Diet with diathesis

kasha - 3According to contemporary medical principles, diathesis is a function of the constitutional structure of the body, which, as a guideline, is genetic, however can be hereditary and gotten.

Diathesis is a set of particular symptoms and responses to particular dietary elements.

In an organism struggling with diathesis, there is a lability of the nerve system, manifested by vegetative-vascular dystonia, a decline in resistance, and an increased vulnerability to infections.

Diathesis stands for the very first time at the age of 2-3 months and lasts as much as 3 years. Although particular symptoms of diathesis can be kept in mind in grownups, for instance, blepharitis.

Factors inclining to the look of diathesis:

  • Наследственность.
  • Diseases of the mom throughout pregnancy, accompanied by taking medications.
  • Heavy pregnancy.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Artificial feeding.

Pathogenesis of diathesis

The state of the abnormality of the constitution is carefully associated to the nutrition of the body. In infancy, there is an immaturity of lots of systems, particularly the digestion system. The production of enzymes for the breakdown of particular compounds is not established.

Food components that are not able to be absorbed in the immature intestinal tract. Food stagnancy happens, followed by the expansion of undigested compounds. They are irritants for a delicate kid’s body.

Intoxication with such compounds can manifest itself in various methods.

Types of response symptom:

  • Irritability, sleep disruption.
  • Decreased resistance, manifested in regular illness
  • Frequent bronchitis, the look of an asthmatic part.
  • Various kinds of skin symptoms
  • Malfunction of the lymphatic system, regular tonsillitis.
  • Metabolic illness.

Since diathesis is a symptom of food irritation, diathesis treatment starts with diet correction.

Diet for constitutional abnormalities

The physician selects the diet. Correction of nutrition must be performed taking into consideration specific food intolerance. For a clear scientific photo, the recognition of annoying food is simple. Collecting an anamnesis of the kid’s advancement, the physician can presume exactly what impacts the kid’s body.

Food intolerance is extremely specific and can manifest itself even on non-aggressive foods (zucchini, cabbage). It is thought that this is because of the absence of digestion enzymes and juices that absorb this specific food.

If the products-irritants have actually not been recognized, it is possible to establish test-markers. If the kid is extremely weak, or the allergic state of mind is extremely high, such tests are done initially to think the moms and dads of the infant.

Most frequently, nuts and nut butters, items including cocoa, veggies, fruits and berries including red and yellow dyes are omitted from the diet. Strong broths and abundant soups. A fatty and iodine-rich marine fish. Pork, eggs, spices, milk are omitted. Citrus and unique foods are forbidden.

Since the material of nutrients getting in a kid’s body need to be far more diverse than that of a grownup. Pediatricians, specialists and nutritional experts have an uphill struggle – to discover alternative items that do not trigger diathesis.

The diet for diathesis should satisfy numerous guidelines:

  • Do not include compounds that aggravate the body.
  • Support the body’s body immune system.
  • It is simple to absorb and does not stagnate in the intestinal tracts.
  • Contain adequate protein.
  • Enter the body in little parts.

Recommended items for worsening of diathesis:

  • Porridge on water, with the exception of semolina and wheat, in case of infraction of the enzymatic activity of the pancreas, millet porridge is likewise omitted.
  • Skimmed broths from turkey, veal, video game.
  • Potatoes not fried
  • All kinds of prepared cabbage.
  • Sour milk items with low fat material

If the illness is not begun, then, as a guideline, the kid’s condition enhances within a couple of weeks. Once the body has actually supported, the diet can be extended. In the lack of contraindications, half milk can be contributed to the porridge.

Older kids are enabled somewhat dried brown bread. Food can be boiled, steamed, simmered, stewed, baked. You require to be cautious with sugar, it is not advised to utilize sea salt.

Diathesis in babies

The state of diathesis in a breastfed infant totally depends upon the awareness and attention of the mom. When signs of diathesis appear, mommy need to examine her own diet and discover foods that are not preferable for consuming throughout breastfeeding.

The very same foods are omitted when it comes to older kids. Added to this group are coffee, strong sweet tea, condensed milk. Fried, fatty ones are omitted from mama’s menu. If mama’s milk is too fat, pasteurization or settling in the cold might be needed, followed by elimination of the upper fat layers.

Mom’s food must be fractional, little parts

With age-related growth of the diet, the intro of brand-new complementary foods at the time of worsening of the symptoms of diathesis is undesirable.

If the kid is synthetically fed, then it suffices to select the best milk formula. A lactose-free mix or food on goat’s milk is recommended. Supplements and complementary foods are presented a month behind normal kids. There is strictly one brand-new item presented!

For kids with symptoms of diathesis, the physician prepares a specific vaccination strategy. At the time of worsening of the illness, vaccinations are refrained from doing.

Mothers of such kids require to keep a food journal. When breastfeeding, the journal records all the food consumed by the mom. The time of the meal, the number and structure of the meals are shown.

This journal should be continued when the kid is moved to self-feeding. Data should be taped so that, if needed, an analysis might be made in between consuming and the symptom of diathesis.

Diathesis in grownups

Most of the illness of an adult originated from youth. Frequent skin symptoms of youth in the adult years can become neurodermatitis. Vegetovascular dystonia in high blood pressure. So that the kid does not drag a bag of illness with him into the adult years, any symptom of diathesis needs analysis and correction.

An grownup is likewise recommended a diet with limitation of foods provoking diathesis. All brand-new vegetables and fruits, dining establishment meals should be attempted with care.

Meals need to be regular, little parts. Antihistamines are recommended, Medicines to reinforce the vascular wall.

Use of “La-kri” cream for diathesis

The skin of clients experiencing diathesis is typically extremely dry. With aspects of neurodermatitis, scaly. Using traditional creams can make complex the diathesis. Reproduction of pathological plants is possible under the movie developed by the cream.

The cream consists of extracts of licorice and violet tricolor, hypoallergenic wheat oil, fragile in texture and the result of shea and jojoba butter. The cream consists of allantoin, besabolol, softening the skin and alleviating itching. For much better regrowth of irritated tissues, lecithin was presented into La-Cree cream.

When utilizing the cream, the signs of diathesis are eased. The skin of the hands ends up being flexible and company, and undesirable dryness vanishes.

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Detonic for pressure normalization

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