Causes of flakes in urine in women

The appearance of urine, its color, transparency, the presence of sediment indicate the nature of the existing diseases. Flakes are often found in the urine. The reasons for this phenomenon in women may consist in pathologies not only of the urinary system, but also of the genitals. This symptom is a violation of the norm, it requires a more detailed examination and the appointment of additional tests.

Possible reasons

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Flakes in the urine of women, by their nature, can be:

  • vaginal discharge
  • leukocytes and protein,
  • salt,
  • epithelial cells.

With diseases of the urinary organs in the urine, the number of leukocytes and protein significantly increases. This is due to a decrease in the filtration capacity of the kidneys and is one of the reasons why flakes appear in the urine. In addition to them, the patient is worried about fever, lower back pain, cramps during urination. Diagnosed in such cases are pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis and even cancer.

If white fragments in the urine are not accompanied by pain and other pathological symptoms, then the disorders in the patient’s body can hardly be called serious.

Urine with flakes can be observed in women with violations of the microflora of the vagina, when excessively abundant discharge from there into the urine during urination. This is most often a sign of candidiasis or bacterial vaginosis, but may simply be due to the anatomical proximity of the urethra and vagina. To avoid this, it is recommended to close the entrance to it with a cotton swab, especially during the period when the menstrual cycle has begun.

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Insufficiently thorough hygienic preparation for the analysis can be another explanation for the fact that the patient has cloudy urine. In such cases, epithelial cells from the surface of the external genital organs, exfoliating, penetrate into the collected portion of urine. But they can also get into it from the kidneys or ureters, which is considered a more dangerous symptom.

The urine can also become cloudy due to excess salt content, which indicates a lack of fluid in the body and disturbed diet. To avoid this, you should drink at least 1,5 liters of water in addition to coffee and tea.

The appearance of flakes in the urine of pregnant women

White flakes in urine during pregnancy can also be the result of various vaginal secretions entering it. It can be a mucous secretion of the vagina or a mucous plug from the birth canal. If this symptom is detected, additional tests are usually prescribed according to Zimnitsky or Nechiporenko. They most accurately help to detect foci of infection or inflammation in the body.

The presence of such flakes in the urine of pregnant women should be considered an alarming symptom, since they can be a sign of:

  • developing gestosis, when protein is excreted together with urine. This requires immediate medical attention and initiation of therapy,
  • pyelonephritis or cystitis, which can complicate the course of pregnancy,
  • the initial stage of diabetes, requiring an additional blood glucose test.

Protein in the urine can also be the result of a change in the woman’s diet, dictated by her condition. Therefore, all pregnant women, in whose urine white flakes were present, need observation, constant monitoring of blood pressure, regular repeated tests.

Diet changes

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Various diets and other dietary changes that women sometimes abuse can also cause urine sediment or discoloration. So, for example, urine acquires a brown or burgundy hue when eating beets or salads from it.

With changes in the diet, the most often flocculent sediment appears in such cases:

  • with a sharp transition to vegetarian food,
  • when changing the diet,
  • with an increase in the amount of protein foods,
  • when using unusual products.

The body does not immediately adapt to such changes, so it does not always quickly cope with new loads. This results in cloudy urine and the appearance of white flakes in it. Special diets will help to return the body to normal, which provide for the correction of the water-salt balance.

Home test

For those women whose urine contains white flakes, the following test may be advised. Collect all urine in 2 clean containers. In this case, one of them should contain the first half of the selected portion, and the second – the last. Both jars need to be looked at to the light. If flakes are found in the first part, then the reason for this is a disease of the urethra or bladder. Perhaps these are just epithelial cells.

If cloudy urine is contained in the second jar, then this can be considered a cause for concern. In this case, cloudy flakes most likely came from the kidneys and indicate their inflammation or poor filtration capacity.

Urine collection rules

Flakes in urine, the causes of which in women are so diverse, in all cases require additional examination. When taking tests again, it is important to pay special attention to the hygiene of the external genital organs, and also to exclude the intake of the following medicines and products the day before:

  • iron preparations,
  • artificial vitamins,
  • vegetables containing bright pigments.

To pass the control analysis, you should wait until the end of the monthly cycle, if any. Immediately before collecting urine, rinse the groin area thoroughly. Do not use gels, foams and other, poorly rinsed products for this. For analysis, you need to collect urine released in the middle of urination. If the doctor has not ordered any special study, only morning urine collected on an empty stomach is taken.

As you can see, a violation of the simple rules for collecting urine analysis can lead to the appearance in it not only of white flakes, but also threads, suspensions, sediment that are not related to any pathologies. But in many cases, this phenomenon is a sign of disorders and requires additional examinations to make a diagnosis.

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