • arrhythmias of various forms;
  • myocardial ischemia;
  • prevention of myocardial infarction, thrombosis and atherosclerosis;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • neuralgia;
  • high cholesterol;
  • hypertonic disease.

What to take with a certain pathological process, the doctor will tell after a detailed examination and diagnosis. It is forbidden to choose pills on your own and the dosage is prohibited, since it can harm your health.

The main contraindications for heart pills:

  • the use of nitrates is prohibited with increased intracranial and low blood pressure, glaucoma and in a state of shock;
  • cardiac glycosides are contraindicated in bradycardia, renal and pulmonary failure, coronary heart disease;
  • “Validol” can not be taken hypotonic and in the case of cardiogenic shock, which arose due to an experienced heart attack.

People who are at risk are taking medications for heart pain with caution:

  • children up to 18 years;
  • chronic processes in the acute stage;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • developing renal, hepatic, or pulmonary failure;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding);
  • allergic reactions.

Pills for heart pain relieve the patient’s condition before a visit to the doctor or the arrival of an ambulance. Entrust the choice of drugs to a cardiologist who will evaluate the results of the examination and advise on the best treatment regimen. Independently use only alcohol tinctures based on soothing herbs and first aid.

nitroglycerin and its derivatives are prohibited in case of shock, low blood pressure, glaucoma, high intracranial pressure; glycosides can not be taken if the sinus node is disturbed, mitral valve stenosis, cardiac muscle hypertrophy; validol is contraindicated in case of complications after a heart attack and severe hypertension.


Active motor mode trains the heart muscle.

The duration of the load is at least 15 minutes per day. The intensity of the load is determined by well-being, carried out under the control of the pulse. The heart rate can be no more than 70-80% of the norm for a specific age category and rest. Physical activity should be regular, alternating with periods of rest and rest. It is useful to do morning exercises.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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