Is it possible to catch a cold bladder and how to treat it later

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Inflammation of the bladder in medicine is called cystitis. The disease develops if a person has a cold bladder and other factors are present at the same time. Symptoms and treatment are well known: for a quick recovery, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

When the bladder has a cold, letting the disease take its course in the hope that everything will go away by itself is not worth it. This threatens the transition of the disease into a chronic form and the development of disorders in the work of other organs.
Pathology is often accompanied by a runny nose along with a cold. The state of discomfort can manifest itself in different symptoms, which you will recognize when you read this article on cystitis.

Bladder cold and its consequences

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The common cold of the bladder (as one of the variants of the name of cystitis) is not only a female disease and childhood. It is also common in men. There are common causes of bladder colds in people of different genders, but there are many differences. Hypothermia of the bladder in men, women or children is usually the main trigger of the disease. This may be due to the fact that a person is frozen on the street, wet his feet when it is cold, did not properly harden the body, and sat in a cold room for a long time.

When a person’s bladder is cold, pathogenic microflora present in the urinary tract or bladder. Streptococcus, Trichomonas, Proteus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus are most often the culprits of inflammation. All these viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi can enter the body along the ascending path – from the anal or genital areas. Or to penetrate along the descending path – from the stomach through the kidneys and ureters. The defeat of the pelvic organs by pathogens is also possible from other organs of the body that are inflamed.

The effect of cold on the lower abdomen provokes a decrease in the body’s defenses, which leads to the activation of pathogenic agents. A combination of several factors, as practice shows, very often provokes the development of a common cold of the genitourinary system in men, women and children.

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However, cases when a man has a cold bladder are much less common than bladder diseases in women, in whom the symptoms of a chilled bladder are more pronounced.
A significant difference in the number of cases of different sexes is associated with differences in the structure of the female and male bodies. In women, the urethral opening is located very close to the anus, from where intestinal microflora can enter.

In men, the anatomical structure of the genitals is different. A long urethra becomes a natural obstacle to the penetration of pathogenic microflora. And the large distance from the anus to the opening of the urethra practically excludes its transmission and pathological processes in the urethral canal for this reason. In men, the disease is much more often provoked by an infection that enters the bladder along with blood from other organs of the body.

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It is important to understand that in the absence of proper treatment for diseases of the bladder, the inflammatory process can lead to serious complications. The main ones are kidney diseases such as pyelonephritis. Other pelvic organs, such as the ovaries and uterus, can be affected. In the future, this can lead to difficulties in conceiving and bearing children, and even to infertility.

If cystitis is not treated, these symptoms, which will be described below, may subside after a few days, but at the same time a chronic process may develop, which will be much more difficult to cope with than with an acute form of the disease.

Symptoms of the disease

If a person has a bladder accidentally caught a cold, being very hypothermic, then the first symptoms usually appear after a few hours, when the active development of a urinary tract infection begins.
Among the first signs of cystitis in women, children and men, if an acute form of the disease is present, several main signs are called.

If the bladder is chilled, there is a frequent urge to use the toilet – every five to ten minutes, frequent urination, urinary incontinence. In this case, only a few drops stand out.
Pains in the lower abdomen may appear, sometimes quite severe.

A sick person often has dizziness, weakness and nausea – manifestations of intoxication of the body as a result of intoxication. Symptoms of a chilled bladder in women are usually pronounced. With this pathology, the pain of the fair half is often severe. Specific manifestations during the course of the disease in men are less noticeable than in women. This is due to a different structure of the genitals, urethra.

With a cold of the bladder in men, the symptoms are usually as follows: frequent urination with a cold, a change in the color and odor of urine, blood and pus may be present in it. When a person has a cold bladder, symptoms in men can be triggered by intercourse, after which severe discomfort occurs.

All symptoms can occur both together and separately. An increase in temperature to 38, which is difficult to get off with the help of antipyretic drugs, can indicate a disease. The manifestations of chronic cystitis are not so obvious.


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If a person has a cold in the bladder, symptoms first help diagnose the disease. If the bladder is inflamed due to a cold, then what should the sick person do? You need to contact your doctor as soon as possible if symptoms are noticed. The doctor will diagnose and prescribe how to treat the disease.

Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of pathology are used. A general blood test is assigned to the patient, if necessary, the pelvic organs of a person are examined using ultrasound to exclude the presence of another pathology in this area.


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How to treat cystitis if it is cold?

Only a doctor can answer this question. Self-medication in this situation is unacceptable, since it is difficult for a non-specialist to choose the most effective methods in a particular situation.

The urologist, after performing the necessary examination, will be able to determine how to treat a chilled bladder in a woman, man or child.

In women, the treatment of a cold of the bladder is carried out using several groups of drugs. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics aimed at eliminating the pathogenic microorganisms that caused the disease. In parallel, an anti-inflammatory drug with a broad or specific spectrum of action can be prescribed. Pain relievers may be prescribed for colds of the bladder in women, depending on the severity of the symptoms of the pathology.

Vaginal suppositories are considered one of the effective means in the treatment of this pathology in women. They contain substances that penetrate as quickly as possible into the focus of infection and destroy pathogenic microflora.

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That is, if the bladder is cold, what to do, the urologist will explain during the appointment, when the causes of inflammation in the patient are clarified and the optimal therapy regimen is selected. When the bladder has a cold, the doctor should recommend how to treat it. This is an important point because choosing the wrong medication can cause symptoms to be less severe, but the disease is not eliminated. In the future, this will lead to its transformation into a chronic form, which is much more difficult to treat, and in some cases it becomes impossible to get rid of the disease.

The urologist also chooses a group of drugs for the common cold of the bladder in men. A blood test is taken beforehand, which helps to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe therapy. In some situations, taking painkillers is indicated.

If a child is sick, it is recommended to leave him at home for several days, while bed rest is indicated. A strict diet is required, from which sweets and spicy foods are removed.

Main directions and methods

In the process of therapy, an integrated approach is used, which includes not only taking pills and mixtures.

It is necessary to follow certain rules in everyday life:

  • adhere to the diet prescribed by the doctor, in which there are no spicy, fried, salty foods, alcohol,
  • drink enough liquid, better – pure water, fruit drinks, herbal decoctions, diluted natural juices, especially vegetable juices, dried fruit compotes are also useful,
  • if a woman has a cold bladder, home treatment is added: a warm heating pad is used that can be placed on the lower abdomen to relieve symptoms,
  • take vitamins and herbal infusions, which help to increase the body’s defenses and quickly cope with the disease and prevent complications,
  • baths with warm water are allowed, where one liter of a decoction of medicinal herbs is added: a person needs to be in a sitting position for no more than fifteen minutes.

Various physiotherapy methods can be used if the symptoms are mild, which is observed in chronic forms of the disease. It is possible to use short-pulse electroanalgesia, endovesical phonoresis, microwave and UHF therapy, laser and magnetic laser therapy.

Diagnosis and treatment are usually performed on an outpatient basis, but in severe cases, the patient may be hospitalized, which is carried out on the recommendation of a doctor. This happens when blood clots and pus are visible in the urine, and pain is felt in the lower back. It is necessary to immediately call an ambulance, since such signs may indicate damage to the ureters and kidneys. In this situation, complex therapy is used, and treatment can last up to one and a half to two months.

In milder situations, if adequate therapy is prescribed, including drugs of different groups, it is possible to notice an improvement in the patient’s condition after three to four days. This is manifested in the normalization of body temperature and a decrease in the severity of pain syndrome or its disappearance. However, this does not mean that you can immediately stop taking medications and return to your usual lifestyle. It is necessary to complete the entire course of treatment to the end. Only in this case complete recovery is guaranteed.

In conclusion

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How to cure the bladder, if it is cold, urologists know well. If a woman, child or man has a bladder cold, it is necessary to consult a urologist as soon as possible.

The specialist will also explain how the bladder can get cold and what factors contribute to the development of the disease. You can also find out from a doctor how to prevent such a disease, which causes a lot of inconvenience and is fraught with the development of severe complications.

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