Hepatitis B vaccine vaccination schedule

Infection with hepatitis B occurs through the blood. This virus can cause great harm to health and lead to death. Vaccination against hepatitis B is carried out according to a special vaccination scheme. This method helps prevent infection in patients at any age.

The vaccine is safe for health. Vaccination takes place over 12 months. The protective reaction will last for about 10 years.

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Why is hepatitis B dangerous?

Hepatitis B is a dangerous viral disease that causes great damage to the liver. Complications are the development of cirrhosis, which initially develops without characteristic signs. Usually, this form of the disease is chronic. After that, it often turns into liver cancer.

This situation occurs very often with the development of hepatitis B. Even timely treatment cannot guarantee a complete recovery. Cancer is the cause of death for the patient.

How does the hepatitis virus affect the human body?

  • The acute course occurs in about 1% of patients diagnosed with hepatitis B.
  • Acute liver failure occurs. The liver is significantly reduced in size.
  • If there is a manifestation of jaundice during the development of hepatitis B, bacteria from viruses D, A, C may be present.
  • Chronic liver failure with the development of hepatitis B is fatal.
  • Hepatitis B can affect more than just the liver. It affects the joints, there are problems with the kidneys, the heart muscle becomes inflamed, and nodular arteritis manifests itself.

But the vaccination carried out will help prevent the development of a complex disease.

How does hepatitis B prevention work?

How vaccination works

Studies have shown that the duration of the vaccination against the inflammatory process depends on the age of the patient. When vaccinated in infants, it can protect the body for about 20 years. Throughout this time, he will have immunity.

How the vaccine works:

  • in a laboratory study of blood, the detection of antibodies may not occur. This happens because a sample with their presence is not always selected,
  • it is recommended to undergo examinations at least once every 5 years, after vaccination,
  • when a certain amount of antibodies is detected, the maintenance of the desired immunity can be carried out 12 months after the study. Some patients are vaccinated once during their lifetime.

During vaccination, specific antibodies are produced that can withstand complex diseases. Should I get several vaccinations at the same time? You need to consult your doctor about this. This also applies to the use when vaccinating Pentakism together with hepatitis.

Indications and contraindications

Vaccination against hepatitis is a mandatory program for newborns and adults who are at risk of contracting this disease. These will be people who encounter infected people quite often, due to the nature of their professional activities or due to being in this environment for other reasons.

How can young patients get infected?

  • When breastfeeding, if the mother is infected.
  • If saliva, tears or urine of the patient gets into the child.
  • When carrying out medical procedures that involve damage to the skin.
  • Blood transfusion procedure.
  • Living in a place with a large concentration of infected people.
  • When living in specialized children’s institutions.
  • Using an artificial kidney apparatus.
  • When receiving special blood products. vakcinacia - 11
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If at least one of the above conditions is identified, the child must be vaccinated against hepatitis. But there are a number of contraindications that do not allow such a procedure.

It can be:

  • a high risk of contracting hepatitis from vaccination,
  • if you are allergic to certain substances, namely baker’s yeast, thimerosal,
  • any colds or poor health in children, the moment of teething, diarrhea, vomiting.

Vaccination can be carried out no earlier than 14 days after the restoration of the body. Sometimes specialists give an emergency vaccination against hepatitis, it can help in the early stages of infection.

Rules before and after vaccination

How is the first vaccination against viral hepatitis done?

Special preparation for the vaccination is not required. It is enough to know a few simple rules:

  • Do not use new foods in the diet before vaccination.
  • With a tendency to allergies, take a course of taking antiallergic drugs. This is done in a few days and on the recommendation of a doctor.
  • Get vaccinated after thorough full body hygiene. You cannot swim after vaccination for several days.
  • do not overfeed the child,
  • drink plenty of fluids. Mineral water, dry fruit compote, fruit or green tea,
  • walk more in the fresh air, but only if the body temperature has not exceeded 37,5 degrees,
  • protect the vaccinated patient from communication with strangers and reduce any unwanted contact,
  • if the body temperature rises, you need to go to the hospital and follow all the doctor’s recommendations,
  • if necessary, take ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate.

What if a patient gets sick after vaccination?

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  • Incorrect behavior after vaccination could provoke the disease. The infection could have gotten by communicating with strangers.
  • At first, the immune system is somewhat weakened and the body becomes susceptible to any harmful microorganisms.
  • Do not delay the visit to the doctor.

The response to vaccination is not always predictable. Therefore, for any suspicion of feeling unwell or deteriorating health, it is better to consult a doctor.

Scheme of vaccinations against hepatitis for children

Is Pentaxim used for hepatitis? All vaccinations must be carried out according to a special scheme.

When is the first hepatitis B vaccination for children?

  • the vaccination is done on the first day of the baby’s life,
  • the second vaccination occurs at the age of one month,
  • at the age of six months they are vaccinated against polio, DTP and hepatitis B,
  • at the age of 13, vaccination against rubella and hepatitis B is carried out.

The child’s behavior and health should be monitored after any vaccine has been administered. Here is a general scheme of vaccination against hepatitis in children, but it can be individual.

Can Pentaxim and Hepatitis B be done at the same time?

This decision should be made by the doctor, taking into account individual characteristics. There are no obvious contraindications.

Can pentaxim and hepatitis be done at the same time?

Sometimes specialists do the Pentaxim vaccine at the same time with the hepatitis drug. According to parents’ reviews, children tolerate combination normally. The use of the Pentaxim plus hepatitis B scheme will immediately protect the child from several infectious dangerous diseases.

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Revaccination is carried out for adults and children. This is done when certain conditions occur. When are adults boosted?

  • When the patient is at risk and the immune defense against the disease is reduced. This requires regular antibody tests. In this case, the opinion of experts is divided. Some of them argue that protection can last a lifetime, while others expect no more than 5 years.
  • When the disease is detected at an early stage of development.

There is a special scheme for revaccination in children. According to which the first vaccination is done already in the maternity hospital, and then the pediatrician will tell you about the timing.

What side reactions can there be?

Vaccination can provoke adverse reactions.

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  • manifestation of allergies, up to shock and severe edema,
  • muscle pain,
  • damage to peripheral nerves,
  • paralysis of the optic or facial nerve,
  • violation of sensitivity, flaccid cuts, autonomic disorders.

With the provision of timely medical care, possible side effects will be stopped.

How and which vaccine to choose?

Several vaccines are available to prevent hepatitis B. Which one will be the most effective is hard to say. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. In this case, you need to listen to the doctor’s opinion, you can study the reviews of other people. …


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