Determining the sex of the child by updating the blood of parents

For example, a woman 2 years ago gave birth to a child. This means that her blood is completely renewed after childbirth. The man last update occurred a year ago. Therefore, it can be assumed that a couple will have a boy, as the father’s blood is much “younger”.

Here is another example of how you can determine the sex of a child by updating blood without a date of conception:

  • Suppose a woman is -33 years old, and her husband -39.

We carry out calculations to determine the gender of the baby:

Thus, we succeeded: father – 7, woman – 0. Since the future mother has a lower coefficient than the father, the spouses should expect the appearance of a girl.

The theory of rejuvenation indicates that the baby in the womb inherits the gender of the parent with a more “fresh” blood circulation. That is, if the last blood changed in a woman, a daughter will be born, in a man – a son. Before computing, it is important to consider all the reasons why early rejuvenation of cells and blood is possible. They significantly change the result of the calculations.

Using this technique, you can not only find out who will be born during pregnancy, but also plan a baby of a particular gender. To do this, it is necessary to calculate which of the pair the blood rejuvenation occurred later, and calculate when the situation changes.

In certain situations, a pregnant woman may take a blood test to determine the gender of the baby. It is not very common and rarely used, but the risk of error is small. Determining the sex of the child by analyzing the mother’s blood is as follows: in the blood of the pregnant woman who carries the boy, they find “male” chromosomes, while they are absent when bearing the daughter.

Following various sources, the self-sufficiency of the method of determining the sex of the child by updating the blood varies from 50% to 80%. Doctors believe that the rejuvenation process is very complex and depends on many factors. Therefore, with high accuracy to determine it by averaged calculations is almost impossible.

If a couple on the maternal or paternal side has genetic diseases that do not allow having a healthy baby of a particular gender, the test data should not be taken into account. In such circumstances, the doctor who is pregnant should calculate the sex of the baby in the first months of pregnancy using medical research.

Today, the only way to conceive a child of a particular gender with a 100% guarantee is possible only with the help of IVF. No need to be upset if this test indicates a baby of one gender, and after birth it turns out that the baby is of the other sex. It does not matter whether a daughter or a son – a newborn will change the life of parents and give the most tender and warm feelings. The child’s gender is the whim of the parents; there is nothing more important than the health of the newborn.

This is a kind of game, which has a fairly large percentage of coincidences with reality. Tests such as this one can briefly soothe the interest of future parents. During pregnancy and after the birth of a baby, life changes dramatically, the baby gives parents a charge of positive emotions and unlimited love despite belonging to any gender.

Factors that affect blood renewal

There are several reasons why the blood can be updated much earlier than the above dates:

  • Blood donation . With a significant intake, blood is also updated earlier than the line.
  • Childbirth. If a woman has given birth, then blood is renewed in the body.
  • Surgical surgery also leads to a sudden renewal of blood in the patient’s body.
  • Blood transfusion .
  • Any injuries that are accompanied by significant loss of blood.

How to calculate the sex of the child for blood renewal?

When making calculations, you need to know the date of birth of future parents. For example, father is 35 years old, and mother is 28 years old. 35/3 = 11,6; 28/4 = 7,0. In the remainder of the head of the family, the figure was 3, and the future mother – 0. The baby will be born of that gender, which of the couple has a smaller balance. In this example, a large percentage of the birth of a daughter. According to practice, if both parents have a remainder of 0, there is a high probability that twins will be born.

You can determine the sex of the fetus without using a calculator. For girls, counting the rejuvenation of blood should be carried out from the age of 15 (18, 21, 24, 27 and beyond), for young men – from 16 years (20, 24, 28, 32 and beyond). For example, if the future mother is 25 years old, and the father is 30 years old, they will most likely have a daughter. The girl’s blood changed at least once every 24 years, and at the head of the family – at 30. After the update, mom passed 1 year, and dad updated 2 years ago, so the couple will have a daughter with the least error.

A case is possible when the parents rejuvenated in the same year, which means that the probability of the appearance of a daughter or son i.e. 50/50. For example, if a girl is 24 years old and a man is 28 years old.

Sometimes, to calculate the sex of a child, a blood test is performed on the gender of the child. According to this test, in the blood of a pregnant woman they “look for” Y-chromosomes that are present only in the male body. If the analysis showed the presence of “male” chromosomes, then the woman carries a son. If they are absent, the test result means the daughter is born soon.

Validity of the method

As a rule, in most cases, the method of determining the sex of the baby by updating the blood gives a reliable result. But as for many other methods, it is worth considering the percentage of error. The hormonal background, both women and men, can affect the result of a blood test. This method of determining the sex of the child can give an erroneous result if you are pregnant with twins or even triplets.

Genetic features of the sexes

It is so inherent in nature that the male is always stronger than the female. This applies not only to physical qualities but also to the chromosomal prevalence of male cells. Therefore, nothing can be done about it.

There is an opinion that the sex of the future baby depends on the genetics of the father:

  • If your husband has an older sister, then most likely you should expect the appearance of a girl.
  • If the husband is the only or first child in the family, then you should expect the birth of a boy.

The male body is stronger than the female, it contains Y chromosomes that are absent in the woman’s body. It is inherent in nature for the survival of the genus. Therefore, according to practice, the genetic characteristics of the future dad influence gender formation. If he is the only child in the family, the highest probability of having an heir. If the head of the family has an older sister, the birth of a daughter is possible.

The constant redistribution of blood in all women is naturally associated primarily with monthly blood loss (in women of childbearing age), as well as with pregnancy and birth.

There is the following version – life expectancy is on average longer than that of the stronger sex, which means that men have less renewal (much less often) than women. In this regard, men are recommended to artificially stimulate the development of new blood cells – for example, more often than donors.

Alternative Methods

You can determine the gender of the child by blood type and Rh factor.

Blood type of parentsMen
Rhesus factorMen

When early blood renewal is possible

Some factors may affect the frequency of blood rejuvenation. After a severe loss of blood, it is updated ahead of schedule.

If one of the parents or both are donors, then the blood is renewed after each donation. When determining the sex of a child by mother’s blood, it is important to consider childbirth as the date of blood rejuvenation. Operations and transfusions accelerate rejuvenation, as well as injuries accompanied by large blood loss.

In such emergency situations, blood, cells and tissues are updated prematurely. Therefore, to obtain the most reliable result of determining the sex of the child by the blood of the parents, you need to remember all the factors that could affect this process. Then you need to count from the date of the last blood loss.

At the planning stage, you can influence the formation of a child of a particular gender. If the couple wants a daughter, the expectant mother can become a blood donor. After that, the chance of conceiving a girl increases. If future parents want a son, the donor must be the head of the family.

Summing up

To believe the test results or not is everyone’s personal business. The method of determining the sex of the baby by updating the blood has been known for a long time and is used in many countries. It is impossible to say that this method of detecting a child’s sex is 100% effective, because there are many factors that can affect the result of a blood test.

An example of determining the sex of a child by updated blood

The genitals of the fetus develop from the eighteenth week, until this point they are identical. From the first weeks of pregnancy, fetal DNA is formed in a minimal amount in maternal blood. According to the analysis, you can determine the gender: if chromosome Y is found in the blood, it definitely belongs to the boy, since girls are characterized by X chromosomes. Minus in this method of determining the future sex of the baby – an error occurs, so even doctors do not recommend trusting them.

Let’s cite an example of two methods that help to preliminarily calculate the sex of a child by updating blood.

A method for determining the sex of the unborn child by the age of the parents.

  • We divide the age of the future mother by 3 (update interval).
  • The age of the future father is divided by 4 (update interval).
  • Compare the results: who has a smaller balance, he becomes the “donor” of the floor.

The indicators of the father (0,25) are less than the indicators of the mother (0,3), in theory there will be a boy.

Method for determining the sex of the unborn child by date of birth, conception and updating the blood of parents.

The method is popular among young mothers and daddies, because the network has many similar calculators for calculating the sex of the future baby. In online mode, enter the date of birth of the parents and the date of the proposed conception. Based on the final answer, draw a conclusion. Such services work for nothing, and one of them you will find at the end of this article.

If the blood of both potential parents was renewed in one year, the probability of birth is divided by 50% to 50%. And also in this case, multiple pregnancy with twins or more is possible. There are unique families where only girls or boys are born – genetics contributes to this.

Chinese method of determining the sex of the unborn child

Using the method of determining the sex of the child by updating the blood of parents, parents can plan the sex of the baby before conception. To do this, make the same calculations, but for the following years, calculating the probability of a couple having a boy or girl.

Method: the sex of the child in updating the blood of parents is especially important for families with chronic hereditary or genetic diseases. Calculations of the calculator below give a high probability of having a healthy baby.

Remember to consider factors:

  • The method of determining the sex of the child does not give a 100% guarantee. Blood renewal occurs not only with age. This is affected by surgery, including childbirth, blood transfusion, abrasions and scratches from injuries.
  • A woman is advised to enter the date of the last menstruation in the table, a man – serious damage with blood loss.
  • Negative Rhesus factor of a woman gives opposite results when calculating.
  • Interestingly, a parent with the strongest gene conveys to the child not only gender, but also the similarity of character traits, appearance.


Maria: My husband and I test results coincided both times. Although at first we thought it was impossible to calculate the sex of the baby before conception.

Andrei: his wife was tormented and calculated something. According to her, we should have a son. As a result, a daughter was born. Nonsense all this! It is better to wait a bit and determine the gender of the child by ultrasound.

Angelica and Matvey: this is a wonderful way to plan the sex of a child! My husband and I all coincided during the first and second pregnancy.

Katerina and Alexander: My husband and I have long wanted a daughter. But what did not work out (we have three sons). I read on one of the forums how to plan the conception of a girl. We decided to try and you know, this method really works! From day to day, we are waiting for the appearance of our little Sofia.

Anatoly: The method did not help many of my acquaintances. But still, my wife and I decided to try, as there would be no harm to anyone. And you can’t imagine how surprised me that the test result turned out to be true. We really had a boy.


Medicine does not trust one hundred percent of any of the methods. Even with ultrasound diagnostics errors occur, the fetus itself does not want to reveal its secret and is preparing a surprise. The probability of coincidence is based on trust, on the advice of acquaintances who agreed on the calculation method. Since folk signs and these options do not require costs and do not bring any harm to the health of the prospective parents and future darling, it is possible to try as an option.

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