Instructions for using suppositories Cystiton

For the treatment of the inflammatory procedure in the bladder in females and guys, you can utilize not just drugs in the type of tablets, suspensions or droppers, however likewise a suppository.

One of these treatments is Cystiton suppositories, which enable you to eliminate agonizing signs in a brief time and stabilize the basic condition of the client.

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General attributes

Suppositories Cystiton is a holistic medication that is authorized for usage in both grownups and kids from 2 years of age. With care, candle lights are recommended throughout pregnancy and lactation, in addition to for kids under one years of age. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, diuretic and disinfecting impacts.

The suppository includes:

  • Sea buckthorn oil.
  • Essence of lycopodium.
  • Natural holistic oils.
  • Cacao butter.

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The treatment assists eliminate discomfort and burning experience, in addition to stabilize the urination procedure, removing regular advises. The primary benefit of Cystiton depends on its flexibility: the drug appropriates for both males and females.

The medication is recommended when the following illness are identified:

  • cystitis in severe and persistent type,
  • inflammation of the urethra,
  • hold-up in urination,
  • illness of the appendages,
  • prostatitis.

Important! Despite the natural structure of the candle lights, it is advised to go to a medical professional and go through an extensive assessment prior to using them. In addition, throughout treatment it is advised to strictly follow the instructions for usage and the instructions of a professional.

Instructions for usage

The basic treatment routine presumes the following choice for using suppositories:

  • for adult males and females – one candle light ought to be utilized daily, which is placed into the anus or vaginal area after the application of health treatments,
  • for kids – the dose and the plan are determined by the going to doctor.

The period of treatment must not be less than 30 days. The course of Cystiton can be duplicated numerous times a year to avoid the illness or in the persistent type of the illness.

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Reviews of physicians about suppositories Cystiton

Yaroslav Alexandrovich, urologist

Suppositories Cystiton is among the most efficient holistic treatments. The drug is completely integrated with the primary healing techniques, for that reason I securely advise it as an addition to complex treatment. Since homeopathy is at the heart of the medication, it is essential to finish the complete course in order to feel the complete impact. If you stopped the treatment in the middle, then more than likely you will not observe any impact.

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Maria Viktorovna, gynecologist

I believe Cystiton is an excellent drug. In addition to cystitis, the treatment can be helpful for the treatment of specific gynecological illness, specifically if they fit with swelling of the bladder. If you purchase Cystiton candle lights, the instructions need to be followed unconditionally!

Yulia Andreevna, medical professional

I cannot call Cystiton an independent medication. Rather, it is an excellent addition to an extensive treatment. I do not believe that it is possible to treat innovative cystitis with homeopathy alone. As for this treatment, I can advise it to improve the impact of the primary treatment. If you wish to begin taking natural items, do not be too lazy to seek advice from a medical professional, specifically if you prepare to utilize the item in kids. The professional will inform you precisely how old you can begin treatment with candle lights.

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Patient Reviews

When purchasing Cystiton suppositories, evaluations of which you will discover below, do not forget to follow the instructions and monitor your own wellness throughout treatment.

I utilized Cistiton-Anticanum candle lights. I purchased the drug at the drug store for 330 rubles. I utilized the treatment in addition to prescription antibiotics and other drugs that the medical professional recommended to me. Since I frequently have cystitis, I can state that with these candle lights the impact of the treatment came much quicker. To completely experience the impact of the item, you require to utilize it for a minimum of 30 days. I still take 30-day courses two times a year – in spring and fall. I do not understand to what degree this is the benefit of Cystiton, however the issue has actually not troubled me for a year and a half.

I never ever believed that guys likewise have cystitis. In my viewpoint, this is a simply female illness. However, in 2015 a comparable issue struck me. The experiences, obviously, are far from the most enjoyable, specifically the continuous desire to clear the bladder. My better half had actually cystitis and utilized Cystiton suppositories. She encouraged them to me, stated that they can be utilized not just for females. I took the course therefore far, thank God, I have actually never ever come across a comparable issue.


According to the concept of action and the type of release, the analogs of Cystiton consist of:

  • Hexicon – these suppositories work versus both cystitis and transmittable sores of the uterus and appendages. The drug is recommended specifically for females, and includes an analogue of chlorhexidine. Despite the distinction in structure, Geksikon works nearly the exact same: it eliminates discomfort, eliminates convulsions and assists bring back the natural microflora of the mucous membrane.
  • Betiol – candle lights that are appointed to males and females. Their primary element is belladonna extract. Betiol assists to eliminate agonizing experiences, in addition to eliminate cramps throughout urination.
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In addition, Cystiton has analogues that vary in the type of release. These consist of:

  • Rovatinex is a holistic medication in the type of pills. The drug is not recommended to clients under 6 years of age, given that kids frequently have allergies to active components.
  • Urolesan is an alternative medicine that can be found in the type of pills, drops or syrup. Urolesan in the type of syrup is provided to kids from 12 months. The drug has a broad spectrum of action, and assists both with swelling of the bladder and with other illness impacting the genitourinary system.

Important! Before changing the initial, it is advised to talk about such a choice with a urologist!

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The cost of suppositories depends upon the area, in addition to the drug store chain. The cost of Cystiton candle lights in drug stores varies from 315 to 400 rubles.

Suppositories Cystiton is a reliable drug that appropriates for the treatment of numerous illness impacting the genitourinary system. The provided drug has actually gone through a variety of research studies that validate its security. Despite this, it is much better to go to a medical professional prior to recommending a course.

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Fluent in general clinical methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, as well as electrocardiography, echocardiography, monitoring of cholera on an ECG and daily monitoring of blood pressure.
The treatment complex developed by the author significantly helps with cerebrovascular injuries and metabolic disorders in the brain and vascular diseases: hypertension and complications caused by diabetes.
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