Zinc which foods contain more Which foods contain a lot of zinc list

The effect of the element on the human body occurs at the cellular level. He is directly involved in the metabolism. Zinc is an integral part of vitamins and enzymes. It is contained in almost a hundred nucleotides that make up the genetic apparatus of a human cell.

The main issue in this article is the question of what zinc contains. It turns out that in the human body its largest number is found in white blood cells, red blood cells and sperm in men.

There is also zinc in the retina. This element is needed in order for the human body to function normally. If there is a sufficient amount of it in the body, then such people feel normal, and vital activity proceeds without complications.

A lack of zinc in the human body can lead to a number of serious problems. So patients most often complain of loss of taste and smell, lack of hair, slow healing process, dermatitis and allergic reactions. In addition, such people have impaired reproductive function, poor blood circulation and malfunctioning of the immune system, inhibition of normal growth and anemia are observed.

Representatives of the fair sex in a position with a lack of this element may cause premature birth or weakened children with low weight can be born. Athletes with these problems get lower results in competitions than before. And adolescents begin to develop a tendency to alcoholism.

Zinc deficiency can occur due to high physical exertion. The latter, as a rule, are accompanied by profuse sweating and the use of diuretic drugs.

As soon as substances enter the body, they enter into synthesis with proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. The latter, in turn, come when eating or through air, water. The balance of trace elements is influenced by toxins, medications that a person takes, and the state of the intestinal microflora. Depending on this, the process of assimilation of various microelements may be different, for example, delayed or enhanced.

If the human body has a sufficient amount of protein, then zinc will be better distributed. Eating legumes that contain phytic acid will help slow this process down. Excess calcium and cadmium, as well as iron and lead will interfere with the absorption of zinc in the gastrointestinal tract and its delivery to the body tissues and internal organs.

The trace element under consideration combines very well with vitamin A. When they interact, zinc is more easily transported with blood to all cells. At this time, the effect of the vitamin will be enhanced.

The amount of zinc in the human body can fluctuate. Therefore, it is necessary to create a menu for every day. And what are the products that contain large amounts of zinc? Food of plant type cannot give a person the full amount of this trace element. The main emphasis in the preparation of the diet menu should be on meat and seafood.

Which foods contain the most zinc? Considering dried fruits and nuts, it should be noted that 6,3 mg of zinc is contained in 100 gcedar nuts. In second place is pecans. After it comes Brazil nuts and peanut nuts. The least amount of zinc is found in dried apricots and prunes. So, in the latter it is only 0,43 mg. It should be noted that hereinafter all figures are indicated per 100 grams of each product.

There is much more zinc in meat products. In fried calf liver per 100 g it accounts for about 15,5 mg, and in stewed beef the amount of this trace element is 9,4 mg. Least of all zinc is found in boiled beef tongue and fried ram kidneys. In the latter, the amount of trace element is 3,5 mg.

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Products containing large amounts of zinc are seafood. So, in oysters, its amount ranges from 59 mg. More detailed information on marine life will be discussed in the next section of the article. By familiarizing yourself with it, you can learn how oysters are eaten.

In canned salmon, its amount is only 0 mg.

In vegetables and fruits, this trace element can also be found. So, in kohlrabi, the amount of zinc is 3,4 mg. In other vegetables it is much less. Cooked carrots and radishes contain about 0,26 mg of this trace element.

Now attention will be paid to cereals and legumes, as well as seeds. The largest amount of zinc was found in wheat bran – about 15 mg of this microelement. Do not forget that the ratio of substances is considered per 100 g of product. The second and third places are occupied by poppy seeds and sesame seeds, respectively. Least of all zinc in boiled white rice and corn.

And finally, let’s pay attention to the amount of the trace element in the products of plant, animal and fungal origin. Dry yeast is in the first place in the zinc content, and egg yolk is in the second. The smallest trace element is found in milk and green onions.

Children need to eat this trace element with food every day. So, the daily rate of zinc for a child depends on how old he is.

At the age of 6 months to 3 years, 2,8 mg of a microelement is necessary. But the diet of a child from 4 to 8 years should include 4,5 mg of zinc. From 9 to 13 years, 7,9 mg of a microelement per day will be needed.

Also, the amount of zinc-containing foods consumed depends on gender differences. In the first six months of life, girls need only 1,9 mg of trace elements, and boys need one milligram more. Women from 18 to 49 years old should consume about 14 mg of zinc, and men – 3 mg more.

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After 50 years, these indicators are reduced to 9 and 12 mg, respectively.

Women in position should eat foods with this microelement, the content of which should be about 14,5 mg. The norm of nursing mothers will be much more – 18,5 mg.

The main signs of zinc deficiency are fragility of nails, distraction and pallor of the skin, lethargy and impaired attention. In addition, whitish spots on the surface of the nail, hair loss, frequent colds, long healing of abrasions, and growth retardation are also signs of a micronutrient deficiency.

If a person has any of the above symptoms, it is necessary to consult a specialist. He will be able to prescribe the right complex of vitamins and minerals, and of course, the right course of therapy.

It is also necessary to correctly select your daily diet. Thanks to him, you can strengthen your physical and mental state.

Having figured out the question of what zinc contains, we consider its advantages.

So, the trace element stimulates the brain and mental activity. In addition, it has a good effect on the effect of the genetic apparatus.

Normal amounts of zinc stimulate growth hormones and wound healing. Daily use of products containing this microelement contributes to the normalization of the nervous system, strengthens nails and hair, and rejuvenates the skin.

It is also useful for visual acuity and enhancing regeneration, reducing the manifestation of allergic reactions, removing cholesterol from the human body.

For men, the advantage of this trace element is that it stimulates sexual activity and enhances potency. And also zinc is an assistant in the production of testosterone.

Thus, this microelement has a large number of advantages. Do not forget to use zinc-containing foods every day, and then the body will be grateful to you.

In general, this metal accumulates in the human body and can cause poisoning. It is still a heavy metal, which, along with benefits, at high concentrations, can cause harm. An average adult contains 2-3 g of this metal. Mostly, the accumulation is concentrated in the region of the liver, pancreas, as well as in the muscles. The benefits of zinc for the body are described below.

How zinc in food affects the body:

  • Participates in metabolic processes, in particular muscle formation.
  • Promotes the production of insulin, and the elimination of signs of diabetes.
  • Prevents disturbances in the digestive tract.
  • Stimulate the brain and provokes the restoration of its cells.
  • It contributes to the storage of information, participates in redox reactions in the body.
  • Actively involved in spermatogenesis and male libido.

Dangerous products

With the disadvantages of such a trace element, the following ailments can be observed.

The consequences of a lack of zinc in the body:

  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle weakness, cramps
  • Lean muscle mass
  • The development of bulimia and anorexia
  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • The appearance of peeling in the skin
  • Memory impairment
  • Impaired brain function
  • The risk of developing atherosclerosis is increased.
  • The number of depression and mental disorders is increasing
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Healthy foods

The fact is that zinc is a microelement that contributes to the absorption of vitamin A and E. That is why vitamins are poorly absorbed without this microelement. Accordingly, problems associated with their deficit may occur. Acute deficiency of zinc affects the health of women of reproductive age. With a deficiency, vitamin E is poorly absorbed, which stimulates the restoration of the inner lining of the uterus, and also normalizes the microflora inside the vagina.

Often, along with vitamins A and E, zinc is additionally prescribed. After all, without his help, they simply cannot be absorbed in the body. Please note that only 50% of all zinc, which is introduced into the body along with food, can be absorbed. This is due to the fact that zinc contained in plant components is absorbed much worse than the one with which saturated foods of animal origin.

In most cases, it is recommended to take products of both animal and plant origin. But still, the leaders in the content of this trace element are products that are produced with the help of animals.

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