Analysis for immune status

analiz na immun - 3An analysis for the immune status is the outcome of a thorough evaluation, its nature develops a qualitative and quantitative sign of the human immune system.

He is designated if the outcome is very important in the additional treatment of the client, such a research study is not obligatory.

Immunity issues cannot be separated, so when analyzed, they are compared to other research studies. Incorrect performance of internal organs and systems is a repercussion of these issues.

Why is it required and under what scenarios?

Anyone in numerous circumstances, in specific conditions, can get recommendations for this analysis. They are required and definitive in the medical diagnosis and treatment of illness.

The modification in these indications modifications in accordance with:

  • Age classification of the analyzed individual,
  • The impact of specific elements
  • Physiological qualities and human health.

Ecology, way of life, occupation, persistent disease, diet plan, numerous medications – all this impacts human resistance. That is why this analysis is performed consistently, throughout acknowledgment of the illness and treatment, in order to keep track of the efficiency of the substance abuse and the technique of treatment.

Indications, to pass an analysis for the immune status, are divided into: relative and obligatory.

Mandatory indicators consist of:

  • Deviations and illness, such as AIDS, fibroids, immunodeficiency, dysgammaglobulinemia and others, which require to be properly detected, pick the technique of treatment. To do this, you require to have a concept about the state of the client’s resistance.
  • Waiting for operations with organ transplants or blood plasma transfusions.
  • Diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, numerous autoimmune pathologies, it is very important to make a differential medical diagnosis in order to identify which illness is of the kind and type.

A relative indicator is called a condition when, with the aid of an action situated on the immune system, the client’s condition is considerably enhanced. An example is a regular disease of a kid, extended usage of an antibiotic, contagious illness.

These consist of:

  • ARI in kids, which take place more than 6 times throughout a 12 month duration.
  • Chronic illness that are continuously exacerbated, for example, herpes of numerous types.
  • Developing issues after contagious illness or shift to a persistent kind: otitis media, bronchitis, sinus problems and others.
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To perform the analysis, it is needed to pass the client a blood test from a vein, screening will be performed according to various approaches.


The test is performed in numerous phases, any of them is of fantastic significance for decoding and identifying illness:

  • Establish what sort of humoral resistance is.
  • Assess cellular resistance.
  • The stability of the organism is not particular.

The blood serum reveals at first the overall variety of leukocytes, platelets, lymphocytes and neutrophils. When indicators are discovered to vary from regular ones, a more in-depth examination follows.

Prescribing immunomodulatory drugs would be meaningless based upon these research studies alone. A substantial boost or reduce in these indications, then the consumption of an immunomodulator will be warranted. After that, the concentration of antibodies is developed.

Then the next action of the blood test starts:

  • Assessment of the activity of phagocytes, their capability to soak up the strength of pathogenic microbes.
  • The outright variety of monocytes and neutrophils is determined.
  • Determination of the capability of phagocytes to soak up a bacterium, food digestion.

A comprehensive research study of the enhance system, B and T. This phase is more helpful than the previous one. Its results identify from which group the immunomodulators must be recommended.

A 3rd stage of research study is required to pick the proper treatment program.

A thorough evaluation of all previous outcomes is made. If you stop at any one phase, without reaching this, the accuracy of the treatment will not be identified, after a brief time period, you require to take tests once again in the ideal volume.

What you require to understand to prepare for the analysis

Factors of external and internal impacts on the body likewise impact the immune system. To accomplish the accuracy and details material of the outcomes, you require to bear in mind a few of the bottom lines:

  • The age of an ill individual, considering that in infants, the varieties of these indications can vary considerably from those drawn from the blood of grownups.
  • After taking specific medications. Antibiotics, hormone contraceptives have an excellent impact on the immune status. Everything need to be taken into consideration in order to properly figure out the analyzes, to identify the medical diagnosis.
  • The existence of persistent illness, the transfer of contagious illness. In order for the resistance to completely recuperate, a number of weeks must pass after the illness suffered. The photo will be clear when the course of treatment is finished and the client is entirely healthy, after numerous months.
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Such research studies are thought about relatively current and might not be discovered in all healthcare facilities. Nowadays, check outs of moms and dads with kids to an immunologist to identify the state of his immune status is among the stylish symptoms. It is not constantly worth doing it if it is not needed.

Such an analysis as for the immune status is not totally free, it will be difficult for the kid when a great deal of blood is drawn from him on an empty stomach, for this analysis. It is needed to believe thoroughly about whether you require to ask for a recommendation for the shipment of all these tests, or the circumstance is not so tough and you can do without it.

Therefore, you must not instantly go to take such tests, if, for example, the kid went to kindergarten for the very first time and started to get ill more frequently.

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