Dark urine in men, causes and diagnosis

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Urine is a driver for kidney and liver function. According to it, the health of these organs is identified, variances and possible disturbances in work are spotted.

Yellow urine and its different tones suggest that whatever is in order with the kidneys. If the urine darkens, ends up being colorless, or modifications color from yellow to another, then there is a disruption in the performance of internal organs. Dark urine in men can be for the following factors, unrelated to illness:

  • terrific exercise,
  • taking medications of a specific group,
  • consuming a great deal of beef,
  • regular drinking of strong tea,
  • dehydration of the body,
  • heat.

With considerable dehydration of the body, the compound urochrome is launched, that makes the urine dark.

What is shown by the color of urine (list of illness)

Dark urine might suggest that a male has some severe medical conditions. Namely:

  • Hepatitis. The urine ends up being darker, the urobilin material increases, and bilirubin is excreted with urine. The urine does not end up being cloudy. All these are clear indications of the illness.
  • Cirrhosis. The urine turns dark brown. In this case, the skin color ends up being yellow. This takes place versus the background of basic deficiency of the body and continuously raised temperature level.
  • Malignant neoplasm in liver tissue. The urine turns brown. The quantity of water taken in by the client daily boosts.

What does brown urine mean in men?

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Dark urine in men takes place due to pathological modifications in the prostate or other organs of the genitourinary system.

This is because of the truth that semen and prostate secretions can go into the urine. During prostatitis, blood stagnancy is observed, and erythrocytes are produced when urinating.

With swelling of the testicles and injury to the groin location, urine often ends up being dark in men. Why is this taking place? The factors might be various, and the participating in urologist will inform you in information about them. Most typically, in such cases, there is discomfort throughout urination, the client mentions a specific pain in the groin location.

Factors that cause darkening of the urine might be connected with bladder stones. Kidney issues such as sand and stones trigger the urine to turn brown.

With all of the above signs, you need to urgently look for medical assistance.

Natural Causes of Dark Urine

Dark urine in men typically appears in the early morning. During a night’s sleep, pigments build up in urine, which substantially darken it. We need to not forget this and take this element into account all the time.

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With terrific physical effort in closed spaces or outdoors in a hot or stuffy environment, the body is dehydrated and the individual sweats a lot.

When urinating in this case, the urine is darker in color. If, throughout high physical effort, a male beverages little water, and prior to that he consumed foods with a high salt material, then dehydration takes place more extremely.

For foods that darken urine, beans, carrot juice, blackberries, rhubarb and aloe are excreted. With extreme usage of these items, urine ends up being amber. However, this is not to be feared. It suffices to keep in mind what you consumed in the past.

Drinking alcohol, particularly dark beer, can trigger yellow urine to turn brown. When utilizing drugs – triggered carbon, naphthol, salol and lysol – urine normally darkens.

Pathological causes

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There are clear requirements for when dark urine is triggered by pathology. One of the most typical causes is liver disease, which produces the bile pigment bilirubin. When a male is healthy, bilirubin entrusts to bile. The urine stays yellow.

When the liver is not working effectively, bilirubin is produced not by the liver, however through the kidneys. For this factor, dark urine is seen in all men with jaundice. In case of clog of the bile ducts, the client is advised to run.

Brown urine in men with kidney illness has its own attributes. One of the efficient approaches for figuring out kidney disorders is shaking the urine tube.

If after this, a plentiful yellow foam is launched, then there is a high possibility of jaundice or hemoglobinuria. The really dark color of urine in men can validate the presumptions about the advancement of these disorders.

An even darker color of urine, approximately black, might suggest other health issue. Most typically, this suggests extreme poisoning.

Too dark urine takes place after the bites of harmful bugs or snakes. But this is not the only factor. This occurs with lupus erythematosus, malaria, contagious illness, after extreme hypothermia.

Diseases of the bladder, throughout which bleeding is observed, cause brown urine. Impurities of pus appear in the urine, which suggests the severity of the illness.

The client typically experiences neck and back pain. The variety of sees to the toilet increases, and uncomfortable feelings take place throughout urination. All this is accompanied by a boost in pressure, the face swells, and sweating boosts.

With pathology of the prostate gland (prostatitis) and epididymitis in men, urine typically stagnates, darkens. If this condition is exacerbated by a couple of mugs of beer, we get brown urine.

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When to see a physician

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You ought to go to the medical professional if the following signs appear:

  • dark urine for 3-5 days
  • uncomfortable urination procedure
  • there is a modification in the color and odor of urine,
  • lower neck and back pain
  • when urinating, blood is launched.

Frequent desire to urinate might suggest a breakdown of the kidneys or organs of the genitourinary system. Not constantly in such cases, the urine ends up being dark in color. However, this does not change the requirement for a physician’s visit.


To make a diagnosis, the existence of blood in the urine, bilirubin pigment and other indications are identified. The primary diagnostic approaches for altering the color of urine are as follows:

  • Determination of blood coagulation rate.
  • Blood and urine tests.
  • Analysis for growth markers.
  • MRI.
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys and stomach.
  • Cystoscopy.

If there is a suspicion of a growth in the liver, a biopsy of the tissues of this organ is carried out. Based on the outcomes of the research study, the medical professional figures out which evaluates requirement to be done in the future.


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When the urine darkens, the client is sent out for assessment, a diagnosis is made and treatment is recommended. If it is liver disease, treatment is performed in a healthcare facility and the essential medications and medications are recommended. If prostate illness are determined, in this case, treatment is selected that alleviates the disorders of the genitourinary system.

If the reason for the modifications is cirrhosis or deadly neoplasm, the concern of the possibility of a fast hospitalization of the client is chosen.


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Representatives of the more powerful sex requirement to take more care of their health. At the tiniest modification in the color of urine, you ought to consult your medical professional.

Do not forget workout and minimize the variety of bad practices. Taking care of the state of the body and the organs of the genitourinary system will minimize the danger of numerous illness.

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