Symptoms of low blood pressure in women after 30

The main sign of hypotension is general weakness. It is manifested by drowsiness, malaise, dizziness, nausea, a state of apathy. For hypotonics are characteristic:

  • anxiety;
  • irritability;
  • constant fatigue;
  • shortness of breath with minimal exertion.

At the time of pressure drop, patients often feel cold sweat, hand tremors, pallor of the skin, numbness of the fingers. In chronic hypotension, a deterioration in appetite, headache, distraction, memory loss, and visual impairment are noted.

They are relevant for both sexes and are manifested as follows:

  • fainting, darkness in the eyes, migraine;
  • weakness, weakness, drowsiness,
  • cold tips of fingers, toes;
  • emotional lability;
  • hypothermia (up to 35 * C);
  • sweating.

There may be pulsation in the temples, pain in the back of the head and other signs of low pressure that do not cause discomfort in women: mild temperature fluctuations during the day, tiredness in the evening, and lack of appetite.

Specific ones are invisible in everyday life until they begin to disturb the general state of health.

Hypotension systemClinical manifestations
Heart and blood vesselsBrady or tachycardia
CNSImpaired ability to remember, concentrate, insomnia, weakness, constant fatigue
LeatherThe dermis is moist, sticky, cold to the touch, pale, bruises under the eyes, acrocyanosis, cyanosis of the nasolabial triangle, pastiness
Breathing systemCompensatory shortness of breath, with pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism – wheezing, sputum with pinkish blotches
Endocrine systemHyperpigmentation of the skin, dyspepsia, dysuria, frequent night trips to the toilet, decreased performance,
Digestive systemPain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, flatulence, constant nausea

Usually, symptoms are expressed only from the side of the system, the disturbed functioning of which caused hypotension. There are several clinical manifestations of low blood pressure that are unique to women:

  • violation of the monthly cycle;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • menopause

In any case, the resulting hypotension requires attention, since it is fraught with spontaneous and serious complications.

Low blood pressure in women and men is lowering it below normal. Specifically, a girl or a guy after thirty can assume that they have hypotension, if their blood pressure is lower than 100 to 60. A person with such indicators can feel:

  • weakness, weakness;
  • headache in the neck;
  • shortness of breath (especially if it is in a room with a lot of people);
  • excessive sweating;
  • nausea and even vomiting;
  • drowsiness;
  • dependence on meteorological conditions;
  • poor memory;
  • apathy;
  • poor appetite;
  • menstrual irregularity (a symptom of low blood pressure in women after 35 years);
  • impaired potency (for men of the same age);
  • if you suddenly stand up from a sitting or lying position, you may feel dizzy.

If you find yourself with one of the above symptoms, you may need to undergo treatment. What kind of medications you need, only a doctor can accurately determine. Therefore, if you notice that your blood pressure has begun to decrease, seek qualified medical help as soon as possible.

Low blood pressure in women can be caused by much more than that. These can be reasons, both against the background of general health, and associated with various pathologies.

Norms, what is the danger of hypotension

With hypotension, the heart muscle and brain are in a state of chronic hypoxia, i.e., oxygen starvation, which affects the functional state. The most dangerous consequence is stroke and heart attack.

People with hypotension often faint and may be injured if they fall. During pregnancy, low blood pressure can cause placental abruption, intrauterine bleeding, malformations, and even fetal death.

If low pressure is present in the body for a long time, then he will try to correct the situation with all his strength. As a result, after 30 years and sometimes even earlier, hypertension may appear.

Constant low pressure can signal a violation of the autonomic nervous system, pathologies in the digestive system, as well as the acute phase of myocardial infarction.

In case of impaired vegetative function, not all of the listed symptoms of low pressure can be observed, but only a part of them:

  • deterioration in the functioning of the brain and, as a consequence, memory impairment;
  • problems with coordination of movements;
  • sudden loss of consciousness without previous turbidity;
  • disturbances in the rhythm of the heart muscle;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • rapid fatigue, even from small physical exertion.
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Women with primary hypotension are at risk for angina pectoris. Therefore, you should not start this disease, although it seems harmless, and with the first symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

How to diagnose?

You can diagnose low blood pressure at home. For this, it is important not only to take into account the symptoms, but also to use a tonometer. With hypotension, indicators do not exceed 95 by 65 mm RT. Art.

If the pulse drops to 50 beats, you should immediately call an ambulance. There is a high probability of developing a heart attack, as well as internal bleeding.

The primary task of the doctor is to determine the cause of the pathology, for this, an electrocardiogram, laboratory tests of biological fluids, as well as ultrasound are prescribed.

Sometimes hypotension is not the main cause of malaise, but only a symptom of the underlying disease, so it is important to exclude diseases that can provoke low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure treatment

It is important to eliminate the root cause of hypotension. Sometimes this requires replacement therapy or even surgery. But always changing lifestyle.

Symptoms of mild hypotension, when a woman reacts, for example, to atmospheric pressure differences, can stop without medication. There are many options for non-pharmacological rise in blood pressure:

  • strong tea or coffee (caffeine excites neurons, accelerates heat transfer, sweating, tones blood vessels);
  • a contrast shower with a gradual increase in temperature difference also brings blood flow to tone;
  • a pinch of salt under the tongue causes water retention in the vascular bed, increases the volume of circulating fluid, increases blood pressure (NaCl stimulates the synthesis of vasopressin).

There are no drugs for hypotension that completely relieve symptoms of a blood pressure disorder. Practicing the use of a set of tools aimed at stopping the symptoms of the nervous system, relieving stress, improving cerebral circulation.

Group of drugs / Description of the mechanism of actionDrug Names
General tonic or adaptogen preparations

Soft antihypertensive agents, usually of plant origin (rarely synthetics). They have a vasoconstrictive, tonic effect on the vascular center, improve overall well-being, level fatigue, apathy, improve sleep, can significantly improve cognitive qualities, prevent total malfunctions of the central nervous system

Tinctures of ginseng, lemongrass, eleutherococcus, hawthorn, pantocrine.Alpha adrenomimetics

They are used in acute hypotension, they quickly tone vessels, have anti-congestive (decongestant) action

Naphthyzin, Mesaton, Gutron, Galazolin, ClonidineAnaleptics

Activate the respiratory center of the brain, stimulate blood flow, vascular tone, myocardial contractions, relieve fatigue, improve mood, work capacity

Cordiamine, Etymizole, Sulfocamphocaine, Bemegrid, LobelinNootropics

Improve cerebral circulation, memory, attention, protect the central nervous system from negative influences

Glycine, Armadin, Noopept, Glycid, Vinpocetine, Cinnarizine, Piracetam, PantogamCerebroprotectors

Normalize hemodynamics, eliminate congestion, demonstrate a noticeable neurometabolic effect

Actovegin, Orocetam, Thiocetam, Tanakan, Akatinol, Omaron, OlatropilSedative

Improve the quality of sleep, stop anxiety, depression. irritability

Sedistress, Persen, Afobazole, Novopassit, tincture of peony, valerianCaffeinated

Increase blood pressure, relieve migraine pain

Farmadol, Citramon, Solpadein, Askofen, Caffeine BenzoateAntioxidants

They remove free radicals, rejuvenate every cell of the body, tone up, relieve fatigue, improve the functioning of the nervous system

Mexidol, Ginkgo biloba, Emoxipin, Complamine, Glutamic acidVitamin Complexes

Improve metabolism, metabolic processes, tone vessels, myocardium, nervous system

Centrum, Vitrum, Complivit, Supradin, Alphabet, MultitabsCombined drugs

They have antihypoxic, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, immunomodulating effects

Tiocetam, Fezam

The purpose of taking medications for symptoms of hypotension is the adaptation of organs, tissues to living conditions at low pressure. Antispasmodics (No-shpa, Spazmalgon, Trigan) are not used for these purposes, since they, while relieving headaches, lower blood pressure even more.

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Folk remedies

Herbs for treating hypotension are not very popular. Use:

  • a decoction of chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, motherwort as sedatives;
  • infusion of immortelle, ginseng, lemongrass, Rhodiola rosea, Echinacea, leuzea, Aralia, pantocrine – as general tonic;
  • plain water with lemon juice is an excellent antioxidant.

The broth is prepared simply: a tablespoon of herbs is poured with half a liter of water, simmer for 15 minutes, cool, filter, drink with spoons throughout the day.

Infusion: pour a tablespoon of herbs in a thermos with two glasses of boiling water, insist 4 hours, drink like tea. In general, freshly brewed black or green tea is an excellent drink for people predisposed to hypotension, because it contains natural tonic substances.

Another nuance in the treatment of hypotension is physiotherapy. The most different types of hydrotherapy are shown:

  • underwater massage shower,
  • therapeutic shower (fan, rain, circular, contrast),
  • baths (sodium chloride, radon, nitrogen, iodine-bromine).

Electric sleep, aeroionotherapy (inhalation of air enriched with ozone), a galvanic collar, darsonvalization of the neck and scalp, as well as the heart area are useful. A good result is a massage of the neck and upper back.

You should not try to recover on your own if the symptoms and signs of low blood pressure appear quite often. It is better to consult a doctor, and a cardiologist, and sometimes a neurologist (depending on the reasons for lowering the pressure) will choose the right treatment. And you just need to do everything that is prescribed by the doctor.

Medications prescribed under reduced pressure are most often made on the basis of caffeine. Also, with hypotension, medications can be prescribed to increase vascular tone.

At a low pressure in a woman, a doctor can prescribe drugs based on mint, rose hips, eucalyptus, chamomile and ginseng. And also recommend drinking decoctions of these plants.

But most often with hypotension, for a start, the doctor will recommend a woman to make changes to her usual lifestyle and try to normalize her condition with a little physical exertion and the absence of nervous tension.

How to treat?

With hypotension, doctors recommend taking caffeine-based drugs such as Citramon, caffeine-sodium benzoate. General strengthening herbal remedies are prescribed, for example, tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, hawthorn, Chinese magnolia vine. If the disease acquires a chronic course, complex treatment with drugs of the following groups is prescribed:

  • adaptogens – stimulate the brain centers responsible for blood circulation and metabolism;
  • adrenergic drugs – cause blood vessels to contract, exclude a drop in pressure during sharp rises;
  • mineralocorticoids – increase vascular tone;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – relieve inflammation, increase vascular elasticity.

The choice of treatment tactics depends on the cause of the pathology and the intensity of the symptoms. That is why medications must be selected individually.

Folk remedies

The easiest way to increase the pressure is to use fasting flax seeds. This plant contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen blood vessels and normalize blood circulation.

Tincture with pine cones will also improve performance. To prepare it, you need to mix a glass of sugar with 300 g of young pine cones, pour 100 g of alcohol, and then 100 g of boiling water. Means insist a week. From time to time, the container with tincture should be shaken. Use three times a day for 2 teaspoons.

A very effective recipe for dealing with the symptoms of hypotension is considered garlic, honey and lemon. At first glance, such a combination of ingredients may seem strange, but the benefits of the resulting medication are noticeable almost immediately. 2 heads of garlic are chopped and mixed with 1 zest of lemon and a glass of honey. The resulting mixture was left in the refrigerator for 2 days. Take 1 teaspoon before meals.

General recommendations

A prerequisite for the treatment of hypotension in women of different ages is lifestyle correction. You need more time to play sports, and not sit out for a day in front of a computer or TV. Lack of movement is the main provocateur of pressure problems. Swimming, badminton and tennis, yoga and cycling are very useful.

In order for the hypotonic to feel normal and overcome apathy, it is necessary to get enough sleep. In addition, regularly visit saunas and baths – sudden changes in temperature stimulate the work of the heart and normalize blood circulation.

Low blood pressure in women and pregnancy

Low blood pressure very often appears in women bearing a child. If hypotension manifested itself even before pregnancy, then it is not dangerous for a woman’s health. But this condition can negatively affect the development of the fetus, as it may not have enough nutrition and air due to poor blood circulation.

If low pressure appeared already during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, then this signals a violation in the body. Often, low blood pressure is a sign of uterine bleeding in a woman, which can trigger a miscarriage. But also low blood pressure can talk about toxicosis.

It is for these reasons that you should monitor your pressure during pregnancy and inform your doctor about any changes in your condition on time.

The reasons for the decrease in pressure during pregnancy are not limited to the above. It can also lead to this condition:

  • carrying twins;
  • polyhydramnios;
  • anemia;
  • hormonal surges;
  • worsening of venous outflow;
  • fear of upcoming birth.

Causes may be chronic diseases in the digestive or endocrine system. It is also worth noting that during pregnancy, any disease that at normal times can only slightly lower the pressure will significantly reduce it. This is affected by hormonal changes, constant fear for the condition of the child, anxiety and other factors. You can not dismiss even small symptoms, because in the future it can badly affect the child.

A gynecologist must necessarily give general recommendations to a woman how to increase blood pressure during pregnancy without resorting to medication. It will be a cup of strong sweet tea, and chocolate, and contrasting foot baths, and a simple rest. But coffee during pregnancy is not worth drinking to increase pressure. Of course, one cup will not bring harm, but if there is an opportunity, it is better not to drink it.

It is not necessary to engage in self-diagnosis and self-medication when symptoms of low pressure appear. After all, there are many reasons for lowering and each requires its own treatment. It is better to consult a doctor when symptoms of low blood pressure appear and follow his recommendations.

The article was checked by expert – practicing family doctor Krizhanovskaya Elizaveta Anatolyevna.

Prevention, prognosis

With hypotension, a lifestyle is important:

  • bad habits should be abandoned;
  • avoid stress;
  • get enough sleep (at least 8 hours);
  • master breathing exercises, hiking, sports, meditation;
  • There are no strict recommendations regarding nutrition at low pressure: they recommend fractional nutrition, in small portions, with the restriction of fatty, semi-finished foods. The diet should have a lot of vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts, citrus fruits. A variety of spices are useful.

The prognosis for hypotension is almost always favorable, you just need to control your pressure. However, with regard to its complications, mortality from acute cerebrovascular insufficiency breaks all records: about a quarter of patients die in the first 30 days from the onset of the pathological process. Therefore, it is impossible to consider hypotension a trifle – if necessary, it must be stopped in the shortest possible time.

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The best prevention of hypotension is proper nutrition. Introduce foods rich in vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. Give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats and fish, whole grain cereals. Refuse fast food, smoked meats, marinades, spices and animal fats. These products clog vessels, irritate the intestines and provoke liver diseases.

For your body to work properly, it needs to provide a full-fledged influx of energy, and we, as you know, get it with food. The state of your blood vessels and the body’s resistance to various diseases, including hypotension, directly depend on what you eat daily.

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