How to quickly treat hemorrhoids at home with folk remedies

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids can occur as a result of such reasons as:

  • Natural birth in women (postpartum hemorrhoids).
  • Lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Sedentary work.
  • Improper diet that causes constipation or diarrhea.
  • Excessive cooling of the lower half of the body.
  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Frequent weight lifting, often found in men.

At first, hemorrhoids may not manifest themselves in any way, but such unpleasant symptoms appear later:

  • Sensations of itching, pain and burning in the anus.
  • Soreness during bowel movements.
  • The feeling of a foreign object in the anus.
  • Spotting on feces, linen and toilet paper.
  • Hemorrhoids protruding from the anus.

The problem can manifest itself in several main phases, depending on the degree of the disease:

  1. Hemorrhoidal nodes are located in the lumen of the rectum, but do not fall on the dentate line.
  2. There is a need to adjust the dropped nodes of hemorrhoids with your hand.
  3. Surgical intervention required.

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In most cases, hemorrhoids occur due to circulatory disorders in the pelvic area – when for some reason the outflow of blood through the veins of the rectum is impaired. Stress during bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy – all these conditions can lead to stretching and swelling of the walls of blood vessels, which causes the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Folk remedies for hemorrhoids in women: herbs, enemas, ointments

They hurt every time you use the toilet, become inflamed, bleed, and generally significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. Moreover, untreated hemorrhoids in the chronic stage can develop into a malignant tumor.

It is important not only to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, but also to strive for a complete elimination of the disease. In this article, we have collected the best folk remedies for hemorrhoids in women.

Hemorrhoids are not definitely a “female or” male “disease. It can equally affect patients of both sexes. However, there is one factor that significantly increases the risk of hemorrhoids among the fair half of humanity. This is the onset of pregnancy.

It is the bearing of the child and subsequent childbirth in most cases that provoke the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes inside the rectum, and subsequently outside.

This is due to increased pressure on the pelvic organs, which occurs in the prenatal period, as well as attempts to accompany labor.

In addition, the risk of getting hemorrhoids exists in women who:

  • busy with sedentary work;
  • expose your body to disproportionate stresses (for example, you are forced to endure heavy loads or do not comply with the recommended norms when playing sports);
  • eat incorrectly (eat “on the run”, dry food, practice night snacks);
  • lead a sedentary lifestyle (rarely go for walks, move solely by car);
  • often nervous and stressed;
  • abuse drugs that adversely affect the digestive tract, causing frequent constipation.

Also at risk are overweight women who smoke and drink alcohol.

Hemorrhoids cannot be called a disease of our time. Our ancestors also faced this ailment, only he bore a different name – give a kiss. How did you get rid of this annoying ailment in Russia? Of course, with the help of folk remedies – plant juices, home-made candles, baths and compresses.

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Hemorrhoids Candles

Suppositories inserted directly into the rectum are one of the most effective treatments. This is the first thing that proctologists prescribe, and pharmacists offer in pharmacies. But no less good results were shown by the use of suppositories, prepared with one’s own hands from simple, affordable products of natural origin.

Here are some recipes on how to make rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids at home.

Beetroot candles – made from fresh vegetables using a technology similar to that described above. Beetroot juice also has a lot of useful qualities that can improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and alleviate the patient’s condition. Therefore, beet candles are no less effective way to treat hemorrhoids at the initial stage.

Ice candles – are pieces of frozen water that, when placed in the anus, cause blood vessels to contract, helping to stop bleeding and relieve itching.

Making ice candles is very simple – you just need to pour clean water into suitable molds (for example, from purchased suppositories) and freeze them in the freezer.

For greater effectiveness, you can use not plain water, but decoctions of herbs, for example, from oak bark, sage or chamomile flowers.

Candles from honey – are made from a candied product, which is given the required shape. For convenience, you can “freeze” a little candle in the freezer, pre-wrapping it in cling film. When ingested, such suppositories quickly dissolve and all useful substances are absorbed into the colon membrane, thereby providing an antibacterial and emollient effect.

Hemorrhoids ointments

The use of ointments is a prerequisite for the treatment of hemorrhoids, because they not only anesthetize, but also contribute to the speedy healing of cracks, which often accompany the disease.

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Preparing a therapeutic ointment in your own kitchen is quite affordable for everyone, it is enough to observe the recommended proportions and adhere to the correct technology.

Bee ointment – take a tablespoon of natural honey, mix it with 10 g of chopped propolis, 50 g of beeswax and a spoon of vegetable oil. Heat in a water bath to a liquid consistency, remove from heat, mix thoroughly and cool. You can apply the ointment externally, lubricating the cones around the anus, and use it for the manufacture of rectal tampons.

Grind and mix plant components, taken in equal parts, with animal fat (pork, goose, goat or badger) in a proportion of one part of the herbal mixture and two parts of lard.

Put on a slow fire and cook, stirring, for at least 2 hours. Strain through cheesecloth folded in several layers and use as directed. Keep the medicine in the refrigerator.

Rowan ointment – grind the ripe rowan berries with a meat grinder and mix with potato starch in an amount of 1: 1. The resulting mixture is recommended to lubricate the anus daily before bedtime until the condition is relieved.

Calendula ointment – get it in a pharmacy and make an alcohol tincture of calendula inflorescences yourself (fill one part of dried flowers with five parts of vodka and let it brew in a cool dark place). Mix a tablespoon of liquid with four tablespoons of butter, heat in a water bath, rub well, cool and grease the bumps twice a day.

Another effective way to overcome the ailment. The introduction of therapeutic decoctions into the rectum helps with the development of internal hemorrhoids. With the help of enemas, the work of the intestine is normalized and the inflammatory process is suppressed, which leads to the speedy disposal of the disease.

Oil enema – heat 100 ml of any purified vegetable oil to a human body temperature (approximately 37 ° C) and inject with a rubber bulb into the rectum. This procedure helps to relax the intestines, the oil envelops the intestinal wall with a thin film, which facilitates the process of defecation.

Enema on herbs – an enema with warm decoctions or infusions of medicinal plants has proven itself perfectly.

For its preparation, use solutions from oak bark, chamomile flowers, chestnut seed, sage or wormwood.

Just brew a spoonful of plant material with 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew, filter and cool to a warm state. To enhance the healing effect, give an herbal enema after bowel movement.

A cleansing enema is an enema with an increased volume of fluid, for the introduction of which an Esmarch mug is used. Up to 1,5 liters of warm boiled water with a temperature of 36-37 ° C is introduced into the patient’s body. A cleansing enema promotes complete cleansing of accumulated feces and gases, thereby facilitating the patient’s condition.

Sit Trays

Baths, depending on the ingredients used, have a relaxing, antiseptic and wound healing effect. They are advised to use in the form of disease prevention, as well as to relieve the sensation of itching and pain in the anus at the initial stage of hemorrhoids.

Baths on a camomile – 2 tablespoons of inflorescences of a plant fill in with a glass of boiling water and let it brew under a closed lid. After the temperature of the infusion drops to 37 ° C, strain the solution and pour the liquid into a suitable container. Take a sitz bath for 15 minutes a couple of times a day.

Onion baths – are made with the addition of onion peel decoction into the water. Boil the clean peel of the onion, cool and filter the solution. Perform the procedure every night before bedtime.

A potassium permanganate bath is a great way to conduct antiseptic and anti-inflammatory local therapy.

Dissolve one tablespoon of potassium permanganate powder in 10 l of warm water, stir and take a sitz bath for 15 minutes 2 times a day.

Be careful, with an increase in the concentration of potassium permanganate, you can get a severe chemical burn, so the solution should be slightly pink in color.

In addition to the above methods of treating hemorrhoids at home, it is very important to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle – include vegetables and fruits in your diet, exercise, often go out in the fresh air, have a positive attitude and abandon bad habits.

And remember that a complete cure for the disease can only be given an integrated approach that combines the use of folk remedies for hemorrhoids in women and therapeutic measures prescribed by the relevant doctor.

The introduction of special solutions to the anus to help normalize bowel function helps to quickly cure hemorrhoids at home. Cleansing enema is used for constipation in order to remove accumulated feces. The procedure consists in introducing the solution into the rectum using a soft rubber tube with a plastic tip. The temperature of the injected solution should be 35-37 degrees (cold can cause increased peristalsis, hot – painful sensations).

To quickly eliminate irritation and stop bleeding, microclysters with sea buckthorn oil are used. With a pronounced tonic and epithelializing effect, sea buckthorn oil helps to heal cracks and eliminate the main factor in the development of the disease – constipation. The microclyster procedure is as follows:

  • put 50 ml of sea buckthorn oil in a metal container;
  • warm the composition to room temperature;
  • fill the butter in a rubber bulb for douching;
  • lie on your side and slowly introduce the solution into the anus;
  • wait at least 30 minutes (if there is no urge to defecate, leave the solution inside at night).


Icy water is a quick help for hemorrhoids at home, but you can’t be zealous in applying such procedures, they are indicated only for the relief of acute pain. The duration of taking a bath with cold water should not exceed 5 minutes. The procedure can be performed twice a day. To treat the chronic form of the disease, which is in remission, apply hot and steam baths with the addition of herbs:

  1. Sedentary hot baths. In the container with water (temperature should be 36-40 degrees), place the prepared raw materials (dried hypericum leaves, chamomile or calendula flowers, onion husks). Immerse the affected area under water for 30 minutes, then gently pat with a towel and apply local medicine. The course of therapy consists of 10 procedures.
  2. Smoke (or steam) procedures. This method is suitable for the external form of pathology and helps to quickly eliminate pain. For the procedure, it is necessary to prepare a container where the red-hot clay brick should be placed. Healing components, which can be an onion broth, milk, garlic juice or birch tar, are periodically sprayed onto a hot brick. The patient for 15-20 minutes. Takes over sitting position on bent legs with emphasis on hands. The procedure should be repeated until the pain symptoms disappear completely.
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With hemorrhoids in its various forms, the use of sedentary baths is effective. The effectiveness of the method is proven by specialists. Doctors often recommend sitting baths in addition to the main treatment. They can be of the following types:

Steam baths are difficult to use, so they are used less often than others. The essence of the method is steaming the anus over boiling water.

It is most convenient to use a container filled with boiling water and closed with a wooden lid with an opening to sit on.

In the early stages of hemorrhoids, hot baths are indicated. In water, you can add decoctions of calendula, sage, St. John’s wort. Chopped garlic is an excellent treatment for this method.

Warm baths are used if there is a crack. Warm water relieves itching and burning. The same components are added to the water as with hot baths.

During periods of exacerbation of the disease, cool baths help. They relieve pain and help stop bleeding. For antibacterial effect, potassium permanganate is added to the water. The solution should be slightly pink.

Any type of sessile bath is used for a two-week course. It is best to manipulate before bedtime. This treatment option is not recommended during pregnancy.

One of the most popular ingredients in getting rid of hemorrhoids is potatoes. The juice of this vegetable has a healing effect. Use potatoes in many ways:

  1. A chilled compress of grated potatoes can be applied to the affected surface. This method helps relieve swelling, itching, pain.
  2. Potato juice is used for microclysters. A single serving of juice is a tablespoon. This will accelerate the healing of microcracks on the rectal mucosa.
  3. Some advise inserting a small piece of tuber into the anus at night instead of a candle. This method requires caution. High risk of additional damage to the mucous membranes.

Any method chosen requires course use. The duration of the treatment period should be from one to two weeks.

Many people know about the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile. In the treatment of hemorrhoids in women, it is also effective. Usually use infusion. Chamomile flowers are poured with hot (but not boiling) water and insisted for several hours. The infusion thus prepared does not lose its beneficial properties. It can be used for lotions, compresses or sedentary baths.

Effective in getting rid of hemorrhoids celandine. This plant has valuable properties. It heals wounds, relieves spasm, reduces itching. You can prepare a decoction of dry grass or lubricate the hemorrhoidal nodes with the juice of a fresh plant.

Inside, the broth is consumed one tablespoon three times a day. The entire course of treatment will last at least a week. A significant disadvantage of using celandine is its high toxicity.

Therefore, this recipe is contraindicated in women during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition to universal chamomile and celandine, other herbs are also used in the treatment of the disease. The following are especially effective:

  • sagebrush;
  • nettle;
  • mullein;
  • yarrow;
  • sage. infusion of yarrow sage tea

Often, women use buckthorn bark, licorice root, black poplar buds, cucumber stems, raspberry roots in their recipes. Relieve swelling and pain lotions from multicomponent decoctions. Before proceeding with treatment with such means, you should consult your doctor.

One of the most effective means is sea buckthorn oil. It is part of most pharmaceutical preparations of the same orientation. The action of the oil is aimed at:

  • pain relief
  • stop bleeding;
  • healing of cracks;
  • reduction of inflammation.

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in vitamins A and C. These substances enhance the processes of tissue regeneration, and also strengthen the walls of blood vessels. To achieve the effect, simply lubricate the affected area with oil.

Thanks to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is an excellent way to get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, due to which hemorrhoidal nodes decrease in size, and painful sensations are minimized. However, castor oil also has side effects.

Among them – an increase in the tone of the uterus and an increased load on the kidneys. This makes it impossible to use oil during pregnancy.

Many women choose oak bark for treatment. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. A decoction of the bark is prepared in various ways.

  1. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of bark with water and boil for half an hour over low heat. Then insist for several hours.
  2. Pour the same amount of oak bark with water and heat in a water bath. After this strain

The resulting broth must be used within three days. It can be used both for lotions and for sedentary baths. Oak bark can be used not only as an independent tool. You can cook complex decoctions by adding chamomile, sage, horse chestnut.

Beekeeping products are popular in folk medicine. Honey has an antibacterial and emollient effect. Recipes using it are easy and affordable. The easiest option is the usual lubrication of the nodes.

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You can also soak a homemade swab with honey and insert it into the anus. A traditional medicine such as honey works well in combination with beet or aloe juice.

This is one of the safest methods of alternative treatment, which can be used even during pregnancy. Preliminary should consult a doctor.

Honey quickly brings relief in hemorrhoids.

This plant has an excellent analgesic and wound healing effect. The method of treatment with its help is extremely simple and safe, so many women are inclined precisely in his favor.

To relieve an attack of pain, it is enough to attach a piece of the fleshy leaf of the plant to the hemorrhoid. You can lubricate chapped skin with aloe juice. A prerequisite is the need to carry out manipulations daily.

This recipe for getting rid of hemorrhoids is also relevant for pregnant women, nursing mothers. To get rid of problems as soon as possible, it is recommended to insert a small piece of the plant, previously lubricated with honey, into the anus.

Bay leaf – one of the most affordable treatments for home treatment. It is especially effective in the presence of bleeding. Laurel leaves contain essential oils that have anti-inflammatory effects. Women who used this remedy noted the rapid elimination of itching.

A decoction of bay leaves can be used in various ways. All of them are effective both in the external and internal manifestation of the disease. The most common are:

  • inside (one glass all day long);
  • lotions with a decoction;
  • sedentary baths;
  • microclysters.

The dosage should be strictly observed when preparing a decoction. Usually for 3 liters of water it is enough to take about 30 medium-sized leaves. Excessive concentration of laurel essential oil overloads the liver and kidneys. Using this recipe is not recommended for women prone to allergies.

The acute form of the disease, accompanied by severe pain and bleeding, requires immediate assistance. An excellent folk remedy is the infusion of the highlander, prepared from the calculation: 1 tablespoon per glass of water. The broth is used inside before meals and as lotions. This treatment option allows you to reduce hemorrhoidal cones and stop bleeding.

The tansy decoction will not allow the inflammatory process to develop. It is usually used for sedentary baths, compresses, or microclysters. Tansy is a natural antiseptic.

A speedy improvement can be achieved if you use calendula broth instead of plain water to wash it. The substances present in this plant accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

If the disease has become chronic, it is necessary to change the tactics of treatment. Compresses from grated potatoes will significantly reduce the size of hemorrhoidal cones. Compresses from the leaves of black nightshade have a similar effect.

For compresses, you can use ordinary flax. This is a popular plant among traditional healers. The substances contained in it can relieve pain and reduce severe inflammation. To prepare the infusion, the stems, leaves and flowers of flax are used. For 50 grams of dry mix, you need half a liter of water. The mixture is evaporated in a water bath, filtered and used for warm compresses.

With hemorrhoids, a single withdrawal of symptoms is not enough. This disease tends to aggravate under the influence of external factors. To use folk remedies at home was effective, women should adhere to a number of rules.

  1. A special role in getting rid of hemorrhoids is played by hygiene. After acts of defecation, it is necessary to wash the area of ​​the anus. Cool water also has an analgesic effect.
  2. Constipation should be avoided. Too hard feces injure the mucous membranes, increasing the risk of relapse.
  3. Women suffering from hemorrhoids are shown a special diet. Legumes, cabbage and rye bread should be excluded from the menu.
  4. As food products that help in getting rid of the disease, you can eat garlic, onions, fresh carrots and apples.

Special gymnastics

With varicose veins, increased physical activity is prohibited, but moderate exercise helps to quickly get rid of the disease at home. Special physical exercises help strengthen the muscles of the rectal canal, provide blood flow and fill the blood vessels of the pelvic floor. Systematic exercise eliminates congestion in the perianal region. To restore the functional abilities of the muscles of the pelvic organs should regularly perform the following set of exercises:

  1. Kegel gymnastics. Take a supine position, legs bent at the knees, feet pressed to the floor, reduce the pelvic muscles, squeezing the sphincter. Keep tension should be from 3 to 10 seconds, and then relax for 10 seconds. and repeat the exercise 10 more times.
  2. Walking on the buttocks. Sit on the floor, stretching out straight legs. Tighten the gluteal muscles, and lift one buttock by moving it forward. Repeat movement with the other leg. Move in this way should be for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Birch tree. From the supine position, raise the pelvis with the hands bent at the elbows. Take turns to raise your legs up. If possible, keep the body, pelvis and legs in line. Keep the pose as long as you can.

How to treat hemorrhoids? General principles

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