Causes of a bovine heart in people, diagnosis and treatment of the disease

The hazard of cardiomegaly is the absence of signs that might point out the presence of pathology. This significantly complicates its diagnosis.

But in the presence of a symptomatic image, it has an analogy with many ailments of the cardiovascular system.

Among the most well-known signs are the following:

  • swelling of the decrease extremities and stomach;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • shortness of breath with nice bodily exertion;
  • a feeling of ache in the chest space;
  • elevated sweating.

In the presence of such signs, some affiliate them with smoking, stress, nice bodily exertion. Many sufferers are in search of a trigger in the growth of CVD ailments. In any case, you cannot depart them with out due consideration. You ought to contact a specialist and bear an examination.

Cardiomegaly is taken into account one of the rarest cardiac pathologies. Adults, adolescents, and newborns can get sick. This disease has no particular signs and is detected solely by instrumental examination.

Cardiomegaly is popularly known as a “bovine” heart. This is because of the undeniable fact that the heart is considerably elevated in dimension. Normally, this organ weighs in males from 270 to 370 g, and in girls – 200 – 300 g. In pathology, the weight of the heart can attain 600 – 900 g.

With cardiomegaly, a rise in the dimension of all cavities of the heart is noticed. The cavities of the ventricles or atria can stretch 2 or extra occasions. Hypertrophy and thickening of the heart muscle are additionally noticed.

Changing the dimension of the myocardium results in purposeful issues, the growth of progressive heart failure. The affected person has numerous rhythm and conduction disturbances, signs of congestion in a giant circle of blood circulation.

With congenital pathology, kids die earlier than the age of 3 months or stay severely disabled.

Causes of cardiomegaly might be congenital or acquired. Acquired embody:

  • Malignant arterial hypertension.
  • Defects of the mitral, tricuspid valve or mixed.
  • Acute or power myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis.
  • Common vascular atherosclerosis.
  • Cardiomyopathy.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Hormonal cardiomyodystrophy.
  • Malignant or benign heart tumors.
  • Thrombophilia
  • Violation of the coagulation and anticoagulation techniques of the blood.
  • Pathology of the pulmonary system.
  • Autoimmune systemic ailments.

Also, a “bovine heart” can develop in individuals who abuse alcohol for a very long time, particularly beer.

Congenital cardioomegaly is principally genetic in nature. Predisposing elements for its look are:

  • The use of alcohol, tobacco, medicine throughout being pregnant.
  • Late being pregnant (over the age of 35).
  • Intrauterine an infection with the herpes virus, Epstein-Barr.

Alcohol use is a doable trigger of cardiomegaly.

You want to grasp that the standard enlargement of the heart shouldn’t be cardiomegaly. Normally, the mass of the myocardium and the dimension of this organ might be elevated in giant tall folks of hyperstatic physique, in athletes. In this example, we’re speaking about myocardial hypertrophy. This situation shouldn’t be a pathology and doesn’t require treatment.

With cardiomegaly, underneath the affect of an inflammatory or infectious course of, heart cells (cardiomyocytes) are affected. In this case, an autoimmune response is triggered, inflammatory mediators are produced that moreover destroy the heart muscle.

Cardiomyocytes are changed by fibrous (scar) or connective tissue. The myocardium loses its elastic stretching capability. As a outcome, the contractile and pumping features of the organ are lowered.

Big heart shouldn’t be capable of absolutely pump blood. In the muscle membrane of the heart, foci of sclerosis and dystrophy happen, its cavities increase.

In this case, the myocardium could also be hypertrophied or stay unchanged.

In the fashionable classification, a number of sorts of cardiomegaly are distinguished:

  • Congenital It happens in utero. It has a extreme course. Not topic to conservative remedy, all the time handled promptly.
  • Idiopathic. It can develop in wholesome folks with out goal causes. Occurs not often.
  • Acquired. In this case, the prognosis of the disease relies on the present power pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
  • Physiological. It happens in people who find themselves obese or professionally concerned in sports activities.

Acogolic cardiomegaly can also be generally discovered. Its most important purpose is the opposed impact of ethanol on the heart muscle.

There is one other classification of this disease. According to her, cardiomegaly occurs:

  • Dilatation. Under the affect of pathological elements, the manufacturing of contractile proteins decreases, the metabolism of cardiomyocytes is disrupted. All cavities of the heart increase, their dilation happens.
  • Restrictive. With this disease, the heart is enlarged, however the main issue is a violation of contractile operate. The myocardium is sealed and thickened. The ventricular cavities are lowered, and the atria increase considerably. The threat of thrombosis and thromboembolic issues will increase.
  • Hypertrophic. The most typical kind of cardioomegaly. The myocardium of the left ventricle is principally affected.

Cardiomegaly will also be symmetric and uneven. With a symmetric model, all components of the heart enhance evenly. With an uneven kind of the disease, particular person heart cavities thicken and hypertrophy.

The clinic of cardiomegaly of the heart is nonspecific. Its manifestations resemble numerous ailments of the cardiovascular system. The affected person has:

  • Discomfort in the chest, primarily in the apex of the heart.
  • Various respiratory issues: tachypnea, bradypnea, orthopnea.
  • Tachycardia, sinus or respiratory arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation.
  • A sense of heart failure.
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, weak spot.

Patients additionally complain of indicators of cardiomegaly resembling dizziness, shakiness when strolling, fainting, or fainting. However, it needs to be remembered that these signs could seem with different heart ailments.

In kids, congenital or idiopathic cardiomegaly is extra widespread. Symptoms start to look from the first months of life or the first days from the manifestation of the disease.

Parents complain about the fixed concern of the baby, sleep disturbances. The child’s urge for food decreases, there’s a lag in bodily growth. Such kids are pale, the pores and skin round their mouth with a bluish tint. Sometimes there’s cyanosis of the ideas of the fingers, ears, nostril (acrocyanosis).

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This disease cannot be assumed after a easy survey and examination of the affected person. The following instrumental strategies are used to diagnose cardiomegaly:

  • ECG. On the recorded movie, oblique indicators of pathology are decided: hypertrophy of the left or proper components of the heart.
  • X-ray of the chest cavity. With cardiomegaly, a rise in heart dimension might be seen on the radiograph. Also, the ventricular or atrial growth is detected in the picture.
  • MRI of the heart. Using this technique, the weight of the myocardium, its thickness, the presence of pathological modifications in the cavities are recognized.
  • OAC, biochemical evaluation, IPT, blood coagulation. Conducted to detect inflammatory, allergic or autoimmune issues.
  • Ultrasound process. One of the simplest methods. Thanks to him, you possibly can determine the severity of the pathology, decide the purposeful capability of the myocardium.

ECG – a technique for the diagnosis of cardiomegaly

Also, for the diagnosis of cardiomegaly, a biopsy, scintigraphy of the heart muscle or myocardial catheterization are used. Diagnosis is made solely after instrumental affirmation of the disease.

Be positive to hold out a differential diagnosis with myocarditis, infectious endocarditis, congenital and acquired heart defects.

Methods of remedy

Cardiomegaly syndrome is handled conservatively and promptly. The selection of the vital technique of remedy is set by the physician – heart specialist or cardiac surgeon.

This pathology can’t be eradicated with out treatment of the underlying disease. Drug remedy is indicated for adults and kids with a congenital or acquired kind of the disease.

Patients are really helpful to comply with a weight loss program with the limitation of salt, liquid, fatty and fried meals. It can also be essential to restrict psycho-emotional stress, management of pulse and blood stress.


For the conservative treatment of cardiomegaly, the following teams of medicine are used:

  • Cardiac glycosides. Reduce myocardial oxygen demand, normalize all cardiac features. Expand coronary veins and arteries, normalize metabolic processes. Increase the contractility of the heart.
  • Loop, thiazide or potassium-sparing diuretics. With their assist, you possibly can take away water from the physique, get rid of peripheral edema. Due to this impact, these medicine considerably cut back the load on the myocardium.
  • ACE inhibitors. Reduce blood stress, contribute to the reverse growth of left ventricular hypertrophy. Restore vascular tone.
  • Beta – blockers and anti-rhythmic medicine. Normalize the heart rhythm, cut back the heart charge. Expands blood vessels supplying the myocardium, normalizes blood movement velocity.
  • Metabolic and antianginal medicine. They enhance hemodynamic parameters, enhance coronary reserve.

Combined remedy is usually used: a mixture of medicine with surgical procedure.

It is used in the absence of impact from different treatment choices. The most important sorts of surgical interventions embody:

  • Installation EX.
  • Replacing the heart valve with a man-made or bioprosthesis.
  • Aorto – coronary artery bypass grafting.

In extreme circumstances, with decompensation of cardiac exercise, heart transplantation is really helpful.

The most important issues of cardiomegaly embody:

  • Heart failure.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Pulmonary embolism.
  • Violation of the heart charge.

Heart failure – a doable complication of cardiomegaly

The chance of unfavorable penalties of cardiomegaly straight relies on the stage of detection of the disease. With early diagnosis of pathology, the threat of issues decreases. With a late go to to the physician and the absence of treatment, the risk of issues will increase.


Coronary heart disease

A bull heart or cardiomegaly is a rise in heart dimension. The disease might be congenital or develop underneath the affect of a quantity of elements.

Cardiomegaly is a harmful disease, as a result of with a rise in the dimension of the heart muscle, its vitamin is disturbed, which over time can result in heart failure and loss of life. Causes of pathology: heart and vascular ailments, intense sports activities, alcohol abuse.

The disease manifests itself in the following signs: hypertension, impaired heart charge and rhythm, heart ache. The treatment of cardiomegaly relies on the the explanation why the disease has developed.

There is an efficient different treatment for heart and vascular ailments, together with a bovine heart. Such remedy doesn’t adversely have an effect on human well being. On the opposite, treatment with folks treatments contributes to the light restoration of the regular functioning of the heart muscle, the purification of blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques, and the complete enchancment of human well being.

Coronary heart disease – a violation of the movement of blood to the myocardium (heart muscle) attributable to harm to the arteries via which it’s equipped to it. The chest ache described above is the most putting symptom of its manifestation. These signs of heart disease in males are extra widespread than in girls, as a result of the statistics of the disease itself present a predominance of the quantity of male sufferers.

Only a heart specialist can adequately draw up a treatment plan for this heart disease. Patients are often prescribed the following medicine:

  • medicines that cut back the formation of blood clots by decreasing blood coagulation;
  • medicine that block receptors for mediators of adrenaline and norepinephrine;
  • medicines belonging to the group of nitrates (“Nitroglycerin” and others);
  • diuretics.

IHD can also be amenable to surgical treatment – sufferers with this diagnosis typically bear coronary artery bypass grafting and the introduction of a medical balloon.

Myocardial infarction is a sophisticated stage of coronary heart disease. When it utterly stops the blood provide to at least one of its websites.

IHD typically seems in older folks. Obesity, arterial hypertension, the use of giant quantities of salt, smoking and alcohol abuse, and low bodily exercise can contribute to its incidence. The look of coronary heart disease can also be doable with giant sports activities hundreds with out prior preparation for them.

A bull heart or cardiomegaly is a rise in heart dimension. The disease might be congenital or develop underneath the affect of a quantity of elements. Cardiomegaly is a harmful disease, as a result of with a rise in the dimension of the heart muscle, its vitamin is disturbed, which over time can result in heart failure and loss of life.

Causes of pathology: heart and vascular ailments, intense sports activities, alcohol abuse. The disease manifests itself in the following signs: hypertension, impaired heart charge and rhythm, heart ache. The treatment of cardiomegaly relies on the the explanation why the disease has developed.

The treatment of cardiomegaly relies on the purpose the disease has developed. First of all, remedy is aimed toward eliminating the opposed elements that result in an enlarged heart.

If the trigger of the pathology is hypertension, then hypertension remedy is carried out. In this case, you should consistently take medicine that decrease blood stress and normalize blood movement.

If a particular person develops ischemic disease, it is very important cleanse the vessels of atherosclerotic plaques and normalize the blood provide to the heart muscle.

If the trigger of cardiomegaly is an infectious course of in the heart muscle or membrane, it’s essential to take antibacterial brokers that may assist deal with the an infection.

The treatment of the disease shouldn’t be solely the use of medicinal medicine, but in addition a way of life. To get well quickly, sufferers want to transform their lives. Important in treating the disease is a wholesome night time’s sleep. An grownup must sleep no less than 7-8 hours a day.

It is essential to guide an energetic way of life and play sports activities. Loads needs to be average. Such sufferers ought to start with physiotherapy workouts. Daily walks in the park are additionally useful. Every morning you’ll want to cost for 20-Half-hour. The load stage needs to be decided independently, based mostly on well-being. Gradually, the load must be elevated.

The affected person should endlessly abandon unhealthy habits: smoking and alcohol. Also, extreme weight on the heart is brought on by extra weight, so this indicator needs to be adjusted. However, in no case are you able to shed weight rapidly with the assist of exhausting train or hunger diets. Nutrition should be full, as a result of the heart muscle wants vitamins.

A bull’s heart is a critical disease that, with out correct treatment, can result in the growth of acute heart failure and loss of life of the affected person. It is essential to well timed diagnose the pathology and determine the causes of its growth.

Folk treatments

There is a different treatment for an enlarged heart. Such remedy helps strengthen the heart muscle, improves its vitamin and cleanses blood vessels. For treatment, therapeutic heart herbs and charges are used.

  1. Cranberry. In recent kind, this berry could be very helpful for the heart, it nourishes the physique with the vital minerals and nutritional vitamins. Cranberries are floor with sugar. Use 1 tbsp. l grated berries 3 occasions a day after meals.
  2. Blueberry. In remedy, younger shoots of this plant are used. They are floor and boiled over low warmth for 10 minutes, then cooled and filtered. For 200 ml of boiling water take 1 tbsp. l shoots. Use 1 tbsp. l decoction thrice a day.
  3. Adonis. In 200 ml of boiling water is steamed 1 tsp. this herb, insist in a thermos for an hour, then filtered. Take 1 tbsp. l medicine thrice a day.
  4. Knapweed. In remedy, the flowers of this plant are used. In 1 cup boiling water steamed 1 tbsp. l flowers, insist 1 hour, then filter. Use 1/3 cup thrice a day for a quarter of an hour earlier than a meal.
  5. St. John’s wort 1 g of dried grass of this plant are taken per 50 liter of water. Boil over low warmth for 10 minutes, then insist 1 hour and filter. 100 g of pure honey are dissolved in the infusion. The drug is saved in a glass container in the fridge. Take 1/3 cup thrice a day Half-hour earlier than meals.
  6. Lily of the valley. Prepare a tincture of the flowers of this plant. To do that, recent flowers are poured into a glass dish with out tamping, and poured with vodka. Insist in the darkish for 2 weeks, then filter. Take 15 drops of tincture thrice a day.
  7. Rosemary tincture on wine. In a average quantity, purple wine has a helpful impact on the heart muscle. Make tincture of leaves on wine. 100 g of dried leaves pour 2 liters of purple wine, insist in a cool darkish place in a glass bowl for 30 days, periodically shake, then filter. Take 50 ml of the drug twice a day. The treatment lasts a month and a half, then take a break.
  8. Herbal decoction no 1. Mix 1 half of kidney tea, 2 components of cinnamon and rosemary and 3 components of motherwort. In 300 ml of boiling water steamed 1 tbsp. l such assortment, insist in a thermos for 4 hours, then filter. Drink ½ cup of infusion 3 occasions a day for a quarter of an hour earlier than meals.
  9. Herbal harvest quantity 2. Mix 20 g of horsetail grass, 30 g of highlander grass and 50 g of the colour of hawthorn. In 300 ml of boiling water steamed 1 tbsp. l such assortment, insist in a thermos for 1 hour, and then filtered. Take 50 ml 6 occasions a day.

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rosehip base, you possibly can add echinacea and a little hypericum. apple slice

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  • The human heart retains the capability to carry out its most important operate, which is to pump blood, provided that its dimension meets the norm.
  • In the case of a rise in its dimension, the affected person develops a pathology that results in a violation of the blood circulation course of.
  • This kind of anomaly is named bovine heart syndrome.

An enhance in heart dimension is known as cardiomegaly. The mechanism for growing this organ might be related to a rise in the ventricles (one or each of them directly), their growth (dilatation), neoplastic processes, and the accumulation of metabolic merchandise in the organ cavity.

In this example, true cardiomegaly develops. Often, an enlarged heart develops in a wholesome particular person towards a background of elevated stress, when carrying a baby. Cardiomegaly could be very typically detected in athletes. Accurately set up the trigger of a giant heart is feasible solely via particular instrumental strategies of analysis.

In people, the dimension of the heart can range inside small limits. It is understood that males have barely bigger heart sizes than girls. In males, the quantity of the heart will increase in age at about 760 cm³, in girls – 580 cm³.

The dimension of the heart is proportional to the weight of the human physique. Of specific significance are the options of the chest. An enlarged heart doesn’t all the time point out that a particular person is sick. A small heart can also be not all the time the norm. Currently, the most dimension of the heart shouldn’t be established. It is particular person for every particular person.

As a rule, an enlarged heart is set randomly throughout a routine examination and chest x-ray. A diagnosis of an enlarged heart, or cardiomegaly, shock mother and father. Cardiomegaly might be major and secondary. Secondary cardiomegaly develops towards the background of infectious ailments, poisonous lesions, in addition to respiratory failure.

G.N. Burns. Heart Disease: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

An correct diagnosis can’t be made solely by the presence of the above signs.

For this, it’s essential to conduct a quantity of particular surveys:

  • common blood evaluation;
  • electromagnetic tomography;
  • x-ray of the sternum;
  • catheterization of the heart or blood vessels;
  • a biopsy of the epithelium of the ventricles.

The preliminary stage of treatment is aimed toward eliminating the underlying trigger that triggered the disease. For this, each medical and surgical treatment can be utilized.

Carrying out drug remedy helps to decrease blood stress, in addition to take away the amassed fluid from the affected person’s physique.

For this function, medicine of the following teams can be utilized:

  • beta-blockers – enhance the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • diuretics – decrease the quantity of sodium in the physique;
  • APF – contribute to the work of the CCC;
  • anticoagulants – forestall the formation of blood clots, which enhance the threat of heart failure.

The operation helps to revive the broken valve system, in addition to the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Among the simplest and widespread surgical strategies are the following:

  • valve substitute or restoration;
  • coronary artery bypass grafting;
  • the introduction of a particular gadget that performs the operate of an auxiliary pump that pumps blood;
  • pacemaker implantation.

The growth of cardiomegaly can provoke the incidence of quite harmful issues. That is why specialists advocate to not ignore the manifestation of the preliminary signs – and seek the advice of a physician.

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Development mechanism

The violation has no age restrictions and might be both genetically decided or secondary, that’s, acquired all through life. Cardiomegaly has signs just like many heart pathologies, particularly hypertrophy.

However, these ailments have a vital distinction, since hypertrophy is characterised by the compaction and growth of just one atrium or ventricle, whereas a bovine heart represents a rise in the quantity and mass of the entire heart.

Fact! Every third baby with such a congenital pathology dies earlier than reaching 3 months of age.

The disease might be recognized in each adults and kids. Depending on the age class, the following options of the pathology course are distinguished:

  1. For kids, the diagnosis is made if the quantity of the myocardium exceeds the dimension of 3 × 4 × 1,8 (cm). In kids, this pathology is detected fairly not often and most frequently has an unfavorable prognosis. The survival charge of kids with congenital cardiomegaly is 50%, and a quarter of the survivors may have left heart ventricular failure. With a extreme kind of violation, the dimension of the heart can double and even double.
  2. In adults, a dysfunction is recognized if the heart dimension has exceeded 11 × 11 × and 8,5 (cm). In this case, the pathology is acquired all through life. In this case, it’s not an impartial disease, and develops underneath the affect of different pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

However, the heart muscle can enhance not just for pathological causes. A bigger heart dimension is famous in athletes who topic the physique to extreme stress. Against the background of muscle progress, muscle mass additionally will increase. The mass of the heart can change all through life, which is a regular indicator.

Cardiomegaly shouldn’t be an impartial pathology, and progresses solely underneath the affect of different cardiovascular ailments or physiological modifications in the physique. The most important elements affecting the growth of the dysfunction are listed under (Table 1).

Table 1 – Provoking elements of cardiomegaly

Congenital Acquired
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • congenital heart defects;
  • Ebstein anomaly (altered valve mounting location).

A vital function is performed by the mom’s habits throughout the bearing of the baby:

  • poor vitamin;
  • the use of sure medicine;
  • abuse of alcohol, tobacco and medicine;
  • infectious ailments throughout the interval of bearing a baby;
  • accidents acquired;
  • environmental influence.
  • atherosclerotic processes;
  • tumor formations that change the construction of the heart muscle and enhance its mass;
  • hypertension – provokes circulatory issues in reference to a rise in vascular tone;
  • heart valve defects resulting in impaired blood movement;
  • viral myocarditis, which is characterised by thickening of the heart muscle;
  • cardiomyopathy, manifested by thickening of the heart attributable to hormonal imbalance;
  • “Pulmonary heart” arising attributable to elevated blood stress in the pulmonary circulation;
  • ischemia, manifested in the kind of a bovine heart attributable to compensation for inadequate provides of blood to tissues;
  • arrhythmia. Failure of heart charge results in speedy put on of the partitions and a violation of the conductivity of electrical impulses;
  • diabetes. It develops attributable to a violation of hormone manufacturing;
  • iron deficiency;
  • cardiomyodystrophy, progressing attributable to malnutrition, obese;
  • pathology of the thyroid gland, disrupting hormonal metabolism.

In addition, cardiomegaly can progress with the extended use of sure medicine:


Pathological manifestations are absent in skilled athletes or folks with a dense physique. The enhance in myocardium in them is because of physiological parameters and shouldn’t be a pathology.

If the disease is provoked by different elements, then the signs listed under could happen (Table 2).

Table 2 – Manifestations of cardiomegaly

Signs of a congenital dysfunction Signs of a disease that has arisen underneath the affect of different elements
It is tough to find out the signs in a new child, since the child can’t inform what precisely it’s bothering him. Parents ought to discover the following elements on time:
  • elevated sweating;
  • decreased urge for food;
  • swelling;
  • pallor of the pores and skin;
  • blue pores and skin close to the oral cavity;
  • speedy heartbeat and respiratory.
Adults themselves can management their state of well being, listening to the following signs:
  • fixed fatigue;
  • low stamina;
  • the look of shortness of breath even with the simplest bodily actions and at night time;
  • tachycardia;
  • a feeling of heaviness behind the sternum on the proper;
  • swelling of the cervical veins;
  • swelling of the decrease extremities.

Note! Signs of cardiomegaly are similar to signs of heart failure. Accurately decide the pathology will solely assist {hardware} analysis.


The signs that come up with this disease, particularly at the preliminary stage, are similar to a quantity of different cardiovascular pathologies. Accurate differential diagnosis is feasible solely by contacting a physician who can prescribe one of the research listed under (Table 3).

Table 3 – Diagnostic measures for bovine heart

Name Description
X-rayOn the radiograph, you possibly can see congestion in the decrease components of the pulmonary vessels, in addition to decide the pathology of the aorta and arteries of the respiratory system. However, fluorography, which started for use as an alternative of X-rays, can reveal a rise in heart dimension, in addition to calculate the ratio of the width of the heart shadow to the width of the chest (in wholesome folks, the indicator doesn’t exceed 50%).
Electrocardiography (ECG)It is used as a further examine, which extra precisely helps decide the pathology. According to the ECG outcomes, a rise in ventricles and atria, thinning of the heart muscle, coronary disease, post-infarction scars is set.
Echocardiography (echocardiography)Helps to check the precise anatomical construction of the most important muscle of the affected person and decide its performance. Most typically, together with such an examination, coronary angiography is carried out.
Cardiac cavity catheterizationThis technique is used at the stage of making ready the affected person for surgical procedure to evaluate hemodynamics and the diploma of backward discharge of blood movement.
Laboratory analysisIn some circumstances, for an correct differential diagnosis, you will want to take some exams:
  • clinic and biochemistry of blood;
  • lipid profile;
  • rheumatoid issue;
  • hormonal analysis;
  • bacterial sowing, which permits to detect infectious ailments.

First of all, you’ll want to notice that to utterly get rid of the pathology doesn’t work out. But with well timed treatment for assist, it may be managed with medicine, but when the stage is superior, then solely radical treatment will save the affected person.


The very first thing to vary is a way of life. Each cardiomegaly sufferer might want to adhere to the following suggestions:

  • keep away from bodily exertion;
  • get rid of additional kilos;
  • drink not more than 2 liters of fluids per day;
  • set up the regime of the day, giving the physique a full sleep and relaxation;
  • don’t drink alcohol and nicotine;
  • observe a nutritious diet, which consists in lowering the quantity of animal fats consumed, with their substitute with polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • get rid of salt from the weight loss program.

The course of drug remedy is taken individually by the attending doctor. It is chosen making an allowance for the stage of the disease, the presence of extra pathologies and a quantity of different elements. The most important function of the use of medicine is to forestall heart failure. The mostly used medicines from the following drug teams:

  • anticoagulants – assist forestall the formation of blood clots: Heparin, Warfarin, Antithrombin;
  • diuretics – stimulate the physique to extend the excretion of water from the physique, which relieves swelling: Furosemide, Veroshpiron;
  • beta-blockers – efficient treatment of hypertension and violations of the frequency of contractions: Concor, Bisoprolol;
  • ACE inhibitors – dilate blood vessels and stimulate wholesome blood circulation: Valsartan, Enap.

Folk treatments


Frequent modifications in the pulse could point out the presence of arrhythmia in the affected person. Many specialists don’t take into account arrhythmia as a heart disease, however this symptom typically implies that the affected person could have extra critical issues. Some cardiac pathologies, in line with the WHO classification, might be attributed to non-public types of arrhythmia, for instance, heart block, flutter, atrial fibrillation, and so forth.

Arrhythmia might be handled with medicine resembling Verapamil, Timolol, Magnesium Sulphate, Disopyramide and some others. Unauthorized consumption of these medicine is unacceptable. In the treatment of arrhythmia, you need to use decoctions based mostly on the flowers of hawthorn, motherwort, valerian, hop, mint, St. John’s wort, however right here you’ll want to keep in mind: natural medication cannot utterly change the conventional treatment.

Description and sorts

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The peel of the fruit is kind of skinny, however they’re notable for good transportability. When transported over lengthy distances, not more than 5% of tomatoes deteriorate. Shelf life can also be good. In the fridge or in one other place the place a slight plus temperature is continually maintained, they’ll lie for as much as 12-15 days with out dropping form, density of the pulp and style. The expertise of gardeners signifies that in the tomato selection Bull’s heart, the fruits on the decrease arms are considerably bigger than on the higher

Tomatoes Bull’s heart aren’t appropriate for full-canning, however they make very tasty ketchup

Bull-hearted tomatoes, that are of Italian origin, can range in dimension. The form of the fetus itself is uneven, in most circumstances – heart-shaped with a narrowed tip. Hence the identify of the selection of this vegetable. The weight of the fruit can attain 800 grams or extra, which is way more than peculiar tomatoes. The report weight is about 1 kg.

Tomato Bull’s heart is a desk vegetable that may be simply acknowledged amongst different varieties by such exterior indicators::

  • Peel. The pores and skin is skinny, mild, straightforward to peel off.
  • Color. The colour of the vegetable is purple. Varieties of varieties of different colours are allowed, as seen in the photograph. These are hybrids of pink, orange, black and gold.
  • Veins. There are, however in small portions.
  • Pulp. The quantity of liquid is small, the tomato is fleshy, dense, low-water.
  • Taste. Vegetable belongs to the candy varieties of tomatoes.
  • Seed chambers. Not a lot, 4-5 items per fruit.

Distinctive options of the selection are the giant dimension of the fruits. It is one factor to develop these tomatoes, one other to realize a really large-fruited and excessive yield. Champions in weight on the web site might be seen from afar. They don’t depart anybody detached and are the satisfaction of a gardener-master who has raised such a miracle.

Another function of the selection is the unevenness of the fruit. According to opinions from the photograph about tomatoes, the “bull heart” is noticeable that on the decrease branches the tomatoes are bigger, and in direction of the crown they start to fade. Productivity will delight everybody, it’s from ten to 12 kilograms from one bush, if it grows in a greenhouse. If the tomato is planted in open floor, then much less – from seven to 9 kilograms, and the fruits themselves may also be smaller. Reviews with images about tomatoes “bull heart” verify this truth.

The bush itself is tall – from 1,5 to 1,7 in top, sprawling, grows in a short time. He wants a garter. The leaves are giant, darkish inexperienced, their look is the identical as different varieties.

We gave a common description of the bull’s heart tomato. In truth, there are a number of varieties of the selection. Features of agricultural know-how don’t differ, however they range significantly in look and dimension. We give you to get acquainted with every individually.

  1. The favourite kind of many are pink bull-hearted tomatoes. According to the opinions from the photograph it’s clear that they’re bigger than all their counterparts of different colours, one fruit on the decrease brush can develop as much as 900 grams! The colour of the tomatoes is pink. Reviews about the selection are the most enthusiastic. They write that they are perfect for making recent summer time salads and for tomato juice. Feature – later ripening than different species. Pink tomato is unpretentious, has immunity to many ailments, together with late blight.
  2. The purple “bull heart” is distinguished by a very robust branching. In dimension, the fruits are not often inferior to the earlier species.
  3. Orange – has glorious style, not just like any of the varieties.
  4. Black – is a person recognizable by the colour of maroon fruits. The newest of all “hearts.”

And for its selection, many individuals additionally appreciated the bull-hearted tomato. Reviews with images from summer time residents present how stunning salads for the winter might be rolled up in cans of colourful tomatoes! Also, nobody will refuse to strive a recent salad of a number of sorts of tomatoes – the style of every complement one another, and such a dish seems to be very appetizing!

On the pluses, the bull-hearted tomato could be very straightforward to evaluate from opinions with images. The constructive traits embody:

  • palatability of tomatoes, their meatiness;
  • a giant quantity and dimension of fruits, in comparison with different varieties of tomatoes, whose bushes are the identical in dimension;
  • the brushes are tied nearly at the identical time, so the crop ripens collectively every time till the finish of the season;
  • early ripening of fruits lets you take pleasure in tomatoes as quickly as doable;
  • from the “bovine heart” the most scrumptious tomato juice is obtained.

It is these elements that affect the selection of a selection by many summer time residents. What can disappoint in this superb selection and create extra efforts?

Planting in open floor or in greenhouses is really helpful in late May or early June, when there is no such thing as a longer a threat of frost. One or two stems are shaped, the additional stepsons and sprouts should be consistently eliminated. No greater than 2 bushes ought to develop on one sq. meter, they must be tied to trellises.

  1. Phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers are used throughout flowering twice with an interval of one and a half weeks.
  2. During fruit loading, potassium and nitrogen are required. Top dressing is completed twice at the identical interval.
  3. Again phosphoric fertilizers throughout the flowering of the fifth and sixth brushes.
  4. Every ten days throughout the formation and ripening of fruits, top-dressing with foliar calcium fertilizers is important.

This situation shouldn’t be attributed to pathologies, however is known as a syndrome attribute of many ailments of the heart and blood vessels. In this case, the growth and thickening of muscle fibers and cardiac chambers happens.

The drawback could also be:

  1. Idiopathic. In this case, it’s tough to find out the trigger of the violations.
  2. Congenital. It isn’t detected. The syndrome is characterised by a extreme course and an unfavorable prognosis. It is related to defects, a genetic predisposition, an an infection throughout being pregnant.
  3. Acquired. The drawback is provoked by modifications in natural and inorganic origin.
  4. Physiological. It is recognized in folks concerned in sports activities. This is taken into account regular.
  5. Alcoholic. The syndrome over time causes issues incompatible with life.

First of all, a rise in the heart happens:

  1. With hypertension. In this case, the organ will increase steadily. First, hypertrophy develops in the left ventricle. It can happen for a few years, even when blood stress readings are secure. Over time, the pathological course of spreads to the left atrium. If cardiomegaly proceeds in a malignant kind, then the lesion develops quickly and impacts all components of the heart.
  2. With malformations. How pronounced the modifications will rely on the kind of pathology. At first, the drawback doesn’t reveal itself in any approach, however with the course of the underlying disease the scenario worsens.
  3. With atherosclerosis. Over the years, the disease provokes cardiosclerosis, in which not solely the left departments are hypertrophied, but in addition the septum between the ventricles will increase. Pathology is accompanied by a extreme kind of heart failure and arrhythmia.
  4. With myocarditis. The heart will increase in dimension underneath the affect of the inflammatory course of. The growth of the chambers proceeds in a average or extreme kind.
  5. With ischemic issues. If an assault of a heart assault has occurred and a giant space of ​​the myocardium has undergone necrosis, that is all the time accompanied by cardiomegaly.
  6. With aneurysms. Most typically they’re situated in the higher half of the heart. They are a lot much less typically discovered in the posterior wall of the left ventricle.
  7. With neoplasms in the heart of a benign and malignant nature.
  8. With pulmonary heart. In this example, dilatation and hypertrophy of the proper facet of the heart happen.
  9. With pericarditis. Liquid accumulates in the cavity of the outer lining of the heart, which complicates the myocardial contraction course of and the organ grows.

Bull’s heart is an previous, very fashionable selection in our locations. Beloved is its pink selection. We plant in og, it seems early, fruitful. The fruits are tender, giant hearts, very tasty. The bush is low, about 1 m, robust, not a lot of foliage. Seedlings are stunning, don’t outgrow, rapidly give buds.

They planted the first 12 months. Seedlings outgrew on the balcony. Late for the development of greenhouses. As a outcome, they took root closely, needed to be watered a lot, in any other case the blades hung. They already despaired after studying about their moodiness, however then they parted methods: the latter had already taken off forcefully inexperienced, as a result of even in the greenhouse it was turning into frosty. And all of them bloomed and tied))) very tasty fleshy. Now they’ll all the time be in our greenhouses.

Planted in a greenhouse and exhaust gasoline. Very productive, the branches didn’t face up to, neither the garters nor the helps didn’t assist (though the summer time was very wet and overcast), there are a lot of giant fruits in clusters, I like the style from childhood. Planted February 29 in a greenhouse, planted June 4.06 in open floor on June 7.06 – gradual ripening from August 10, the final tomatoes from a bush in a greenhouse have been harvested on October 4.

Causes of a bovine heart in people, diagnosis and treatment of the disease

– ailments of arteries and veins of an inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature, etiology and pathogenesis, scientific image and diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vascular ailments.

An electrocardiogram confirmed me having a large heart. It seems that cardiologists name a rise in the left ventricle. Why is that this taking place? What are its penalties and is it essential to particularly deal with it? S. ZHIGALKINA, Vladimir area.

Excessive enlargement of the heart (myocardial hypertrophy, bovine heart) might be brought on by congenital malformation, genetic predisposition, extreme stress.

Inflammation of the heart muscle, which regularly happens after a viral and infectious disease, is harmful. They can function an impetus for the look of a “bull” heart.

But coronary heart disease and hypertension are thought-about the most important causes of myocardial hypertrophy.

In individuals who endure from hypertension (above 180/100), the threat of creating left ventricular hypertrophy will increase by 2 occasions. Myocardial hypertrophy can also be brought on by diabetes mellitus, smoking, a sedentary way of life, weight problems, extreme alcohol consumption.

What occurs to the heart? It is simply 25% composed of contracting cells. The remaining 75% is that this connective tissue, which, with energetic work, like another muscle, begins to develop.

In ailments of the cardiovascular system, following a rise in the load on the heart muscle, cardinal restructuring of all metabolic processes additionally happens. A big heart will increase the threat of strokes, heart assaults, results in power heart failure.

Therefore (understanding about the hereditary predisposition to heart illnesses), it is very important take preventive measures in a well timed method.

First of all, you’ll want to deal with the underlying disease – ischemia or hypertension. The physician prescribes hypotensive (decreasing blood stress) medicine and recommends monitoring levels of cholesterol and following a weight loss program. The primary rule is much less fats and salt. You want to maneuver extra and extra typically to be in the recent air.

As an assist to the treatment of myocardial hypertrophy and normalization of stress, drug collections might be taken.

Take 3 components of motherwort, 2 components of cinnamon and rosemary and 1 half of kidney tea (you should purchase it at a pharmacy). Pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped gathering 1,5 cups of scorching water and boil for five minutes.

After this, pressure and take heat 3 occasions a day, 0,5 cups 20 minutes earlier than meals. The crushed cranberries with sugar may also assist strengthen the heart muscle (1 tbsp.spoon 3 occasions a day after meals).

Helpful recommendation

The “large heart” could be very more likely to be inherited. Therefore, all members of the household the place there have been circumstances of this disease ought to periodically do ECG and echo-KG.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, strictly comply with the suggestions of the heart specialist. With minor complaints, sedatives are often taken, they restrict bodily exercise.


Boil milk and pour in a thermos for the night time. And you possibly can darken it till a brown crust types on the floor in the oven (finest of all in a Russian oven). You get baked milk. Drink such milk a little throughout the day with strawberry jam. This is important to strengthen the heart muscle.

3. POROTSKAYA, Kaluga Region.

Based on supplies from the journal Simple Health Recipes No. 4 (64), 2011.

! “Bull’s heart”

When folks discuss somebody having a bull’s heart, they imply a wholesome heart that may tolerate heavy bodily exertion.

In medical terminology, the time period “bull’s heart” additionally exists, however the interpretation of this time period in this case is totally completely different.

A significantly enlarged heart can typically be noticed in individuals who abuse beer. In this case, the heart is known as “beer” or “bovine.”

A big quantity of beer (3-5 liters per day) dramatically will increase the load on the heart (a lot of beer – a lot of liquid that must be pumped), and in order to deal with this extra load, the heart begins to activate its compensatory mechanisms.

As a outcome of this, the heart muscle will increase in quantity (generally two to 3 occasions), and the cavities of the heart increase. At first, such an enlargement of the heart compensates for extra stresses, however then the heart begins to get drained and wears out rapidly.

The heart muscle turns into flabby, an growing quantity of working muscle cells are changed by connective or adipose tissue. In the finish, there comes a time when the heart ceases to deal with bodily exertion and, as a outcome of this, swelling, dropsy, shortness of breath seem, the liver will increase and rhythm disturbances happen.

And since people who find themselves overly fond of beer nearly all the time endure from weight problems, all this taken collectively in a short time results in the growth of cardiovascular failure. It needs to be famous that the attribute and most frequent signal of a “bull’s heart” is rhythm disturbances and these issues are handled with nice problem.

Cardiomegaly or an enlarged heart is a pathology characterised by the growth of all 4 heart chambers, as a outcome of which the organ acquires hypertrophied dimensions and loses its performance. Not being impartial, the disease turns into the outcome of quite a few cardiological illnesses.

An enlarged heart is usually discovered in folks main an energetic way of life, most of the time dedicated to sports activities, bodily exercise. This is kind of pure: the energetic course of of pumping blood successfully trains the heart muscle, as a outcome of which its mass and dimension enhance. In this case, we’re not speaking about pathology.

Bovine heart syndrome happens when the heart muscle is depleted. Weak muscle fibers aren’t capable of present elevated blood movement to the enlarged heart ventricles. The disease happens when the muscular tissues aren’t capable of successfully assist the work of the large heart.

An individual affected by hypertension typically dangers turning into the proprietor of a bovine heart. In circumstances when it’s vital to beat hypertension in the vessels, the large heart works in an enhanced mode, wears out sooner.

As a outcome, heart failure, heart assault, stroke develops.


Despite the achievements of fashionable medication, specialists cannot all the time set up the trigger of the disease. However, extra typically than others are:

  • systematic enhance in blood stress;
  • ischemic disease;
  • quite a few viral infections focused by the heart;
  • renal failure and different kidney ailments;
  • congenital malformation of the heart;
  • being pregnant and childbirth;
  • extreme consuming, drug habit;
  • circumstances of intrauterine growth of the syndrome point out a genetic predisposition;
  • irritation of the heart muscle;
  • issues after struggling a sore throat, scarlet fever, flu;
  • extreme stress, the results of psycho-emotional overload;
  • rheumatic heart disease, septic endocarditis.

The paradox of the disease is that a giant heart comprises a minimal quantity of muscle tissue. But it’s robust elastic muscular tissues which are answerable for the efficient functioning of the cardiovascular system.

It is important to systematically prepare the heart muscle. Moderate bodily exercise together with sufficient remedy will assist restore regular volumes to the heart.


As a rule, the treatment of the bull’s heart syndrome is aimed toward the root trigger, the underlying disease. The exception is congenital heart disease. Depending on the etymology of the underlying ailment, medical and surgical strategies of treatment are used.

People of the older age class are proven to get rid of the manifestations of ischemic and hypertension. Medications with a systematic and correct consumption assist to decrease blood stress, restore efficient very important exercise of the most important organ.

These embody Enam, Enap, Diroton, Monopril and different angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

Surgical intervention is an excessive measure, which is resorted to, when it’s vital to switch a broken heart valve, to stimulate the work of blood vessels. The nature and end result of treatment straight relies on the etymology, the background of the disease, the affected person’s situation for the present interval of time.

As a safety measure and adjuvant remedy, quite a few conventional medication treatments have positively confirmed themselves. It is price remembering that the closing diagnosis can solely be made by a specialist based mostly on analysis outcomes.

Self-medication is harmful for the growth of issues and poses a direct menace to life.

Heart failure, like arrhythmia, many specialists don’t belong to the group of ailments. In this syndrome, attributable to poor heart operate, the blood provide to different organs and tissues is disturbed. Depending on the movement charge, two types of the disease are distinguished: acute and power. Symptoms of heart disease in males and girls can be the identical: blue lips and limbs, shortness of breath, dry rales, hemoptysis.

To deal with acute heart failure, docs are taking all the vital measures to normalize blood circulation, obtain regular blood stress and heart charge. If acute heart failure was brought on by myocardial infarction, the ache symptom is eradicated. Further therapeutic measures embody the treatment of the disease that prompted the acute kind of heart failure.

In power heart failure, the affected person is really helpful to cut back the quantity of water consumed, refuse salty meals and adhere to a sure weight loss program to normalize physique weight. For treatment, the physician often prescribes medicine of the nitrate group, diuretics, cardiac glycosides (for instance, digoxin) and antihypertensive (decreasing blood stress) medicine, and so forth. Self-medication for heart failure is strictly unacceptable.

Prevention of heart disease entails the systematic use of sure well being measures:

  1. Regular train. A small quantity of bodily exercise is ready to strengthen the heart muscle and enhance blood circulation. The most helpful sorts of workouts for heart well being are people who use the respiratory operate of the physique – operating, snowboarding, biking, and so forth.
  2. Adhering to the rules of wholesome consuming. The consumption of fatty, salty and spicy meals is finest minimized if doable, however steamed fish, uncooked avocados, linseed oil, nuts and cereal cereals can be helpful for heart operate attributable to the excessive content material of polyunsaturated fatty acids in them .
  3. Stress avoidance. Stressful conditions contribute to the manufacturing of the hormone adrenaline in a particular person. If a calm response to emphasize shouldn’t be doable, it is suggested to take natural sedatives – valerian, mint, motherwort, and so forth.
  4. Rejection of unhealthy habits. Smoking and consuming alcohol speed up blood clots and destroy the partitions of blood vessels. Tobacco and ethanol may cause coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, and different critical well being penalties. If alcohol can’t be prevented, it is suggested that you simply eat as many recent inexperienced greens as you possibly can whereas consuming it.
  5. Regular examinations and visits to a heart specialist. Usually affected by heart disease doesn’t carry the truth of their existence, however the grave penalties which have arisen attributable to the late detection of the diagnosis. The minimal process required to bear no less than 1 time per 12 months is an ECG. If there are complaints, the heart specialist can refer you to different examinations.
  6. Fast and well timed treatment of all rising infectious ailments, particularly in previous age, to keep away from doable issues.
  7. Following all the above suggestions, it is going to be doable to cut back the chance of such ailments by nearly 2 occasions.

Growing tomato seedlings

The bull’s heart syndrome is congenital or acquired. In the first case, the presence of pathology is detected if the child has a quantity of heart muscle higher than 3x4x1,8 cm (size, width, thickness). In adults, the diagnosis of “cardiomegaly” is made at charges above 11x11x8,5 cm. The permissible heart weight throughout life varies (from 25 to 230 g).

Babies can solely have a congenital kind of a bovine heart. It isn’t detected, it has primarily a unfavorable prognosis. According to statistics, each 2 kids survive. Of these, 25% will endure from failure of the left ventricle of the heart. About each 3 infants die earlier than they attain 3 months. Due to extreme hypertrophy of the partitions and chambers, the mass of the heart exceeds the permissible limits by 2 or extra occasions.

If a “bull” heart is detected in a particular person in maturity, then we’re speaking about the acquired kind. It happens attributable to the results of numerous pathologies of the cardiovascular system. However, in skilled athletes, an enlarged heart muscle signifies a common progress of muscular tissues towards the background of intensive coaching, and not about pathology.

A heart enlarged with out pathologies might be in folks with a hypersthenic physique. Their physique weight is larger than that of normostenics and asthenics, respectively, the dimension of organs is barely increased than regular.

This purpose for the progress of heart muscle doesn’t apply to folks affected by weight problems. They are sometimes confused with hypersthenics.

A “bull” heart in people has related options with different heart ailments, for instance, with myocardial hypertrophy. But with cardiomegaly, quantity and mass enhance attributable to the simultaneous thickening of the partitions and growth of the chambers. For myocardial hypertrophy, solely a rise in one of the atria or ventricles (primarily the left) is attribute.

Growing a tomato pet begins with family chores. The course of of sowing seeds for seedlings is “activated” in early March. First, tomato seeds are handled with a resolution of potassium permanganate (1 g of crystals in half a glass), then washed. This selection is sown to a depth of 3 cm. After the look of the second leaf, they dive. If you sow the seeds of the Bull’s Heart tomatoes in a heat greenhouse at the finish of February, the harvest will begin in mid-July.

She loves new cuisines, great, grasping, unique touches, uncommon experiments and uncommon mixtures of aromas and colours, maintaining the line, loves fish and rabbits, mild and low boiling meals, loves sophistication and creativity, and not extra Native has a tendency to succumb to sins of the throat or to overlook consuming with nice ease, placing your physique to the check.

He is grasping and a lover of good firm, is aware of easy methods to make mates at the desk and take pleasure in the advantages, has a chic and restrained dialog. It is important that potassium and calcium be current in his weight loss program. Signs, Verbena, Conservative, Red Clover, Licorice, Laurel, Melissa, Ligurin, Grampian, Sparrow, Honeysuckle, Millipeda, Tanaceto.

Eliminate meals that weaken the nervous system. Those in this signal want potassium chloride, the cloning of potassium contained in such merchandise. apricots, pineapple, oranges, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, corn, pears, peaches, peas, tomatoes, parsley, plums, inexperienced beans, tender corn, celery.

Tomatoes are fed with complicated fertilizers 2-3 occasions. One and a half weeks earlier than the “transfer” to the web site start hardening. The selection is planted with seedlings aged 45 to 60 days.

Successful cultivation of a selection on a web site implies a accountable angle of the gardener to planting your favourite vegetable and finishing up easy however obligatory work on time.

Potassium chloride, regulates blood fibrin, an essential protein in coagulation processes and helps keep fluid, helps the functioning of the spleen of the pancreas, revitalizes the physique’s fibers, signifies cough, colds, some physique lesions Respiratory system, warts and enlarged glands, in addition to inflammatory ailments.

Precursors and soil preparation.
Bull Heart Tomatoes want mild, fertile soils in the absence of close by groundwater. The finest attribute of soil acidity is 5,5. They will develop nicely after cabbage, onions or carrots. Beans or cucumbers is not going to “spoil” the soil for planting tomatoes.

Terms of planting seedlings on the web site:

  • In the “chilly” greenhouses – in early May.
  • In heated buildings – in early April.
  • For open beds – from late May to early June.

Planting Scheme:
40 to 50 cm or about 4 “seedlings” per 1 sq. meter. In a greenhouse, it’s higher to plant not more than two and a half crops in the identical space. Growing a “Bull Heart” doesn’t suggest a grouping of plantings.

To keep away from consuming extra, the largest issues that you might have in your abdomen and digestive tract needs to be cautious to not eat an excessive amount of, however to not fatten or change your most important metabolism. Pay consideration to sweets and pastries. It could be good to keep away from sweets, sugars, starches and fat.

The formation of the bush.
Immediately upon planting, the tomato plant is tied up. To speed up the progress and formation of fruits, the decrease sheets are eliminated. The first inflorescences kind over 8-9 leaves and then often after 2 leaves. Brushes with fruits depart not more than 8 items. Up to 2 stems are shaped, the second of which is left from the first stepson.

Usually, pinch the progress level at the finish of July. Description of the formation of the trunk in line with one other scheme:
each 2-4 inflorescences, change the most important peak of progress, selecting the strongest stepson as such. To pinch the remaining previous stalk after the formation of 3-4 brushes, then 2-3. Leave 1-2 leaves over the higher fruit ovaries.

Milk, purple cabbage, raisins, melon of its operate and produce connective tissues, bones and tooth enamel, and construct elastic fibrous tissues that permit the physique to have the proper diploma of rigidity, its presence stimulates parathyroid hormone. Moderate deficiency causes a pessimistic angle, you’re feeling capturing pains in the physique, the particular person is pale and the tonsils have develop into enlarged, you’re feeling the weakening of imaginative and prescient and the muscular system.

Due to acute scarcity, people who happen, caries, veins and blood vessels, lymphoma swells. Helps to keep away from varicose veins, muscle weak spot, tooth issues, impaired imaginative and prescient. Calcium fluoride, preserves the elasticity of veins, pores and skin and membranes, protects nail polish, polarity with a signal Capricorn, he lacks this salt might be a loss of pores and skin elasticity, from the starting of cracks, lack of muscle tone, prolapse, varicose veins, again ache, hemorrhoids and poor blood circulation.

To forestall late blight:

  1. The selection doesn’t like dampness, so it’s good to ventilate greenhouses and hotbeds.
  2. On open r >Watering.
    Regularly, with heat water.

They want salty meals, meat and recreation, candy preferences go to ice cream, like plentiful meals and a wealthy, brilliant, curious desk with glowing lights and supplies, sitting on a desk surrounded by its viewers. Woman Leo, as a rule, doesn’t restrict her personal kitchen, wealthy in every kind of merchandise, each complicated and easy, at any time creates plentiful and wholesome dishes, complemented by espresso and spirits that may fulfill the military.

Help in pollination.
Growing a “Bull Heart” is unattainable with out good pollination. In the warmth, this may be a drawback. Ways to assist:
in the early hours, manually spray water over the crops with giant drops, twice a day gently “tap” the assist of every plant, and ventilate the greenhouses.

It additionally tends to have excessive ldl cholesterol adopted by coronary heart disease. Ama is a very fatty meals seasoned and spicy, however this sort of meals predisposes to coronary heart disease. It is nice that the weight loss program is poor in sugar and fats and is wealthy in protein discovered in legumes and soybeans and soybeans.

It is beneficial for cramping, painful ache, and emotional exhaustion. It restores tone and muscle power, revitalizes the mind and nerves. If the deficiency is delicate, the signs are eyelids, cramps to the legs and toes, nerve snapshots, and delicate crying; as an alternative, a extreme deficiency contains hysteria, painful intestinal cramps, and polymenorrhea.

Heart defects

Heart disease – a violation of the heart, brought on by pathological modifications in a number of heart valves. Heart disease might be both acquired or congenital.

With this disease, the affected person has stagnation of blood in the path of the small and giant circles of blood circulation. This occurs attributable to the loss of capability to manage blood movement in a number of valves.

Medicines in the treatment of heart disease are used solely to get rid of inflammatory processes. For a full remedy, surgical intervention is required. Previously, congenital heart disease couldn’t be utterly cured, however due to fashionable advances in surgical procedure, now it is not going to be tough.

Bull heart disease treatment. What is a man’s bovine heart and what are the causes of the ailment?

An individual who drinks as much as 3-5 liters of beer per day is unaware of the hurt completed to his physique. A big quantity of beer drunk has a further burden on the heart muscle. The heart ought to pump twice as a lot fluid coming into the physique, as a outcome of which compensatory mechanisms are activated.

The heart is pressured to extend in quantity, generally considerably enhance, by 2-3 occasions. Cardiac cavities start to increase.

At first, the heart copes with extra hundreds, begins to work in full pressure. And a particular person doesn’t really feel a lot problem. But in the future, from such a load, it begins to wear down and get drained.

The heart muscle turns into senile, stretched. The muscle cells in the heart are changed by connective and adipose tissue. And lastly, the second comes when the heart muscle ceases to deal with the load. As a outcome, limbs start to swell, shortness of breath, dropsy seems, heart rhythm is disturbed, the liver will increase.

Beer abusers, for the most half, begin to get fats rapidly, and that is a further burden on the heart, as a outcome of which cardiovascular failure develops. Heart rhythm is disturbed. The treatment of such illnesses could be very tough.

One of the most scrumptious varieties amongst tomatoes is rightly thought-about Bull’s heart. It could be very recognizable for its large barely elongated fruits with a weight of about 1 kg and a diameter of about 15 cm. They appear to imitate the anatomical form of a highly effective heart with barely ribbed sides. Thanks to the laborious pores and skin, the fruits virtually don’t crack.

In addition to skilled gardeners and lovers, gardeners search to develop a Bull’s heart. However, you possibly can obtain the desired outcomes with the proper selection of seed, planting location, competent care at completely different phases of progress. In order to not fail, we give you to get acquainted with some of the nuances of rising these distinctive tomatoes.

Folk treatments

Such signs can accompany numerous ailments, so many mother and father don’t even take into consideration the presence of an enlarged heart in a baby. The heart beats in kids a lot sooner than in adults. If the beat frequency exceeds 160 beats per minute, then that is already a warning signal.

But, if the mother and father themselves cannot measure the heart charge, then they’ll hint the rhythm of respiratory. With cardiomegaly, respiratory shouldn’t be solely quickened, however rhythm can also be disturbed, it turns into superficial with skipping breaths.

The following pathologies can result in a rise and growth of the heart in a baby:

  • Congenital heart disease. An enlarged heart is provoked by such defects as the open ductus arteriosus, Ebstein’s anomaly, aortic stenosis, Fallot tetrad, pulmonary artery stenosis, atrial septal defect, and others.
  • Acquired defect brought on by bacterial endocarditis or rheumatism. As a outcome of irritation of the interior heart membrane, the valves are broken, which results in issues in the functioning of the heart. The disease is manifested by fever, weak spot, pathological murmurs and different signs.
  • Myocarditis. Such a pretty widespread disease is irritation of the heart muscle brought on by viruses, micro organism or different pathogens.
  • Cardiomyopathy This is a genetically prompted harm to the heart, in which there could also be a thickening of its partitions (such cardiomyopathy is known as hypertrophic) or growth of cavities with thinning of the partitions (that is a manifestation of dilated cardiomyopathy).
  • Heart surgical procedure. In 20-40% of kids who’ve undergone such an intervention, cardiotomy syndrome could develop 2-3 weeks after surgical procedure. Pathology is manifested by extreme weak spot, fever, chest ache, respiratory failure and heart murmur.
  • An oncological course of in the heart or the growth of a benign tumor in the tissues of the heart.
  • Extracardiac causes, for instance, sarcoidosis, amyloidosis, hyperthyroidism, lupus, toxoplasmosis, collagenosis, sure medicines, and hunger.

Heart neurosis

Cardiac neurosis happens with common neurosis. Complaints that happen with this disease – heart palpitations, hypertension, ache in the heart, numbness of the extremities, dizziness, sleep disturbance, sweating, common weak spot, and so forth. Each particular person may have completely different signs and treatment for this disease however complaints are all the time expressed strongly.

The elimination of this situation is feasible solely after curing the affected person from full neurosis. Patients are strictly contraindicated in alcohol and medicine. In the treatment of neurosis, it is rather essential to resort not solely to medical strategies, but in addition to psychological ones.

Causes of Heart Enlargement

Pathological causes that trigger the growth of a bovine heart in an grownup embody:

  • Anomalies in the growth and valvular equipment of the heart.
  • Myocardial hypertrophy attributable to arterial hypertension or heart defects.
  • Cardiomyopathy.
  • Myocarditis, together with autoimmune, brought on by extended use of medicine poisonous to the heart muscle (cytostatics, some antihypertensive medicine and antiarrhythmics, barbiturates and antiepileptic medicine).
  • Ischemia. After a heart assault, cardiomegaly develops occasionally, however its growth shouldn’t be excluded.

Related elements that negatively have an effect on the myocardium embody: metabolic issues (diabetes, weight problems), extreme renal pathology, frequent infectious ailments, abuse of beer, in addition to any alcoholic drinks. If a particular person repeatedly drinks 3-5 liters per day, he drinks beer, over time, he develops not solely a “beer belly”, but in addition a “beer-enlarged heart”. The dimension of the organ can exceed 2, and generally 3 occasions the norm.

Cardiomegaly might be recognized throughout fetal growth. Its most important causes are
congenital heart defects and ailments of the blood system. The hazard lies in the undeniable fact that a third of infants with a related pathology die throughout the first 3 months of life, whereas a quarter of their whole lives endure from left ventricular failure.

Factors resulting in such modifications are:

  • The impact of mutagenic elements on the physique of mother and father (together with ionizing radiation).
  • Ecologically unfavorable space of ​​residence of the pregnant.
  • Bad habits of the mom: smoking, alcohol and drug habit.
  • fetal heart.
  • Infections transmitted by a girl throughout the interval of gestation (particularly TORCH infections and major herpes virus an infection with any pressure, much less typically influenza).
  • Undernutrition, vitamin deficiencies.

Changing the dimension of the organ throughout fetal growth typically accompanies different critical pathologies. For instance, chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome) or such a uncommon pathology as a malformation of the tricuspid (3-leaf) valve with its dysplasia and displacement into the zone of the proper ventricle (Ebstein’s anomaly).

Pathology options

Unfortunately, the signs of the described pathology aren’t particular. They accompany any heart disease, require a go to to a heart specialist and extra research. The most important signs are as follows:

  • Increased fatigue.
  • Decreased capability to train.
  • Shortness of breath in the center of the night time and after bodily exertion.
  • Swelling in the toes and legs.
  • Heartbeat sensation.
  • Pain behind the sternum.
  • Increased stomach.

In kids, in the absence of correction of the situation, ranging from preschool age, the following signs are famous:

  • Decreased urge for food.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Fatigue.
  • Poor train tolerance.
  • Blue nasolabial triangle.
  • Learning failure.
  • Lability of the nervous system, neurological pathology.

Diagnostic techniques and treatment are virtually impartial of the affected person’s age. The sooner the correction of the situation begins, the extra probabilities the affected person has for a regular life.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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Detonic not addictive and withdrawal syndrome, since all components of the product are natural.

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Svetlana Borszavich

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Fluent in general clinical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, as well as electrocardiography, echocardiography, monitoring of cholera on an ECG and daily monitoring of blood pressure.
The treatment complex developed by the author significantly helps with cerebrovascular injuries and metabolic disorders in the brain and vascular diseases: hypertension and complications caused by diabetes.
The author is a member of the European Society of Therapists, a regular participant in scientific conferences and congresses in the field of cardiology and general medicine. She has repeatedly participated in a research program at a private university in Japan in the field of reconstructive medicine.